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Hands On: Kit Aluminium Notebook Stand

11/24, 1:10pm

Sturdy, straightforward riser for your MacBook or iPad

UPDATE: MacNN has been contacted by TwelveSouth which alleges that the stand reviewed here is a copy of their Parcslope product. We're investigating.


Hands On: TwelveSouth Forté for Apple Watch

11/23, 9:57am

Gorgeous chrome charging stand

Back in the olden days, when you retired from a company after working in the same room for 40 years, they would present you with a watch. It was always ornate, expensive, luxurious, and a tacit reminder that since you're never coming back to the company, your need to know the time is somewhat reduced. Apart from the implicit sarcasm of the gift, the tradition could continue now with the TwelveSouth Forté instead of a watch. For this is luxurious, and something you could present to someone with a big flourish, a slap on the back, and a speech.


Apple Watch Stand Smackdown

11/11, 9:22pm

Choosing the best stand from a packed field

At the end of the very first day when you got your Apple Watch, you gently laid it down on its charger and knew you'd knock it flying sooner or later. From that moment on, you were looking for a stand and there has been no lack of companies trying to fulfil your need. Initially there was a marked lack of companies being any good at it but that's changed and now we are replete with superbly designed Apple Watch Stands and choosing the right one could be hard.


Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station

11/06, 8:34am

Sturdy, good, but not what you expect from the name

This is a good, solid, well-made stand for your Apple Watch and your iPhone, but it does have two issues -- and the first is in its name. The full name of this is the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station and through sheer bad luck, Griffin has released this exactly when you are likely to make an assumption about it. You're going to assume that this stand is powered, and that you do not need to insert the Apple charging cable that you got with your Watch. Unfortunately, you do.


Hands On: Maclock Grip and Dock iPad Stand

10/05, 12:35pm

Sturdy stand combines with ultra-secure handgrip for multi-faceted tablet protection

There's no denying iPads are great, but out of the box they can be a little limiting in some pretty common scenarios. Carrying one around is somewhat cumbersome due to their size, and leaving one out in the open isn't exactly the smartest idea either. Luckily for us, the Grip and Dock by Maclocks is designed to keep your iPad secure, whether you're toting it around town, or have it hanging out on your desk.


Apple Watch dock producers may receive charger components in future

07/23, 1:07pm

Report claims Apple planning to provide Watch chargers under MFi program

Apple may soon allow producers of docks and stands for the Apple Watch to manufacture their products with a charger built into it. A report claims Apple is close to approving manufacturers under its Made for iPhone (MFi) licensing program and providing them with charger components, potentially resulting in third-party docks for the Apple Watch that already include the charging mechanism in a more covert manner than current releases.


Briefly: BookArc Stand for Mac Pro, Spotify for iPad updated

10/30, 8:13pm

Twelve South releases horizontal stand for Mac Pro

Twelve South has announced the release of the BookArc Pro, a chrome-plated desktop stand designed for Mac Pro. Designed in the shape of an arc, the stand allows the compact computer to fit in spaces with half the height available, making it suitable for fitting into gear racks and studio shelves. The BookArc is composed is heavy gauge steel, which has been machined into a curve shape and coated with a chrome finish. Priced at $60, the BookArc Pro is available online through Twelve South.


IK Multimedia announces iRig Mic Field microphone, iKlip Xpand Stand

09/04, 8:19pm

Field recording through Lightning devices, stand gives tablet users positioning options

Two new products are coming from IK Multimedia, as the company announced the iRig Mic Field and iKlip Xpand Stand. The iRig Mic Field offers high-quality stereo recording through Lightning-compatible devices for projects that need a separate audio recording, like live bands or films. The new iKlip Xpand Stand offers tablet users a way to mount their tablets, giving them the flexibility to use them in a freestanding manner without bulky hardware or permanently attached fixtures.


