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Roundup: the hottest Mac gaming rumors

10/11, 6:35pm

Many top titles headed to the Mac, sooner or later

Rumors, while sometimes not panning out, are so exciting. You can have a hundred great Mac games at your disposal, but nothing beats the buzz of a good rumor. Mac gaming is no stranger to that; despite its reputation as a lesser gaming platform behind Windows, it too has its fair share of highly-anticipated games that could or could not happen. In fact, the quantity of rumored Mac games has never been bigger than in 2015. With that in mind, MacNN is going delve into the rumors and separate facts from wishful thinking.


Apple continues hiring from Tesla, automotive industries

09/01, 6:34pm

New recruits may be involved in alleged 'Project Titan' work

Apple has recently hired some further new engineers from Testla Motors and others with automotive backgrounds, fueling rumors of further work in vehicle electronics (with less credible reports claiming Apple is working on its own car). Among the recent hires, who may or many not be working on the same projects, are a technologist involved with automotive algorithms, two engineers from Tesla, and a former operations manager at India's Tata Motors.


Rumor Roundup: the September 9 event gossip scorecard

08/28, 4:57pm

Our grades for the likelihood of various whispers and scuttlebutt

So now that it is finally confirmed that Apple has chosen September 9 for its big event, and a different venue than usual to accommodate more press and that requires some street closures for a likely outdoor component (which hints strongly that something unexpected is up), the rumors are again flying about what we should expect to see at the event. Let's have a look at what's being whispered about, and a (speculative) look at the odds any of it will happen.


Leaks of 'iPhone 6s' parts show few hardware changes

08/02, 4:46pm

Images of parts increase as next iPhone ramps up production for fall

As one might expect once the unit entered larger-scale production in anticipation of a September release, leaked images from factory workers in China of the next release of iPhones are increasing in frequency, and are increasingly likely to be legitimate. The images thus far have revealed little in the way of changes to the design or casing of the next iPhones, likely to be called the "iPhone 6s" and "iPhone 6s Plus," despite rumors of significant new features.


The End of an Error: Munster gives up dream of Apple HDTV

05/19, 1:36pm

Years-long erroneous assumption illustrates double-edged sword of rumor reporting

There's no question that news sites often lean on the rumor mill as the basis for stories (though we are careful to note that rumors are exactly that -- rumors). Sometimes the speculation is fearless, sometimes it amounts to nothing more than an educated guess. Sometimes -- less often than you'd think -- rumors turn out to be true, but we've found that only the ones closest to the actual product release have much veracity. We've turned away from heavy rumor reporting lately -- but they're always in our feeds, or in the MacNN email box. There's a certain cycle to rumors that we've seen, generally from "analysts" with no better sources than we have -- and here's why we don't always report on them.


Apple tipsters claim Apple electric minivan in the works

02/14, 9:49am

Series of reports suggest vehicle design may be underway

Rumors are swirling, with the general consensus that Apple is intending to built a mass-market electric car. Apple's project, said to be codenamed "Titan" seems to have several hundred people working on it, and combines reports of a ex-Ford designer hire, as well as confirmed discussions Apple CEO Tim Cook held a year ago with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.


Apple to developers: Watch apps ready by mid-February

01/30, 10:04pm

Extra leeway added to test early apps, compatibility, battery life?

Recent reports have suggested that Apple is notifying its highest-profile developers who are known to be working on Apple Watch apps to be sure the programs are ready for launch by mid-February, about a month earlier than expected. Similarly, Apple is asking Apple Pay partners who will be creating iOS apps with Watch support to have them ready by specifically the 12th of February. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already announced that the Apple Watch will ship in April.


New Galaxy S6 rumors hint at metal body, non-replaceable battery

01/19, 9:55pm

Former head of Ive studio hiring may hint at new wave of Apple copying

Rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S6 continue to abound as Mobile World Congress -- the annual conference in March where the Korean manufacturer is likely to debut its flagship model -- approaches. In addition to previous rumors, new information suggested by the often-unreliable Korean site Ddaily suggests that the Galaxy S6 may sport an iPhone 6-like all-metal body, and may further copy Apple in making the battery of the unit unremovable.


Pre-event roundup: what to expect at today's Apple unveiling

10/16, 2:37am

New iPads for sure, but invitation may hints at a surprise or two

Many sites, pundits and people think they have a sure grip on what's going to be announced later today at Apple's press event, which begins at 10AM Pacific time (1PM Eastern time) and is being held in Apple's own community town hall theatre at the company's headquarters. This generally means a smaller affair and a strictly press-only audience, and on tap for the event is the expected announcement of new iPad models. But what else is likely to happen? We weigh up the rumors and make a few wild guesses.


