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Sonos bringing Apple Music support to speakers in beta December 15

11/30, 3:50pm

Public trial of Apple Music support ahead of wider release early next year

Owners of Sonos speakers will soon be able to play songs from Apple Music through the network-connected audio devices, if they take part in a trial. Support for Apple's streaming music service will start from December 15, though it will apparently be available in a public beta at first, with the speaker producer asking for users register to take part and to supply feedback on it, before it becomes more widely available from early next year.


Adele prevents music streaming services from using '25' album

11/20, 1:02pm

New Adele album not available on Apple Music, Spotify

Fans of Adele will need to buy her new album if they want to listen to songs from it, as the singer is preventing music streaming services from offering the album to subscribers. Confirming initial reports, the album '25' is unavailable for listening on Apple Music, Google Play Music All Access, Spotify, and other streaming services, but iTunes is still offering the album to users for purchase via the main iTunes store.


Apple TV could replace standard cable set-top boxes, suggests Eddy Cue

11/09, 12:23pm

Cue interview indicates wish for Apple TV to become a central content source

Apple is aiming to make it as easy as possible for consumers to pay and watch TV shows and channels the way they want to, according to comments made by Eddy Cue during an interview. Extra footage from Cue's interview with CNN Money has been published, with Cue seemingly indicating that Apple is more interested in providing customers what they want with existing providers than launching its own long-rumored TV service.


T-Mobile may announce free video streaming offer at Uncarrier X event

10/30, 6:58am

Leak claims T-Mobile will offer video streams without using data allowance

T-Mobile may soon allow its subscribers to access content from major video streaming service without reducing their monthly allowance of LTE data, a rumor claims. Serial leaker Evan Blass posted to his @evleaks Twitter account that the carrier's "Uncarrier X" event taking place on November 10 is likely to cover the new account bonus, which appears to be a natural extension of the existing Music Freedom feature on current plans.


Time Warner Cable reportedly testing Internet TV service next week

10/26, 3:02pm

Subscribers of TWC Internet in New York may be first to try Internet TV service

Time Warner Cable is preparing to test an Internet-only television service starting from next week, according to a report. The cable provider is said to be working on a version of TWC TV, its existing online streaming app for cable TV subscribers, that could be used by users of its Internet-only connections, potentially allowing customers to watch TV without being locked into a longer contract period nor having a standard cable set-top box at their home.


Disney launching movie, TV show streaming service in UK next month

10/21, 2:40pm

DisneyLife to offer videos, books, music, expansion into Europe planned

Disney is going to launch a subscription service in the United Kingdom next month, providing users with a variety of content across the media company's properties. Said to be called DisneyLife, the service will cost subscribers £10 ($15.50) per month, though unlike purely streaming services such as Netflix, it will offer access to books and music alongside streaming movies and TV shows from the Disney catalog via its apps.


Roku adds 4K content support to fourth-generation set-top box

10/06, 7:14am

New Roku 4 can stream 4K content from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube

The latest generation of the Roku streaming set-top box is finally offering support for 4K-resolution content. The Roku 4 is now able to push the high-resolution content to Ultra HD televisions at up to 60 frames per second, with the device able to stream 4K TV shows and movies from Netflix, M-Go, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and YouTube with HEVC and VP9 support, as well as upscaling 1080p content to 4K resolution.


Hands On: AmpMe 1.4 (iPhone, Android)

09/24, 1:47pm

Link phones to share streaming music in sync

We were only thinking the other day that music used to be something you shared, and now it's something that works its way into our heads via white earbuds. Everyone able to listen to anything they want is great, but somehow it has meant that so often we don't listen to anyone else's choice. AmpMe 1.4 is about bringing the sharing back to streaming. There are clear features we'd like to see added, as this is limited, but still rather exciting.


Songwriter criticizes low royalty payments from streaming services

09/24, 7:18am

Claimed songwriters receive approximately $90 per million streams

The debate over royalties paid by streaming music services became more intense, after a songwriter revealed how little they were paid for a major hit. Speaking at a roundtable discussion about music copyright hosted by the House Judiciary Committee, it was claimed by a co-writer of Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" that he received under $6,000 in royalties from streams, a figure he insists is not enough to live on.


