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Briefly: Sony reveals high-end memory card, Raspberry Pi hits 5M sales

02/19, 3:25pm

Sony unveils premium 64GB micro SDXC memory card for sale in Japan

Sony has revealed an expensive memory card to go with its high-fidelity $1,200 Walkman NW-ZX2 media player. The Wall Street Journal reports that the SR-64HXA 64GB micro SDXC memory card, billed as "for Premium Sound" will be sold in Japan for approximately $160, or five times the cost of a standard equivalent. Sony claims the memory card will produce less electrical noise when the host device reads data off it, and though it admits that it is uncertain about the potential demand for the card, the company "thought some people who are committed to great sound quality would want it."


Hands on: Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 media player

01/06, 8:48pm

Sony targets audiophiles with four-figure price tag

Sony has introduced a new flagship Walkman, the NW-ZX2, that serves as the successor to the ZX1 model that was introduced less than six months ago. The revised edition marks Sony's latest attempt to engage the audiophile market, with its core feature being capable of playing Hi-Res Audio formats, traditional lower-bitrate audio files, streaming content and other media. Electronista stopped by Sony's CES booth to try out the new gadget, and ponder its four-figure price tag.


CES: Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 plays 24-bit 192KHz music

01/06, 7:35am

High-resolution audio playback touted in updated Walkman music player

The Walkman brand is alive and well, with Sony revealing the latest iteration in the product line at CES. The Walkman NW-ZX2 is a high-resolution portable music player that is an upgrade to last years' ZX1, capable of playing 24-bit 192KHz FLAC, Linear PCM, AIFF, Apple Lossless, and WAV files, as well as more standard MP3 and WMA content.


Hands on: Sony Hi-Res Walkman (NWZ-ZX1)

03/28, 7:16pm

Sony takes aim at the high resolution audio market with the NWZ-ZX1

Electronista has been given the opportunity to go hands on with Sony's forthcoming NWZ-ZX1 High-Resolution Audio Walkman. The new device is part of an entire High-Resolution Audio portfolio that Sony is currently starting to roll out to markets globally aiming to tap into the resurgence of interest in high quality audio. After missing out on the digital music revolution that started with the Apple iPod, Sony is positioning itself to make sure that it gets in early on the market for high definition audio players. Digital music has now come full circle with increases in data bandwidth allowing users fast and easy access to high quality uncompressed and lossless audio files.


Sony extends Walkman lines in Japan with Android media players

09/25, 11:41am

Two Android personal media players shipping later this year

Sony is continuing to extend its line of Walkman-branded personal music players with a raft of new models, including two Android devices. The Walkman NW-ZX1 and NW-F880 range, powered by Android 4.1, will be going on sale in Japan later this year, alongside new media players in the S-series and M-series ranges.


Sony continues Walkman media player line with E380, E580 in Europe

07/10, 1:41pm

Personal Media Players have five-band equalizer, digital sound enhancement engines

Sony is continuing to push its Walkman line of personal media players in Europe, with the introduction of two E-series devices, set to go on sale in the next few weeks. The E380 and the E580 retain the same appearance as others in the range, offer video, photo, and music playback, and come with a pair of noise-cancelling in-ear headphones.


AT&T to get Skyfall-themed and 4G-capable Sony Xperia TL

10/01, 10:49am

Xperia TL will get Android 4.0, 1.5GHz Snapdragon, 13-megapixel camera

A new Xperia phone from Sony, the TL, will arrive at AT&T, the carrier revealed recently. It's being marketed as the official phone of the next James Bond flick, Skyfall, so it will get exclusive ringtones and wallpaper from the movie. The phone's technical specs are fairly impressive on their own, however, with a 4G LTE radio onboard, a 4.6-inch, 1080x720 touchscreen, and a 13-megapixel camera.


