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Survey: six weeks on, Apple Music shows good news, bad news [U]

08/18, 7:07pm

Half of initial users have stopped using trial, but most remaining will pay

[Updated with Apple statement refuting figures] Market research firm MusicSearch has issued a new report on Apple Music use in the US that has both good news and bad news for the company. The good news is that most people who are still using the free trial indicated in their responses that they like it and will continue with it when it switches to a paid service following a three-month free trial. More concerning is that despite a high awareness of Apple Music among the US public, nearly half of those who tried it have stopped using it.


Specialist site publishes Mac survey of CAD, 3D design pros

02/02, 7:49pm

Architosh finds iMacs popular, need for more cores in Mac Pros

Some high-end professional vertical markets that have increasingly moved to the Mac platform in recent years are those of CAD users, 3D and visual effects artists, and other professional designers not normally associated with the "creative professional" tag, taking in everything from engineers to biomedical scientists. Mac advocacy site Architosh has recently run a survey of the industries, and found some surprising results.


Survey: iPads now the top consumer brand among kids 6-12

10/06, 11:05pm

Beats out McDonald's, Toys R Us, Disney thanks in part to schools, parents

Since it was introduced nearly five years ago, the iPad has made a huge cultural impact on families, schools and seniors, but the full extent of the influence on the former two groups has been made more obvious in a new survey of children ages 6-12 conducted by youth and family research firm Smarty Pants. The 2014 edition of the firm's "Young Love" survey found that the iPad was the highest-rated brand name with children and families, beating out 255 other iconic contenders including Nickelodeon, Disney and McDonald's.


Munster: Consumers starting to hold back for 'iPhone 6'

05/21, 10:28am

Future buyers dropping as cycle slows, but demand still surprisingly strong

Investment firm Piper Jaffray and its lead Apple analyst Gene Munster have completed their latest survey on the level of interest among consumers for the latest iPhone. Unsurprisingly, the study found that interest is waning somewhat among potential buyers -- with the current models now nearly nine months old -- and that declared potential buyers are beginning to hang back in anticipation of the forthcoming "iPhone 6," expected this fall.


Survey: Half of US smartphone buyers would consider big-screen iPhone

04/30, 11:53pm

Apple could add up to 15 million more iPhones per year with larger size

A new study by Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty suggests that if Apple were to produce a five-inch iPhone model, it could move as many as 15 million additional units per year in the US, mostly from customers that would switch to Android. In a note to investors, Huberty told her clients that nearly half of the survey respondents -- 47 percent -- would choose an iPhone over other smartphone brands if it came in a larger size, suggesting that a major factor in US Android phone sales is simply a matter of screen size.


Consumer Reports: Apple the best for post-sale support, again

04/29, 11:45pm

Mac maker far surpasses rivals, even bests its own previous score

While after-sale support is not always a priority factor in most consumers' tech buying decisions, tales of Apple's superior customer support are legendary. On Monday, Consumer Reports reinforced Apple's stellar service reputation with yet another top ranking as America's best computer tech support vendor. Apple has been the top-ranked support provider overall for at least the last 10 years, and even managed to improve its 2012 score in this year's survey.


Report: interest in iPad mini, next-gen model increasing

03/13, 1:53am

One in three TechBargains customers say they will buy the next one

Just as happened with the original release of the iPad, more conservative tech buyers (who don't fit the "early adopter" profile) had only moderate interest in an iPad mini -- but unlike most electronics, interest in the scaled-down version of the iPad has increased significantly since its introduction, according to a report from deal site TechBargains. When it did a survey just prior to the iPad Mini's release, only 18 percent planned to buy it -- now, interest has nearly doubled to 33 percent. Customers also reported on what they'd like to see in future iPad models.


Survey: 74 percent of iOS users say Maps is fine, no issues

10/11, 3:00am

Small but angry segment very put off by early problems

A survey by an SEO ranking provider for small businesses has turned up a surprising level of satisfaction with Apple's Maps in iOS 6 and suggests further that, at least within the US, the media reporting on the topic may be overblown. While Apple itself and many others have noted genuine problems with the data found in Maps, especially right after launch, many in North America (particularly those using the driving directions) have a better experience. The survey found that 74 percent of respondents were happy with the new Maps app.


