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Hands On: Ferrite Recording Studio 1.01 (iOS)

11/19, 10:24am

Excellent podcast app but you'll need the in-app purchases

Ferrite Recording Studio 1.0 is a complete podcast recording, editing and to an extent even distributing app which does what it does very well ‚Äď though it isn't yet the one-stop-shop it aims to be. Plus, it's a free app -- but you have to have at least one of the in-app purchases to even really try it out. We do like it a lot and do expect it to get better over time, but also time is something you need to devote to the app as it stands now. You won't pick up how to use Ferrite without reading through the online documentation.


BBC plans 'personalized' radio service mixing live, on-demand content

09/10, 5:58pm

Proposal could offer customized radio stations for each BBC listener

Listeners of BBC Radio in the United Kingdom will be able to have their own personalized radio station, if plans from the BBC come to fruition. Controller Mark Friend, managing multiplatform music and radio services, has outlined a potential service where every listener would be able to listen to their preferred radio programming whenever they want, as a single cohesive station, leveraging the broadcaster's existing iPlayer live streaming and on-demand services.


Dr. Dre to release new album as an Apple Music, iTunes exclusive

08/03, 2:02pm

First full new album since 1999 to drop August 7, promoted on The Pharmacy

Following a hiatus from his own music career since 1999's 2001, Apple music executive Andre Young -- better known to the world as rapper, producer, radio host and entrepreneur Dr. Dre -- will release his new album, Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre, as an exclusive to be streamed on Apple Music, and sold digitally on iTunes. Dre has also exclusively allowed the streaming of his first solo album, 1992's The Chronic, on Apple Music.


Dr. Dre to debut hour-long radio show July 4 on Beats 1

07/03, 7:15pm

Program will be bi-weekly, focus on West Coast rap and hip-hop

Following the decision to release his first album The Chronic as an Apple Music exclusive, untitled Apple executive Dr. Dre will debut a new bi-weekly radio show on Beats 1 on Saturday, July 4, entitled "The Pharmacy," focusing on West Coast urban music and other tracks of interest to Dre. The first episode will debut at 6PM ET, and joins a host of other shows hosted by prominent musicians.


Indie music, news publishers hesitant to sign on to Apple Music, News

06/17, 6:55pm

Misunderstandings, free trial, terms threaten to derail diversity of sources

While major publishers and record labels are on board with Apple's planned streaming service Apple Music and article aggregator News, independent music labels and news-oriented publishers -- who last week complained about being left out of such announcements -- now say that the terms Apple is offering contain problematic clauses or conditions. For music labels, the three-month free trial is the issue; for news publishers, it's Apple's requirement to opt out.


Briefly: Comcast 2 gigabit in California, Norway shutting down FM

04/19, 9:10pm

Comcast bringing 2 gigabit Internet to California in June

Comcast will be bringing its 2 gigabit Internet service to California, following the "Gigabit Pro" initial announcement for the service in Atlanta. Part of a number of upgrades to service speed for customers in the area starting from May, including free speed increases and a new 250Mbps tier, Comcast will introduce its gigabit-level service to nearly three million homes in the state starting in June. Pricing for the service has yet to be announced.


Pointers: getting started with Spotify

04/17, 10:44am

Get the good and avoid the irritating features of streaming music

There are other streaming music services, and you can well argue that there are better ones, but Spotify is winning the war to become the Hoover, Xerox, and iPad of its class: the brand name that somehow becomes synonymous with the idea. At least, nobody tells you what their favourite iTunes Radio station is, no one in the world sends you links to Pandora, and it's like few people have heard of Beats Music. Yet. However, Spotify is known even by normal people, and it is a way in to the whole streaming music subscription concept.


Hands On: Snowflake 1.0 (OS X)

03/03, 10:21pm

Simple, useful radio streaming app for Macs

It used to be so much fun, tuning in to radio stations from around the world. Shortwave radios -- who has those any more? Sitting in central Paris, just about able to pick up BBC Radio 4 from the UK -- it's just no thrill now that you can listen to any station, anywhere in the world, on a whim. Snowflake, a new app born from the ashes of radio recorder Snowtape, makes it even less of a thrill: it is an extremely easy-to-use radio app that streams music from around the world right to your Mac.


