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Pointers: Tethering to your iPhone

07/20, 7:18am

When you simply have to get online

This is the most dangerous Pointers tutorial we have ever done. It's not like it will risk your life and limb, it's more that it will risk ours if you do this and it goes wrong. For this is how to connect your MacBook or your Wi-Fi-only iPad to your iPhone in order to use the latter"s cell signal -- and your service provider may not like you for that. Worse, they may like you for it a lot, and be rubbing their hands as you pile on the devices and add to your bill and their hopes of a yacht this month at your expense.


FCC petitioned by hotels to allow disrupting guest-created hotspots

12/23, 11:48pm

Marriott and Hilton weigh in in favor, Google and Microsoft petition against

The FCC has been petitioned by Marriott and an association of hotel owners to allow the jamming of Wi-Fi hotspots, usually set up by guests, on their premises for reasons of "managing Wi-Fi networks and security." The petition is possibly in response to when Marriott International and Marriott Hotel Services was fined $600,000 by the FCC for knocking guests off their own Wi-Fi networks (provided by hot spots and tethering to cell phones), forcing them to pay for the hotel's Wi-Fi access.


T-Mobile announces plan to throttle those abusing 'unlimited' data

08/13, 8:55pm

P2P file-sharing, unofficial tethering both violations of the terms of plans

On the heels of Verizon's announcement that it will periodically throttle the LTE speeds of its most prodigious users during times of network congestion, a leak from T-Mobile has revealed a similar program -- but with a different approach. Rather than targeting a certain percentage of the heaviest users without discrimination, the carrier plans to first educate and then restrict the speeds of only those users who are in violation of the terms and conditions of the "unlimited' data plans through torrenting or tethering abuse.


Nintendo launching Android app in Japan for 3DS tethering

05/14, 10:18pm

Gaming company's first app available on select phones, limited to single carrier

Nintendo has announced that it is releasing a 3DS tethering application for Android tomorrow in Japan. The app surfaces as one of the first expansions by the gaming company after posting lower than expected numbers in its most recent financial report. While the free app isn't one that many users wanted to see, it gives credence to the idea that Nintendo is trying to look to other avenues to help rebuild its brand.


Briefly: Google Glass tethering change, Disney touch-based audio

09/16, 10:36am

Google updates Glass Explorer Edition, app to avoid tethering charges

Google has updated the Explorer Edition of Google Glass, allowing users to avoid tethering fees on their carrier's data plans. The XE9 firmware, discovered by user Nick Starr, appears to allow the headwear to send and receive data via its companion app on a smartphone, with Engadget reporting that it is bypassing the phones Bluetooth tethering settings.


Apple removes drawing app with hidden tethering from App Store

05/28, 9:00am

Not the first time backdoor tethering has been discovered, removed

Apple's process for checking apps to prevent them from doing things other than what is advertised -- a potential door to malware on the iOS platform -- appears to need strengthening after another already-approved application was discovered to have a secret "tethering" mode that would allow users to share their 3G/LTE data connection without their carriers' permission.


Unlimited tethering app appears in App Store

11/29, 12:30am

Shares 3G data with Macs, PCs

An app that allows unlimited tethering from an iPhone or 3G iPad to a Mac or PC has appeared in the App Store, called iTether and costing $15. The app requires that users download a free matching Mac or Windows application from the developers' website after installing the iOS app, but once this is done users simply connect the iPhone or iPad to the Mac or Windows machine via a USB dock connector cable to share the connection.


Free Press asks FCC to block Verizon's tethering crackdown

06/06, 12:45pm

Enforcement said to violate spectrum agreement

Media reform organization Free Press is set to file a complaint with the FCC against Verizon, accusing the cellular carrier of violating spectrum agreements by restricting access to third-party tethering applications. The group's argument specifically focuses on license terms for the 700 MHz spectrum block, which Verizon utilizes for its 4G LTE network.


Verizon iPhone gains hotspot pricing, 2GB data plan

01/25, 6:45pm

Same details as current smartphone options

Verizon has now announced the pricing and specifications of 3G data "tethering" for the iPhone, and it exactly matches the existing plans for smartphone owners. The $20 per month option gives the built-in iOS feature -- which converts 3G data into a portable Wi-Fi network, allowing up to five devices to share a connection -- its own separate pool of 2GB worth of data, Macworld reports. This fee is in addition to the iPhone's required voice and data plans, but does not "borrow" data from the iPhone plan.


Droid Incredible to get 720p recording and mobile hotspot?

07/02, 8:50am

New features said to be coming in OTA update

The Droid Incredible may be set for an update that will bring more than just an interface overhaul. A user with an HTC-branded test device allegedly received an over-the-air update adding support for 720p video recording and mobile hotspot tethering via Wi-Fi.


Google debuts Android 2.2 Froyo with 2-5X speed boost

05/20, 12:15pm

Update brings Flash, apps improvements

Google has officially debuted Android 2.2, referred to by the monicker Froyo. The latest version features a variety of improvements, most notably a new virtual machine that is claimed to provide a speed boost of between 2X and 5X compared to v2.1. The OS also backs up app data through an API, allowing the system to migrate apps and their respective data to a new phone. The method also allows users to push map directions from Google Maps on a desktop computer to a smartphone.


