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KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel saving animal lives

11/15, 11:00pm

New version 2.4 available now

To the people who don't use or need data-mining, data-modelling or prediction software, it can seem pretty dull -- the province of scientists or IT experts. The truth, however, is that such software has significant real-world implications both theoretical and practical, as evidenced by KnowledgeMiner's self-titled software for data analysis in Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet application. In addition to announcing an update to v2.4 that splits the product into single-processor and multi-processor versions, the company has highlighted a case study where the use of KnowledgeMiner (yX)'s ability to reveal trends and patterns is actually saving the lives of thousands of animals formerly used for chemical testing in the European Union.


Mariner Software releases spreadsheet app for iPhone

03/06, 3:45am

iPhone spreadsheet app

Mariner Software has released Mariner Calc, a spreadsheet application for the iPhone and iPod touch that enables users to view and edit Microsoft Excel files. The program provides a number of functions, with categories including math, finance, trigonometry, statistic, and lookup. The document dates, content or plus-logic information can also be edited, with support for splitting panes, freezing, border creation, font and color customization, or alignment. Users can view documents in either portrait or landscape mode.


PowerEasy Distribution manages inventory, more

09/11, 10:25pm

PowerEasy Distribution

Effigent on Thursday unveiled PowerEasy Distribution for Mac, offering users a suite of modules for tracking, managing, and replenishing inventory levels, as well as overseeing the distribution cycle from purchasing and stocking, to sales. Users are able to process sales and purchase orders, manage inventory, and create visual charts for company progress, which can be shared across networks, or interface with spreadsheet, analysis or presentation software.


Panorama 5.5 integrates with Quicken, Excel documents

12/18, 12:50am

Panorama 5.5 update

ProVUE Development recently unveiled Panorama 5.5, a new version to its high performance RAM-based database program. The new version brings a bevy of new features, such as the Enhanced Live Clairvoyance search wizard, which allows users to search through bookmarks and formulas, in a style similar to that of Spotlight. Panorama can now interface directly with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as well as Quicken QIF, OFX, and QFX formats, enabling the application to directly exchange data with the databases. New users can purchase Panorama 5.5 for $300, directly from ProVUE's web site.


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