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New iPad Pro orders, in-store purchase now available

11/11, 5:50am

First third-party peripheral with Smart Connector support hits stores

As previously reported, Apple has gone live with orders for the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, though the company is also showing the device as available in its retail stores starting today. Pre-orders will begin shipping on Friday, November 13 when one-day shipment is selected, however the Apple Pencil drawing stylus and Smart Keyboard peripherals are not yet available either online or in stores, but will be shipping beginning next week. A third-party keyboard case co-designed with Apple, the Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro, is currently advertised both on Apple's site and is said to already be available in Apple stores.


Angela Ahrendts suggests Apple retail may focus on passions in future

11/10, 10:12am

Move towards subject-based in-store experience hinted at by Ahrendts

Apple Stores may become more focused on helping its customers with specific subjects or "passion points," Apple head of retail Angela Ahrendts has suggested. Speaking in an on-stage interview, Ahrendts discussed her time with Apple so far, as well as how the retail experience is slowly unifying both the online and offline stores, and potential changes to the way stores operate for its customers in the future.


Court dismisses employee lawsuit over Apple bag search policy

11/09, 6:46am

Lawsuit fails due to optional nature of bringing bags to stores

A class-action suit relating to Apple's employee bag search policy was shut down by a federal judge over the weekend. The ruling on Saturday halts proceedings for the suit, which sought to force the company to pay its retail staff for their time spent waiting for their bag to be inspected by managers before and after their shift, with the judge primarily dismissing the suit over the fact employees could avoid being searched by not using bags at all.


Briefly: Amazon builds physical store, Sprint roaming in Cuba

11/03, 3:03pm

Amazon constructs physical book store in Seattle

Amazon has opened up its first physical book store today, in what can be best described as an unusual decision by the primarily-digital online retailer. It has built its brick-and-mortar store in University Village, Seattle, where it will provide real copies of books to customers, alongside gadgets including the Fire TV, Echo, Kindle eBook readers, and the Fire tablet range, with Amazon using its digital strength for stock selection.


Apple Watch: Apple Watch in Target, India debut November 6

10/25, 1:23pm

Sport and stainless steel models along with accessories to be offered

US retail chain Target has begun carrying the Apple Watch across its entire US and online stores, limited to the regular and Sport versions of the device. As with Best Buy and other mass-market third-party retailers, Target will only carry a limited selection of optional Apple accessories such as extra bands, and will not carry the gold Edition or the Hermes collection versions. Both the 38mm and 42mm sizes will be available, and buyers can opt to add additional AppleCare+ coverage.


Apple's iPad tops Best Buy Xmas season wish list

10/24, 3:48pm

Poll shows Fitbit outpolling Apple Watch, likely due to expense

A new US study by retailer Best Buy asking customers what electronic products and other gadget they either asked for or planned to buy as gifts over the upcoming holiday season, Apple's iPad was listed as the top choice, though the survey didn't break out the product by its two different sizes. Two other Apple product lines also made the list, the MacBook (again without distinction of Retina or Air or Pro) in third place, and the Apple Watch in 12th.


Apple CEO in China, will attend newest Apple Store opening

10/22, 12:04pm

Cook announces range of new, greener options for Apple in China

Following a meeting in Beijing for the group he recently joined, Apple CEO Tim Cook is touring around China ahead of the October 24 opening of the latest Chinese Apple Store in Dalian. He posted a photo on his Sina Weibo account taken as he was hiking the Great Wall on Chongyang Festival, which he called "simply breathtaking," and said he was "happy to be back in China." In a later newspaper interview, Cook talked up the strength of the Chinese economy, despite some recent setbacks.


India retailer Croma launching Apple-blessed store-in-a-store program

10/12, 4:04pm

Locations retain same design language, personnel trained by Apple

Apple has launched a pilot program in India, which will bring the store-in-a-store concept to consumer electronics chain Croma. The design identity of the locations will remain the same as in the US locations, and the personnel will be trained by Apple, a departure from the franchise model currently used in the country.


