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Apple allegedly files for 'AirPods' trademark via shell company

10/02, 6:58am

Filing suggests wireless EarPods could be on the way

Apple may release some updated EarPods in the future, potentially wireless versions, if a report about a recently-discovered trademark filing is to be believed. A trademark application for "AirPods" was filed on September 22, and though the company applying for the mark isn't labeled as Apple, it is suggested that some details about the application hint strongly that Apple is in fact behind the application, using another name in an attempt to keep the application quiet.


Swatch: 'one more thing' trademark inspired by '70s TV show 'Columbo'

08/26, 10:42am

Company denies shot at Apple with trademark, says 'film noir' product inbound

Responding to recent coverage of Swatch's "one more thing" trademark, the company has refused claims that it has anything to do with Apple, and claims inspiration from classic television show Columbo. In an interview, a company spokesperson denied any such move by the watch manufacturer and said that regarding the phrase "obviously our design team plans to launch a collection inspired by the 'Film Noir'."


Microsoft loses second EU trademark case to Sky over Skype

05/05, 2:29pm

Microsoft barred from registering european trade mark for Skype

Microsoft has suffered a second trademark-related blow from satellite broadcaster Sky, following a second ruling against the software producer in an EU court. The ruling declared that the Skype name is too similar to Sky's own trademark, and therefore could easily confuse consumers signing up for the service, expecting something produced by the broadcaster.


Windows 365 trademark filing could hint at incoming subscriptions

02/11, 8:05am

Trademark suggests Microsoft considering more subscription services

Microsoft may be considering a future change to a subscription-based version of Windows, according to reports. A trademark filing for "Windows 365," mirroring the Office 365 branding, strongly suggests the software giant is looking to possibly charging a regular fee to consumers for the operating system or some specific functionality, rather than using the current one-time payment system used for major version upgrades.


Apple loses appeal on 'App Store' trademark in Australia

12/03, 3:09am

Term is essentially ruled too generic due to popularity of concept

On Wednesday in Sydney, Australia, a court ruled against Apple in an appeal by the iPhone maker to overturn a previous ruling that denied the company a trademark on the term "app store," despite the fact that Apple had clearly invented the term back in 2008. The fundamental problem Apple has had in trying to secure a trademark on the term is two-fold: the word "app" as short for "application" had been coined far earlier by others, and the burgeoning popularity of the phrase almost from the get-go has turned it into a generic description.


Apple facing India lawsuit over similar 'iFon' trademark

11/01, 12:23am

India's iVoice Enterprises blames Apple for collapse of early phone deal

In a case somewhat similar to the Mexican lawsuit that successfully argued that an earlier "iFone" trademark superseded Apple's mark, a company called iVoice Enterprises is India is challenging Apple's iPhone trademark. The company was at work on a low-cost mobile phone for India that was dubbed the "India phone" or "iFon," but never came to market as partners backed out and the deal collapsed shortly after Apple announced the iPhone in January 2007.


TwitPic staves off impending shutdown with acquisition announcement

09/18, 9:27pm

No details available on acquisition or company behind it, no legal plan stated

It turns out that TwitPic won't be forced to shut down after all, according to a tweet sent out on the official TwitPic Twitter account. Apparently, an interested party came to the rescue by acquiring the company, allowing it to fight off its recent conflict with Twitter -- at least for now. TwitPic was previously said to be winding down on September 25 as a result of a trademark dispute with Twitter.


Apple cleared in Mexican 'iFone' case, carriers still on the hook

06/05, 9:02pm

Mexican carriers expected to appeal government ruling to federal court

A Mexican government agency has absolved Apple itself of any wrongdoing in a trademark lawsuit over the name "iPhone," which was brought by a local call center company named "iFone" which had an earlier trademark on the phonetically-identical name. The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) has declared that since Apple is not a telecommunications provider, it cannot be sued for trademark confusion; however, Apple's carrier partners in Mexico are liable for monetary fines and civil damages.


Mt. Gox holding company looking to sell trademark on 'bitcoin'

05/29, 4:52pm

Karpeles owned Tibanne looking to package Japan, EU trademarks for $1 million

The holding company that has taken over the bankrupt exchange Mt. Gox is looking to offload its trademarks on 'bitcoin' and associated websites. The trademarks registered in Japan and the European Union are included according to a statement from an executive in the company. Tibanne hopes the packaged trademarks will fetch around $1 million in a sale.


