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Vizio 11.6-inch Windows 8 Tablet PC shipping with AMD Z-60 APU

06/21, 7:04am

Vizio adds 11.6-inch Windows 8 Tablet PC to line up

Vizio has put its new 11.6-inch Windows 8 Tablet PC up for order through its online store. The new tablet runs an AMD Z-60 APU with integrated AMD Radeon HD 6250 graphics and includes a Microsoft Signature edition of Windows 8 with no bloatware pre-installed. Unlike similar devices from other makers, Vizio is not supplying a keyboard dock for its Tablet PC, but says its compatible with a wide array of third-party Bluetooth keyboards and mice.


Major hedge fund lead says Microsoft's Ballmer should quit

05/25, 11:10pm

Hedge fund exec says Microsoft's Ballmer an anchor

Dissent around Microsoft's leadership became more public Wednesday with a speech from Greenlight Capital manager David Einhorn. The hedge fund operator told those at the Ira Sohn Investment Research Conference Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had to "give someone else a chance" at the top spot. He considered the early Microsoft executive the "biggest overhang" on Microsoft's stock because he was mired in traditional behavior.


Microsoft's Mundie unsure on tablets, admits slow to act

03/30, 4:15pm

Microsoft CRO Mundie doubts tablets will last

Microsoft's research and strategy chief Craig Mundie at a Committee for Economic Development of Australia event cast doubt on the long-term viability of tablets. He wasn't sure the iPad or its kind would "remain with us or not" and instead repeated Microsoft's existing strategy of Windows notebooks and Windows Phone handsets. A notebook would be a "portable desk," he said, while the smartphone would be "your most personal computer."


Microsoft rolling remote management for Android, iOS

03/23, 5:00pm

Microsoft SCCM will remote admin Android and iOS

Microsoft at its Management Summit on Wednesday surprised guests by revealing that the next version of System Center Configuration Manager would give remote control for rival mobile platforms. A beta and final versions will allow monitoring for Android, iOS, and Symbian in addition to Windows Phone 7. It justified the extra support as grappling with the "consumerization" of IT that let companies bring in devices their workers really wanted but while keeping them relatively secure.


N-Trig hopes to resurrect pen computing with Android support

12/20, 5:00pm

N-Trig to have Android support

N-Trig hopes to revive the mostly dead market for pen-based tablet computing with Android support, VP Gary Baum said Monday. The company plans to supply screens for several Android tablets next year that would recognize pressure-aware pens. One unnamed device would ship in the first half of the year, Baum told AllThingsD in a conversation.


Ballmer: killing the iPad is a "job one urgency"

07/29, 5:15pm

Ballmer says iPad sales make Microsoft uneasy

Developing a Windows-based alternative to the iPad is a "job one urgency" at Microsoft, company chief Steve Ballmer said today during the annual Financial Analysts Meeting. He admitted that Microsoft was uncomfortable with how well iPads were selling and was tuning both its software and hardware partnerships to provide a competitive option. Besides altering Windows 7, it's counting on Intel's Oak Trail Atom platform and plans to push hardware makers "as soon as they are ready."


Microsoft studying iPad owners in attempt to chase Apple

07/13, 7:45am

MS holding iPad focus group

Microsoft revealed the pressure it feels from the iPad today as it has posted an open call on Facebook for a study of iPad owners. The Windows developer's User Research team hopes to have two-hour focus groups at its campus between July 16 and July 21 asking owners how they use the Apple tablet. It didn't provide any particular clues as to the direction of the research.


iPad triples tablet sales in Europe as PC prices go back up

07/09, 12:50pm

iPad overwhelms Tablet PC in Euro sales

The iPad nearly tripled sales of tablets in Europe during just its first month on sale, Context Research estimated this week. Apple's tablet was only available from May 28 in the continent, but by itself grew the market by 257 percent. The figure is one of the few specific to the continent and suggests that the combined Windows tablet PC market in Europe for spring was well below the hundreds of thousands of iPads likely to have been sold.


Bill Gates on iPad: "it's okay"

04/21, 2:10pm

Microsoft founder ambivalent on Apple tablet

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in a new interview offered up mixed praise for the iPad. When asked his opinion, he said that "it's okay" and characterized it more as an attractive design than a truly useful product. He wasn't certain how it could be used compared to other computing devices.


iPad sales predicted to top 7.1 million in 2010 alone

04/02, 10:20am

iSuppli sees iPad at 7m now, 14m in 2011

Apple could sell as many as 7.1 million iPads in 2010 alone, iSuppli estimated today. Analysts believed that a strong wave of early adopters and those simply drawn to a tablet design should be enough to push millions of iPads each quarter this year. It would be enough to at least temporarily overcome the lack of Adobe Flash and could actually be conservative if Apple upgrades features or cuts prices quickly, the study creators said.


iPad pre-orders near 200K, reserves at 700 per store

03/18, 1:20pm

And Apple retail preorders may reach 700 per store

Apple could have 200,000 iPad pre-orders within just a week, according to new estimates. After discounting non-iPad orders, well-regarded unofficial analyst Daniel Tello has determined that Apple has obtained about 180,000 pre-orders for the tablet as of mid-Wednesday. While the rate has slowed to about 10,000 advance requests per day, the figure would be enough to pass the 200,000 mark by Friday.


iPad pre-orders may cool to "just" 30,000 per day

03/15, 9:50am

Apple may pass 1m iPads sold 2 weeks post-launch

The rate of iPad pre-orders has cooled but could still lead to major sales even before the tablet ships, an estimate from the AAPL Sanity board suggests. Following an earlier calculation of 120,000 on day one, the board now believes that Apple landed 152,000 pre-orders over the weekend and is settling down to rates of 30,000 pre-orders on a typical weekday and 15,000 each day on weekends. Without a significant change, the rate while lower would still have Apple ship 510,000 iPads just for these customers.