Forums: Yosemite…the time is nigh

10/10, 3:13pm

Yosemite…the time is nigh.

MacNN forum-goers anxiously await the official release of OS X Yosemite, with some spreading rumors about the possible release date, and others still reporting bugs they have found in GM releases of the OS. "Waragainstsleep" is looking for a way to quickly add plist files to a spreadsheet, and wonders if anyone has any suggestions.


New photos of 'iPhone 6' mock-up appear online

04/29, 11:02pm

Fits rumors and alleged specs, but veracity is very questionable

As we live in the age of the 3D printer, it was just a matter of time before the dubious computer-rendering of an "iPhone 6" based on rumor reports would be produced as a model that reflects those measurements and rumors, but provides little convincing evidence that the next iPhone will actually resemble it. The dummy model, which like the "iPhone 6" cases seen in and outside of China recently are based on the current iPod touch, with a thinner profile and more rounded corners than the current iPhone.


Google switching to Bay Trail for Nexus 8?

01/21, 1:50pm

Rumor points to continued Asus partnership

Google may be refocusing its Nexus tablet efforts on the eight-inch market and considering a possible switch to Intel's Bay Trail platform, according to rumors posted on DigiTimes. Unnamed sources in the supply chain suggest Google is experiencing weaker demand in the seven-inch Android segment, as several viable competitors have entered the field with price tags below $175.


Android 4.4 KitKat leak shows tap-to-pay running on Nexus 5

10/11, 12:52pm

Device unveiling expected next week

Rumors and leaks surrounding Google's next-generation Nexus handset and the forthcoming Android 4.4 update have continued to roll in. The latest screenshots appear to show a KitKat build running on a Nexus 5, with an integrated tap-to-pay feature for making local payments via NFC.


Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature 16MP camera with optical stabilization?

08/26, 1:30pm

First S5 rumors on the heels of S4 launch

Alleged details of Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S handset are already surfacing in early rumors, just months after the Galaxy S4 was released to the public. A report in Korea's Electronic Times News, later spotted by BGR, claims the S5 will feature a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization (OIS).


Rumor: iPhone 5S hits delay; cheaper iPhone may arrive in September

07/22, 9:07pm

Haswell iMac expected first

Apple is allegedly experiencing production delays for its rumored iPhone 5S, according to a KGI Securities investor note posted by AppleInsider. The next-generation handset is said to be delayed due to hiccups with assembly and availability of "numerous components," pushing the expected shipment time-frame back to late September.


Samsung teases possible new Galaxy device for CES 2013

12/10, 12:56pm

Teaser video promises 'something new'

Next month's Consumer Electronics Show may see the introduction of a new entry in Samsung's Galaxy line of Android-powered devices. That seems to be the takeaway from a new teaser video released by Samsung on Sunday, which doesn't reveal much in the way of details, but definitely points to CES 2013 and contains imagery suggestive of a new Galaxy device. The video (shown below) promises viewers that "something new" will be revealed beginning January 8 through January 11 next year, the same dates for which the Consumer Electronics Show is scheduled.


Apple preparing to drop iPad 2 after the iPad mini arrives?

10/19, 2:18pm

Analysts suggests streamlined offerings

Apple may phase out its second-generation iPad after the rumored iPad mini arrives on the market, according to Evercore Partners analyst Rob Cihra. In a note circulated to investors, Cihra further suggests Apple may sell approximately 7 million iPad mini tablets in the fourth quarter, of approximately 26 million iPad sales overall.


Report: Apple acquires Color engineers, not entire company

10/18, 2:12pm

Staff hire said to cost several million

Contradicting earlier rumors, Apple may not have moved to fully acquire the social video startup Color Labs. Unnamed sources have told AllThingsD that Apple's interest in the company is limited to the engineering team, which is said to have been acquired for $2 million to $5 million, rather than a complete company buyout worth "double-digit" millions.


Leaked images show alleged iPad mini display with 4:3 ratio

10/17, 1:41pm

Aspect ratio may match full-size iPad

Images posted by parts dealer ETrade Supply are claimed to show the display panel and battery for the rumored iPad mini. Although various leaks have generally agreed on a display size around seven inches, the aspect ratio and resolution has been disputed. The latest leak points to a 4:3 layout, which would match the full-size iPads, while the panel itself measures 162mm x 124mmjust shy of eight inches from corner to corner.