Hands On: Opinion podcasting app (iOS)

01/22, 11:30pm

Good entry-level app that makes the basics easy and fast

It's harder to make podcasts than you might imagine. No, strike that: it's easy to make bad podcasts, to make the kind of audio that makes grown NPR and BBC radio producers sob and listeners disappear. What's harder is to make anything worth listening to, and that's chiefly a mix of your talent and your technology. The new Opinion Podcast Recorder & Editor app won't make a scrap of difference to your talent -- except that it will let you concentrate on getting better, because it sets out to make the technical side of podcasts simple. It aims to be the one place you record your podcast, edit it, and then distribute it.


ESPN, 42 NPR stations coming to iTunes Radio

05/28, 10:42pm

World Cup will be first live-streamed sporting event

Apple is in the process of creating a dedicated ESPN station for iTunes Radio, its ad-supported free streaming service. The new channel will carry both original ESPN audio programs and will offer some live sports streaming, including this year's World Cup broadcast -- the first time a sporting event will be live-streamed through iTunes Radio. As reported in March, a number of local NPR affiliates will also be joining the iTunes Radio lineup.


Judge rules Pandora to pay 1.85 percent annual revenue rate to ASCAP

03/16, 4:10pm

Rate lower than ASCAP requested, higher than terrestrial radio

US Federal Court Judge Denise Cote has issued a ruling in a case between streaming music service Pandora and music publishers, which has set a new rate at which Pandora Radio will have to pay to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for performance rights on streaming radio. The rate is set slightly higher than the 1.7 percent Radio Music Licensing Committee rate for terrestrial radio Pandora argued was appropriate, but far less than the tiered rate ASCAP proposed.


Briefly: TuneIn Radio adds college basketball, STM Bags' iPad cases

11/08, 12:15pm

TuneIn Radio update features redesign and optimization for iOS 7

TuneIn Radio, a free radio app for iOS, lets users listen to a variety of streaming radio stations features sports, news, talk, and music programming. Listeners have access to 100,000 live radio stations and two million podcasts, concerts and shows, all of which can be streamed on an iPhone, iPad and iPod. In version 5, Tunein features a redesigned interface, optimized for iOS 7. Live college basketball games can also now be accessed, including every PAC-12 game. Also included in the update are bug fixes regarding playback and streaming errors, and issues pertaining to viewing recommendations upon swiping the Now Playing screen. TuneIn Radio is available on iTunes, and can also be accessed from the web.


Briefly: Pandora not worried, Apple lobbyist headed to State Dept

09/25, 3:29am

Pandora founder says iTunes Radio will have only 'modest' impact

In what may become a "Michael Dell moment," Pandora Media founder and CTO Tim Westergren told a conference of stock analysts on Tuesday that Apple's entry into the streaming radio business through its iTunes Radio may have an effect, but its "impact will be modest on Pandora," adding that "it's really too early to tell" what the overall adoption rate of iTunes Radio will be, though Apple has already reported that it added 11 million unique listeners in the service's first weekend. The (currently) US-only iTunes Radio is part of a revamped Music player on iOS devices and in iTunes 11 for Macs and PCs.


Reported Rdio, broadcaster deal could lead to free service in future

09/16, 7:11am

Deal would see content shared from 525-station radio network with Rdio

Rdio could be offering a free version of its service before the end of the year, as part of a deal with a radio broadcaster. Expected to be announced later today, Rdio is said to be working with radio station operator Cumulus Media that will see the streaming service gain access to the broadcaster's programming and offer an advertising-based free service, in exchange for stock.


Report: Apple hits new snag with 'iRadio' royalty negotiations

05/09, 7:04pm

Sony allegedly holding out for higher fee for streaming music

Apple may have hit another snag in its alleged plan to launch an "iRadio" service in the near future, according to an unconfirmed report from London's Financial Times. The forthcoming service, should negotiations get completed, would allegedly see iTunes offering a streaming music service that leveraged its enormous statistical and purchasing information from users to serve curated songs they would be likely to enjoy from artists they have bought before or would probably like. Sony, according to sources, is still holding out.