Pointers: Paying for (or quitting) Apple Music, as you wish

09/23, 9:08am

Painless ways to pay for subscription service, or avoid getting a charge

Decision day is coming: we talked about this on the podcast and in print, but for people who signed up for the three-month free trial of the subscription component of Apple Music on its first day, the deadline to opt out of it (or the day your card will be charged for October's service) is September 30, a week away. In this Pointers, we will show you how to make sure you are not charged accidentally, how to pay for it without a credit card, and more.


Game Replay: Nintendo delays Star Fox Zero, Konami development rumors

09/20, 11:58pm

Gaming news summary for September 20, 2015

Welcome to the Game Replay, the thrice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN. In today's edition, Nintendo delays the next Star Fox game until next year, rumors suggest Konami is pulling away from AAA game development, Twitch ranks its most-played games, and details of a contest for you to win a game for your Mac.


Chicago 'cloud tax' on Apple Music, Netflix challenged by citizens

09/15, 10:49am

Tax affects Amazon Prime, Hulu, other services as well

Lawsuits have been launched in Chicago to combat the area's new "cloud tax," which hits users of Apple Music, Netflix, Hulu Plus, XBox Live, and other streaming services. The claim by the citizens alleges that not only does the tax violate the US Internet Tax Freedom Act, which is intended to prevent Internet-only taxes, but the city comptroller's decision implements a new tax by fiat, which otherwise would have required a wider city official vote, as well as public debate.


Plex app for new Apple TV in development, co-founder confirms

09/14, 7:10am

Local media streaming app Plex being ported to tvOS

Users of the local network streaming movie and music service Plex will have more incentive to purchase an Apple TV, with an app for the latest model said to be in development. Days after the revelation that the latest generation of Apple TV will be able to run third-party apps, Plex co-founder Scott Olechowski confirmed developers are working on a version of its app that will be downloadable to the set-top box in the future.


Apple VP: 'a bit of homework' yet to do on Apple Music, iTunes issues

09/03, 12:27pm

Company getting 'a lot of feedback' on problems, music buying 'still healthy'

Oliver Schusser, an Apple vice president for iTunes International, was recently interviewed by the UK's The Guardian newspaper and admitted that the company is getting "a lot of feedback" on issues ranging from the design of the iOS Music app to sometimes-severe problems with iTunes 12.2 on Macs, as well as both compliments and brickbats on the overall Apple Music paid subscription service and the free features that accompany it.


Briefly: Hulu commercial-free option, Amazon Instant Video offline

09/02, 12:45pm

Hulu offers commercial-free subscription for $12 per month

Hulu has implemented it's rumored advertising-free subscription option to its streaming service. Priced at $12 per month, the new tier offers the same content as its standard $8 subscription but users will be able to watch shows without interruptions from commercials during the show itself, though TechCrunch notes pre-roll advertising for some shows will continue due to licensing agreements. The service advises that the existing $8 service will continue to show "fewer commercials than scheduled television."


Netflix losing major movies in September after not renewing Epix deal

08/31, 9:03pm

Epix licensing deal lapses as Netflix plans bigger original content push

Subscribers of Netflix in the United States will be seeing considerably fewer movies in the streaming service's catalog, as it has decided not to renew a five-year agreement with Epix. A number of major titles will be available until they are removed at the end of September, including Hunger Games: Catching Fire, World War Z, and Transformers: Age of Extinction, as Netflix works to expanding its roster with more exclusive content.


Tidal wrongly blames Apple for killing Drake live stream

08/31, 9:43am

Artist manager denies Apple caused Tidal stream interference

Tidal has claimed Apple pressured the music service to take down a stream for a charity concert during one artist's set. Viewers of the Tidal stream of Lil WeezyAna Fest for children affected by Hurricane Katrina were greeted by an image claiming Apple is "interfering with artistry" and preventing Drake from being broadcast, but reports suggest Apple may not have anything to do with the temporary takedown at all.


