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Hands On: Adobe Slate 1.0.1 (iPad)

04/03, 8:05am

New app lets you create stylish blogs and journals

Adobe continues its series of excellent and rather beautiful iPad apps with Adobe Slate 1.0.1, a free tool the company says is for telling stories with photos. And it is. It's also an attempt to get you into the Adobe ecosystem, but it does what it claims and makes concocting illustrated online articles very quick and stylish.


HP sneaks out five models of new tablet line, all available now

12/03, 4:15pm

Products initially announced in September for November release

Without much fanfare and very little marketing buildup, HP has commenced sales on four previously-announced tablets, which it previously said would be available in November in time for the holiday season. The four Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) tablets are the HP Slate7 Plus, the HP Slate7 Extreme, the HP Slate8 Pro, and the HP Slate10 HD. All of the tablets in the new line are available for purchase and shipment today.


Hands On: HP Slate 7-inch Android tablet with Beats Audio

02/24, 6:31pm

Claimed first tablet with Beats Audio processing

HP has unveiled a new Android tablet aimed at the home market, its first attempt at a consumer tablet after the WebOS-based TouchPad in 2011. The HP Slate resembles a fairly standard seven-inch tablet that uses Android Jelly Bean, but is the first to offer integrated Beats Audio processing. Electronista spent a small amount of hands-on time with the tablet ahead of the opening of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


Samsung Series 5, 7 Slate out on Windows 8 release date

09/03, 10:06am

Series 5 Ultra receives ten-point touchscreen upgrade

Samsung has introduced two new Windows 8 slate computers and an updated notebook. The Series 5 and Series 7 slate PCs, part of the notebook lines of the same name, can switch from being a notebook to a tablet by removing the keyboard dock, and use the full edition of Windows 8, instead of the RT version shown off in its Ativ Tab tablet. The Series 5 Ultra has also been upgraded to have a ten-point touchscreen.


HP Slate 8 render leaks, shows first true Windows 8 tablet

04/27, 1:55pm

HP Slate 8 may be much sleeker, net 10h battery

The first production Windows 8 tablet may have been uncovered early in a presentation believed leaked on Friday. Badged as the Slate 8, the third-generation Windows tablet seen by Neowin in preliminary rendered form would be much sleeker than previous generations. The 10-inch tablet would now be much more competitive in design, at 0.36 inches thick and eight to ten hours of battery, while carrying an aluminum design with a chin for the hardware Start button.


Microsoft follows Apple, says 2012 CES last January keynote

12/21, 12:55pm

Microsoft takes Apple cue to control its own event

Microsoft confirmed late rumors and said it would make 2012 its last CES keynote. Company Corporate Communications VP Frank Shaw said the company's launch windows "generally donít align" with the January show and that it didn't make sense to have a keynote or booth in the future. Shaw indirectly admitted that the company was increasingly keynoting CES because it was "the way we've always done it" rather than for actual product launches, which were often months after the show.


Microsoft may stop keynoting CES after 2012 to emulate Apple

12/09, 9:55am

Microsoft said scaling back CES presence

Microsoft may take a page from Apple and step back from major trade shows, Microsoft-focused journalist Mary Jo Foley said in the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast. Near the end of the show, she told of a source who understood that Microsoft would dial back its presence at the annual January CES show after 2012. The Windows developer would still likely have a footprint, but it would most likely drop the near-traditional Steve Ballmer keynote and, presumably, scale back the size of its booth on the show floor.


HP: Apple may overtake us in 2012, webOS decision in 2 weeks

11/30, 11:25am

HP sees Apple with chance of becoming tops

Apple could overtake HP in the computing space in 2012, HP chief Meg Whitman said in a new interview late Tuesday. Referring to a Canalys estimate that had Apple as the top computer builder next year if the iPad was included, she told France's Le Figaro that it was possible. The company would try to get back to the top spot in 2013, but Whitman herself was so recent that her impact wouldn't be felt for some time.


HP Slate 2 revives Windows 7 tablet after lost shot at iPad

11/02, 8:10pm

HP Slate 2 adds Oak Trail Atom, Swype

HP late Wednesday refreshed its lone remaining tablet through the Slate 2. The Windows 7 hardware keeps the same outside form with an 8.9-inch, 1024x600 display but trades up from the 2009-era Atom of the original Slate 500 to a modern 1.66GHz Atom Z670 from the Oak Trail family. The upgrade theoretically nets it six hours of actual battery life versus the original's claimed five and often much less.