Google has issues trademarking 'Glass' in United States

04/04, 6:38am

US Patent and Trademark Office objects to single word 'Glass' trademark from Google

Google has hit a minor stumbling block in releasing its Glass smart headwear, thanks to the US Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO is resisting an application to trademark the single term "Glass," with a letter to the company unearthed by the Wall Street Journal revealing a pair of objections by one examiner, though this is unlikely to have stalled the device's eventual release.


Microsoft rebrands SkyDrive as 'OneDrive' following trademark dispute

01/27, 10:06am

OneDrive name to spread across SkyDrive apps in near future

Microsoft has revealed the new name for its SkyDrive cloud storage service, six months after losing a trademark dispute over the name. Rebranded as "OneDrive," Microsoft will be updating the entire service to the name with little in the way of major changes, aside from updating to the new name in apps and moving existing users to the domain.


Qualcomm registers TOQ trademark for smart watch, software

08/16, 7:11am

Previously showed 1.5-inch always-on Mirasol display panel for watches

Qualcomm has registered a new trademark, relating to smart watches. The filings for Qualcomm TOQ, on June 26th and July 17th of this year, suggest that the chip producer is looking into either making components or complete smart watches in the future, bringing it in line with other manufacturers believed to be creating their own.


New Samsung trademark filing names rumored smartwatch as Galaxy Gear

08/06, 6:29am

Second 'Gear' filing narrows focus to smartwatches, confirms name

Samsung may be bringing its long-rumored smartwatch under its Galaxy branding, according to a new trademark filing. Following on from an earlier trademark registration filed in late June of this year for the "Samsung Gear," the company has opted to file another registration, but this time for "Samsung Galaxy Gear."


Microsoft, Sky settle trademark dispute, SkyDrive rebranding in future

07/31, 12:34pm

Rebranding, financial terms part of European trademark settlement

Microsoft and broadcaster Sky have reached a settlement, effectively ending its trademark dispute over SkyDrive. Under the agreement, Microsoft will be permitted to continue using the SkyDrive name for its cloud storage service for a "reasonable period of time to allow for an orderly transition to a new brand."


Apple may face obstacles with 'iWatch' trademark in US, UK, China

07/04, 9:00pm

Name is trademarked, in some cases already associated with shipping products

After reports of Apple's trademarking of the term "iWatch" in a number of countries, it has been discovered that the name has already been trademarked for some time in the US, the UK and, in what could be a troubling development, China. In fact, China has previously trademarked both the term "iWatch" and "iWatching," reports Chinese news journal Sina Tech. In the US, a company that was trying to raise funds to manufacture a smartwatch (but was unsuccessful) already trademarked the name, while the UK trademark is used for a monitoring smartphone app.


Apple wins challenge to 'iBooks' trademark in court battle

05/09, 9:00pm

Small press had use 'ibooks' for imprint, never registered trademark

Of the many contentious and complex legal battles Apple has had to fight, some are easier to sort out than others. In a New York courtroom on Wednesday, Judge Denise Cote -- who is also handling the complicated battle between Apple and the Department of Justice over e-book pricing -- made short work of a trademark dispute between Apple and a small-press publisher of sci-fi and horror novels. At issue was Black Towers' line of "ibooks" it obtained in the purchase of a smaller rival, and Apple's "iBooks" trademark.


Mexican Supreme Court rules against Apple, 'iFone' prevails

03/15, 5:58pm

Ruling does not prohibit iPhone sales, applies to telecommunications services

A ruling handed down by the Mexican Supreme Court has upheld November's lower court decision that Apple cannot register the "iPhone" trademark in the country for marketing telecommunications services. In its decision, the court sided with a native Mexican company that runs a small call center under the name iFone SA. The company expects the ruling to enhance a trademark infringement suit in which it is seeking damages against the Cupertino manufacturer and three carriers of the smartphone.