Sony updates Tablet S to Android 4.0.3 in the US

09/28, 4:04pm

Tablet S update brings Android 4.0.3 and many other improvements

Sony has issued an update for its older Tablet S, not the newer Xperia Tablet S, that includes Android 4.0.3 as well as a number of other changes. Released on Thursday, the update brings new features, including a Guest Mode that easily lets owners share the device with friends and family without giving them widespread access to apps and personal files. Redesigned Sony media player apps such as Walkman, Album, and Movies are also included, all with new features.


Sony F800 Series Android Walkman leads new range

07/18, 7:19am

Sony reveals slew of new Walkman MP3 players

Sony has revealed a slew of new Walkman devices led by the arrival of its second Android-powered Walkman, the F800 Series. The new device joins the Walkman NW-Z1000 unveiled earlier this year which centers on a large 4.3-inch display, but only runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). The new 3.5-inch F800 ships out of the box with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but shares the NW-Z1000's proprietary S-Master MX Digital Amplifier for superior audio reproduction.


Briefly: Sony Walkman docks, RAT3 upgrade, Facebook redesign

05/14, 3:59pm

Sony Walkman docks out in Japan in June

Sony will be releasing two new Walkman docks in Japan on June 9. The CMT-V70B and CMT-V50 will dock with the Sony Walkman range of personal media players, with the V07B variant allowing Bluetooth streaming. Both docks are 5.4 inches thick, have FM/AM radio tuners, and will be available in five different colors. Price is not currently known.


Sony rolls special Walkman S760 for Walt Disney's Birthday

04/09, 2:50pm

Choice of inspirational quotes to inscribe

Sony Japan are commemorating the 110th birthday of Walt Disney with the release of a new Walkman S range. Available from today and similar to a promotion in March 2010, the NW-S760 series of audio players include wallpapers featuring Disney characters and a choice between three inspirational quotes from Walt Disney to be inscribed on the reverse.


Leak: Sony seen cutting 10,000 jobs

04/09, 1:20am

Sony may slash 6pc of all staff to go profitable

Sony's April 12 strategy meeting might see it make its largest job cut to date. Leaks to the historically accurate Nikkei have had it slashing 10,000 jobs, or about six percent of its worldwide employee base. The Japanese trade paper added that seven executive leaders, including chairman and former CEO Sir Howard Stringer, would likely be asked to forfeit their bonuses.


Apple rated top brand in Japan for first time

03/30, 1:00pm

Japanese see Apple as top home brand

Nikkei BP Consulting on Friday awarded Apple the position of Japan's top home brand for the first time. The American company's overall "brand power" hit 90.5 percent, taking the company from 11th place in last year's look to the lead position in 2012. The iPad was a key ingredient, as it and two "other key products" were among Japan's top 40 brands.


Hands-on: Sony Walkman Z and Balanced Armature headphones

02/08, 6:25am

We get a feel for Sony's new music oriented range

Electronista has had the opportunity to go hands-on with the forthcoming Sony Walkman Z Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) media player and its core range of high-end Balanced Armature in-ear headphones. Although both product lines were announced late last year, due to the natural disasters in Japan and Thailand, Sony are only now in a position to bring them to the US and other markets. We came away impressed, but particularly with the new Balanced Armature earphones, which are the best in-ear headphones Sony has released.


Sony intros updated Walkman E-series with matching docks

01/24, 6:45pm

New Walkman E-series now lighter, thinner

Sony Japan has just introduced two new E-series Walkman players in Japan that are said to be thinner and lighter than their predecessors. Both have a 1.4-inch color LCD and a noise-cancelling design, while promising 30 hours of music playback on a full charge. The NW-E060 gets 2GB of built-in memory while the NW-E063 doubles that, with no other differences detailed.


Sony intros new B170 Walkman range

01/20, 10:30am

Sony B170 Walkmans weigh 28g, have quick charge

Sony has just released a new Walkman portable audio player range, the B170. The players weigh just 28 grams and sport a Bass Button to pump up the low frequency reproduction. Battery life is rated at 18 hours, but there is also an option to plug it in for a quick, three-minute charge that will return 90 minutes of playback.