Editorial: Windows 8 may be Microsoft's Waterloo

06/03, 12:15am

Windows 8 may decide Microsoft's fate

When Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer called the new Windows his company's riskiest bet, not many knew what he meant. The reveal of Windows 8 was laying those cards out on the table: it's a belief that tablets will not only be popular but the primary way to compute. We're of the mind that, much like Waterloo in 1815, the stakes are so high that it's an all-or-nothing fight -- and while Microsoft win, Ballmer might also be Napoleon.


Windows 8 tablet demo at D9 may use NVIDIA Tegra chip

05/26, 3:45pm

Windows 8 D9 demo may use ARM processor

Microsoft Windows lead Steven Sinofsky's Windows 8 tablet demo at the D9 show next week could show it off on a non-Intel chip, a trio of insiders said Thursday. An NVIDIA Tegra chip, presumably a dual-core Tegra 2, would power a prototype tablet demonstrating the new interface. Few other details were picked up in the Bloomberg leak, but the event would represent the first instance of Windows 8 on ARM being shown since Microsoft's CES keynote in January.


Salesforce chief: Microsoft fails because of 'Zune strategy'

05/23, 6:15pm

Salesforce says Microsoft repeating Zune failures

Salesforce chief Marc Benioff squared off against Microsoft in an earnings call late last week that boiled Microsoft's more recent failures to a single method. Calling it the "Zune strategy," he argued that Microsoft kept repeating the strategy it took with its self-designed but largely unsuccessful MP3 player, expecting different results. Along with failing to topple Salesforce's Sales Cloud with CRM Dynamics, Microsoft had tried to push Windows tablets and the Zune as iPad and iPod rivals without having anything special beyond the brand name and price.


HP Slate 500 hits pseudo-retail through Canadian shops

05/13, 10:55am

HP Slate 500 at retail through Future Shop

HP's Slate 500 has escaped its primarily US-only, Amazon focus by showing up in a listing at Canadian retailer Future Shop. The 8.9-inch, Windows 7-based tablet costs $800 Canadian, the same as it does in US currency. Its version is similarly equipped with the 1.86GHz Atom Z540, 2GB of RAM, 64GB SSD, and dual cameras.


Intel teases Cloverview chip for tablets, supports Android 3

04/12, 2:50pm

Intel talks Cloverview CPU and Android 3.0 support

Intel netbook and tablet group lead Doug Davis during a speech on Tuesday at the company's Beijing Developer Forum mentioned a follow-up processor to the Atom Z670. Called Cloverview, it would be built on the same 32 nanometer process as the Cedar Trail design for netbooks and the phone-oriented Medfield but target the in-between tablet category. Davis didn't give more details, but the shrink from 45nm in the Z670 to 32nm would reduce the size and power consumption.


Intel expects Oak Trail tablets to finally ship in May

04/06, 10:55am

Intel Atom Z600 tablets finally shipping in May

Intel said this weekend that the first tablets running its Atom Z600 (Oak Trail) platform should ship in May. The platform, introduced in May last year, had only vague plans for an early 2011 launch but has now been narrowed down to a launch one year after its public reveal. A spokeswoman wouldn't tell PCAdvisor which companies would go first.


Dell's Windows 7 tablet pushed to fall, Windows 8 next year

04/04, 7:30pm

Dell Windows 7 tablet not due before Spetember

Dell's hinted at 10-inch Windows 7 tablet may not ship until late in the year at best. An insider said Monday that it wouldn't arrive until the fall, or September at best. The reasons weren't mentioned to Forbes, but Dell's decision to relegate it to enterprise meant it had little expectation of competing with the iPad or most other tablets.


Windows 8 tablet UI said due in June with Apple, WP7 cues

02/28, 4:40pm

Windows 8 tablet interface prototype due by June

Microsoft could have the first Windows 8 tablet UI on show by mid-year with a mobile-influenced design, rumors contended on Monday. The first evidence of its redesign is reportedly slated for before the end of June, Microsoft's fiscal year end. The SAI tip suggest it would not only borrow cues from Apple but from the Metro interface in Windows Phone 7.


Dell plans 10-inch Windows 7 tablet, shunts it to enterprise

02/08, 2:50pm

Dell to limit 10-inch Windows tablet to business

Dell during a pre-briefing for its new business PCs confirmed that it was developing a 10-inch Windows 7 tablet. The slate received few real details but, despite Microsoft hopes, would be limited to enterprise users. The design would be for companies whose workers need "greater mobility" but who still need to meet specific security requirements, Dell said.


Study: 78% of corporate buyers want iPad so far, 9% PlayBook

12/15, 2:45pm

ChangeWave says iPad work demand jumping in 2011

Over three quarters of corporate buyers planning to buy tablets in early 2011 still plan to get iPads, ChangeWave said in a new study. About 78 percent of those committed to tablets in the first three months of next year were intent on getting an iPad. Although RIM saw an improvement as it edged closer to release, only nine percent expected to get its BlackBerry PlayBook, which was now tied with Dell tablets like the Streak and the upcoming seven-inch Looking Glass.