Briefly: SIM-free iPhone sales start, iOS 9 up to 60 percent adoption

10/09, 12:22pm

Users can now buy factory-unlocked, no-plan iPhone 6s, 6s Plus units in US

As usual, following a month of carrier exclusivity, Apple has now begun selling factory-unlocked, SIM-free versions of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus at full retail price. The units have the advantage of allowing users to pick more customized plans that suit their needs, or change carriers at will, as well as be used in nearly any country globally with local providers. Broadly speaking, buying an unlocked iPhone outright is also generally the least expensive option in terms of total cost of ownership and highest resell value.


Briefly: Regent Street revamp, Apple Pay in Canada next month?

09/30, 7:00pm

Westminster gives approval for makeover of London's first Apple Store

Calling the current Regent Street Apple Store's interior "tired and outdated," the City of Westminster has granted Apple authorization to make significant changes to the store, including a rare granting of permission to make some exterior modifications. The renovations are thought to be intended to bring the London store more in line with the latest design template, which has recently been showcased with a new Apple Store in Brussels. The company expects, according to plans put forth last May to remove double the size of the entrance, remove the front portion of the mezzanine, and change the current staircase from one into two, among other changes.


New Amazon program pays individuals for delivering to other customers

09/29, 9:47am

Amazon Flex will pay drivers to deliver Prime Now orders

Amazon has launched a service that allows its customers to pick up some extra cash, by working as a part-time delivery driver for the retailer. Leaked last month, Amazon Flex will pay drivers to perform deliveries for it's Prime Now one-hour delivery service in a number of markets, with participants being paid between $18 and $25 per hour to hand over products to other customers within an hour or two of being ordered.


Briefly: Foursquare iPhone prediction, Cricket prepaid adds 6s, 6sPlus

09/25, 4:00pm

Check-in app bases guess on Apple Store foot traffic from previous debut days

Social app Foursquare is making a prediction that Apple will sell between 13 million and 15 million iPhones over its retail opening weekend, based on historical data it has of foot traffic to Apple Stores on the day new iPhones debut, correlated with how many sales resulted. Based on users who "check in" to Foursquare at an Apple Store on the day a new iPhone debuts, the site believes Apple will handily beat both analyst's predictions as well as its own 10 million unit record from last year.


Apple execs cameo at Apple Stores to celebrate iPhone launch [u]

09/25, 1:57pm

Joswiak in New York, Ahrendts in London, Wozniak in California

[Updated with Tim Cook spotting] At least three of Apple's executive team, and its co-founder, have been spotted at various Apple Stores as part of the celebrations surrounding the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus around the world on Friday. Apple's retail chief, Dame Angela Ahrendts was at the Covent Garden store in London, while CEO Tim Cook was spotted in Georgetown, and VP of iPhone Marketing Greg Joswiak appeared at the icon "glass cube" Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The day also marked the debut of new gray t-shirts for the worldwide retail team. Steve Wozniak, as is his custom, stood in line with fans in Santa Clara to get his new iPhone.


Briefly: Apple Watch expansion, Apple Pay in China soon?

09/19, 10:45pm

Austria, Ireland, Denmark to have Apple Watch at retail on September 25

Three more countries will begin selling the Apple Watch at retail, following in the steps of Belgium, which opened its first-ever Apple Store (which included the Apple Watch) in Brussels earlier on Saturday. Austria, Denmark, and Ireland will begin selling the Apple Watch on Friday, September 25, the same day it will go on sale from US carriers T-Mobile and Sprint. Also gaining the Apple Watch in the coming weeks are Australia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


Follow-up: new Apple Store design as seen in Tennessee revealed

09/01, 5:42pm

Company to rely more on natural light, stone facades in new design

The new design for standalone, non-flagship Apple Stores as mentioned in our recent story on the approval process happening in Tennessee has been revealed in filings with the Germantown Design Review Commission. The new design, which will also be used in stores opening overseas this fall, is not a radical departure from existing designs, but replaces the stainless steel facade with a granite paneling, and increases the use of natural light, plants, and other environmental elements.


Apple Watch: third-party items, Currys/PC World in UK, try-ons

08/28, 7:32pm

Apple now selling third-party Apple Watch accessories in Apple Stores

Apple Stores around the US are now selling third-party Apple Watch accessories at the stores, often featuring packaging co-designed with Apple in an effort to give accessories a more uniform look. The first of these new products is the NightStand for Apple Watch, created by ElevationLabs. The new unit is only available in retail stores, and has not yet appeared online.