Sony's Walkman Z1000 arrives at FCC

12/13, 11:50pm

Launch details remain unclear

Sony's NW-Z1000 series portable media players, which carry the Walkman branding, have arrived at the FCC for testing. Test documents do not point to any unannounced functionality, as the device was merely tested for certification using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios, however the presence at the FCC suggests the Android device may be close to launch in the US.


All 2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia phones getting Android 4.0

11/15, 10:50am

Sony Ericsson promises Android 4 for 2011 phones

Sony Ericsson made a pledge Tuesday that all of its 2011 Xperia phones, and the Live with Walkman, would be getting Android 4.0. The company planned to adapt its custom interface to the new OS regardless of size, ranging from the Xperia minis through to the Xperia arc S. It didn't yet have timing.


Sony makes first Android-based Walkman, Z1000, official

09/13, 12:50pm

Premium player has Tegra 2, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DNLA

Sony has announced its first Android-based Walkman, the NW-Z1000 series of premium music players. The latest Walkman will run Android 2.3 and features a glare resistant 4.3-inch screen with 800x640 resolution. The NW-Z100 uses the 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 and will be available in in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacity. In addition to Sony's proprietary W. Music player application, the NW-Z100 will have access to the Android Market app library.


Sony intros Walkman W262 Meb edition, iPhone-ready earbuds

09/07, 1:45pm

8 ew models with enhanced bass and noise control

Sony has released several new earbuds and headsets for people on the go. Included in the launch are two new noise cancelling headsets, three new earbuds for iPhone users, and two smartphone headsets. Sony has also announced a new special edition Walkman MP3 player honoring Olympic medalist and 2009 New York Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi.


Sony shows Walkman with Android, adds Music Unlimited

08/31, 12:40pm

Sony Walkman gets Android platform

Sony, in an aside to its IFA unveilings, has demonstrated its first dedicated Walkman running Android. Known so far as the Mobile Entertainment Player, it goes beyond regular Walkman players or their phones by getting special music controls and an emphasis on high-quality sound output through S-Master MX processing. A W.Music app provides an optimized interface for songs, and using Android gives it ready access to Music Unlimited, Sony told CNET.


Sony Ericsson launches Live with Walkman smartphone

08/22, 5:55am

SE shows music/social centric Live with Walkman

Sony Ericsson has launched a new Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) smartphone it has dubbed the Live with Walkman. The handset differs from previous Walkman branded devices in that as well as a dedicated quick access music hardware button, it also features deep Facebook integration for sharing and discovering new music. Itís music-centric focus is also evidenced by its tight integration with Sonyís Qriocity subscription music service.


Sony intros three new Walkman MP3 players

07/27, 8:00am

Sony intros new A, S and E-series Walkmans

Sony as introduced three new Walkman MP3 players. Headlining the updated range is the new A-series, which is closely followed by the new S-series. The new entry level dedicated MP3 player in the Sony line up is the new E-series.


Sony to return to touchscreen Walkman players with A860

07/26, 12:00pm

8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB models available July 31

A British electronics reseller has Sony's new upscale A-Series media players available for presale. The A series player recalls the design of the earlier models with some refinements. Most notable is a 3.4-in. OLED touch screen. The player will probably use Bluetooth for wireless file sharing and music streaming, since it will not come equipped with Wi-Fi.


Sony kicks out smaller water-resistant Walkman W260

07/14, 10:35am

Sony Walkman W260 brings lighter, smaller MP3 play

Sony revamped its exercise-friendly Walkman W series Thursday with a new W260 version. Its update is two thirds smaller than the outgoing W250 and also weighs a quarter less, the combination of which makes their all-in-one, over-ear design more comfortable for a long run. They remain water-resistant and have a quick charge that will get them up to an hour of playback in three minutes.