BBC launches iPlayer Radio app for iOS, Android coming soon

10/08, 2:23pm

UK broadcaster puts entire 57 radio station roster into app

Shortly after revealing two new YouTube content channels, the BBC has announced a radio app for iPhone users in the UK. The iPlayer Radio [Free, UK App Store only] functions as a standalone app from its highly-praised iPlayer service, allowing users to listen to the corporation's live radio programming and on-demand content from an iOS device. An Android version of the app is currently in development.


Pandora radio revamps iOS app, adds features

07/06, 10:06pm

Song lyrics, post-play rating, 'tired' option more

Subscription and ad-based US music-discovery service Pandora has pushed out a significant update of its self-titled universal iOS app. The update, version 3.2, mostly makes changes to the interface and functionality seen on the smaller iOS devices, the iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition to a visual overhaul, the app adds musician biographies from the iPad version, the ability to rate songs post-play, song lyrics and more.


Stitcher Radio updates iOS app to 4.8, adds social networks

02/20, 7:00pm

Custom station and iTunes podcast sync as well

Online radio aggregator service Stitcher has updated its iOS app to version 4.8, adding an option for sharing and adding friends from people also using Stitcher or from Facebook. The program has also updated its UI, and now offers iPad users the ability to create and sync custom stations between iOS devices. Users can invite friends to join Stitcher, share shows, view listening stats and more.


Slacker launches Premium Radio, streaming on demand

05/17, 3:00am

Caching allows for off-line mobile device playback

Slacker Radio, the popular internet service with over 25 million listeners, has now launched a third tier of service available to its hundreds of thousands of subscribers: Slacker Premium Radio, which adds individual on-demand play, off-line mobile device listening and custom playlist creation along with all the benefits of their normal Plus subscription package. Premium listeners can choose to listen to one of 150-plus expert-programmed genre stations, or choose individual songs from Slacker's eight-million-song catalog on-demand, and cache stations, artists, albums or songs for later offline listening on their mobile devices.


Giveaway: Slacker Radio winners announced.

03/18, 5:45pm

Slacker giveaway winner announcement.

The Slacker Radio giveaway has come to an end, and yes we've been slacking a little on getting the winners out, but it's Friday and if we don't do it now, it probably won't get done. So here it goes.


Sticher Radio 4.2 brings archives, other improvements

12/23, 3:05pm

Episodes now auto-bookmark

Stitcher has updated its main iPhone app, Stitcher Radio, to v4.2. The title provides on-demand podcast streaming, saving the time needed to find, download and/or sync files. Users can also create a customized station with shows in a particular order, or tune into a collection of live radio streams.


Apple banning new single-station radio apps?

11/24, 11:30pm

Dev claims Apple equates them with "fart apps"

Jim Barcus, president of and DJBApps -- a company that makes smartphone apps for commercial radio stations -- says Apple has started (as of Nov. 10th) rejecting "all" single-station iPhone apps in favor of radio apps that only feature "hundreds" of stations, saying that Apple told him they equated the single-station apps with "fart apps" and considered them a form of "spamming" the App Store. However, dozens of single-station radio apps remain on the App Store and the company does not appear to be removing any existing apps, making it unclear if this is a real policy change at the App Store -- or if the company is referring specifically to Barcus' products only.


Future Apple handhelds to support HD Radio?

06/17, 1:30pm

Patent application backs earlier reports

Apple could be preparing to add HD Radio support to new handheld models, a newly-published patent application hints. Titled Digital Radio Tagging Using an RF Tuner Accessory, the document suggests that future iPods and iPhones could be used to scan through all available radio stations, or only those with better-quality digital audio. Critically, data from digital stations could used as search fodder, for instance to locate a particular song or genre.


BBC updates web-based iPlayer for iPad

05/27, 3:10pm

Streams TV, radio feeds without Flash

In tandem with the arrival of the iPad in the UK, the BBC has updated its iPlayer web app in order to support the device's layout. iPlayer lets British residents stream BBC radio and TV shows after their original broadcasts. The iPad site has a tabbed interface, with larger text and images than its iPhone counterpart.


