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VMware Fusion 8, Pro ships today with Windows 10 support

08/25, 10:49am

Graphical improvements, OS X El Capitan support included in Fusion 8

VMware has released an update to its Fusion virtualization tool series, introducing Windows 10 support for the first time. Unveiled one week after Parallels performed a similar launch, Fusion 8 and the more advanced Fusion 8 Pro variant are both able to provide access to Windows 10 from within OS X, as well as including support for OS X El Capitan both as the host operating system and as a virtual machine, so the public beta can be tested without disrupting the existing OS X installation.


VMware Fusion 7 adds Yosemite support, better Win 8.1 compatibility

09/03, 9:45am

Gets new look, including Retina optimizations

VMware has introduced Fusion 7, a major update of its virtualization tool. The software lets users run Windows apps within OS X instead of having to boot to a separate partition. Fusion 7 brings support for OS X Yosemite, and should be more compatible with Windows 8.1. The look of the program has in fact been overhauled for Yosemite, and optimized for Retina displays.


Google, VMWare reveal enterprise Windows app service for Chrome OS

02/13, 6:53am

DaaS allows Chromebooks to run cloud-based Windows apps

Chrome OS users will be able to use traditional Windows apps in the future, Google has announced. Working with VMWare, the two companies have developed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for enterprise users, allowing companies to run Windows apps on servers with the intention of letting Chrome OS devices connect and stream the content directly to the Chromebook or Chromebox.


VMware releases Fusion 6, Professional with OS X Mavericks support

09/04, 9:13am

Mavericks optimizations, Haswell support included in new version

VMware has revealed the latest versions of its virtualization suites, designed for use on OS X Mavericks and ready for the upcoming Windows 8.1 release. VMware Fusion 6 is said by the company to have more than 50 new features, with VMware Fusion 6 Professional adding more extras aimed towards enterprise and corporate uses.


Apple ranks 79th on Forbes list of 'most innovative' companies

08/14, 2:55pm

Ranking actually based on investor eagerness

Apple has placed just 79th on a new Forbes list of the world's 100 most innovative companies. Entries are actually ranked on an "innovation premium," which reflects how much investors have increased the share price of a company over the value of its existing business, on the assumption that the firm has profitable new products, services, and markets in development. Corporations can also only make the list if they have a $10 billion market cap, a 2.5 percent research and development budget, and at least seven years of public data.


Review: VMware Fusion 5

09/20, 9:19am

Fusion takes on Windows 8, Mountain Lion

VMware has quickly updated its popular Fusion virtualization software to support OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and Microsoft's Windows 8 preview. Fusion 5 aims to merge the best features of both platforms, while continuing to improve performance over its predecessor. In our full review, we take a closer look at the new features and compare Fusion's performance with rival Parallels 8.


Tim Cook ranks as most popular CEO in 2012 Glassdoor lists

03/30, 1:25pm

Ernest & Young, Qualcomm CEOs round out podium

Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken the top spot on a Glassdoor list of the 25 most highly-rated CEOs. The site records ratings from anonymous workers, who in this case judged their CEOs regarding a 12-month period ending on March 15th. Over 280,000 people participated; each rating was based on a five-point scale, from "strongly disapprove" up to "strongly approve." Cook won with an overall score of 97 percent.


SanDisk acquires FlashSoft for enterprise SSD tech

02/15, 10:15pm

Acquisition said to benefit enterprise products

SanDisk has announced that it has moved to acquire FlashSoft, a software company that specializes in flash storage for enterprise products. The latter company's software is geared for Windows, Linux and VMware platforms, helping to improve application performance by implementing SSD-based data caching that operates alongside standard disk drives.


VMware backtracks on supporting pre-Lion clients in Fusion

11/22, 12:55pm

Blames gaffe in Fusion 4.1 update

VMware will soon reverse an important change introduced with Fusion 4.1, according to an official blog post. Undocumented in the update was the ability to run virtualized copies of the Leopard and Snow Leopard clients. Apple's licensing normally restricts virtualization to Lion, Leopard Server and Snow Leopard Server.