Confirmed: One to One program at Apple Stores being retired

08/28, 1:30pm

Classes and workshops more popular, also being revamped

As previously reported, Apple is retiring the $99 per year "One to One" training program in favor of an upgraded and free workshops program as of September 28. The company, in a leaked memo to employees, cited lower attendance as the primary reason for the sunsetting of the paid program, and has reorganized its workshop scheduling pages on its website to make it easier for users to schedule classes.


Apple reorganizes store workshop appointments on website

08/26, 1:30pm

Part of ongoing consolidation between retail and online stores

As part of an ongoing revamp focused on greater integration between online and retail experiences, Apple has made some changes to its now-integrated retail areas of the its website, specifically to clean up and consolidate workshop scheduling and appointments. The new system is similar to the Genius Bar reservation system, and allows users to quickly locate workshops, One to One classes, and Joint Venture events.


Best Buy expanding Apple Watch locations early to meet demand

08/25, 1:33pm

Rush to put Watch in all stores accompanies revamp of Apple SWASs

Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly has announced that the retailer will change course on the Apple Watch, and rush to put the wearable in all 1,050 of its retail locations in the US "by the end of September," instead of the 300 outlets it was previously planning for. In addition, the iPhone maker's "Store Within a Store" branded Apple sections within Best Buy stores in some 740 locations are undergoing renovations in time for the holiday season.


Apple may end One to One program in favor of more group training

08/25, 6:31am

In-store tuition scheme allegedly being phased out by Apple

Apple may be making another change to its retail stores, by allegedly ending its "One to One" subscription-based tutoring scheme. A report claims the program will be shutting down in favor of providing more free workshops, allowing multiple people to learn the same topic at the same time, which increases the number of people visiting the store as well as making more efficient use of its employees.


CurrentC backer Rite-Aid reverses course, to take Apple Pay

08/11, 12:46pm

Current-C backer drug chain to capitulate, accept NFC-based payments

Rite-Aid, a drugstore chain that turned off access to NFC-based mobile payment systems despite protests as part of its compliance with a rival system still to appear, CurrentC, has relented and will begin offering support for Apple Pay and other wireless payment options starting August 15, the company said. Announced last year, Current-C has yet to appear, leading to increasing customer frustration with stores that don't offer mobile payment options.


Target trials Bluetooth beacons in 50 stores for national rollout

08/05, 7:47pm

Beacons will provide Target customers with in-store deal notifications

Target is going to start experimenting with using beacons in some of its stores, to try and nudge customers towards certain products. The retailer will be fitting out 50 of its stores across the United States with the system, which will push notifications and recommendations to customer smartphones about offers and other deals over Bluetooth, as it attempts to increase sales in a challenging retail environment with cheaper online competition.


Apple opens fourth retail location in Hong Kong

07/30, 12:19pm

Canton Road Apple Store continues aggressive Apple China expansion

Apple has opened up its latest Apple Store in China, with the Canton Road location in Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui district being the fourth outlet for the city. CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to thank the "thousands of Hong Kong customers" visiting the new location and joining in the celebration of the store launch, with the 23rd Apple Store constructed in China being part of a major retail expansion in the country for the company.


Apple purges Google-owned Nest thermostat from online, retail stores

07/24, 8:56am

Apple has confirmed the pull, but not the fairly apparent reason why

After months of speculation on the future of the product with Apple, the popular Nest smart thermostat -- co-developed by ex-Apple employee Tony Fadell, and now owned by Google -- has been purged from both Apple's online store, and also the retail arm of the company. In its place is now the Ecobee 3 HomeKit thermostat.


Judge rules Apple must face class-action suit over bag checks

07/16, 2:37pm

Standard retail procedure questioned, suit represents 12K retail workers

Despite a previous dismissal of an earlier version of the lawsuit, a US District Court judge has ruled that Apple must face a trial in a class-action lawsuit over the practice of "bag checks," a standard retail loss-prevention technique that is widespread among retailers. The specific dispute in the case involving Apple was that employees complained they were being detained for up to 15 minutes after their shift had ended, without compensation for the lost time.