Google takes on Twitch by launching YouTube Gaming

08/26, 7:33pm

Heavy streaming focus in Google gaming video service

Google has launched its attempt to take on the Amazon-owned Twitch in the gaming video market, with a section of YouTube specially created for gamers. YouTube Gaming is a subsection of the main video service that purely serves video game-related videos to its viewers, including "let's play," walkthroughs, speed runs, and other content, as well as a greater focus on streaming gameplay live from players to their followers.


TuneIn Premium offers live MLB coverage, 40,000 audiobooks

08/26, 9:20am

Sports content, language learning offered as part of TuneIn subscription

TuneIn has joined the ranks of other streaming services, by offering users a paid subscription option. TuneIn Premium will provide its users a streaming service free of advertising, with over 600 commercial-free music stations, along with extra content including unlimited access to over 40,000 audiobooks, 16 stations dedicated to learning languages, and live play-by-play coverage of a number of sporting events.


Briefly: Xfinity Share for all Comcast customers, O2 network upgrade

08/21, 10:51am

Comcast makes Xfinity Share streaming app available to all subscribers

Comcast is extending access to an app that allows users to stream from their mobile devices to an X1 DVR-ready set-top box to all subscribers. The app, Xfinity Share for iOS and Android, can be used to broadcast photographs, recorded videos, and live video streams from a smartphone to a suitable cable box, and it is also possible to share the stream with another subscriber's TV. Slashgear reports the app was originally available to just Triple Play package customers, but now it can be used by any Comcast voice, video, home, and Internet subscriber.


Apple Music subscriptions kill ALAC playback on iOS

08/14, 8:32am

High-resolution audio codec and Apple Music incompatible

While many of us were looking forward to the launch of Apple Music, it has been far from a smooth launch. Making the biggest headlines, of course, has been the woes of experienced by Jim Dalrymple. We've also highlighted issues with shared iTunes libraries, and other library corruption issues. I recently wrote about the way Apple Music works with DRM and handles ALAC files, and in that piece we promised to get back to you when we heard from Apple about how Apple Music handles your own ALAC music files -- and now we have an answer.


Bloomberg: Apple delaying Internet TV service launch until next year

08/14, 7:16am

Report claims slow negotiations delaying rumored Apple Internet TV service

Apple's rumored Internet TV service may be coming later than first anticipated, over claims the company is having trouble negotiating with broadcasters and content producers to license their programming. A report claims the supposed streaming service will not be coming out this fall, as previously speculated in rumors, with customers potentially waiting until long into next year before it being able to subscribe to it.


Spotify reportedly considering adding restrictions to free service

08/10, 9:09pm

Free Spotify users could potentially find certain album tracks blocked from playback

Spotify may be considering a move that will limit what free users will be able to listen to, if a rumor is correct. It is claimed Spotify may change its service to a "gated access" model, which will only allow certain releases to be available to paid subscribers without restriction, with free users facing the prospect of either being denied access to the song altogether, or limited in terms of time or the number of plays of specific tracks.


Apple cleared of music-collusion charges by European Commission

08/09, 5:56pm

New subscription service did nothing to interfere with rivals, investigation found

An investigation into whether Apple's deals with major record labels did anything to hurt or impede its competition has concluded that no such collusion took place, according to a new report from the European Commission. The body said it would continue to monitor the streaming industry overall, but cleared Apple Music of any alleged wrongdoing.


Amazon Instant Video deal for ex-Top Gear hosts costs retailer $250M

08/07, 11:51am

High budget, creative freedom attracts Clarkson team to Amazon

Amazon's latest content acquisition may put more of a strain on its finances than expected. The team formerly behind popular BBC program Top Gear, is being provided with a budget of £160 million ($250 million) to produce a new show exclusively for Amazon's Prime Instant Video streaming service, making it not only the most expensive UK TV shows ever produced, but also an extremely expensive endeavor compared to other streaming-only shows.