Fusion 4.1 enables virtual Leopard, Snow Leopard clients

11/21, 9:30am

Feature discovered undocumented

VMware's Fusion 4.1 update has made an important, undocumented change, users have discovered. The software will now run virtualized Leopard and Snow Leopard clients, something that was previously blocked. The only requirement is that a user click "Continue" to assert that they have a license to run either OS on their system.


VMware Fusion 4 upgrades for OS X Lion, speed

09/14, 9:45am

Enables Lion in virtual machines

VMware is shipping Fusion 4, the latest edition of its flagship Mac virtualization software. The app lets users run Windows software within OS X, rather than dual-boot. Essential to the new release is support for OS X Lion, including the ability to access Windows apps through Launchpad or Mission Control, or switch between them using gestures.


RIM buys tinyHippos to back cross-platform app emulation

03/26, 2:00pm

RIM buys tinyHippos for cross-platform apps

RIM finished the week with word that it had bought tinyHippos. The smaller company was picked up for its "expertise in cross-platform emulation environments" and will add the BlackBerry to Ripple, its tool for testing mobile HTML5 apps. TinyHippos stressed that it would still make Ripple available for everyone and would still get support in the future.


VMware brings out View client for iPad

03/09, 9:45am

Operates over 3G, Wi-Fi

VMware has released View for iPad, a new remote access client. The app connects to virtualized Windows desktops hosted through VMware's full-scale View software. It operates over 3G or Wi-Fi, and is claimed to maintain quick response by way of the PCoIP protocol.


Developer: BlackBerry PlayBook apps too costly, too obtuse

02/25, 7:20pm

Open letter argues PlayBook SDK too hostile

An open letter to RIM has given a look into potentially serious problems with the development process for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Jamie Murai noted that the costs of getting involved were far more expensive than with the iPad or Android. The PlayBook will not only cost $200 for most developers but only covers the first 10 apps; users also need to have a full copy of VMware Fusion or another ISO-friendly virtual machine to run the emulator, which could cost another $80.


Drobo kicks off business line with 12-bay, SAN options

02/08, 7:55am

Drobo for business targets big users

Drobo on Tuesday brought out its first range of Drobo business drives aimed both at companies and at home users with very high demands. The eight-bay B800fs and B800i, as well as the 12-bay B1200i, are speed-optimized beyond their regular counterparts and have new management tools along with extra after-the-sale support and services. All have been greenlit to work with Citrix, Exchange, SharePoint, Symantec backup, and VMware.


Android 2.3 ported to x86 for netbooks, ViewPad

01/28, 1:35pm

Android 2.3 gets port for x86 netbooks, tablets

Google's Android 2.3, has now been ported by for use on Intel x86-based netbooks and some other mobile tablets. While the work is still in progress, the currently available software allows sound and Wi-Fi, though the Ethernet connection, 3D capabilities and mouse control are under development. A 64-bit build environment and Java 1.6 are needed to compile the OS.


LG to put VMware virtualization on its Android phones

12/07, 5:30pm

VMware, LG team up on virtualization in phones

LG has teamed up with VMware to install the latter's mobile virtualization software on some of the former's Android handsets. This will let corporate IT departments install a second profile that is secure for access to the employers' enterprise networks. BlackBerry handsets are thus far the only ones that enjoy a strong corporate presence thanks to their ultra-secure Enterprise Server connection.


VMware releases Fusion 3.1 with 5X graphics boost

05/25, 8:00pm

Update supports OpenGL 2.1, 2TB virtual drives

VMware is set to release Fusion 3.1 following several months of availability as a public beta. The virtualization software is claimed to offer speed improvements, averaging 35 percent, across a range of different operations including application launching, scrolling, resuming after suspension, and disk reading or writing.