O2 UK intros iPhone Total Connectivity Bolt On

11/09, 4:25pm

Combines tethering, home Internet

UK carrier O2 has announced a new "Bolt On" option for iPhone subscribers, the Total Connectivity package. The plan combines O2's 9.79, 3GB per month tethering Bolt On with a standard O2 Home Broadband connection, at no extra cost. The deal is explicitly associated with the iPhone 3G however, and will be available only between November 10th and December 31st.


BlackSn0w jailbreaks iPhones with 05.11.07 baseband

11/03, 1:50pm

Utility supports hacktivation

Blackra1n coder George Hotz has released blacksn0w, a new jailbreaking utility that unlocks iPhone firmware v3.1.2 and the latest baseband v05.11.07. The tool now allows users to upgrade to v3.1.2 from older firmware without losing the unlock. The process also enables tethering, allowing the handset to be used as a computer-connected modem even on carriers, such as AT&T, that still block the function.


No AT&T iPhone tethering before 2010?

10/15, 10:15am

Support long overdue

AT&T's planned tethering support for the iPhone might not arrive until 2010, a a statement from a carrier spokesman suggests. Responding to a claim that tethering would arrive before the end of the year, the spokesman insists that no one at AT&T has ever made such as promise. "We promised MMS by end of summer and ended up being a few days late for that," the statement adds.


iPhone tethering must wait, says AT&T

10/08, 11:40am

Blames delay on network improvements

American iPhone owners will not be able to officially tether their devices for some time, AT&T has acknowledged. "Whenever we offer new features, we want to offer the best possible customer experience," a carrier spokesman claims. "For tethering, we need to do some additional fine tuning to our systems and networks so that we do deliver a great experience."


Dev describes hack for AT&T iPhone 3.0 tethering

03/20, 10:20am

iPhone 3.0 tethering hack

Tethering an American iPhone should be as equally viable as tethering an Irish one, a developer tells MacNN. While AT&T has not officially opened up tethering in the US, local owners of an iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware should be able to hack their phones to use the technology. The process begins by navigating to the "~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Carrier Support" folder, where users must rename an IPCC file as a ZIP document after creating a backup of the original.


Developer enables tethering in iPhone 3.0 beta

03/18, 6:25pm

iPhone 3 tethering

A developer has allegedly enabled tethering with the iPhone 3.0 beta operating system, after "hacking around" with APNs in the Carrier.bundle file, according to MacRumors. A new preference window indicates that users will be able to tether via USB or Bluetooth, effectively turning the iPhone into an external modem for desktop or notebook computers.


iPhone tethering, Touch Bluetooth slip in Q&A

03/17, 4:30pm

iPhone 3.0 Q&A session

In a question-and-answer session following the main iPhone 3.0 announcement, Apple has revealed several facts relating to the new firmware. It will for instance become available in the summer for both iPhones and iPod touches, though as in the past, Touch owners will have to pay $10 to upgrade. Apple has typically blamed accounting rules for the cost of significant Touch software changes.


Rumor: Apple bringing MMS, tethering to iPhone 3.0 OS

03/12, 2:30pm

iPhone OS rumors

The upcoming iPhone operating system, version 3.0, could add several long-awaited features such as MMS messaging support and tethering, unnamed sources have told the Boy Genius Report. Although the multimedia message format is relatively commonplace, enabling video and image transfers between phones, Apple so far has excluded the technology from its handset and forced users to download third-party apps as a work-around.


AT&T to allow iPhone tethering "soon"

11/06, 3:50pm

ATT allows iPhone tethers

A new statement made by AT&T Mobility president and CEO Ralph De La Vega at the Web 2.0 summit has the company showing support for iPhone tethering a hot topic as of late, considering Apple's banning of a utility that provides that functionality from the App Store. Technologizer reports that the move gives users an official path to explore, rather than relying on the now non-existent NetShare, or the contract-compromising iModem, the latter of which requires a jailbroken iPhone.


Apple looking to allow iPhone tethering?

08/29, 9:20am

iPhone tethering coming?

Apple may be looking to permit tethering iPhones to computers, at least in the United States, rumors suggest. Tethering enables people to treat cellphones as external modems, connecting where Ethernet or Wi-Fi is not an option. While the technology is increasingly popular in Europe and North America, AT&T has expressly forbidden the practice with the iPhone, even though other devices have permission, and the iPhone is offered with unlimited data plans.


NetShare iPhone tethering app back on iTunes

08/01, 4:55pm

NetShare back on iTunes

After quickly grabbing the iPhone community spotlight, and consequently barred from the App Store, Nullriver's NetShare an app designed to allow users to "tether" their iPhone to a computer is again available for sale. While an explanation for the pull was not given, it most likely related to several wireless carriers' objections, since companies like AT&T offer a specific "tethering" data plan, providing users with on-computer data access through a wireless device.


AT&T to enable iPhone tethering? [U]

02/13, 8:05pm

AT&T iPhone tethering

AT&T will reportedly offer an iPhone tethering plan to users, according to an informant for The Boy Genius Report. The alleged tethering plan is mentioned in what appears to be a message meant for customer service representatives or technicians. The report claims that iPhone customers will be required to sign a new two-year contract, but the date will roll back to the original purchase date within 48 hours, echoing issues that surfaced from users upgrading to the 16GB iPhone.



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