Cygnett leak shows iPad mini cases

10/03, 6:44pm

Cases allegedly show up at Australian store

Corroborating recent rumors, several iPad mini cases have allegedly arrived ahead of schedule at a retailer in Australia. Although case leaks from small companies are typically dubious, Product Feedback claims to have received iPad mini cases produced and packaged by Cygnett, a relatively large company in the accessory business, rather than a prototype built by a startup.


Microsoft smartphone rumors reemerge

10/03, 12:48pm

Microsoft phone said to be in testing already

Microsoft is said to be working on its own branded smartphone, a device different in some manner from Nokia's Lumia 920 and HTC's Windows Phone 8X, as well as other models from Microsoft's hardware partners. Rumors of the new device began emerging earlier this week, but now WPcentral cites reliable -- though unnamed -- sources affirming that the software giant is working on and testing its own Windows Phone 8 hardware. Should a Microsoft smartphone materialize, it would represent the second major foray by the company into the making of mobile hardware, after this summer's introduction of the company's Surface tablets.


Samsung denies Galaxy S IV rumors

09/18, 5:05pm

Samsung dismisses report as 'media speculation'

Samsung has dismissed earlier reports that the company would be releasing the follow up to this year's Galaxy S III early next year. In a post to the company's Twitter feed, the South Korean electronics giant called reports that the Galaxy S IV would be revealed in February "media speculation" and "not true." The supposed Galaxy S IV leak was viewed by some as a means of mitigating the hype surrounding the iPhone 5 following that device's phenomenal performance in pre-order sales over the weekend.


Alleged iPhone 5 logic board shown in leaked photos

08/22, 6:58pm

Blurry images do not shed light on chosen processor

Following on the heels of several alleged iPhone leaks, several photos published by Chinese site Sina are claimed to show the logic board for Apple's next-generation smartphone. The slightly blurry images appear to be taken before the board has made its way through the manufacturing process, lacking shielding but without providing visual confirmation of the chosen processor.


Apple blames lackluster sales on iPhone rumors

07/24, 7:12pm

Customers waiting for next device

Apple executives have admitted that persistent rumors surrounding its upcoming devices, such as the sixth-generation iPhone, have had a negative impact on sales. After several years of stellar performance and beating Wall Street forecasts, the company failed to meet analyst expectations for its latest fiscal quarter. When pressed by analysts, chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer cited the strong US dollar, economic conditions and ongoing rumors as its biggest challenges.


Staples exec: Amazon prepping 'five or six' new tablets

07/23, 9:57am

Various sizes said to include 10'' model

Adding to the rumors surrounding an expanded Kindle lineup, a Staples executive suggests Amazon is preparing to launch five to six new tablets. In an interview with Reuters, Staples' US retail president, Demos Parneros, claims the upcoming offerings will include several different sizes, including a 10-inch variant.


Apple prepping retail staff ahead of WWDC keynote?

05/30, 7:48pm

Some staff said to be asked to work late on June 5

Apple is reportedly preparing some of its retail staff to work late shifts ahead of the company's Worldwide Developers Conference. Unnamed sources have also told AppleInsider company representatives arrived unannounced at some retail locations, using access codes and keys to gain entry to the local server rooms. The Cupertino staffers allegedly brought a mysterious "black box" and briefly locked themselves in the server rooms without further explanation.


Rumor: quad Exynos chips, 32 GB limit for new Galaxy S III

04/16, 6:25pm

Refreshed Galaxy to get massive marketing push

With the official announcement of Samsung's Galaxy S III drawing nearer, rumors and speculation abound. Now, BGR claims information on the device's specifications and capabilities, as well as the marketing push that may accompany its launch.


Rumor: new iMacs, MacBook Pros now set for June launch

04/06, 6:45pm

Reports center around Ivy Bridge, anti-glare glass

Mac users expecting a spring refresh of some notebook and desktop models may have to wait a bit longer, if the latest rumors are to be believed. DigiTimes, quoting a report from China's Economic Daily News, says that supplier checks now indicate that due to late April availability of some Ivy Bridge chips, Apple plans to launched refreshed iMac and MacBook Pro models near the end of the company's fiscal second quarter, which ends in June.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III specs possibly leaked

03/01, 6:45pm

Authenticity of spec sheet remains unclear

A broader range of potential specifications for Canon's EOS 5D Mark III camera may have leaked ahead of schedule. Corroborating earlier rumors, a leaked spec sheet posted on Canon Rumors suggests the DSLR will be outfitted with a 22-megapixel sensor and 61-point autofocus system. Fresh details point to a new Digic 5+ image processor, rather than the company's existing Digic 5 chip, and an ISO range that tops out at 102400.