Apple close to deal with Brazilian 'iPhone' name holder

03/10, 11:49pm

Said to be in talks with IGB Electrônica SA, iPhones still sold in Brazil

Apple and the holder of the trademark "iPhone" in Brazil, tech firm IGB Electrônica SA, are allegedly in talks to resolve a legal dispute that has seen the latter company release its own "iPhone" in the emerging market of Brazil. The firm, formerly known as IGB Gradiente, won a protracted court fight to the exclusive use of the name "iPhone" after it filed for the mark in 2000, years before Apple produced its own device. IGB only released its own iPhone in 2012, an Android-based device that runs Android OS 2.2 "Gingerbread."


Apple applies for iPad design trademark in China

01/21, 10:11am

Protection would cover possible future color options as well

The maker of the iPad has filed applications in China to secure a design trademark on the iconic tablet, perhaps in hopes of avoiding a repeat of the legal battles with Samsung over the "rectangle with rounded corners" look of many of the rival firm's copycat devices. While many manufacturers manage to make tablets that don't obviously look like an iPad, Samsung in particular has made a cottage industry of it. Interestingly, the application covers both the black and white designs of the present iPads as well as potential color options.


Cisco sued over 'Tomorrow Starts Here' advertising campaign

01/11, 11:29am

East Carolina University claims trademark infringed by Cisco

Cisco is being sued for trademark infringement over one of its marketing campaigns. East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina has announced the start of legal proceedings in a federal court, over the use of the slogan 'Tomorrow Starts Here' in a Cisco campaign shown on television, print publications, augmented reality, and also online.


Current Mac startup chime receives trademark from USPTO

12/12, 6:06pm

Apple used various sounds over years, latest from 1999

While musical notes themselves cannot be patented, a combination of notes and realization of them that form a distinct and recognizable sound can be -- and the US Patent and Trademark Office has now officially granted a registered trademark to Apple for the current (and in use since 1999) startup chime. The sound turns out to be a slightly flat G flat/F sharp combination, according to the trademark application Apple filed in June, as noted by Patently Apple.


New China lawsuit goes after Apple for 'Snow Leopard' name

07/02, 10:10pm

Holder of 'Xuebao' follows Proview shakedown ploy

Just a day after Proview was able to wrangle $60 million out of Apple by not honoring its original handover of the iPad trademark, another copyright holder is attempting a shakedown of its own by suing Apple over a trademark of the Chinese translation of "Snow Leopard" ("Xuebao") that Apple never used. Remarkably, the case will go to court in Shanghai on July 10.


Apple settles Proview iPad trademark suit for $60 million

07/02, 7:24am

Apple gets on with new iPad sales in China following settlement

Apple has settled with Proview for $60 million over alleged infringement of the iPad trademark in China, according to Reuters. Apple had claimed that it was the legal owner of the iPad trademark after buying naming rights from Proview in 2009 using a shell company. Although Apple has insisted its deal included the transfer of naming rights in mainland China, Proview asserted default control of the iPad name in the region.


Proview lawyer now says settlement 'likely' from Apple talks

04/24, 2:10am

Key factor now is price, says Proview attorney

An attorney for bankrupt display maker Proview has told the Associated Press that court-mediated talks between Apple and Proview in the ongoing dispute over the iPad trademark will "likely" produce an out-of-court settlement, a solution the company claims it has been pushing for all along. Apple has steadfastly maintained -- and has documents to prove -- that it purchased the "iPad" trademark from Proview in late 2009 and says Proview is just trying to extort more money.


Guangzhou court now hearing Apple appeal against Proview

02/29, 2:00am

Could be decisive battle in trademark fight

What could be the final battle in the legal war between Apple and debt-ridden Proview Technology, the Higher People's Court of Guangzhou is hearing an appeal from the iPad maker over rights to the name "iPad" in China, which Apple says it bought from Proview but which Proview claims it didn't. While Apple has gotten the upper hand for the moment in preventing Proview from blocking iPad sales in China, the victory might be temporary.


Proview court filings show China banks behind them

02/23, 3:00am

Bank of China, Minsheng controlled company

Court documents have revealed that the trademark battle between Apple and failed Hong Kong display maker Proview is not just between the two parties, but by the banks the company now says were controlling Proview at the time the deal for the rights to the "iPad" trademark was struck. Proview was already in receivership, and the creditors did not sign off on the agreement, company officials now claim.