IDC: Mac sales up sharply as PC sales continue decline

07/09, 6:16pm

Gartner disagrees, claims US Mac sales down from year-ago quarter

The latest estimates for retail sales and marketshare from industry analyst firm IDC claim that Mac sales have risen significantly, even in the face of an overall and deepening industry slump in traditional notebook and desktop PCs. For the June quarter that ended at the end of last month, IDC estimates that Mac shipments were up 16.1 percent worldwide from the year-ago quarter while the PC market generally saw an 11.8 percent contraction year-over-year. Apple was the only major computer maker to show a gain in the report.


Depositions: employees emailed Cook over bag-check policies

06/11, 5:34pm

Apple CEO asks execs to investigate retail employee complaints

According to documents unsealed in an ongoing lawsuit brought by Apple retail workers against the company, Apple Store employees took to writing emails directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook to complain about the way employee bag check searches, which are intended to guard against pilfering and loss, are conducted. The lawsuit contends that employees are subject to "demeaning" procedures that also cost them excessive time and lost wages.


Latest NYC Apple Store built on top of historic bank

06/11, 3:02pm

Some US stores following Euro trend of 'blending in' to area style

The latest Apple Store to open in New York City -- the Upper East Side location, the seventh in greater NYC -- is somewhat hard to spot, particularly compared to some other area Apple stores, such as the iconic glass cube that marks the entrance to the Fifth Avenue store. The Upper East Side store, inside the Beaux Arts building from the 1920s that used to house US Mortgage and Trust bank, has no outward appearance of its current function, save for a small black flag with the Apple logo on the outside.


Briefly: Jawbone returns to Apple stores, Antwerp Apple Store

06/04, 1:45pm

Apple Stores to carry UP2 and UP3, other models in near future

Although Apple retail stores cleared out most fitness bands and similar health-related accessories in April in anticipation of the release of the Apple Watch, the company did continue to stock some basic bands such Jawbone's Up Move clip-on unit. On Thursday, a Jawbone senior executive revealed in Japan that the company's other models would be returning to the Apple Store in Japan and other regions, including the US, this summer.


Apple Watch expanding to six countries, US retail availability soon

06/04, 8:51am

Space Black Stainless Steel with Space Black Link Bracelet still constrained

Apple today announced that the highly sought-after Apple Watch will be available in Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan beginning Friday, June 26 from the Apple Online Store, Apple's retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. Alongside the international expansion, Apple noted that US retail availability of the wearable is imminent, with an estimate commencement starting on or around June 19, a week ahead of the international expansion.


Briefly: HomeKit gadgets to ship next week, new Manhattan Apple Store

05/29, 5:46pm

First HomeKit accessories said to ship just prior to Worldwide Developers Conference

Just ahead of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, which kicks off June 8, a number of manufacturers are set to announce the first HomeKit-compatible products arriving at retail, according to sources. The home-automation technology allows common household products such as lighting systems, environment systems, alarms, doors, and other items to be controlled through iOS app and Siri.


Apple to build world's largest Apple Store in Dubai

05/18, 2:34pm

First UAE store will be 50,000 square feet, planned for August opening

A new report from Dubai indicates that Apple will build the world's largest Apple Store in the country's Mall of the Emirates that should open this summer. The facility will be some 50,000 square feet in total, and will be the first Apple retail store in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East, though a second one is said to be in the planning stages. The country has had an online Apple store since 2011, but the new brick-and-mortar store is expected to open in August of this year.


Amazon adds product re-ordering to Echo networked speaker

05/15, 6:58am

Prime subscribers can ask Alexa to re-order previously bought items

Amazon has made it easier for owners of its Echo to do online shopping, in what is an expected expansion of the capabilities of the retailer's portable speaker. Prime subscribers are now being given the option of placing orders for items they shopped for previously by voice commands alone, via the Alexa digital assistant, half a year after the Echo initially launched.