Notebooks, iPad-like tablets to be 70% of PCs by 2012

03/04, 9:50am

Gartner also sees PC shipments up 20pc this year

Portable computers like notebooks and tablets should make up 70 percent of computers in just two years, Gartner predicted today. The category was already more than 55 percent of the market last year but should keep growing through 2012 based on ultraportables and tablets like the iPad. Apple's device, along with other tablets and conventional tablet PCs, should help push the number of tablets on the market to to 10.5 million just this year.


Bill Gates: iPad will struggle without pen and keyboard

02/10, 9:00pm

Bill Gates wants iPad more like Tablet PC

The iPad needs to be more like the Tablet PC to be successful, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates argues in an interview today. He admits that he sees the Apple device as a "nice reader" but says he's not envious of the design as it doesn't have the hardware he feels would be needed to reach critical mass. While the iPhone was clearly an improvement versus Windows Mobile, the iPad isn't enough like a conventional portable to break through, Gates says.


Microsoft refutes "clumsy" claim, points to end results

02/04, 6:35pm

MS PR says effect more important than problems

Microsoft corporate communications head Frank Shaw has quickly rejected former VP Dick Brass' assertions that the company is no longer innovative by citing examples of what Shaw views as success. The PR leader believes Microsoft should be seen by its "broad impact" and notes that, in spite of ClearType's delays, it's now on more than a billion PCs. Scale is more important than speed, he argues.


Ex-Microsoft exec: company is now "clumsy, uncompetitive"

02/04, 4:10pm

Past MS VP says infighting, fear of hardware hurt

Microsoft has largely lost its ability to direct the industry, former VP Dick Brass claimed today in a telling editorial. He believes the company is now a "clumsy, uncompetitive innovator" and points to the gap in performance between its core Windows and Office businesses versus everything else. Microsoft had its best-ever quarter due to Windows 7 but lost share in nearly every other category, including web browsers, premium notebooks and smartphone sales.


iPad vs. Kindle vs. HP slate: a close look

01/27, 9:40pm

Apple banking on color and apps

With the launch of the iPad today, many have been proclaiming the death of e-book readers like the Kindle -- as well as yet-to-be-released devices like the HP slate. However, the comparison isn't actually quite so simple and could potentially leave Apple hurting. We're taking a close look at how Apple's tablet stacks up against not just its most obvious competitor today but its expected rival in the future.


"Tens of millions" of tablets to be sold in 2010

01/19, 3:20pm

Apple to drive growth of new touch devices

Thanks to key releases, tablets are about to have their "breakout year" and move tens of millions of units, Deloitte says in a new long-term estimate. Apple's expected tablet unveiling as well as the eventual launch of the HP slate should help fuel the otherwise quiet category, which includes any Internet-aware, touch-only device larger than a smartphone but smaller than a netbook. Author Paul Lee anticipates that tablets could account for up to over $1 billion in sales and eclipse the GPS market.


Fujitsu ST6000-series tablet PC spotted at FCC

10/09, 4:00pm

Fujitsu tablet PC spotted

The Fujitsu ST6000-series Internet tablet PC first unveiled late last month has been spotted again, undergoing testing at the FCC, suggesting the product is that much closer to production. According to the included owner’s manual, the 12.1-inch tablet will sport a maximum 1600x1200 resolution and not, as previously advertised on the company website, 1920x1200. Other specs, however, such as its 1GB of RAM expandable up to 4GB and choice of two hard disk drives or a solid-state drive, are confirmed.


TechCrunch launches $200 Web Tablet Project

07/22, 5:10pm

TechCrunch tablet PC

Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, is planning on creating his own affordable tablet PC, as he feels the market is lacking one. To this end, he launched the Techcrunch Web Tablet Project. To keep prices "dirt cheap," Arrington suggests the PC would ideally run a Firefox interface disguising a Linux kernel. Arrington is calling for any interested parties to help out with the open-source programming of the interface, offering an example of the tablet once it's completed as a reward.


Dell reveals Latitude XT tablet's specs, price

12/11, 8:15am

Dell Latitude XT Specs

Dell today officially confirmed many of the details of its Latitude XT tablet. The Texas PC maker hopes to distinguish its first ever touchscreen PC by making it one of the lightest available: at 3.57 pounds, the system will be relatively easy to carry, Dell hopes. The new convertible Latitude will also have the choice of either a thin, LED-backlit screen or an outdoor-focused screen that remains more visible in daylight. Weight and speed can also be improved through storage; while up to a 120GB traditional hard disk is available, up to a 64GB solid-state drive should improve boot times and reduce weight.


Toshiba offers up fast Portégé M700 tablet PC

12/10, 11:35am

Toshiba Portege M700

Toshiba on Monday has capitalized on last-minute holiday sales by announcing the Portégé M700. While a tablet like some earlier models, the new 12.1-inch system is built for a level of speed not often found in the class: a base system starts with a 2GHz Core 2 Duo with an 800MHz bus and optionally scales up to the latest 2.6GHz model. The M700 also distinguishes itself by including both active and passive input, allowing users to press both with their fingers or with a stylus on an anti-glare LED screen the PC builder says is much more useful in outdoor light.



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