FTC reportedly opens formal investigation into Apple App Store fees

07/21, 8:33pm

Transaction fee, rules for music streaming services in App Store under examination

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reportedly launched an investigation into how Apple treats other music streaming services in the App Store. Continuing from earlier reports that the FTC was merely making queries rather than performing a full investigation, the government agency has allegedly moved into an investigatory phase, looking into whether or not Apple is behaving anti-competitively with regards to the App Store's fees.


Spotify Discover Weekly creates two-hour playlist for each user

07/20, 12:46pm

Discover Weekly generates playlists every Monday based on user listening habits

Spotify will be providing its users personalized playlists on a regular basis, to try and combat the human-curated playlists offered by Apple Music and Google Play Music All Access. Discover Weekly aims to create a highly customized "mixtape" for each subscriber, based on the user's previous listening habits combined with songs listened to by other users with similar tastes in genres, artists, and songs.


Briefly: Amazon Fresh in United Kingdom, Longer Now TV sports pass

07/17, 7:07pm

Amazon Fresh reportedly close to launch in United Kingdom

Amazon is preparing to launch its grocery delivery service in the United Kingdom later this year, according to reports. According to the Times of London and also Recode, the subscription-based Amazon Fresh service, where customers can order a selection of groceries and other consumable items, is apparently at an advanced stage and could start as soon as September, with London said to be the initial launch area.


Hulu considering advertising-free streaming video subscription

07/17, 2:40pm

Potential service allegedly will cost more than Netflix, Hulu Plus

Hulu is looking into offering its users with an advertising-free service, the Wall Street Journal claims. The streaming service may offer an extra tier of service that removes advertisements from view, one that costs even more than the existing premium subscription option, as Hulu faces increased pressure from Amazon prime Instant Video and Netflix, two competing services that do away with advertising completely.


Editorial: whatever happened to 'It Just Works?'

07/17, 7:48am

Apple's not done the very best of jobs with iTunes

The smart money said if anything were going to go wrong, it would be Beats 1: something live is automatically the most likely to fall over in some way. If someone had already taken that bet, you'd settle for guessing that massive demand would overload the streaming servers. Yet instead, the bit of the Music app and Apple Music launch that caused problems -- and continues to cause them -- is good old iTunes for OS X. We've had iTunes for nearly 15 years, and every thing else in Apple Music for a fortnight but it's iTunes for the Mac that has fallen down and can't seem to get up.


Sling Media unveils Slingbox M2 with free app downloads

07/16, 11:09am

Paid app requirement removed from updated Slingbox M2

An updated version of an entry-level Slingbox streamer is being offered by Sling Media, this time with a change to the way it deals with apps. The Slingbox M2 is effectively a tweaked version of last year's Slingbox M1, providing remote access to home TV channels, but now instead of levying a charge for each mobile device connected to the set-top box, Sling is instead allowing users to do this at no extra charge.


Neil Young says he will pull music catalog from streaming services

07/15, 6:25pm

Complains about stream quality, but retains music on download stores

Increasingly erratic Canadian rock legend Neil Young has announced that he is planning to remove his music from all streaming services, including Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify due to "the worst sound quality available in the history of broadcasting," despite the fact that Apple Music and Spotify both stream at 256kbps AAC, and Tidal in a 1.4mbps lossless format. Young also appears to have forgotten about vinyl, AM/FM radio, cassette and 8-track.


TiVo adds AirPlay support to Roamio, Premiere DVRs

07/14, 6:00pm

Company expands streaming option ahead of 'legal Aereo' option

Owners of several TiVo DVR models, including the Roamio line and the TiVo Premiere with TiVo Stream now have the ability to access recorded content through Apple TV via AirPlay, a first for the company. The new ability comes through an updated TiVo iOS application, available today, which allows the AirPlay transfer. The Roamio DVRs had been able to stream directly to iOS devices previously, but can now stream to other devices not directly connected to the DVR.


