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Apple Watch: Italian appearance, first sales stats, scratch test

04/15, 7:15am

New device to make rare non-Apple appearance at Milan exhibition

While nobody who sees it will be able to get one before next month at the absolute earliest, the Apple Watch will be exhibited in a rare non-Apple appearance at the furniture-oriented Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, Italy, in a special event celebrating design and art on April 17. The event has a history of spotlighting outstanding design, and attracts designers from around the world. Sir Jonathan Ive, the leader of the team that designed the Apple Watch, will be in attendance.


Living With: Evernote 6.0.6

03/03, 7:38am

One year as a premium subscriber

It's one year since I was given a premium subscription to Evernote for OS X as a present, it's probably three years since I started using the service and its generous free version. Naturally, when you've used something for a while you get familiar with it and you know it's good and bad points. However, the kind of long-term test that Living With entails feels especially vital with Evernote. At first it feels like a handy note-taking app or convenient syncing service but if that is enough for you to carry on using it, there suddenly comes a moment when it changes. At some point Evernote becomes a ubiquitous part of your working life.


Speed test on flagship phones shows off iPhone 6 hardware

10/02, 6:22pm

New iPhone wins handily despite half the number of CPUs, RAM

Though it has often been said that "specs aren't everything" when it comes to buying electronic devices, many consumers are still swayed by things like RAM or processing speed alone when considering device purchases. A new speed test by enthusiast site PhoneBuff, however, may convince many buyers to re-think the importance of the spec sheet. The new iPhone 6 was tested against the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8), and won the race handily.


Twitter dives into official commerce test with growing 'buy' button

09/08, 2:13pm

Social media company evolves to include more commerce models, give exclusive offers

Twitter appears to be diving deeper in to the pool of commerce as the social media company announced today that it was beginning a new test of a "buy" button. A previous version of the button appeared in small-batch testing that appeared in June and in a mock-up dating back to January, but it's only now being officially announced by Twitter.


Study: iOS products still kings of responsive touchscreen technology

10/08, 11:00pm

Even older iPhone 4 outpaces competitors in touch speed tests

A pair of new studies that tests touchscreen responsiveness among flagship tablets and top-selling smartphones has found that Apple's iPad and iPhone lead the field by a significant margin in both categories. The TouchMarks tests -- done by mobile ad firm Agawi -- pitted the iPad against leading brands of Android, Kindle and Windows RT offerings in tablets, and the iPhone against leading Android and Windows 8 phones. The current iPads and iPhone 5 (and even the iPhone 4) won against all competitors.


Iomega offers new Ivy Bridge storage, partners with McAfee

05/17, 12:55am

New network storage array to feature anti-virus, run applications

Storage solution provider Iomega announced a new flagship product today, the Iomega StorCenter px12-450r Network Storage array, a networked data storage system incorporating an Ivy Bridge processor from Intel. Iomega also announced the addition of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise to all Iomega StorCenter PX series products. Iomega's new storage option would appear to be the first non-computer product to feature an Ivy Bridge processor.


Primate Labs: new MacBooks are slower

03/05, 6:55pm

New MacBooks slower?

Primate Labs has taken a close look at the performance of Apple's lastest MacBook, and claims that the newest base model is slower than the previous generation. A performance comparison via Geekbench -- an application designed to test the speed of computers in various areas -- revealed higher scores for MacBooks released in early 2008 than the latest models offered by Apple. In overall performance the early 2008 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook scored 3,135 against a baseline score of 1,000, which signifies the score a 1.6GHz Power Mac G5 would receive. Conversely, Apple's late 2008 2.2GHz MacBook scored 2,890 -- significantly less than the slightly older model.


MacBook Air battery life almost truthful - report

02/07, 6:55pm

MacBook Air battery life

The MacBook Air's touted five-hour battery life is an almost acceptable measure of the ultraportable's abilities, while enthusiast site Mac on Air has performed a full take-apart of the laptop. According to tests performed by AnandTech, the MacBook Air is capable of running for four and a quarter hours with normal web browsing, while playing MP3s in the background. The test was conducted by browsing 20 web pages, spending 20 seconds per page, and looping music in the background. This test was designed to emulate standard usage, as one would experience taking notes in class or using the Air during their daily commute.


Eight-core Mac Pro benchmark results

01/24, 11:25am

New Mac Pro benchmarks

Benchmarks of Apple's new Mac Pro systems -- which began shipping earlier this year -- show how the latest systems stack up against each other as well as the company's older workstations. Overall performance ratings placed the Mac Pro 3.2GHz at the top of the charts in both 64-bit and 32-bit tests. Tests show that the performance difference between Apple's 2.8GHz and 3.2GHz Mac Pros is not as great as the difference between running 32-bit code and 64-bit code, according to the Primate Labs Blog.


Primate Labs: New Mac Pro is a better value

01/10, 6:20pm

Primate Labs tests Mac Pro

Primate Labs today released figures regarding performance of the new Mac Pro versus the old eight-core model. The old model is configured with the eight-core Xeon X5365, running at 3GHz, while the newer model features the Xeon W5462 running at 2.8GHz per core. Both machines were tested using Mac OS X 10.5.1, with the new Mac Pro using 2GB of RAM, versus the former that uses 1GB. Primate Labs says that the tests that GeekBench 2 uses to calculate RAM scores relies more on the speed of the memory rather than the quantity, so it was deemed a fair test.



01/01, 1:55am


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