VMware Fusion 3.1 supports OpenGL 2.1, 2TB virtual disks

03/15, 9:40am

Boot Camp support improved

VMware has announced that Fusion 3.1 is now available as a public beta. The update brings improvements to graphics performance, with support for OpenGL 2.1 on Windows Vista and 7. A new USB "EasyConnect" feature is claimed to simplify device assignment, now remembering preferences for each device, while port conflicts are avoided when using the PC Migration utility.


VMware working on dual-OS smartphone virtualization

12/07, 4:50pm

VMware to out dual-OS virtualization for phones

VMware is developing virtualization software for smartphones that would see two profiles running on the same device at the same time. VMware sees a work and personal profile running on a phone at the same time, as opposed to giving users a choice of dual-booting into one or the other. The idea is to have users switch between the two quickly with the press of a button.


Adobe, Intuit, Parallels, VMware apps in Black Friday deals

11/27, 11:55am

CS4 sees major student cuts

Major programs from Adobe, Intuit and Parallels have also become a part of special Black Friday software deals. Amazon is selling Adobe's CS4 Design Standard Student Edition for $296, the CS4 Web Premium Student Edition for $350, and the CS4 Design Premium Student Edition for $404. The discounts are extremely high, between 78 and 79 percent lower than list price.


HP buys network firm 3Com for $2.7 billion

11/11, 5:25pm

Gives HP control of networking

HP in a late afternoon update said it had bought 3Com in a cash deal the equivalent of $2.7 billion. The deal is meant to help HP's involvement in the server and networking businesses and turns the PC builder into a near-total source for datacenters and other large-scale server environments. The two partners are still waiting on government approval but hope to complete the deal sometime in the first half of next year.


Parallels 5: Faster, more Mac-like

11/04, 3:00am

Crystal mode makes Windows disappear, 300 percent

The Parallels 5 launch marks the latest salvo in the ongoing battle for those who run Windows on their Macs. The virtualization software has been updated with significant interface and speed improvements aimed at keeping the company's market share lead over the recently updated VMware Fusion. The new software adds substantial interface improvements, allowing users to choose how much, or how little, they want to see of the Windows interface. Parallels 5 is faster, while graphics performance has been substantially increased.


Review: VMware Fusion 3

10/31, 6:10pm

VMware's Win 7, Snow Leopard update tested

Virtualization on the Mac has had to move forward rapidly in the past several months: where it was once enough to run basic tasks in Windows XP, users increasingly expect an experience much like what they would have in Boot Camp. That's all the more true with the launch of Windows 7, where the visual effects are not only useful but often essential. Between this and the changes in the background brought about by Mac OS X Snow Leopard, VMware's Fusion 3 has much ground to cover. We hope to find out in our review whether it's an essential upgrade or simply nice to have.


VMware ships Fusion 3 virtualization tool

10/27, 9:35am

Concentrates on graphics, 64-bit core

Formally announced earlier this month, VMware today began shipping Fusion 3, an updated version of its Mac virtualization software. The app runs Windows programs within a Mac environment, reducing or eliminating the need to use Boot Camp. Upgrades in v3 include a new 64-bit core engine, claimed to improve performance for both Snow Leopard and the recently-launched Windows 7.


Iomega updates StorCenter NAS with Bluetooth, more

10/08, 12:00am

Adds 1-touch backup, user replaceable drives

Iomega tonight launched a sweeping update to its StorCenter network-attached storage (NAS) hub. The company has added a host of new features both in hardware and software, including support for Bluetooth, Windows' Active Directory, improved energy savings, user replaceable drives, remote access and a one-button backup.


VMware announces Fusion 3 with new 64-bit engine

10/06, 12:00pm

Should also increasing 3D graphics support

Developer VMware has announced the upcoming release of Fusion 3, the next major iteration of its Mac virtualization software. The program lets users run Windows apps from within Mac OS X, eliminating the need to boot into a separate session. Version 3 is designed around Snow Leopard, and uses a new 64-bit engine, which not only increases multicore performance but better supports Windows 7.