Australian Broadcasting Corp. jumps on iPad development

02/19, 12:10pm

Network exploring links with Adobe

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is diving headlong into iPad development, says the Sydney Morning Herald. The network is said to be speaking with various technology companies for help, with the aim of bringing apps to the tablet sometime this year. No specific titles have been announced, but much like the CBC in Canada and BBC in the UK, the ABC has assets in radio, TV and the web.


Griffin announces CES slate of iPhone, iPod accessories

01/08, 10:05am

Accessory maker launches new 10 products

Griffin has announced nine new products for iPhones and iPods at CES 2010. The iFM is an FM radio receiver which attaches to the dock connector of an Apple handheld. With a clickwheel iPod it activates embedded Apple radio control software, while on an iPhone or iPod touch, Griffin's free iFM Radio Controller app is required. It features user presets, and can tag songs for buying on iTunes. The iFM is due in March for $40.


Sirius XM debuts companion iPhone app for XM SkyDock

10/09, 4:55pm

Foreshadows actual hardware

Although its companion hardware has yet to be released, Sirius XM has released a dedicated XM SkyDock app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Users are able to tune into various XM satellite radio stations, including artist-specific stations for the likes of Elvis Presley and the Metropolitan Opera. While listening, stock and sports tickers provide visual feedback.


Vemedio intros Snowtape 1.2 update, SnowRemote app

08/06, 11:20am

Snowtape 1.2, SnowRemote

Vemedio has launched an update to its Snowtape radio software, along with a new SnowRemote app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Snowtape finds and records music from streaming Internet stations. The v1.2 release delivers over 1,000 stations to choose from, and includes an enhanced algorithm for album artwork, the ability to search for stations by country, and an improved way of working with deleted items.


Spotify prepares to launch iPhone app

07/27, 9:20am

Spotify iPhone app coming

Streaming music service Spotify is preparing to launch an iPhone app, says the BBC. The title is currently waiting for approval from Apple, and permits premium (paid) subscribers to stream Spotify playlists away from a desktop. A notable difference in the mobile client is the ability to temporarily store a playlist, allowing for offline listening.


NiceMac scraps StarPlayr Sirius iPhone app

03/09, 4:10pm

NiceMac scraps StarPlayr

NiceMac has announced that since its StarPlayr Sirius radio app has failed to receive approval at Apple's App Store, it will be scrapping the entire StarPlayr project. Back in January, NiceMac submitted the iPhone app for approval and waited roughly a month before receiving a statement that they could not be approved at the time. Gizmodo notes that a potential factor blocking the app from being approved could be that a first-party app from Sirius may be in development, though it remains unconfirmed.


iTunes "blipvert" draws controversy in UK

02/20, 4:55pm

iTunes blipvert pushes U2

A recent ad deployed through the United Kingdom's Absolute Radio -- formerly known as Virgin Radio -- has generated some controversy, writes The Guardian. The ad promotes the new U2 single "Get On Your Boots," urging listeners to buy it through iTunes. The spot is only 10 seconds long though, and required approval from the UK's Ofcom regulatory body due to worries about issues such as subliminal advertising.


NPR Mobile 1.2 adds search capabilities, fixed bugs

01/27, 10:25am

NPR Mobile 1.2 update

Pass Time Software has updated its NPR Mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch to v1.2. The app provides users with a browsing interface, enabling them to find and listen to radio programs, read summary text, and view any available images. In the newest version, users can expect added access to browsing and listening of all of NPRís podcasts, and changes to search capabilities that allow finding NPR affiliates using cities, states and zip codes, or GPS in the case of the iPhone.


First Look: NPR Mobile iPhone application

01/26, 4:45pm

First Look NPR Mobile

Even if you're a regular National Public Radio (NPR) listener, there's a chance you won't catch your favorite shows during the day. Many NPR stations offer podcasts, but if you're not keen on manually hunting for files and loading them onto a media player, you can let a program like the NPR Mobile iPhone app do the work for you.


Apple blocks radio app update from App Store

11/11, 10:10am

CastCatcher update blocked

An update to an Internet radio app for the iPhone and iPod touch has been denied, despite the acceptance of earlier versions, its developer notes. return7 observes that CastCatcher 1.3 has been denied permission for posting at the App Store, even though three previous versions of the app were accepted and the most recent one, v1.2, is still on sale. A message from Apple is claimed to say that v1.3 transfers "excessive volumes of data over the cellular network," which is forbidden under Section 3.3.15 of the iPhone SDK.