Sony drops MiniDisc players years after losing MP3 crown

07/08, 8:50am

Last Sony MiniDisc player to exit in September

Sony on Friday said it was cancelling sales of its last MiniDisc player, the MZ-RH1. It would "complete" shipments of the five-years-old player in September 2011. The recordable 1GB Hi-MD discs it can use will phase out a year later.


Sony posts worst loss in 16 years, loses $171m from PSN hack

05/23, 10:15am

Sony fiscal year sees 3.2b loss and 171m for PSN

Sony revealed a major blow to its finances in an early warning regarding results for its latest fiscal year (PDF). The company said it had lost $3.2 billion in the 12 months ended March 31 through several factors. Its nearly month-long PSN outage due to hacks is now known to have cost the company $171.17 million, both through repairing the damage as well as free PS3 and PSP games and a month of PlayStation Plus access.


Sony kicks out two-tone Walkman B160 MP3 players

05/05, 12:10pm

Sony shows new B160 Walkman MP3 players

Sony on Thursday announced the upcoming release of a new Walkman series, the NWZ-B160. The digital audio players come in a two-tone color and sport Sony's Zappin song search feature that lets users browse through their music by getting a short preview of each track, choosing to stop on a particular one they like. There is also a Bass button that will bump up the low-end performance of the music and turn on an LED pulse in time with the music.


Sony Ericsson quietly outs W8 as first Android Walkman phone

04/21, 10:55am

Sony Ericsson W8 brings Android to Walkman phones

Sony Ericsson's Indonesian branch has held an unceremonial launch for the first Android-based Walkman device. The Walkman W8 is skewed to the budget side with a 600MHz processor, a three-inch 320x480 touchscreen, and a 3.2-megapixel camera, but thrives on its connection to the Walkman's audio badge. The music player has a direct shortcut from the home screen and the customized player from Sony Ericsson's Mediascape front end, along with an upgraded set of stereo wired earbuds.


Sony Store LA opens April 1 with Apple cues, unique demos

03/31, 10:50pm

Sony Store LA opens with Apple influence

Sony said this week it would launch its first US store based on its new store template. Now just called the Sony Store, the shop in the Century City Mall in Los Angeles has a "new concept" with Apple-like bright, widely spaced areas instead of the dark spaces from Sony Style locations. The strategy includes a Premium Services area that duplicates the Genius Bar's technical help, though it goes beyond by offering in-home installs.


Sony Ericsson delays Yendo Walkman handset until February

12/14, 7:55pm

Company cites issues with UI

Sony Ericsson has reportedly delayed the launch of its Yendo handset, which was originally slated to arrive in the UK and other markets by November. The company now plans to release the device in February, citing unspecified issues with the handset's software. Sony Ericsson representative Ben Padley confirmed the delay in comments to the Dutch site NieuweMobiel.


iPod reaches ninth birthday in transition

10/23, 5:45pm

iPod hits 9th birthday in shift to phones

Apple today reached the ninth anniversary of the iPod in the midst of a shifting climate. The MP3 player was first unveiled on October 23, 2001 at a special event on Apple's campus. Early versions were Mac-only, used Firewire 400 to sync and had just 5GB of space, which at the time was enough to hold Apple's well-known 1,000 songs but also cost $399.


Sony finally stops selling cassette Walkman players

10/22, 11:45am

Sony ceases production of cassette Walkmans

After more than 30 years of producing its Walkman portable cassette players, Sony said it's ending sales of the Walkman. The final batch was produced in Japan in April, and no more will be produced as soon as the current run is sold out. Just over 200 million cassette Walkman players have been sold over the years since being first introduced in 1979.