Apple's live television service reportedly in final approach for fall

07/14, 10:19am

Negotiations with local stations allegedly being handled by TV networks

Despite rumors pegging an Apple streaming television service announcement for the last World Wide Developer's Conference, and then walked back, new information from "sources familiar with the matter" are now claiming that negotiations between the networks are going well, and the service is still on track for a fall release. Reportedly, the broadcast networks are negotiating on behalf of Apple for affiliate (local) feeds, and this has removed friction from the process.


Facebook denies reports it is creating a music streaming service

07/10, 6:40am

Music videos in Facebook feed still being negotiated

Facebook is not planning to launch its own streaming music service in the coming months, a company representative has confirmed. The social network has spoken out about a recent report claiming it was working to offer its users an on-demand music service, and though it has outright denied offering anything similar to Spotify, there are still rumors that Facebook will be doing something music-related in the future.


Tidal starts offering discounted family plans to subscribers

07/09, 7:51am

Standard, lossless plans offer 50 percent discount for extra users in group

Tidal, the artist-owned music streaming service, is attempting to increase its user numbers by introducing a family plan for the first time, something main competitors Apple Music and Spotify already offer to subscribers. The new family plans will provide a lower cost of service to users that club together under the same account, with both the standard and lossless audio tiers offering similar plan discounts.


Showtime cable-free Apple TV app launches

07/07, 2:27pm

Movie channel will offer direct subscriptions for $11 per month

On Tuesday, Showtime began offering direct subscriptions to its service through Apple TV that no longer require an existing cable or satellite service, the company revealed. The network, which features shows such as Dexter and Weeds, is also bringing the standalone service Showtime Anytime to iOS users soon, likely by July 12. Like its rival HBO, the streaming service will offer both a wide back catalog, along with current movies and original programming.


Briefly: TiVo discount for Aereo customers, Nest Cam reaches UK

07/07, 6:12am

TiVo offers discounted Roamio DVR to ex-Aereo customers

Customers affected by the shutdown and bankruptcy of streaming live TV service Aereo are being offered assistance by Tivo, in the form of a small discount until the end of the month. The set-top box company is providing the TiVo Roamio OTA for use with HD antennas as well as the TiVo Stream for no upfront cost, with a monthly subscription of $20 for two years.


Prince removes music catalog from majority of streaming services

07/02, 1:47pm

Spotify, Rdio, Deezer all pull Prince songs from services

The battle for musicians to receive payment for their music from streaming services has resulted in an unusual move by one artist. Prince has started to request that all streaming services pulls his back catalog of tracks from their collections, with Spotify being one of the first to remove the singer's music, though according to a report, the struggling Tidal will apparently continue streaming Prince's songs to subscribers.


Editorial: Pardon? You don't like Apple Music?

07/01, 5:52pm

Scrabbling around for reasons to diss the service

It's not compulsory to like anything, and the world would be a dull place if everybody thought the same way. Plus, there are criticisms you can make of Apple Music's launch, its various limitations, and how iTunes 12 is still complex, some of which we delved into earlier today. Only Apple Music is getting a bad press primarily for being good, and for doing what you'd expect a streaming music service to do. It has honestly been criticized for being fun. Damn those Apple people, how dare they make something fun? Don't they know music is serious?


Sprint lifts 600kbps video stream restriction on All-In plan

07/01, 10:06am

Online complaints prompts backtracking by Sprint over bandwidth policy

Sprint has backtracked on its decision to limit the bandwidth of video streams in a recently launched plan, following online complaints. The All-In plan, launched just yesterday, will no longer have the video-specific rule in play, which prevented subscribers from watching streaming video at higher bit rates than 600kbps, with the carrier having to find other ways to prevent its network from being heavily used.


Internet users listen to Beats 1 stream without iOS, iTunes

07/01, 9:30am

Open Beats 1 streams discovered, work on Android devices

Android users do not have to wait until the Apple Music app heads to the platform in the fall before being able to listen to the Beats 1 station, some users have discovered. A number of unprotected live streams have been uncovered, allowing anyone with a suitable client to be able to listen to the stream uninterrupted, even on operating systems not yet supported by the service.


