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Microsoft fixes Skype message synchronization between devices

02/13, 1:13pm

Messages to offline Skype users included in app update

Microsoft has finally fixed the way Skype synchronizes messages across multiple devices, the company has revealed, something that it hinted at late last year. Part of a larger update across multiple platforms, the change will allow users to read all received messages on an account regardless of whether a device is signed in or not, with messages read on one device causing it to be shown as read on all others.


Laplink's Switch & Sync handles multiple platforms

07/05, 11:00pm

Makes switching from PC to Mac easier

Laplink Software have undated their PC-Mac sync and transfer software Switch & Sync to update the sync engine that runs the program, adding Mac-to-Mac synchronization to the already-existing PC-Mac and PC-PC syncing, the ability to manage sync jobs from either a Mac or a PC, and improving the intelligence behind file transfers, along with an overhauled interface.


Synk upgraded to v7, makes live sync its centerpiece

12/09, 6:00pm

Rebuilt engine and UI, filesharing also

Decimus Software has updated their flagship backup and synchronization software Synk to v7, taking their previous ZeroScan feature and enhancing it into a live sync engine that continuously updates backups. The software still features its easy but customizable "scripts" for creating a custom backup, its multi-way and one-to-many syncing, but now offers a continual "RAID-like" backup that means files are instantly and always in sync.


Nova Media releases new iHub app for syncing contacts

09/24, 11:20am

Sync calendars between Macs and mobile devices

Nova Media has released iHub, a new tool for automatically syncing contacts and calendars between the Mac and multiple mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The software is capable of sharing information wirelessly, and supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. It can be used to share existing address book groups, and can instantly sync any changes as long as an internet connection is available. Users can also make changes while offline, which will automatically sync once a connection is re-established.


Nova Media intros new iHub synchronization app for Mac

06/15, 3:30am

Sync calendars and address books between Macs

Nova Media has introduced a new synchronization application for the Mac, iHub. The software is designed to sync address books and calendars between Mac computers, and various mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. All data can be synchronized in real-time via Wi-Fi connection, and can be done so automatically while the app runs in the background. Features include built-in admin tools that allow users to alter settings, delete users, or change visibility of calendars and address book groups.


Dropbox Anywhere provides cloud-capable APIs for developers

05/05, 11:05pm

Service: mobile, 3rd party apps, developer support

Internet storage and file synchronization provider Dropbox has announced a new service, Dropbox Anywhere. The service aims to equip third-party apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry -- arriving later in the Summer -- with the new Dropbox mobile API. The new API will enable developers to create apps that can access the contents of users' Dropbox accounts and keep the data in sync across multiple devices.


ChronoSync 4.0 improves sync speed, adds options

01/06, 3:45pm

ChronoSync 4.0 ships

Econ Technologies has released ChronoSync 4.0, an update to its automated synchronization and backup application for Mac OS X as well as releases a new companion product ChronoAgent 1.0 for Mac. ChronoSync can be used to synchronize or backup documents -- at scheduled or triggered times -- either between folders on your Mac, other Macs, PCs, or external drives, etc.; users can setup schedules to automatically mount volumes. ChronoSync 4.0 adds many new features, most notably bootable backups, full Admin access, and faster synchronizations, while the new ChronoAgent that runs on the destination Mac and communicates directly with ChronoSync for full root access to the destination Mac.


First Look: SyncMate, Mac/Smartphone Synchronization

10/07, 3:40pm


So many people store crucial names, addresses, phone numbers, and documents on mobile devices such as smart phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). Storing this information on a mobile device is easy, but the hard part comes in synchronizing this data with your Macintosh. Sharing and synchronizing contact information with a Macintosh may be easy using an iPhone and the process isnít too much more difficult when using a Palm device. However, the real problem comes when you use a Mac as your main computer, but use a Windows Mobile device as your mobile device. Since the Mac wonít recognize a Windows Mobile device, you need an additional program to link these two devices together. One such solution is SyncMate.


First Look: Spanning Sync

09/24, 3:35pm

Spanning Sync

Nearly everyone has important data stored on their computer, but with cloud computing becoming popular, many people now store data on websites that allow access to their information from multiple devices. The biggest problem occurs when you want to store and edit your data on both your computer and a website like Google. Since keeping multiple copies of data organized can be nearly impossible, youíll be better off using a special synchronization program like Spanning Sync.



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