Sony brings out Walkman speaker dock with 9-inch LCD

09/24, 11:55am

Sony outs multi-function Walkman dock in Japan

Sony introduced its latest Walkman Dock in Japan, though to be fair, the device is much more versatile than that. The CMT-L7D sports a nine-inch LCD display without touch input and 100W of power. It supports CD and DVD playback, with the videos showing on the screen.


Sony unveils refreshed A850, S750 Walkman players in Japan

09/15, 10:45am

NW-A850 and NW-S750 feature rich and enroute

Sony has unveiled a fresh batch of Walkman players in Japan. The flagship range is the NW-A850 series, which incorporates Sonyís S-Master amp, while the mid-range is the NSW-S740 series, which incorporates most of the features of the flagship model without the amp. The NW-A850ís highlights include a 2.8-inch OLED 240x400 screen, a body just 0.3 inches thin and, earphones with digital noise cancellation.


Walkman temporarily outsells iPod in Japan

09/02, 2:00pm

Walkman takes iPod's lead for 2nd time in a year

Sony's Walkman line has temporarily passed the iPod for sales in Japan once more, researchers at BCN claimed today. Basic players like the S640 helped Sony creep past in August with 47.8 of sales where Apple dropped to 44 percent. While the Walkman overtook the iPod briefly a year ago, the new figures mark the first time Sony managed to hold an overall lead for the month.


Sony underwhelms with Music Unlimited for TVs, BD players

09/01, 12:30pm

Sony Music Unlimited, Qriocity Europe official

Sony's rumored media subscription service was revealed at a pre-IFA event today and is now known to be much less ambitious than rumored. Known as Music Unlimited, the feature will give streaming audio to Sony's Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players, PCs and the PS3. The PSP and other devices will get access later, Sony said.


Sony to preempt Apple with media subscription service?

08/31, 9:45pm

Sony may use PS3 to launch iTunes-rivaling service

Late tips this evening suggest Sony could temporarily upstage Apple's special event tomorrow with the long-awaited launch of its own media subscription service. Sony's pre-IFA keynote tomorrow morning is believed to be kicking off a music and video subscription service that would start first on the PS3 and PSP but spread to all Sony devices, including its home theater line, PCs, Sony Ericsson phones and Walkman players. The Financial Times sources claimed would be just an early preview and that the plan would go live only in 2011, once content deals had been lined up.


Sony brings budget Walkman E350 players to US

08/11, 9:40am

Sony intros two Walkman E350 media players

Sony has introduced a new, entry-level Walkman digital audio player to the US, the E350. Sony has two models, with 4GB or 8GB capacities. Each can play back 128kbps MP3 audio for as long as 50 hours, or 10 hours of 384kbps WMV video. They still include Content Transfer software to either drag and drop or sync with an iTunes library.


Sony rolls Walkman E450 with karaoke mode, updates A840

07/16, 2:40pm

Sony intros Walkman E459 wtih karaoke mode, more

Sony this week unveiled a new addition to its Walkman line in Europe with the E450. The new device sports a new Karaoke mode that lets users sync lyrics of a song and reduces the original singer's vocal level. A new Language Learning function is also present, allowing looping a phrase at reduced playback speed but without a loss of clarity or change of pitch.


Leaked UK roadmap shows another HTC WP7 handset, Nokia E7

07/06, 10:15pm

Devices listed from major manufacturers

An alleged roadmap for UK cellphone launches has surfaced, showing a variety of upcoming handsets from many of the major manufacturers. The lineup, posted by Omio, lists several devices slated for July, including Nokia's E5-00 messaging phone, Samsung's Android-based i5500 handset, and the Walkman-branded W20 from Sony Ericsson.


Sony Ericsson Yendo brings touch to Walkman phones

06/16, 4:10pm

SE Yendo borrows Android UI in regular music phone

Sony Ericsson put out one more device on Wednesday that represents the first touchscreen Walkman phone. The Yendo doesn't use Android but relies on the same four-corner UI as the X10 mini to provide quicker access to music and other common tasks. Music itself has been given an upgrade with a new Walkman app that carries many of the same features, such as track identifiers, MediaGo sharing and the PlayNow music store.


