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Your Apple Watch is broken: now what?

08/08, 6:42am

Apple does the actual repairing but you have to be brave

This is what happens when you need Apple to repair your Apple Watch: this is also the article I didn't want to write, partly because it required me to be without my Watch for a considerable time, but mostly because, oh, come on, didn't I just do this? Previously on MacNN... I took my Watch off for one week so I could write about whether I even noticed its absence, whether this device was actually useful, or just a new toy. Short version: I noticed, boy did I notice, and the Apple Watch is both useful and a permanent, constant new toy. Shortest version: I honestly suffered. You still don't look sympathetic -- but that's okay. Lets talk about what happens when the Apple Watch has to go back to the shop, and what Apple does, and what you have to do.


Apple to begin charging for out-of-warranty online chat support

02/28, 7:18pm

Will charge $20 for single support 'incident,' users can apply for exceptions in some cases

Next week, according to sources, Apple will launch a new "paid chat" support option for those users who are completely out of warranty service. The system will work on a "pay per incident" basis, and cost $20 to resolve a problem. On occasion, users will be refunded the charge if the problem turns out to be a known defect that Apple has a coverage program for, even if the device is out of warranty.


Apple forced to comply with Australian Consumer Law over warranties

12/18, 7:20am

24-month warranties to be provided after consumer watchdog investigation

Apple is being forced to comply with the Australian Consumer Law, in another legal argument over its warranties. An investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) found that Apple staff in the country misapplied Apple's policies for 14-day returns and 12-month limited manufacturer's warranty, instead of ones required under the ACL itself.


Apple doling out $53 million in moisture sensor class action suit

05/29, 6:38pm

Warranty repairs erroneously denied to some users

As expected, Apple has filed its intention to pay out $53 million to settle a class action suit accusing Apple of denying warranty repairs to units that had moisture indicators erroneously tripped. Consumers may be eligible for up to $300 depending on which iOS device needed repair, as well as how many claimants file for the reimbursement.


Apple moves to extend MacBook bottom-case warranty to four years

04/17, 9:20pm

Early Macbook rubber bottom plates prone to separation from chassis

As the deadline for a program that would replace defective MacBook bottom cases under certain circumstances approaches, Apple has moved to extend the program for free replacement from two years after purchase to four years. The change, which applies to MacBooks (the previous budget personal notebook Apple made before consolidating its portable line into only MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs) regardless of the product's current warranty status, fixes an issue with the rubber bottom separating from the main chassis.


Chinese regulators call for stricter supervision of Apple

03/29, 4:00am

Doesn't identify any area where Apple isn't meeting standards

Following a coordinated attack on trumped-up aspects of Apple's warranty policy in the country, China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce has called for tougher supervision of Apple's warranty service in the country, but was unable to specify any area or policy that the iPhone maker needs to change, nor explained what specifically needs to be done. For its part, Apple has repeatedly insisted that its policies meet or exceed Chinese law, and any adjustments to warranties in China are a result of local regulations.


Apple to fight Italian antitrust ruling, plans appeal

07/03, 6:44pm

Says it is in compliance with two-year warranty law

Apple has rebuffed the complaint of Italy's AGCM antitrust regulatory authority and says it is in compliance with Italian law that mandates two years of original warranty coverage on computer and electronic equipment, and that it will appeal a recent ruling that threatened Apple with a temporary shutdown in the country if it did not more clearly offer a free two-year warranty with its products as required by European Union law.


Briefly: iSmart Protection for iPad, First Elsevier iOS app

03/12, 9:30am

Elsevier app released in App Store

iQue Repair has announced the launch of a new iSmart Protection Plan for the latest generation iPad. Individual iSmart Protection Plans start at $59 for a two year warranty with unlimited repairs and a $75 deductible, while family and group plans are sold for $299 and $399 respectively. The company can repair a number of components, including the front glass, battery, cameras, and speakers, and currently has repair facilities in Midvale and Provo, UT.


Apple now allowing 30 days to buy AppleCare+ for iPhone

11/18, 8:05pm

Previously had to be bought with handset

Marking a change in policy, Apple has updated the terms of its AppleCare+ iPhone warranty, now letting customers buy it within 30 days of the iPhone purchase rather than immediately. The change was reflected on the company's support page for AppleCare+, and brings the iPhone warranty closer in line with the Mac AppleCare policy, which encouraged but did not require buyers to add the extended warranty at the time of purchase.


Apple offers bottom case replacement on some MacBooks

05/30, 8:05pm

If rubber surface has separated from metal

MacBooks shipped between October 2009 and April 2011, regardless of warranty status, may qualify for a free "bottom case" replacement if the rubber surface has begun to separate from the metal bottom case. The company is also offering to refund owners who have paid for a repair or replacement bottom case due to this issue from authorized service providers. Users can choose to visit an Apple Retail Store or service provider, or order a self-service kit directly from Apple.


Asurion offers loss, damage insurance for iPhone 4, 3GS

06/23, 10:30pm

Prices: $12 per month, with $100-$200 deductable

Asurion is offering insurance for iPhones, including the iPhone 4. Available in iPhone app form, Asurion's MobileProtect covers iPhone users who lose or damage their phone. The damage coverage includes water and other liquid damage. It also covers failure after the warranty has expired. Insured clients can get a replacement phone overnight in most locations. The most common claims are for lost or stolen phones.


SquareTrade iPhone warranty covers accidental damage

06/04, 3:40pm

Two-year coverage available for $99

SquareTrade has introduced a new warranty plan for iPhone owners. The plan protects against normal use failures, along with accidental damage, such as water or impact, that is not covered by the standard AppleCare terms.


Apps: Warranty Hero, Flash Cards II, Tooble

02/23, 5:45pm

iReadFast, PDFCompress

  • Warranty Hero 1.1 ($5) allows users to keep track of a products life-span and its accompanying warranty. The application can track a products name, vendor, purchase date and a warranty expiry date. Optional information for serial number, price, and product image can be entered as necessary, as well as the ability to Drag & Drop receipts as a PDF and add Keywords. Version 1.1 includes a French localization, a new "Notes" field, and several bug fixes and performance enhancements. [Download - 3.7MB]


  • Dell breaking promises over XP, warranty, financing

    05/27, 9:25pm

    Dell breaks promises

    Dell is being accused of breaking two promises it has made to customers, pertaining to its continued support of the Microsoft Windows XP platform, next-day repair service, and promotional financing plan. A note from the computer manufacturer's Small Business sales team reveals that its earlier plans to offer Windows XP on machine sales past Microsoft's June 30th deadline are null and void, instead stating that it would cease to offer the operating system past June 30th.



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