Home Depot to support Apple Pay across entire 2,000-store chain

05/05, 4:47pm

Some stores had been supporting the service unofficially alongside NFC rivals

Contrary to earlier media reports that suggested Home Depot would drop the mobile payments service, in fact the company has announced that it formally plans to support Apple Pay throughout its entire US operation, making it the largest retailer thus far to support Apple's mobile-payments platform. The announcement comes alongside, and will not replace, stores' acceptance of payment rival PayPal, and the chain says it may continue to add other payment forms.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 12: Apple Watch Day, TW-Comcast, more

04/27, 12:00pm

Spotlights on The Feature Thief mini-series, Amazon's sustainability, Deliveries app

If podcasts were eggs, The MacNN Podcast would be ready to deliver in a cardboard carton! We're up to episode 12, and we take a look at the top stories of the past week, including the retail debut -- such as it was -- of the Apple Watch, where a few select high-fashion stores did actually have stock to sell to walk-in customers. We also chat about the big industry news of the Time Warner-Comcast merger collapse, Randy Ubillos' retirement, and more.


Ahrendts in China, lines at boutique locations for Apple Watch launch

04/24, 11:47am

Few locations have some actual selling stock, but mostly demos rule on former retail debut

While Apple has since abandoned its former April 24 retail launch day for the Apple Watch due to a global sellout, a few select stores -- almost entirely third-party fashion boutique sellers who secured allotments early -- are said to have or have had actual stock of Apple Watches to sell. Customers hoping to score one today are lining up outside these shops, even as Apple Retail chief Dame Angela Ahrendts spent the day in China.


Some boutiques will have Apple Watch available to sell April 24

04/23, 1:10am

Select high-end fashion stores to carry Sport, Watch models, no Edition

Most likely due to orders having been filled ahead of the April 10 pre-ordering debut of the Apple Watch, a handful of select high-end boutique outlets will actually have some Apple Watches for sale on April 24, as the company originally planned for its own stores. The boutiques are said to be receiving pre-alloted shipments of the Sport and Watch models, but the gold Edition version continues to be unavailable anywhere at retail.


Apple Watch: Basics class, Schiller and Newson in Italy, sales poll

04/17, 1:40pm

Stores to offer workshop on Apple Watch starting April 24, despite shortages

Although the unexpected sellout of the Apple Watch will put a crimp of unavailability in the works, Apple is going ahead with new "Apple Watch Basics" workshops at some of its retail stores beginning April 24. The lucky relative few who will receive their pre-orders on or near launch day, along with those who are still waiting, are likely to be the chief participants in the workshops, which will run through May 8 in the US only. The classes will run approximately 60 minutes in order to cover all of the many key features of the new device.


Apple Watch online ordering to continue, retail units possibly in June

04/16, 9:32am

Demand for the 'highly personal' product steep, retail sales impossible now

A letter by Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts has informed the Apple retail chain that Apple Watch won't be available in stores at all on the original launch date. April 24. Additionally, "high global interest combined with our initial supply" is preventing retail availability until June, at the earliest. Citing the need for the experience to be perfect for the user, Apple "will be able to get customers the model they want earlier and faster by taking orders online."


WSJ: American Express, Jawbone planning mobile payments announcement

04/15, 9:46pm

Report claims Jawbone wearable will perform American Express payments in future

Yet another wearable device will be offering alternative payments in the future, according to a report. According to the Wall Street Journal, American Express and Jawbone are planning to announce a new system that will allow AmEx card owners to use the manufacturer's fitness bands to make payments at a number of retailers in the United States.


Briefly: three new stores, rare functioning Apple I up for auction

04/15, 9:39pm

Apple to open three new stores in time for Apple Watch retail debut

Apple plans to open at least three new stores in time for the retail debut of the Apple Watch -- though it is unclear if any of the stores will actually have Watches to sell, as the company has switched to an online pre-order system only ahead of the debut date. The stores will open in Hangzhou, China; Miami Beach, Florida; and Sao Paolo, Brazil. The latter two have already been officially announced for April 24 by Apple. Of these, Brazil is the only new store not to be part of the first wave of countries receiving the Apple Watch.


Briefly: second Hangzhou Apple Store, Oregon data center expansion

04/08, 12:09pm

Apple to open another store in Hangzhou, China on day of Apple Watch launch

As if April 24 won't be a busy enough day for Apple with the retail debut of the Apple Watch in a wave of nine countries, the company will also open a brand new second Apple Store in Hangzhou, China on that Friday as well. The new location will be a more typical mall-type store in the MixC mall in Vietiane City, and comes just three months after the first Hangzhou store in West Lake, which was a two-story standalone store.