Briefly: iPhone in-flight smoking cause, iPad Mini Survey

05/04, 5:30pm

Cause of smoking iPhone on flight revealed in investigation

An iPhone that started smoking on a flight to Sydney last November has been explained. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau conducted the investigation and found that a misplaced screw within the handset had punctured the battery casing. The resulting short circuit caused the battery to overheat and start smoking. According to the ATSB, the screw was misplaced by an unauthorized service center during a screen replacement. Although no one was hurt during the flight from the faulty handset, the chief comissioner of the ATSB, Martin Dolan, warned passengers to carry electronic devices in the cabin and to not store them with checked-in baggage.


Briefly: YBUY offers new iPad, Tablet purchasing survey

03/16, 12:20pm

iPad second most popular option

YBUY, a new try-before-you-buy online subscription service, has announced that it will begin carrying Apple's third generation iPad today. Orders placed today will be shipped to customers before April 1, giving customers a chance to test the device for 300 days before committing to the purchase. For a set $25 per month fee, YBUY members can test out a variety of products ranging from high-end Bose headsets to Rabbit Air purifies. After the trial period ends customers then have opportunity to keep the item and have the trial fee applied toward the YBUY product purchase price or send the product back to YBUY and select another item.


Nielsen: More people visit Microsoft site, linger at Apple

01/11, 3:00am

Amazon the leading mass merchandiser site

Consumer electronics and technology companies are still among the most-visited retail websites, a new Nielsen survey covering September 2011 has revealed. The report, which also covers consumer usage of media generally, including TV, social websites, cell phones and other mobile devices, focuses on US consumers but includes some global statistics, showing strong growth particularly in data usage among smartphone and tablet users.


Study finds strong link between travel, iPad use

09/29, 10:30pm

iPads for research, smartphones for photos and GPS

Mobile advertising network Greystripe surveyed iPad and smartphone users this summer about their travel habits and how their mobile devices help them with travelling -- either through setting up travel bookings for transportation and hotels or as a GPS unit or method to pass the time while in transit. The results show a strong link between travel activities and iPad usage, with 93 percent of users engaging with their devices while travelling, and 91 percent using it for a travel-related activity.


Survey: Apple winning students, TV losing them

09/19, 9:30pm

Younger people getting entertainment online

A small survey interviewing 158 students across eight colleges and universities has concluded that students are spending less on technology compared to last year, and bringing their electronic arsenal with them to school -- but leaving TVs at home, in a dramatic drop from last year. Computer sales were up slightly with the student group, with Apple's share of the purchases in the last three months jumping up sharply from last year, reports Fortune.


Website Survey: 'Mac vs PC' stereotypes broadly true

04/22, 7:25pm

PC users are from Mars, Mac users from Venus

An unscientific survey conducted by the survey and recommendation website has reinforced some data already broadly known about Mac people versus Windows people -- and also shown up some surprising differences and similarities. The website used answers from over 300,000 respondents on this latest survey, and also compared the answers to a similar match-up it did in November 2009. One clear result: Apple's casting of younger, more casual Justin Long as a Mac and John Hodgman as the stuffier, older PC in the long-running "Mac and PC" ads was no accident.


Poll: iPads, Smartphones, Win7 big tech winners for 2010

11/04, 2:25am

Android rising fast, Kindle OK, 3DTV loses out

Electronics polling firm Retrevo's latest survey of 1,000 consumer electronics buyers judges that smartphones, iPads and Windows 7 have been the the big "winners" of public approval, while 3D HDTVs, GPS devices and netbooks have fallen out of favor or failed to live up to their hype. Interestingly, Android smartphones are rated highly by the survey respondents, while Android tablets made the "losers" list -- and iPads have proven a fast hit with the public, with one-fifth of all the respondents already owning one, and another fifth planning on buying.



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