Apple denied trademark for the term 'multi-touch'

09/26, 8:00pm

Apple multi-touch may be victim of its own success

Apple was handed a rare loss with the US Patent & Trademark Office in a refusal to grant the company a trademark on the term "Multi-touch" in a decision reached by the Appeals Board on September 23rd, upholding the initial refusal earlier this year, reports MacRumors. Perhaps ironically, both the initial decision and the appeal based their refusal on the widespread adoption of the term throughout the industry -- an adoption Apple itself fostered with its early success.


Apple files Chinese 'figurative' patent for Smart Covers

08/15, 7:15pm

May be an attempt to discourage knock-offs

Apple's Smart Cover for the iPad 2 has been trademarked as a name in most of the major territories where Apple does business -- the U.S., Canada, Europe and China -- but the company is moving to file a "figurative" trademark on the design, a patent filing in China discovered by Patently Apple shows. Should the patent be granted, Apple would be in a position to pursue litigation against "knock off" imitators.


New York publisher sues Apple over 'iBooks' trademark

06/16, 12:30am

Formerly the name of line of traditional books

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple in U.S. District Court in the southern district of New York state charging infringement over the trademark for "iBooks," which publisher John T. Colby says was purchased by him from another publisher in 2006 and 2007, Bloomberg is reporting. The previous publisher, Byron Preiss, had put out more than 1,000 hardcover and paperback books under the "ibooks" name starting in late 1999.


Apple seeking to obtain '' domain after nine years

06/01, 7:30pm

Already owns but not

Apple has formally lodged a complaint with ICANN regarding the domain name, the plural form of a domain name the company already owns -- nine years after the domain was first registered, TechCrunch reports. Apple, which owns the iPod trademark, has petitioned to have the domain transferred to it -- usually an action taken after negotiations to buy the domain have failed to produce an agreement.


Apple files for trademark on 'Noteworthy' font

05/18, 2:00am

Replaces 'Chalkboard' as new font for notes

Apple has registered a "blind" trademark filing, asserting ownership of the term "Noteworthy" with the European Trademark Office based on a Jamaican application filed in November 2010, Patently Apple reports. The class descriptions associated with the filing leave few clues as to its nature, but interestingly one of the classes is reserved for "printer's type; printing blocks; printing fonts; typefaces," making it likely that it relates to the new, original "Noteworthy" font used in very recent iterations of the Notes app on newer iOS devices.


Toshiba secures 'Thrive' trademark for tablet device

04/19, 9:35pm

Name expected to be tied to upcoming tablet

Contrary to recent rumors surrounding the name of Toshiba's upcoming tablet, the company has filed to trademark the term 'Thrive' for an upcoming device specifically described as a "tablet computer." An Engadget report also points out that the company has established a range of domain names that include the term, including and


Apple files for trademark on 'Places' social networking

02/24, 10:00pm

Not to be confused with 'Places' in iPhoto

Apple has filed a trademark application with the European Union (based on an earlier filing in Jamaica) to protect the name "Places" as a social networking service that may offer the ability to find friends via GPS. The application, filed yesterday, is categorized under for very broad classes covering almost every technology-related activity one could think of, but particularly lists the name as being used for "online social networking services."


Google wins legal battle over Android trademark

12/21, 8:40pm

Judge dismisses suit, cancels original trademark

Google and a number of other companies have finally won an ongoing legal battle over the Android trademark. The judge sided with the companies using Google's mobile OS and dismissed the infringement suit, which was originally filed by Illinois entrepreneur Erich Specht.


Swiss government rejects iPhone trademark application

04/01, 8:50pm

iPhone described as a non-distinctive trademark

Switzerland's Federal Administrative Court has upheld an earlier rejection of Apple's trademark application for the term "iPhone," according to Managing IP. The Trademark Office originally denied the application last summer, claiming the "i" distinction could be interpreted as a generic term for "Internet phone" or "information phone."


"Pod" trademark sparks battle between Apple and entrepreneur

09/22, 10:25pm

USPTO rejects Apple's claims, moves to trial

Apple is currently involved in a legal dispute with an entrepreneur, Daniel Kokin, over the use of the term "Pod," according to Wired. The iPod maker has threatened legal action against a variety of other individuals and companies that choose product names it considers too close to the popular media players. Most submit to Apple and follow the cease-and-desist commands, but Kokin has decided to fight back.


