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Hands On: Desert Golfing 1.11 (iOS)

09/08, 11:44am

Take your game to where no one dares to go: The desert

Have you ever been golfing, and hit your ball into a sand trap? Have you ever wondered why golf courses aren't made entirely out of sand? If you're looking to live the thrilling experience of golfing in sand and sand alone, we're here to offer you the most "realistic" sand-based golfing simulation game we've found yet: Desert Golfing.


Hands On: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 1.0.1 (iOS)

08/14, 7:31am

Classic amusement park building game gets ported to iOS

We adored building simulation games as kids. We started out with the classic, SimCity, but branched out into other games pretty quickly. One of our all-time favorites was RollerCoaster Tycoon. We're excited to let you know that one of the best games in the series, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, has been ported over to iOS, ready to transport you back to 2004.


Hands On: Lumo Deliveries 1.4.2 (iOS)

07/28, 7:49am

Manage your shipping empire and attempt to take over the world

Resource management games are a fairly broad genre. You've got the base builders and the simulation games, but every so often you've got games that are almost entirely about one single thing: aquiriing and reallocating resources. The most famous title we can think of is Cookie Clicker, but there are several other games in the genre. Today, we check out another game that fits this mold, Lumo Deliveries, to see how it stands against other more well known titles.


Hands On: No Brakes Valet 1.2 (iOS)

07/16, 1:55pm

Enjoy the action-packed life of a valet with this fun arcade game

If you've ever wanted to experience one of the most exciting career options through an ultra-realistic simulation, then boy do we have the app for you. You'll experience thrills, chills, and plenty of sweet, sweet dollar bills with this little gem. Step behind the wheel and strap in with No Brakes Valet, and experience what it's like to be one of the most powerful, desired, and feared people on the planet: a parking valet.


Hands On: Merchants of Kaidan (OS X, Windows)

06/02, 10:40am

Hitting the trails in a vital trade role is rewarding, but dependent on time investment

Centuries ago, picking up a special trinket or a necessary item wasn't as simple as driving down to the local big box store. Villages and towns in the Middle Ages often went without specialty goods, often settling for what was available in the local area if other items weren't readily available. However, traveling merchants filled a vital role in delivering products from far and wide, from the everyday to the extraordinary. While many of these road-worthy individuals likely enjoyed their treks across the land, the appeal to a life of wheeling and dealing was in the money to be made. For those curious about what the life of a carriage-bound trader might have been like so long ago, Forever Entertainment SA's Merchants of Kaidan offers a taste without an exorbitant investment.


Briefly: FHM 2014 released, pre-order begins for Market Garden

09/03, 7:17pm

Franchise Hockey Manager allows users to build their own teams

OOTP Developments today released Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 (FHM 2014) world-wide for PC and Mac. FHM 2014 features 19 leagues from around the world, along with historical NHL play as far back as 1947 and the entire WHA history from 1971 to 1979. Users can select custom leagues in a variety of pre-configured ways, with fresh franchises stocked with fictional players who chart unique careers. The game's simulation abilities aim to produce realistic hockey results, offering the capacity to reproduce historical gaming periods, or create fictional leagues. Users can oversee team finances in detail, as well as set lines and tactics for a variety of game situations. Priced at $40, Franchise Hockey Manager 14 is available for download now.


Spore for iPhone appears after brief delay

09/08, 3:20pm

Spore iPhone goes live

After a brief delay from the iTunes App Store, Spore is now available. EA Mobile had been hoping the iPhone version of its life simulation game would be available Sunday at the iTunes App Store, but was unfortunately delayed. Developer Mike Bagano told MacNN last week that he was confident the launch would happen on time -- but it appeared slightly late, arriving Monday afternoon.


Spore: cellular life-form stage revealed

05/21, 12:50am

Spore cellular life stage

EA on Tuesday unveiled a new high-definition movie trailer of the cellular stage in Spore a highly anticipated, all-encompassing simulation of evolution and civilization. The trailer shows how basic gameplay works during the entry stages of a Spore organism, illustrating the differences between jaw-bearing carnivorous entities and filter-mouthed plant feeders. It goes through several stages, from birth through to evolving the desire to come above water. Spore is expected to ship September 7th.


Feral ships Battlestations: Midway June 27

05/15, 4:50pm

Feral ships Battlestations

Feral Interactive today announced that Friday, June 27th would be the release date for Battlestations: Midway, Eidos' action strategy game for the Mac. Created by Eidos Studios Hungary, the game invites you to take command of the greatest battles of the Pacific theatre. Players will experience every aspect of combat in a unique blend of action and strategy as they lead a host of US and Allied air, sea and underwater units through intense, action-packed missions in hotspots from Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway itself.



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