Apple readying new MacBook Pros to launch next week?

10/20, 11:10pm

Latest rumor pointing to imminent launch

Apple is allegedly preparing to refresh its MacBook Pro notebook lineup sometime next week, unnamed sources have told 9to5Mac. Several recent reports appear to corroborate the same rumor, though the latest details suggest the launch event may be imminent.


Report: Apple filming new iPhone commercials for October

08/23, 8:05pm

Supports rumor of mid-October release

A source allegedly involved in the filming has told AppleInsider that Apple's ad agency is now shooting ad spots for the iPhone 5 national campaign -- but the filming isn't slated to wrap up until early October, supporting rumors of a mid-October or later release. The report says filming is taking place in Los Angeles under the auspices of TBWAChiatDay, Apple's long-time ad agency. Apple has been known to film its phone commercials roughly five weeks in advance.


HTC Vigor may pack 720p display, head to Verizon

07/27, 6:40pm

Benchmarks show 1.5GHz processor

HTC's rumored Vigor device has reportedly resurfaced in a NenaMark benchmark, which may point to several features. The handset benchmark, which carries the same ADR6425 model number from earlier leaks, suggests the rumored device may integrate a display with 720p resolution. The results also list Verizon as the carrier, corroborating vague details from the initial rumors.


Report: Black MacBook Air was a failed experiment

06/21, 12:40am

Options apparently won't be on the table near-term

Reports earlier today of a black MacBook Air prototype -- which later raised doubts -- are "grounded in truth" but won't be appearing anytime soon, says a tipster to MacRumors. A "powder coating" process was used to make prototypes, but flaws were discovered that made the idea untenable, the source claims.


Toshiba secures 'Thrive' trademark for tablet device

04/19, 9:35pm

Name expected to be tied to upcoming tablet

Contrary to recent rumors surrounding the name of Toshiba's upcoming tablet, the company has filed to trademark the term 'Thrive' for an upcoming device specifically described as a "tablet computer." An Engadget report also points out that the company has established a range of domain names that include the term, including and


Leaked images show Nikon D5100

03/31, 8:35pm

Device expected to ship soon

Nikon's rumored D5100 DSLR has allegedly surfaced in a leaked image that appears to have been accidentally included in a recent PR event held in Korea. The photo, which was posted by Nikon Rumors, does not provide enough detail to spot any new features, though it does show a side-mount swivel that is said to replace the D5100's bottom-mount design.


Wirefly, Verizon memo point to March 17 for Thunderbolt

03/14, 6:50pm

Launch said to be through "All Channels"

Wirefly and yet another leaked memo appear to corroborate several existing rumors pointing to March 17 as the launch date for HTC's Thunderbolt handset. An alleged screenshot of a Verizon equipment guide, which was posted on Droid Life, shows the 17th as the carrier's launch date for the Thunderbolt sold through "all channels."


Rumor: Next iPad to ship near the end of March

02/22, 7:55pm

Latest unconfirmed rumor surrounding next-gen iPad

Apple's next-generation iPad continues to be the focus of new rumors, the latest of which suggests the device may be ready to ship by the end of March. The information, which was posted on 9to5Mac, clearly fits among other unconfirmed and uncorroborated details, though the timing would mimic the launch schedule for the original iPad.


Apple staff meetings related to new 'Joint Venture' services

02/22, 6:55pm

'Geniuses' to take phone calls or house calls

Despite rumors that Apple's retail staff are set to be briefed on new MacBook Pros, separate sources suggest the employees actually will receive information regarding new services titled 'Joint Venture.' If true, the information posted by Boy Genius Report appears to confirm an expansion of Genius Bar services, which were first hinted at a year ago when Apple filed to trademark the term.


Display suppliers cast doubt on 7-inch iPad rumors

12/15, 11:15pm

Apple still expanding list of display vendors

Several sources in Apple's supply chain in Taiwan have cast doubt on rumors surrounding a seven-inch iPad, as the display vendors have yet to receive inquiries or orders from Apple for seven-inch touchscreen panels, according to a DigiTimes report.