Microsoft to try iPad rival again with Dell, Samsung at CES

12/13, 7:15pm

Microsoft to show Samsung Gloria, Dell tab at CES

Microsoft will try to force itself back into the tablet market again in 2011 with a repeat of its HP Slate demo at CES this year, a new leak detailed today. CEO Steve Ballmer will once more demonstrate examples of Windows 7 tablets and is expected to highlight both an unnamed Dell example and the Samsung Gloria. The Samsung device depends on a slide-out QWERTY keyboard in landscape but uses an on-screen keyboard in portrait mode, the New York Times heard.


HP Slate 500 ships, gets unboxed

12/01, 2:50pm

HP Slate 500 gets early hands-on impressions

The HP Slate 500 tablet has shipped, albeit slightly behind its expected schedule. A forum user on TabletPCReview has posted some photos of the unboxing of the Windows 7 device along with some early impressions. Heatlesssun said handwriting recognition on the 8.9-inch touchscreen works well, and general processing is fast, with Internet Explorer 8 working well in touch as well.


HP Slate sees surprise demand, orders delayed into 2011 [U]

11/13, 8:45pm

HP Slate 500 seeing six-week shipping delays

(Update: sales figures) HP's Slate 500 has seen an unexpected level of interest that has pushed new orders back into the new year, early buyers have noted this week. Existing customers at HardOCP and elsewhere have had orders pushed back anywhere from two weeks to "indefinitely." Those visiting the order page are now being told that the "extraordinary demand" has pushed the system back six weeks, or enough for them to reach into 2011.


ARM chief shrugs off Intel tablet threat, sees deluge at CES

11/04, 6:55pm

ARM CEO not worried about Intel tablets

Intel's Oak Trail platform for tablets shouldn't pose any threat to the iPad or other ARM-based tablets, ARM's own CEO Warren East said today. The Atom chips reaching tablets next year would still be poor as they used too much power, he told the FT. ARM has developed a reputation for power efficiency and is key to Apple getting over 10 hours and even Samsung's smaller Galaxy Tab getting seven, on par with a much thicker and heavier netbook.


Microsoft Windows exec says iPad cannibalizing netbooks

11/04, 9:45am

Windows exec admits iPad hurting netbook sales

Microsoft's Windows product management GM Gavriella Schuster surprised the industry with remarks that the iPad was taking away netbook sales. When asked about the trend, the division leader said netbooks were "definitely getting cannibalized" by tablets, of which the iPad is nearly the only model. Both netbooks and tablets were "and" devices that were supplements to a main computer, she stressed to Seattle's Post-Intelligencer, but this made netbooks vulnerable.


Microsoft: not seeing a shift to tablets despite iPad

10/28, 6:10pm

Microsoft denies iPad effect in results call

Microsoft during the call discussing its latest fiscal results claimed that the iPad wasn't having an effect on computer sales. Investor relations GM Bill Koefoed dodged around mentioning Apple by name but said Microsoft had "not seen a shift" from notebooks towards tablets. He didn't say how Microsoft could prove this but saw overall PC sales up between nine and 11 percent in the summer, with work PCs up about 15 percent.


ExoPC tablet delayed again due to manufacturing glitch

10/04, 8:55am

First run of 100 due to ship October 18

Delivery of the ExoPC Slate has been delayed again, according to a lengthy update on the company's forum by ExoPC's CTO and Chairman Jean-Baptiste Martinoli. ExoPC received a number of units last week and discovered damage to the touchscreen caused by a flaw in the manufacturing process. Although the assembly process has been tweaked to correct the problem, delivery of the first production run of the ExoPC Slate has been pushed back to the first week of November. A small number of the 32GB models will be shipped the week of October 18.


Microsoft CEO bonus cut for Kin flop, lack of iPad rival

10/01, 9:10am

Ballmer bonus lowered for Kin and Windows Mobile

A new Microsoft SEC filing published late Thursday revealed that the company punished its CEO Steve Ballmer for his inability to turn around the company's struggling mobile efforts so far. The proxy statement notes that his total compensation of $1.35 million, including a $670,000 base salary and a matching bonus, was lower than in 2008 due to the "unsuccessful launch of the Kin" and "a loss of market share" for Windows Mobile. The Compensation Committee singled out the absence of a real Windows tablet rival through a need to "take advantage of new form factors."