Psion countersues Intel for $1.2B over 'netbook' TM

03/03, 1:50am

Psion countersuit

Psion has reacted to Intel's lawsuit over the term 'netbook' by filing its own countersuit, arguing that the chip-maker's claims are "barred by reason of Plaintiff's own unclean hands," as the legal battle between the companies continues to develop, according to Ars Technica. The allegations further accuse Intel of "unjustly benefiting from Psion's goodwill and reputation" and "willfully and maliciously" encouraging other companies to participate in the trademark infringement.


Apple applies for "Cocoa Touch" trademark for iPhone

09/03, 6:50pm

"Cocoa Touch" trademark

Apple has filed a trademark application for "Cocoa Touch," the software toolset that allows developers to access the Multi-Touch and accelerometer features in the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. Apple has filed under International Class 009 in the U-S, seeking a trademark in the programming, data recovery and data analysis category. The Cocoa Touch API framework is included in the iPhone SDK.


Apple pulls free Tetris clone from iTunes

08/26, 12:55am

Apple pulls Tetris clone

Apple's legal machine has turned its sights on an independent developer, a college student responsible for an iPhone Tetris clone called Tris, who is conceding to the company's removal of the game from the App Store. Developer Noah Witherspoon says that Apple contacted him on behalf of The Tetris Company, who complained of trademark and copyright violations. While Witherspoon believes he could overcome the issue in the court system, but as a student, he lacks the proper resources to do so.


Trademark filed for Leopard System Preferences logo

08/07, 4:00pm

Leopard system prefs logo

Apple has applied for a trademark for its System Preferences logo, according to new filings. The US Patent and Trademark Office published Apple's trademark filing #77535337 on August 6. The filing is a TEAS Plus application under Class 009 (computer Software for managing user system settings and preferences). The logo being trademarked is presented below, both in its simplified visual representation and its actual sample forms. The image is used in all recent versions of the Dock in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.


Apple settles iPhone trademark dispute in Canada

07/11, 4:40pm

Apple settles iPhone trade

Apple and Canada's Comwave Telecom have settled their trademark dispute over the use of the name "iPhone." The agreement was reached Wednesday night, with Apple retaining sole rights to the iPhone name in Canada, and Comwave phasing out its use of the name in reference to its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service by November 9. Further terms were not disclosed. The agreement, first reported by the Globe and Mail, ends a long battle between the two companies.


Apple sues tech over iPod trademark, fraud

06/27, 12:00am

Apple sues tech over iPod

After filing documents trademark documents concerning the use of "Pod" and "iPod" in products and advertising, Apple is pursuing a lawsuit against a Michigan iPod repair business, the iPod Mechanic. AppleInsider reveals that in 2006, Apple had warned business owner Nicholas Woodhams over the use of the terms, asking him to stop. Woodhams allegedly agreed, but did not follow through, and has now supposedly tipped the scales by committing fraud against Apple.


55 iPod icons trademark applications published

04/07, 5:15pm

iPod icon trademark apps

The European Trademark Office recently published 55 newly registered iPod icons, and were originally filed with Munich office of Bardehle, Pagenbert, Dost, Altenburg, and Geissler. The icons more or less cover the gamut of those offered by the iPod, relating to videos, podcasts, notes, iPod radio, games, voice memos, and the Nike+ sport system. The icons appear on current generation iPod nanos and Classics, as users navigate menus to examine their libraries, among other things.


Apple vs. New York over logo design

04/03, 2:25pm

Apple vs. New York

Apple is claiming that a new logo for New York City's GreeNYC campaign is too similar to its own. According to Wired, the GreeNYC logo shows a stylized apple with a stalk and a leaf that bears a resemblance to Apple's famous logo. When the city applied for a trademark on the logo, Apple filed a formal opposition, claiming that a trademark grant on the logo would "seriously injure the reputation which [Apple] has established for its goods and services." The city of New York stated, in response: "The city believes that Apple's claims have no merit and that no consumer is likely to be confused. This well-known city is using its new design in a variety of contexts that have absolutely nothing to do with Apple Inc."



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