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ConjureBunny debuts PowerUp task manager for Mac

08/05, 11:05pm

Goes beyond 'to-do list' with planning

PowerUp is a new active task-management application, optimized for Snow Leopard and Lion, that lets users create to-do lists and easily update their progress. A reminder progress bar keeps users focused on the overall goal, and user can zero in on troublesome sections to change the progress bar to that one task. By checking off completed tasks but leaving them on the list, users gain motivation from accomplishment.


Appfluence debuts Priority Matrix task manager for Mac

06/04, 1:10am

To-dos influenced by Eisenhower priorities

The underlying concept behind Appfluence's new Mac version of its popular iPad and iPhone app Priority Matrix is rooted in something President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said: "What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important." Based on that principle, the program moves away from the traditional linear to-do lists and substitutes a movable four-color grid that adds visual categorization, making it clear what's urgent, what's less urgent, and what's important or less important based on choices the user themselves have made in terms of where on the grid they put tasks.


TaskSurfer 1.0 offers cloud-syncing task management

10/01, 9:15pm

Software syncs with Toodledo, supports VoiceOver

Two Dogs Software has launched its cloud-syncing task manager, TaskSurfer 1.0. The new software offers GTD and tag-based task management. It offers custom tagging, including category, time, location and people tags and uses a tag browser to keep tags organized. It also utilizes Snow Leopard's Core Location technology to track locations and gear tasks to the location it is being used in, such as organizing tasks for home or business based on the location the user is in.


Apps: XgridLite, Cronette, CrossOver Games

02/26, 4:05pm

CheckUp, GetFilePath

  • XgridLite 1.1 ($15) is a preference pane that allows users to enable the Xgrid controller on standard desktop versions of Mac OS X. It allows users to turn on and off the built-in Xgrid controller with a single click, set passwords for client and agent authentication, reset the controller to default settings, and more. [Download - 0.17MB]


  • Apps: Money, TaskMate, Jaikoz Audio Tagger

    11/26, 10:45am

    PhotoCopy, Watchmac

  • Money 3.2 ($39) is a tool for helping people manage their personal finances. The software also includes enough features that a small-business could use the software for their own accounting needs. The update has added a new grid view which provides a list of icons representing categories. The update has also introduced new interfaces for both the Portfolio and Sheets features looking to make their usage more manageable. Other changes include improved csv import, improved search, improved French and German localizations, fixed problem with reports date ranges, fixed problem with taxes, new Uncategorized icon, other minor improvements and bug fixes. [Download - 15.6MB]


  • OmniFocus task management tool ships

    01/08, 7:05pm

    OmniFocus task management

    The OmniGroup has announced the release of OmniFocus 1.0, their new task management tool. OmniFocus is a personal productivity application that can be used to implement the "Getting Things Done" work-life management method developed by David Allen. The tool is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and allow you to store, manage, and process them into actionable to-do items. Tasks can be assigned to projects and stored within contexts (for example: "Home", "Work", or "Garden"), with built-in visual cues that highlight the next action you need to take care of.



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