VMware's new Fusion beta offers DirectX 9, OpenGL 2.1

06/21, 1:20pm

Fusion beta version

VMware is testing a new version of Fusion, its virtualization application for running alternate OS environments from within Mac OS X. Fusion allows users to run and switch between both Windows and Mac applications on one computer, and include drag-and-drop features for sending files between different operating systems. The private beta, released to a select group of beta testers, offers simpler access to common tasks in the Virtual Machine Library, added support for DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model 3 functions, experimental OpenGL 2.1 support, and a new “migration assistant” for moving from Windows XP or Vista to the Mac.


Mac OS X 10.5.7 producing install, graphics issues

05/15, 9:30am

Mac OS X 10.5.7 issues

Leopard owners upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5.7 have been experiencing critical errors, discussions on Apple's support forums show. At times problems have begun as early as installation, with digital signatures being registered as invalid despite multiple download attempts. Other users have reported subsequent looping errors, which may require powering down a system and rebooting one or more times before control can be regained.


Fusion 2.0.3 updates for new Macs, Snow Leopard

04/03, 10:20am

VMware Fusion 2.0.3 update

VMware has released a new patch for Fusion, its Mac-based virtualization software. Although only described as a maintenance release, the download solves several major issues, for instance by restoring printer sharing. Mac printers should once again be accessible within Windows virtual machines; the compatibility was temporarily broken as a result of Apple Security Update 2009-001.


VMware Converter 4 update adds support, improvements

02/13, 9:05pm

VMware Converter 4

VMware has announced the newest update to its converter application that turns physical machines into Vmware virtual machines, VMware Converter 4. The software allows for multiple conversions simultaneously, and offers support for machine formats such as Mircrosoft Windows and Linux. VMware Converter 4 comers with several new support capabilities, hot cloning improvements, and workflow automation enhancements. Users are also given the ability to target disk selections when converting, and to specify how the volumes will be laid out when converted to the virtual machine.


VMware View Open Client ports Windows desktops

02/03, 11:45am

VMware View Open Client

VMware has posted the View Open Client, an open-source version of its virtual desktop tool. The software accesses Windows desktops hosted in a remote datacenter, allowing users to carry personalized settings across multiple machines. Though only Linux clients are supported in the initial release, VMware is actively encouraging businesses to develop clients for other platforms.


Parallels ships update, refuses price war w/VMWare

01/08, 6:20am

Parallels raises the bar

The way Serguei Beloussov sees it, a lower price isn't the key to winning over Mac users with its Parallels Desktop virtual machine software. In an interview with MacNN, the CEO said he's now taking a cue from Apple, positioning Parallels as a premium product with improved quality and service. What he says he won't do, is get in a price war with close competitor VMWare Fusion.


Briefly: MacTech Archive DVD, VMware Fusion party

01/05, 8:25pm

PocketFinder passes 10,000

In brief: MacTech has announced that the next release of its Archive DVD collection is now available and can be ordered online. The DVD is a collection of MacTech history from its beginnings in 1984. Macworld attendees and fans of the popular virtualization software VMware Fusion can attend a meet and greet party hosted by the Fusion team. The party is located only minutes from the Moscone Center and will include free appetizers and bumper stickers. Meanwhile, Location Based Technologies, Inc. has reported over 10,000 PocketFinder application downloads for the Apple iPhone and Google Android Smartphone.


DealNN: Cavalry SSD, VMware Fusion, flash drives

12/30, 5:25pm

DealNN: Cavalry SSD

Today's DealNN deals include a variety of products from solid state drives and printers to flash drives. First up is the 32GB Cavalry Pelican solid state drive priced at $79.99 at Get VMware Fusion 1.0 with free upgrade to version 2.0 at for $14.99 after mail in rebate. is offering a buy-one-get-one deal on two different products, the 4GB SanDisk Cruzer micro and the Gigaware VGA PC webcam, both priced at $19.99. The Canon Pixma all in one color printer is priced at $64.99 at is offering the 32GB Patriot Xporter XT for $64.99 with a $20 mail in rebate offer that drops the price down to $44.99.


