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WWDC dev poll claims strong Android support

06/13, 12:10pm

Survey accuracy limited by size, history

An unusually large number of the developers at last week's WWDC in San Francisco may have been Android supporters, according to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. Of 45 developers, 47 percent indicated that they were currently coding for Android alongside iOS. While everyone polled was developing for iOS, only 36 percent said they were coding for no other platforms. Android's popularity was followed by BlackBerry at 36 percent, Windows Phone at 13 percent, webOS at 7 percent and Symbian at 4 percent.


Apple registers 50 web domains following WWDC introductions

06/09, 4:20pm

Registrations cover minor interface elements

Apple has registered 50 new domain names in the aftermath of its WWDC keynote, according to DotWeekly. All of them are related to products revealed this week, including iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion. Like some other high-profile companies, Apple casts a wide net when registering domains in order to prevent rivals and scam artists from drawing page views.


Apple hands out Design Awards, shows off Moscone Wi-Fi

06/08, 2:20pm

Developer seeds now online-only

As a part of WWDC, Apple has handed out 2011's Apple Design Awards. Developers are selected for design, innovation and technical achievements, and this year competed in four overall categories: Student, iPhone, Mac and iPad. Winners in the Student category include Tapity for Grades 2, Vargatron for Pennant, and Alphonso Labs for Pulse News Reader. iPhone awards are going to Chillingo for Cut the Rope, Shotzoom for Golfscape GPS Rangefinder, and Chair for Infinity Blade.


Apple touts Mac, App Store, iOS achievements at WWDC

06/06, 4:20pm

Mac App Store already main venue for software

During the course of today's WWDC 2011 keynote, Apple executives elaborated on a number of business milestones the company has achieved. The Mac App Store, for instance, is now claimed to be main channel for buying computer software, ahead of Best Buy, Walmart and Office Depot. The ranking does not reflect the actual popularity of Mac software versus Windows titles, the latter of which are often bought directly from publishers and developers, or through services like Steam.


iOS 5 builds in new notifications, Newsstand, Twitter

06/06, 2:30pm

Developer SDK seed out now, final in fall

Apple today previewed iOS 5, the next version of its firmware for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The firmware represents a major overhaul, for instance completely changing the notification system to more closely resemble a mix of Android and webOS. Notifications are no longer temporary, but viewable in a Notification Center by swiping down from the top of the screen. The notifications themselves are no longer pop-up bubbles, but text that briefly swivels down while users are busy in another app.


Overnight lineups form for WWDC 2011 keynote

06/06, 9:35am

Event could hold surprises

WWDC attendees have been lined up in front of San Francisco's Moscone Center since Sunday night, photos and video show. The attraction is not WWDC itself so much as Apple's keynote, which is scheduled for 10AM Pacific time today, or 1PM Eastern. CEO Steve Jobs will be hosting, giving developers and the public their first look at iOS 5, as well as iCloud, the company's new set of cloud services.


Apple launches official WWDC 2011 app

06/02, 4:00pm

Universal title makes reservations, schedules

Apple has released an official iOS app for next week's WWDC gathering in San Francisco. Intended strictly for people attending the conference, the app lets users reserve lab space, view event times and create a personalized schedule. Floor maps are provided for Moscone West, and a news section covers major bulletins.


Apple Stores receiving new visuals in prep for WWDC

06/02, 3:25pm

Could be used to market iCloud, Lion

Apple Stores are currently in the middle of receiving "visual merchandising" packages, according to people at the locations. The term refers to the visual marketing material Apple clerks place in windows, on tables and on walls. A label on one package reads "ATTN: Visual Manager," with "Contents: TFA Window Elements" below.


Apple preps Moscone for WWDC, takes wraps off datacenter

06/01, 10:00am

Company pushed Google to conceal NC facility?

Crews have already begun putting up WWDC decorations at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, photos show. A team began applying company logos to the building's exterior yesterday, in keeping with normal Apple plans. Moscone staff are also likely raising banners and setting up other material inside, but these were not immediately visible. WWDC 2011 is only set to begin on Monday, June 6th, leading off with a Steve Jobs keynote.


Apple shares ride high on WWDC keynote announcement

05/31, 2:55pm

Financial outlets cite Jobs' health, not iCloud

Apple stock is doing unusually well in the aftermath of this morning's WWDC keynote announcement. As of 2:53PM Eastern time shares are up $7.75, putting their price at $345.16. The company rarely sees such large gains in a single day, and in recent months Apple's stock price has remained relatively consistent, usually between $335 and $345.


Apple confirms iOS 5, iCloud for WWDC keynote event

05/31, 9:00am

Firm makes unusual pre-announcement

Apple has announced that CEO Steve Jobs and several other executives will be hosting the WWDC 2011 keynote on June 6th at 10AM Pacific time. In an unusual turn, however, the company has openly admitted that it will be showing iOS 5, as well as iCloud, the company's "upcoming cloud services offering." The company normally prefers to surprise the public and the media with new products.


2011 Back to School deals could include $200 off iPads

05/27, 12:25pm

Would extend bonuses beyond iPods for first time

Apple is planning to announce its annual Back to School promotion at WWDC, which begins June 6th, a new report claims. Deals are in general expected to be consistent with past years, revolving around discounted Macs with the bonus of a free iPod touch or up to $229 towards any other iPod. Apple may also, however, be willing to offer up to $200 off the cost of an iPad, the source says.


WWDC 2011 tickets go up for auction on eBay

03/29, 9:30am

Prices go as high as $1,000 over original cost

Tickets for WWDC 2011 are already appearing on eBay, accounts say. One ticket on auction is currently priced at about $3,150, nearly double the $1,599 originally asked by Apple. Another is valued at $2,500 after 12 bids, despite there being over nine days left before the auction closes.


Tips: no iPhone, Macs at WWDC 2011

03/28, 11:10am

Tip has WWDC 2011 skipping iPhone and Mac hardware

Apple may skip hardware entirely at WWDC 2011, according to insider claims. The messaging on the future of iOS and Mac OS is said to be a direct reflection of the show being exclusively hardware focused. No iPads, iPhones, or Macs would be unveiled at the event, The Loop's Jim Dalrymple said.


Apple Design Awards to be limited to App Store titles

03/28, 10:50am

Independent Mac apps sidelined

The 2011 Apple Design Awards -- scheduled to take place during this year's WWDC in San Francisco -- will be limited exclusively to titles available via the Mac or iOS App Stores, according to a section on the awards website. Apps must also be put on sale by May 23rd in order to qualify.


Apple sets June 6th date for WWDC 2011

03/28, 9:10am

Promises 'future of iOS and MacOS'

Apple has officially announced the date of this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. The event will run June 6th through the 10th, and take place at Moscone West in San Francisco. Over 100 technical sessions will be available on Mac and iOS development and deployment, and over 1,000 Apple engineers are promised for help on specific technical issues.


WWDC 2011 pegged for 5th through 9th of June?

02/07, 10:45am

'Corporate meeting' flagged at Moscone West

Apple has likely already secured dates for this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, a report notes. The company typically holds WWDC at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, and normally towards the beginning of June. An anonymous "corporate meeting" has been scheduled at Moscone West from June 5th through the 9th, says



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