Briefly: Satechi's F1 Smart Monitor Stand, Google Waze app updated

02/20, 4:40pm

Satechi releases F1 Smart Monitor Stand for monitor or laptop, includes 4 USB ports

Satechi has released the F1 Smart Monitor Stand, available now for purchase. Featuring a slim design, the F1 Smart Monitor Stand includes four USB ports and two integrated audio ports to simplify a user's desk layout. The USB 2.0 ports allow for data transfer rates up to 470Mbps, and its integrated audio ports feature use for microphone and headphones. The stand can support up to 22 pounds, and can be adjusted to two different preset heights for optimal ergonomic positioning. Available for the introductory price of $30, the F1 Smart Monitor Stand can be purchased through Satechi and Amazon.


Briefly: Wallee Headrest, Security Locker for iPad launched

02/03, 4:50pm

Security lock for iPad 2

StudioProper has released a new iPad stand designed for in-car use. The Wallee Headrest can be attached to any car seat and positioned either on the back of a headrest or in a central position between the front seats. Support is also offered for holding the device in both portrait and landscape orientations. The Wallee Headrest can be purchased through StudioProper's online store for $40 with free shipping around the world.


USRobotics jumps into the tablet accessory market

09/21, 12:15am

Three tablet stands, two Bluetooth keyboards

USRobotics, well known for its line of modems and other internet accessories, has started offering accessories for tablets, smartphones and e-readers and netbooks, including two that are specifically for iOS devices -- though most are aimed at general tablet-sized devices to make them compatible with the widest variety of devices. The company offers three models of stands and two Bluetooth keyboards, and plan for other accessories in the future.


Accessories: iPad stand from Thought Out, case by Griffin

08/04, 8:05pm

Productivity station and protective case

A pivoting stand reminiscent of the current iMac design and a case that goes beyond Apple's Smart Cover for the iPad are two of the latest accessories available from two popular accessory makers. Thought Out Company's Stabile Pro is a more advanced version of their original iPad stand, while Griffin's IntelliCase features the company's own take on Apple's iPad 2 case while adding additional protection for the back of the device.


Accessories: Joby, XShot offer iPhone4 cases with tripods

11/12, 7:20pm

New designs take advantage of dual-cameras, flash

Two different companies have spotted the same need and created products to fill it: with the iPhone 4 capable of capturing high-quality photos and video, everyone wants to be in the picture, so owners need a way to have the iPhone stand on its own to capture the action. Joby, who make the Gorillapod line of tripods, and XShot, who make both extenders and tripods, have each put out a custom design for the iPhone 4, each a bit different.


RadTech, NewPCgadgets, Griffin intro new iPad accessories

04/07, 9:45am

New Security Case keeps iPad locked inside

RadTech and NewPCgadgets have both launched new protective cases for the iPad. Gelz is the new form-fitting silicone case from RadTech, which is designed to guard the iPad from scrapes and scratches while still providing full functionality. The outer casing is made to help enhance the users grip while transporting, and enables users to peel back the bottom portion in order to dock the device. Colors for the Gelz case include Frost White, Black, and Purple.


BackPack adds shelf space to iMacs, Cinema Displays

08/11, 4:45pm

BackPack for iMac ships

Twelve South has launched BackPack, an adjustable shelf for iMacs and Cinema Displays. The shelf, made of heavy-gage steel, is sized to hold hard disks and other small accessories. It works using adjustable clips and rests on the iMac's stand using gravity to hold it in place to avoid scratching the stand's surface. More than one BackPack can be used on one machine by setting each to different heights on the stand.


Mobis releases aluminum Xtand for iPod touch

10/23, 10:30pm

Mobis Xtand for iPod touch

Mobis Technology has released the Just Mobile Xtand, a stand for the iPod touch first-generation or second-generation. The company uses solid aluminum construction, with a path milled through the back panel for cord pass-through when using the iPod with the USB cable connected. A knob adjustmend behind the device allows for adjustment of viewing angle and height, in addition to orientation of the device between horizontal and vertical.