VMware debuts Fusion 2.0, adds snapshots, more

09/18, 1:55pm

VMware ships Fusion 2.0

VMware has officially released Fusion 2.0, the latest version of its Mac virtualization software. The software adds a host of new features, such as multiple and/or automatic "snapshots" of virtual machines, which let users regress to earlier states as needed. Others include automatic detection and use of multiple displays, and the ability to open Mac files and URLs in a virtual machine, or vice versa.


First Look: VMWare Fusion 2.0

09/18, 10:05am

First Look: Fusion 2.0

No matter how much you may love your Mac, there may be at least a handful of Windows programs that don’t have an equivalent Mac OS X version. Rather than buy a separate machine, of course, you can always use Boot Camp to turn your Mac into a PC. However, a more practical solution may be to run Windows inside a virtual machine using Fusion 2.0.


DiscCloud turns PCs into virtualization servers

09/08, 12:10pm

DiscCloud for Leopard

DiscCloud has announced the release of its namesake Virtual Appliance app, a virtualization platform for Mac clients. The software runs through VMware, and allows PCs to function as desktop servers for Leopard clients. The client speciifically runs as a virtual machine on VMware Server and ESX-class products, allowing it to support numerous PC variants.


Brin: Mac version of Chrome 'a matter of months'

09/04, 4:35pm

Brin on Chrome for Mac

The Mac version of Google's Chrome web browser should arrive in "a matter of months," says Google co-founder Sergey Brin. The executive, interviewed by Wall Street Journal writer Kara Swisher, claims it is "embarassing" that a Mac version is not already out, since both he and Swisher use Macs. To cope with the situation, Brin says he is relying on virtualization software from VMware. At present Chrome runs only on Windows.


Apple enterprise share nearly quadruples

08/26, 4:30pm

Apple enterprise share

Apple has managed to almost quadruple its share of the corporate OS market within a short space of time, says Ben Gray of Forrester Research. The analyst notes that while in January 2007, just 1.2 percent of operating systems recorded in an online client survey were Mac OS X, current figures suggest an adoption rate of 4.5 percent. The figure is more remarkable, says Gray, because Apple does not generally market to the enterprise world and offers little software for it.


Next Fusion 2.0 beta to support Leopard Server

06/12, 3:35pm

Fusion & Leopard Server

VMware has announced that the next beta version of Fusion 2.0, its Mac virtualization software, will officially introduce support for virtualizing Mac OS X Leopard Server. The company has been working on the project since January, following modifications to Apple licensing which allowed Leopard Server to be run in a virtual machine on a Mac. For end users, this should mainly permit running multiple servers for different networking tasks.


First Look: Fusion 2 Beta, virtualization

05/09, 8:15pm

Fusion 2 Beta

Since switching over to Intel processors, the Mac is now capable of running practically any operating system. The simplest option is to use Boot Camp to create a dual-boot system that can run Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista. A more flexible solution is to run Mac OS X and one or more additional operating systems at the same time. To run another operating system within Mac OS X, you’ll need a special virtualization program like Fusion. Although the program has been available for over a year, the company has recently released a version 2 beta to give you a glimpse of its upcoming features.


VMware Fusion 2 beta adds multi displays, more

05/06, 1:00am

VMware Fusion 2.0 beta 1

VMware today unveiled VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 1, a free beta preview of the next major update to its OS virtualization software, which introduces many new features, including true multi-display support for virtual machines. In addition to using multiple displays, the beta also introduces experimental support for DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 2, allowing users to run complex 3D software in a virtualized environment. When it ships, VMware Fusion 2.0 will be a free upgrade for all existing v1.x users, while new users can purchase Fusion for $80.