Samsung's Nexus S to feature a concave touchscreen?

11/16, 7:30pm

Evo Shift 4G said to be labeled the Knight

Samsung's Nexus S handset may integrate a unique touchscreen panel based on a concave glass panel, unnamed sources have told Engadget. The curvature of the display may have been difficult to spot in earlier leaks, however the unique structure became apparent when the device was teased this week by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Web 2.0 conference.


HTC HD7 resurfaces in inventory with Oct. 18 launch date

09/20, 7:55pm

Handset expected to cost 559 outside of contract

HTC's HD7 smartphone has reportedly resurfaced in another inventory system with a launch date of October 18. The latest leak, posted by WMPoweruser, appears to show an inventory screenshot for O2's German branch.


iPod nano touchscreen surfaces again in new video

08/31, 6:40pm

Sources debate which iPod will feature the LCD

The purported touchscreen for the next iPod nano has surfaced yet again in a new video, which also shows the alleged LCD cover for the next iPod touch. The video appears to show the same 1.7-inch touchscreen that has been linked in earlier rumors to the next-generation iPod nano or Shuffle, although the most recent reports lean toward a shrunken Nano.


Olympus E-5 rumored for Photokina

08/25, 7:20pm

DSLR extends features beyond flagship E-3

Olympus may be preparing to announce a new flagship DSLR, the E-5, at the Photokina expo next month in Germany. The camera will reportedly retain the 12-megapixel sensor of the current E-3, along with the 4/3 lens mount, an unnamed source has told 4/3 Rumors. Olympus reportedly designed the E-5 to compete directly with Nikon's D300s and Canon's 7D.


Apple maintaining CDMA iPhone "skunkworks?"

05/12, 8:50pm

Timing for Verizon iPhone still uncertain

Amid ongoing rumors of a Verizon-badged iPhone, Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber claims that Apple has maintained a CDMA iPhone "skunkworks" project for a long time. Gruber suggests the company may have always had a CDMA iPhone project, despite continuing an exclusive agreement with AT&T.


AT&T employee vacation halt pointing to June iPhone launch?

04/16, 3:00pm

Employees only restricted in June, not July

AT&T has allegedly barred employees from scheduling vacation time in June, likely ensuring a full staff when the next iPhone arrives on the market. Although the carrier has enforced similar policies for past iPhone launches, unnamed sources have told the Boy Genius Report that the current restriction does not extend into July.


iPhone OS 4.0 points to camera flash on upcoming handset

04/08, 4:50pm

Framework includes several new camera functions

Apple's fourth-generation iPhone may integrate a camera flash module for capturing pictures in low-light conditions. Developers reportedly noticed a variety of new camera functions contained in the framework of the iPhone 4.0 beta released earlier on Thursday, according to AppleInsider. The code includes functions labeled AVCaptureDevice.hasFlash, AVCaptureDevice.flashMode, and AVCaptureDevice.hasTorch.


Video allegedly shows taller 2010 iPhone LCD

03/29, 4:30pm

Leak corroborates earlier reports

A video posted by the repair company SmartPhoneMedic allegedly shows the LCD and digitizer assembly for an upcoming iPhone design. The components show a similar overall appearance to a glass facade recently obtained by a different repair company, iResQ. Side-by-side comparisons with an iPhone 3G display indicate a slightly longer design with the unconfirmed panels.


Canon Rebel T2i to show next week?

02/01, 6:55pm

DSLR to add higher-res LCD, selectable FPS

Canon is allegedly ready to launch a new Rebel DSLR, the T2i, sometime next week, according to Canon Rumors. The unconfirmed report, coming from an unnamed source who is said to have previously provided accurate information, claims the device will offer a new LCD with even higher resolution, along with selectable FPS settings for video capture.


Episode of 24 TV show to feature Apple tablet

01/26, 6:45pm

Jack Bauer to utilize the new device

Corroborating a number of earlier rumors, the Fox TV series 24 is reportedly set to feature an Apple tablet in one of the upcoming episodes, according to several tweets published by the show's director of photography, Rodney Charters. The device, referred to by Charters as the iSlate, will allegedly be utilized by the main character, Jack Bauer.


Aperture 3 book date hints at January 27th introduction

01/19, 11:25pm

Book set for release early in February

The Dutch photography site has listed a new book for Apple's upcoming Aperture 3 software. The book, written by J.W. Elzenga, is set for release on or after February 15th, leading to speculation that Apple will introduce the software at its media event scheduled for January 27th.



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