Briefly: Amazon Prime Instant Video HDR, Netflix gift cards in UK

06/26, 8:21am

Amazon Prime Instant Video starts streaming HDR content

Viewers of Amazon's Prime Instant Video in the United States can now watch some of the service's catalog in a high dynamic range (HDR) mode. The first shows in HDR, Mozart in the Jungle and the pilot of Red Oaks, can be watched on a number of Samsung Ultra HD televisions through the smart TV app, with more programs using HDR and ways to access them said to be on the way.


Taylor Swift licenses '1989' album to Apple Music

06/25, 12:56pm

Makes album exclusive, 'first time it has felt right' for streaming

Pop star Taylor Swift has relented in her mini-dispute with Apple over licensing fees (which will now be paid during the three-month free trial of the subscription Apple Music service) and is offering her hit album 1989 for streaming for the first time, in an exclusive for the forthcoming service, which launches June 30. In a series of tweets, Swift announced that it was simply "the first time it's felt right in my gut" to offer the album for streaming.


Streaming fees for rights holders during free trial period revealed

06/25, 7:54am

Apple will pay rates comparable to Beats Music for free trial period

The New York Times reports that while Apple has opted to pay rights holders for music used during the company's extended three-month free trial of its subscription streaming service -- bucking standard industry practice -- the rate is smaller than the revenue-based percentage song owners will get once listeners subscribe to the service, which will cost $10 per month or $15 per month for a "family" membership that allows up to six individual accounts.


Briefly: Showtime on Hulu, Google makes Undo Send a Gmail feature

06/24, 10:39am

Showtime heading to Hulu in early July as $9 monthly add-on

Hulu is providing its subscribers with access to Showtime, thanks to a deal between the two services. The extra viewing option will offer on-demand streams of every original Showtime original series, with access to new episodes as they premiere, all through the Hulu app. Showtime will be available in early July and will cost an extra $9 per month on top of the $8 Hulu basic service charge, making it $2 cheaper than signing up for the standalone Showtime service.


Free advertising-supported playlists added to Google Play Music

06/23, 10:31pm

Google adds free option to music streaming service before Apple Music launch

Google is attempting to increase its user numbers for its Google Play Music service, barely a week before Apple is scheduled to launch its own streaming music service. A free version of the service is now available in the United States, one that matches Spotify by providing periodic advertising during music playback, though unlike the main Google Play Music All Access subscription, it doesn't provide a high level of customizable music playback options.


Hands On: Noggin 1.1.1 (iOS)

06/23, 7:51am

Nickelodeon brings kid's shows to iOS with kid-friendly app

More and more people are giving up TV these days in favor of online streaming, but a lot of these services often leave kids out of the equation. Sure, Netflix and Amazon Prime have a decent selection of kids shows, but shouldn't there be a better option out there? Well, the folks over at Nickelodeon came to that conclusion, too, and offered up Noggin, an app designed especially for preschoolers.


Indie music, news publishers hesitant to sign on to Apple Music, News

06/17, 6:55pm

Misunderstandings, free trial, terms threaten to derail diversity of sources

While major publishers and record labels are on board with Apple's planned streaming service Apple Music and article aggregator News, independent music labels and news-oriented publishers -- who last week complained about being left out of such announcements -- now say that the terms Apple is offering contain problematic clauses or conditions. For music labels, the three-month free trial is the issue; for news publishers, it's Apple's requirement to opt out.


E3 Briefly: PlayStation Vue expands reach, Destiny: The Taken King

06/16, 8:58am

Sony expands PlayStation Vue reach to Los Angeles, San Francisco

PlayStation Vue, Sony's Internet television service, is expanding its footprint into the Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas, allowing PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners to watch television from their consoles. Sony also revealed at E3 that it will be starting to add a la carte channel subscription options, so users will be able to pay just for the channels they want, with Showtime arriving in July for $11, Fox Soccer Plus for $15, and Machinima for $4 per month. PlayStation Plus subscribers get a $2 discount from each of the channel subscriptions.



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