HP Slate 500 gets more photos, pegged for late October

09/28, 6:35pm

HP Slate 500 put in late October release

HP's impending Slate 500 received even more photos today along with a new hint for its release date. A listener to the Buzz Out Loud podcast provided both more photos of the device and reinforced early claims that it would ship in October, pushing it back to the end of that month. The shots also show the combination USB and HDMI dock as well as a book-style case.


Second HP Slate video shows HDMI dock, more tests

09/25, 8:35am

Full specs, enterprise and consumer editions?

The same source that leaked a video of the prototype of the HP Slate has posted a second video (below) of the enterprise edition in action. The full specs of the 8.9-inch tablet are detailed and show the componentary from a typical netbook, including a single core Intel Atom Z540, clocked at 1.86GHz, 2GB of DDR2 RAM and a 64GB solid-state drive. The integrated GMA 500 graphic chip is, however, enhanced by a Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator. It also includes a 3 megapixel rear-facing camera, in addition to a front facing camera, much like the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab.


HP Slate shown on video, has built-in Ctrl-Alt-Del button

09/23, 10:50am

HP Slate prototype gets unofficial video look

HP's long-delayed Slate 500 has surfaced in an unofficial video (below) with unique details of how it works. The 8.9-inch Windows 7 tablet has its own dedicated controls to make up for the lack of a true tablet interface in Microsoft's OS. It includes both a button to bring up an on-screen keyboard at any time as well as a reported "Ctrl-Alt-Del" button to load Task Manager or reboot the Slate after a crash.


MSI: Windows tablet not due until 2011, netbooks in decline

08/23, 3:45pm

MSI says Win 7 WindPad needs Oak Trail Atom

MSI this afternoon said it wouldn't ship its Windows 7 tablet, the WindPad 100, until next year. The company's Andy Tung told Engadget that the slate won't ship until Intel's Oak Trail Atom platform is ready at the start of 2011. Current Atom hardware is too battery-hungry and slow for MSI's goals, he said.


HP confirms webOS tablet due in 2011

08/19, 10:00pm

HP firms up webOS tablet deadline

HP during the conference call discussing its latest fiscal results confirmed that its webOS tablet had been moved to next year. When asked about the company's weakness in notebooks due to the iPad, Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley answered back that the device, unofficially known as the PalmPad, would arrive in "early 2011." He also confirmed that the enterprise-only Windows 7 Slate would arrive in the "near future."


HP webOS tablet moved to early 2011

08/10, 3:15pm

HP puts PalmPad tablet in queue for next year

HP has narrowed down the timeframe for its PalmPad tablet, multiple tips claimed today. Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley reportedly held an all-staff meeting on Monday that put the webOS slate in the first quarter of 2011, or no later than March. The "trusted" contacts for Engadget also corroborated reports that its internal codename is Hurricane, though it's likely to change to PalmPad or another name by launch.


HP says Windows 7 slate due in fall, webOS still coming

07/22, 6:15pm

HP vows Win 7 slate soon while addressing Palm

HP at the Fortune Tech conference said its Windows 7-based Slate 500 should arrive in the fall. Executive VP Todd Bradley didn't have details but downplayed rumors that it was dropping the project and said it would focus more on enterprise than the general public. Rumors have put the tablet as late as October, or nearly 10 months after it was first shown at CES.


HP confirms Windows 7 slate still alive, but uncertain

07/21, 1:35pm

HP says Windows tablet in evaluation

HP partly supported the recent discovery of the Slate 500 on its site today by confirming that the Windows 7 tablet is still in existence. A Personal Systems Group representative said the Slate is in "customer evaluations." The spokesperson cast some doubt on the device's future, however, as HP is making a "determination soon on the next steps" rather than simply moving ahead.


HP casts doubt on future of Windows 7 slate

06/17, 10:05pm

HP hints Windows slate obsolete

HP at the Untethered conference today gave reason to believe it's reconsidering its release of the Windows 7 slate. The company's Personal Systems Group CTO Phil McKinney said that using an existing OS for a new design like a tablet is frequently negative but simultaneously talked up the virtues of webOS. Despite the Windows slate being the primary focus of the company's tablet efforts, no mention was made during the presentation.


HP slate saddled with 5-hour battery, $549 price

04/05, 7:20pm

HP tablet to have short life but 1080p

The HP slate's battery will last half as long as the iPad's, a leaked presentation showed on Monday. Since it will use a year-old 1.6GHz Atom processor, the Windows 7 tablet will run for five hours where the ARM-powered Apple device will last for at least 10 hours. The edge, Engadget has learned, would come even despite the HP tablet's smaller and lower resolution 8.9-inch, 1024x600 screen.



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