FIN offers ergonomic feel to MacBook Pro

08/05, 2:20am

Fins-Up announces the FIN

Fins-Up, today announced the availability of a new product, the FIN. Designed to blend in perfectly with todays existing line of MacBooks, the FIN is constructed of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and features a powder coat finish. The FIN is attached with a few screws that go into existing holes on the bottom of the MacBook. Then when attached places the MacBook at a more ergonomic angle reducing stress on ones hands and wrists. The FIN also doubles as a convenient handle, that provides users with a spot that can be gripped firmly, making carrying much easier and safer. The FIN provides another advantage, because it lifts the bottom of the MacBook off of surfaces air can then circulate underneath, assisting in the dissipation of processor-generated heat, and increasing product longevity in turn.


Macessity releases SlimKey V2 display stand

07/02, 9:05am

SLimKey V2 stand released

Macessity on Wednesday announced SlimKey V2, a new display stand with an integrated powered USB 2.0 Hub. Designed to match Apple's Cinema Display, the SlimKey sports an 'Apple centric' powder coated aluminum finish. Macessity says the stand can support up to 35 pounds, has an easily accessible 4-port side access USB 2.0 hub, and a recessed storage space suitable for Apple's new 'slim' keyboard. Shipping with a compact power adaptor and USB 2.0 cable included, the SlimKey V2 is priced at $65 and available to pre-order now.


Macessity ships SlimKey Stand

02/27, 9:35pm

SlimKey Stand ships

Macessity today began shipping the SlimKey Stand, a slick steel stand powder-coated in aluminum color to match new iMacs and Apple displays. The stand provides a place to tuck away the keyboard, and can provide better ergonomics by raising the monitor up an additional inch. The stand also serves a a cooling platform for Apple's various notebooks, measuring 9-inches deep to create a sturdy structure that supports any size Apple display or iMac. Macessity's SlimKey Stand is priced at $40.


Attach and Envoy stands elevate, cool laptops

02/12, 5:55pm

Attache and Envoy stands

LapWorks today unveiled two new laptop stands, the Attach and the Envoy, both of which feature integrated cooling and USB 2.0 hardware. The stands feature two securely integrated cooling fans, and a four-port USB 2.0 hub, and can be elevated to four different levels. The lowest setting provides an ergonomic setting for the keyboard, while the three higher settings raises the screen to be on par with a monitor found in a typical desktop setup. The Attach and Envoy are both available directly from LapWorks, for $70 and $50, respectively.


GizMac ships Titan Clear iPhone case

12/18, 4:20pm

Titan Clear iPhone case

GizMac Accessories has begun shipping its Titan Clear iPhone case with a holster. The case is designed protecting the cellular handset via a clear polycarbonate shell while still allowing the iPhone's appearance to show through. Each case ships with a thin film screen protector, while built-in retractable horizontal and vertical kickstands can adjust the angles of the iPhone for optimum hands-free viewing. GizMac's Titan Clear iPhone case with holster is priced at $35.


Tunewear ships PRIE TouchStand leather case

12/07, 11:10am

PRIE TouchStand iPod case

Tunewear today began shipping the PRIE TouchStand leather case for iPod touch. The soft black leather enclosure is designed for versatility as well as style, allowing users to open the flip cover for full access to the iPod touch's multi-touch display and home button. Closing the case provides protection for the iPod within, while a wide clip enables users to attach both iPod and case to a belt or or pocket. The Tunewear PRIE TouchStand is priced at $30.


Matias debuts iRizer laptop stand, MiniRizer

11/29, 7:25pm

Matias iRizer, MiniRizer

Premium accessory manufacturer Matias recently unveiled the iRizer, a flat-folding, adjustable laptop stand. The iRizer is constructed from acrylic plastic, and can hold a laptop at angles between 20- and 50-degrees. Matias advertises that the stand can be used without an external keyboard usually the height and orientation of the laptop on a stand can prevent comfortable typing as the iRizer puts the built-in keyboard at a more acceptable angle, allowing users to sit back in their chair, as recommended by most ergonomists. Matias is currently shipping the iRizer for $40.



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