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Pointers: Safe downloading on Macs

04/10, 11:27am

How and where to download software safely

Look, we're not on Windows PCs here. Yet, even though we don't have the same overwhelming problems with viruses, that doesn't mean we should invite trouble. You can download apps that don't do what they claim, and instead do all sorts of things they shouldn't. Consequently, it is a very good thing that Apple has safeguards in place ‚Äď yet those same safeguards are a problem for some of the very finest Mac software around.


Briefly: VirusBarrier blocks OSX/Crisis.B., MeteoEarth for Mac

01/09, 10:06am

Trojan horse Flashback botnet returns, Intego VirusBarrier includes protection

The Flashback botnet -- a malware attack which first appeared in 2011 -- has been noted as being still a threat in 2014, according to Intego. Beginning January 2, Intego studied command and control domains, and its sinkhole servers recorded all connections from Macs where Flashback is still active, trying to contact the command and control servers. This research, as of Tuesday, counted 14,248 unique identifiers of Flashback variants.


Virus reportedly slamming US Predator drones

10/10, 6:10am

Key logger virus infecting US drones

The US military is trying to deal with a keystroke logger virus that has infected the virtual cockpits of its Predator and Reaper drones. The virus is logging the pilotsí keystrokes on missions being flown over Afghanistan and other tactical areas. The virus, which was first detected around two weeks ago by the militaryís Host-based Security System in Creech Nevada, has not affected missions but has resisted attempts at removal.


VirusBarrier for iOS seeks infected files on iPhone, iPad

07/13, 7:05pm

App scans downloads, email, multi-app files

Intego is launching an app for the the iPhone and iPad, VirusBarrier for iOS, that can scan some of the files on iOS devices for viruses and malware. The app is geared at preventing an infected file from traveling between machines with the iPhone as a conduit, since iOS in general has had the same resilience against malware and viruses as its sibling Mac OS X -- unlike its closest competitor Android, which has seen spreading malware and security issues.


Mac Trojan masquerades as a QuickTime update

08/11, 3:25pm

Mac Trojan spotted

TrendMicro has spotted another Domain Naming System (DNS) Trojan targeting Mac systems. The malware, known as OSX/Jahlav-D, masquerades as a MacCinema Installer. Users are prompted to update QuickTime Player by downloading a QuickTimeUpdate.dmg file.


Apple pulls anti-virus support page

12/03, 2:25am

Anti-virus page removed

Apple has removed a support document that "encouraged" users to install anti-virus software on their Macs, saying that it was old and an inaccurate. After new reports revealed that the document had been around for at least two years, the company removed the document saying it the Mac already has technologies to protect users from viruses: "We have removed the KnowledgeBase article because it was old and inaccurate," Apple spokesman Bill Evans, told Macworld. "The Mac is designed with built-in technologies that provide protection against malicious software and security threats right out of the box.Ē The representative, however, did say that running anti-virus software may offer additional protection.


First Look: PC Tools iAntiVirus

07/22, 12:05am

PC Tools iAntiVirus

Anyone who has used a Windows PC knows that you absolutely must have an anti-virus program or else your computer will likely crash the moment you connect to the Internet. Fortunately, the Mac has remained largely untouched by the variety of malware (viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, and spyware) that plagues PCs. However, with the growing popularity of the Mac, itís inevitable that more people will start writing malware for the Mac. Although you donít need an anti-virus program for the Mac just yet, you might feel safer knowing that a free one exists called PC Tools iAntiVirus.


First Look: Norton AntiVirus for Mac

03/25, 4:30pm

First Look: AntiVirus

If you use any version of Windows, an antivirus program is an absolute necessity to protect your computer. If you use a Macintosh, an antivirus program is an option. Although a handful of Macintosh viruses exist, the main purpose of any Macintosh antivirus program is to screen out Windows-specific viruses that you may accidentally pass on to Windows users. If you never share files with Windows users, you probably donít need an antivirus program. If you regularly share files with Windows users, you may need an antivirus program like Norton AntiVirus for Mac.


Intego to show X5 line at Macworld

01/08, 7:55pm

Intego to show X5

Intego plans present and demonstrate new X5 versions of NetBarrier, VirusBarrier, Personal Backup, Personal Antispam, FileGuard and Internet Security Barrier at Macworld Expo 2008. The company will also be presenting new versions of its Dual Protection line of software, which provide security features for Mac OS X and Windows. These new DP bundles include the latest software for Windows protection from BitDefender. In November, Intego documented a flaw in Apple's Leopard quarantine system that allows unsuspecting Mac users to open specially crafted files that run with nearly any application.


First Look: Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 11

12/11, 3:25pm

First look at NAV 11

Viruses have been of little concern to most Mac users since OS X made its first appearance in 2001. Apple's switch to Intel processors, and the various virtualization processes that exist for running Windows, have eroded that confidence for some users. Although Apple is usually on the ball with fixing system vulnerabilities, some larger problems can go for several days or weeks before a proper fix is available. Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 11 aims to compliment the Mac OS' natural sturdiness by providing anti-viral services and fixes for security holes while Apple works on a true solution for the problem.


VirusScan, FileDefense protect Leopard

11/29, 10:35am

VirusScan, FileDefense

Security specialist McAfee has released a new update for VirusScan for Mac, v8.6. Crucial to the latest edition is official support for Mac OS X Leopard, guaranteeing maximum compatibility; also included, however, is improved performance in file caching, using on-access and on-demand techniques. This will cache previously scanned files, sometimes reducing total scanning time from minutes to seconds. ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 allows VirusScan management via the web, and signature file updates can now be incremental, so that downloads are often in kilobytes rather than megabytes. The program costs a minimum of $37 for a single license.



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