Briefly: LAbeace Classic case review

04/09, 6:45pm

iLEVL holder for iMac

In brief: We have a review of the LAbeace Classic 13" MacBook shoulder bag, the iLEVL holder for iMac has debuted, a Desktop Transporter unlimited license has been unveiled, VMware Fusion is holding a video contest, a Desktop Transporter unlimited license is available, and we've postd a MacFamilyTree review ... We have posted a review of the LAbeace Classic 13" MacBook shoulder bag from French company, Be•ez (be easy). It's a less expensive, but fine looking bag. The quality construction combined with its unique design makes it a good fit for students and others with lightweight needs. From the outside, it looks remarkably similar to Booq bag products, but that's as far as the similarity goes. The 1682D nylon outer fabric wears well and all the stitching is finished off nicely. This black bag comes with a variety of interior fashion colors, but simple black or white piping gives it an outward business look.


Surgient updates virtual lab management environment

03/17, 7:45pm

Surgient virtual lab

Surgient today unveiled a new version to its virtual lab management software, introducing a number of features that add to its support of heterogeneous and mixed lab environments. Version 5.4 adds compliancy with VMware ESX 3.5 systems, and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2, as well as the integration of SOAP and command line interfaces into the SDK. Licenses for Surgients product lifecycle systems start at $15,000.


VMware Fusion 1.1.1 brings more than a dozen fixes

01/29, 1:20am

Fusion 1.1.1 fixes

VMware today unveiled Fusion 1.1.1, an update to its virtualization client, adding in numerous features and bug fixes. Fusion now remaps hotkeys between the Mac and the virtual machine, equating Command-C with Control-C in the VM, for example. This remapping works for the following keys: Z, C, V, X, P, A, and F. On European keyboards, the Enter key now properly gives the AltGr command, and will not be influenced by NumLock. Fusion 1.1.1 is available for download from VMware's website.


MS trumps Apple with virtual machine rights

01/21, 5:00pm

MS Virtual Machine Changes

Microsoft today expanded its virtual machine rules for Windows Vista in a way that will match similar competition from Linux and Mac OS X, based on changes to its end-user agreement. While having previously allowed only Vista Business or Ultimate software to run within a virtual environment, the update allows a "licensed device" to run both Vista Home Basic and Home Premium versions inside of such code, regardless of the actual operating system. The license bars the use of Microsoft-made digital rights management (DRM) such as protected Windows Media inside the environment but is otherwise unrestricted.


VMware demos Leopard Server under VM

01/15, 5:00pm

Leopard Server & VMware

VMware has announced that as a part of its presentation at the Macworld Expo, it is demonstrating a completely unmodified version of Mac OS X Leopard Server running within a virtual machine. This is due to a change in Apple licensing policy, which recently allowed Mac OS X Server to be installed multiple times on the same computer so long as each copy has its own valid license. VMware further notes that all of the device drivers being used are stock, including those for USB peripherals, hard drive controllers, and a Gigabit Ethernet adapter.


VMware Importer Beta 2 converts Virtual PC files

01/11, 7:50pm

VMware Importer Beta 2,VPC

VMware today unveiled VMware Importer Beta 2, its tool for converting virtual machine disk images to work with Fusion, which now supports Virtual PC disk images. Users with Virtual PC 7 on their PowerPC-based Macs can now transition to Fusion on a new Intel-based Mac; the importer supports installs of Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, XP Service Pack 2, and Server 2003 in VPC 7 disk images. VMware is offering the update on its website, available for users of its Fusion virtualization product.


VM test: Parallels faster for XP, Fusion for Vista

12/19, 4:10pm

VM Test

New benchmarks reveal that while Boot Camp is still the fastest way to run Windows on your Mac, the virtual machines offered by Parallels and VMWare offer increasingly decent performance -- depending on which flavor of Windows you choose to run. MacTech, in an extensive benchmarking of the different Windows-on-Mac methods, found that Parallels was somewhat faster in general than VMware Fusion for XP, but if you want the best virtualization performance for Vista, then VMware Fusion is the way to go. Overall, however, the results show that XP is, by and large, a much better VM performer than Vista.



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