Sony Ericsson Android tilt slider may have PSP hook

06/04, 8:40am

Sony Ericsson may have Android 2.1 gaming phone

Sony Ericsson's first Android 2.x-native phone may also be its first to tie into the PSP gaming universe. A leak this week has shown a QWERTY tilt slider from the company marked with the W150 test badge, which is supposedly that used by a PSP phone. It would be dominated by a 5-inch touchscreen and would run Android 2.1; there are supposedly no plans to test 2.2.


Sony Ericsson readying Walkman-themed Android phone?

06/03, 7:55am

SE Walkman Android phone may come this month

Sony Ericsson may be on the verge of launching its first Android-powered Walkman phone if a rumor is correct. The phone would be similar in style to the Xperia X10 mini but would have a "powerful" Walkman component, presumably through an app. SEMC notes its OS would still be limited to 1.6, but hardware personalization would get some attention with removable backplates.


iPad launches in Japan with over 1,200 in line

05/27, 9:40pm

iPad gets strong start overseas

The iPad had a strong start in some of its first international sales today with initial reports of very long lines in Japan. Over 1,200 queued at Apple's Ginza flagship store for its 8AM opening. Lines had started as early as Wednesday in Japan and have been matched by similar lines in Australia and Europe. Japanese pre-order numbers aren't known, but over 900,000 allegedly ordered the tablet in Europe.


Sony still taking wait-and-see approach to fighting iPad

05/14, 2:10pm

Sony not convinced 1m-plus iPads a real market

Sony is still only contemplating the idea of creating a tablet to challenge the iPad, the company's IT products senior VP Mike Abary said this week. Despite Apple selling over 1 million iPads in a month, the executive said Sony was "not convinced" the market was large enough for tablets. He also admitted that Sony had been thinking about a tablet for "years" but hadn't committed to the idea.


Sony Ericsson intros Spiro, Zylo entry Walkman phones

04/13, 9:35am

Sony Ericsson Spiro, Zylo Walkman phones coming

Sony Ericsson on Tuesday rolled out two entry but still unique Walkman phones, the Zylo and Spiro. The former is rare among phones as it supports uncompressed FLAC format and can play a song in the background while having a phone conversation to share it. The handset can also play back fake ambient sounds, helping owners back up their alibis when they don't want to reveal their actual locations.


Sony outs water-resistant, entry-level Walkmans

04/12, 2:15pm

Sony intros water-resistant Walkman W250, more

Sony on Monday introduced two new Walkman series portable media devices, including the water-resistant W250 and entry-level B150. The former can be had in 2GB or 4GB capacities and can even be worn in the shower or during a workout. The B150s can be had in the same capacities, and both share features, including ZAPPIN technology that plays a short sample of each song to let listeners pick based on audio cues.


Sony unveils unique Walkman speaker docks with Wi-Fi

04/09, 9:10am

Sony Walkman docks stream Shoutcast radio

Sony late Thursday put out a slew of new Walkman speaker docks in its native country that each achieve something rare. The NAS-V5 and NAS-V7M both have Wi-Fi built-in and will stream Internet radio either from 9,000 pre-programmed vTuner stations or any Shoutcast MP3 broadcast. They both have CD players and can even rip CDs directly to a Walkman while it's attached; the V7M can also rip music directly to 16GB of built-in storage.


Sony opens Apple-like Nagoya store

03/14, 11:20am

Sony Store Nagoya has Genius Bar clone

As promised, Sony on Saturday launched its first flagship retail store. The two-storey Sony Store Nagoya showcases most of Sony's home lineup and is built to emulate the success Apple has had with stores like its Ginza location. Besides bright, open areas, it includes a designer (though not glass) staircase and even a Genius Bar-style service, nicknamed backStage, for getting technical support and training.



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