Apple Watch: employee discount, special displays, 1K apps, more

04/06, 8:36pm

CEO offers employees a half-off discount on sport, steel editions

Following a suggestion from a retail employee during a meeting in Germany, Apple CEO Tim Cook has met the suggestion half way: he has decided to offer all Apple employees, including retail workers, a 50 percent discount off the cost of either aluminum "sport" version or the stainless steel version of the Apple Watch, or $550 off the cost of the 18kt gold Edition versions. The discount is only available for 90 days, starting April 10.


Briefly: Amazon Prime Now Dallas, Channel 4 rebrands 4oD as All4

03/26, 8:02am

Amazon expands Prime Now one-hour deliveries to Dallas

Amazon Prime Now, the retailer's high-speed delivery service, is opening up in Dallas. Just as with its other Prime Now locations, Prime subscribers in the fourth location will be able to use a mobile app on iOS and Android to place orders for groceries and household goods, between 8am and 10pm seven days a week, with TechCrunch reporting it still costs $8 for one-hour deliveries, while two-hour deliveries are free.


Briefly: B&H Apple mini-store, App Store removes 'anti-virus' apps

03/19, 7:11pm

Leading reseller B&H gets Apple mini-store at brick-and-mortar Manhattan HQ

Although many MacNN readers will be familiar with B&H Photo Video through the company's online site via its frequent mention in our various deals posts, the firm is actually the largest non-chain electronics retailer in the United States, having a midtown Manhattan location since 1973 and being a widely-recognized photo, video, and Apple specialist. Earlier this week, the store opened its Apple-authorized "store within a store" focusing on Apple products.


Apple Watch: FCC approval, Mail Pilot, Android Wear

03/17, 9:00pm

Apple hints that Apple Watch has received FCC approval

Apple on Tuesday removed disclaimer language from its Apple Watch web page, signalling that it has obtained approval for sale of the device in at least the US, if not all the major countries where Apple is currently planning to launch the Apple Watch at retail beginning April 24. The Watch will be available for preview and pre-ordering -- but not for sale -- at Apple Stores beginning April 10 in select countries.


Apple Watch: Opportunities, Amazon app, Japan store

03/17, 7:40am

Company building facility devoted to Apple Watch inside Tokyo department store

In a previously-unannounced move, Apple is creating a store dedicated to just selling the Apple Watch (and accessories) as part of an existing upscale department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The "store-within-a-store," borrowing from previous Apple retail concepts, could be come a permanent display for the fashionable Apple Watch if sales merit it. The department store, Isetan, is placing the mini-shop near its main entrance.


Apple may lure Android users to iPhone with trade-ins of old devices

03/16, 5:04pm

Report claims non-Apple device trade-in program starting in coming weeks

Owners of Android smartphones may soon be able to earn some money by trading in their old devices, this time via Apple. A report claims Apple is looking to start accepting non-Apple devices in an upcoming refresh of its recycling and trade-in program, with the program providing Android switchers with gift cards that can then be used to purchase iPhones.


Apple Watch: accessories, Apple Stores redecorate, Watch app revealed

03/13, 9:28pm

Pad & Quill, Twelve South, others announce Watch-related gear

The race to get Apple Watch accessories to market in time for the arrival of the forthcoming device is in full swing, with a number of iOS accessory companies offering charging stands and other options for owners of the device. In addition, Apple Stores have started posting banners of the Apple Watch a month before it will make its retail debut, and testers combing through iOS 8.3's Apple Watch elements have discovered details on the Activity app, including a dark mode.


First Google Shop 'store within a store' opens in London

03/11, 3:22pm

Currys PC World hosts first Google-branded store in UK

Google has taken inspiration from the retail efforts of other tech companies, including Microsoft and Samsung, in opening its first "store within a store" under the Google brand. Called "The Google Shop," the store is located inside a branch of national retailer Currys PC World on Tottenham Court Road in London, and will be used to showcase a selection of Android devices, Chromebooks, and the Chromecast.



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