Radiolicious offers local radio streaming, content

10/21, 12:05am

Radiolicious for iPhone

MySimBook on Monday unveiled Radiolicious, a new iPhone and iPod touch application that allows users to tap into their favorite local radio stations, while allowing broadcasters to potentially advertise to millions around the globe. The entire software setup is free to use for both radio stations and users, with MySimBook paying any costs involved, save for a small service fee for the station to be part of the advertising network.


BreakThru Radio offers on-demand channels on iPhone

10/10, 3:50pm

BreakThru Radio on iPhone

Online music broadcaster BreakThru Radio has announced the availability of its radio streams to iPhone and iPod touch users. The service relies on technology from TVersity to deliver the channels, but listeners are able to tune in by navigating to in Safari. Genres cater to more independent tastes, and include death metal, dancehall, dubstep, hip-hop, indie rock, skronk, roots country, reggae, electronic, acid jazz, ambient, dub, two-step, folk and more.

more for iPhone v2.0 streamlines interface, more

09/28, 8:55pm for iPhone updated Ltd. has updated for iPhone to v2.0, streamlining the interface, adding tagging, personal tag radio, common artists (when viewing a profile) and a calendar-based events view. The new update also adds support for the iPhone 2.1 software update. The software allows users to design personal radio stations based on artists or genres, and offers artists bios, concert information, favorite track sharing and smart recommendations, based on user listening.


BBC brings radio to iPlayer for iPhone/iPod touch

09/24, 10:00am

BBC radio on iPhone/iPod

The UK's official broadcaster, the BBC, has announced expanded support for the iPhone/iPod touch version of its iPlayer service. As of today the software now supports radio, allowing users to listen to episodes from a variety of programs up to seven days after the original airdate. The BBC's Mark Friend says that the option comes from adapting the network's normal digital delivery to suit the unique restrictions of Apple handhelds.


FlyCast iPhone app allows time-delayed radio

09/11, 1:10pm

FlyCast radio app debuts

FlyCast, formerly known as FlyTunes, has released the first native version of its self-named radio application for iPhones and iPod touches. By default the app lists and streams more than a thousand radio stations, divided between formats such as music, talk and information. Listeners can also access any Internet-only stream listed through Shoutcast, of which there are said to be over 25,000.


Revo preps portable DAB+ tuner

08/14, 12:25pm

Revo's portable DAB+ tuner

UK audio company Revo has announced the Pico RadioStation, a new DAB radio tuner. Aside from DAB and FM radio broadcasts, the Pico is also designed to stream computer and Internet content through a LAN connection. Particularly important may be compatibility with DAB+, an improved radio standard with error correction and support for AAC+ compression. The Pico is said to be one of the first portable tuners with the technology, although it is nearly 6.6 inches tall.


Apple director to host iTunes radio show

08/13, 12:05pm

The iTunes Download

Premiere Radio Networks has announced that this weekend, a new, three-hour music countdown show backed by Apple will launch, titled The iTunes Download (link not yet functional). The show will be hosted by iTunes' Director of Music Programming, Alex Luke, and be broadcast from Los Angeles to a number of Top 40-format radio stations. The show will air weekly on Saturday or Sunday, and will feature the 30 most downloaded songs in America, as well as interviews with highlighted artists. Luke will also draw attention to celebrity playlists, and iMixes, the playlists shoppers create in the iTunes Store.


Info leaks on Sirius XM radio app for iPhone

08/13, 11:35am

Sirius XM app for iPhone?

A Sirius XM application is in production for the iPhone, according to reports. The app is said to be in development by GeeksToolBox as part of the StreamSmart project, which aims to allow the streaming of Sirius, XM and Internet radio to multiple platforms including the iPhone. The name of the app, StarPlayr, may indicate that a partnership with NiceMac, as StarPlayr is the name NiceMac uses for its Mac OS X software of similar function. The Sirius XM app is allegedly still in an alpha stage, meaning it remains under heavy development and that a number of leaked details could change.


Apple aiming to build FM/TV add-ons for handhelds?

07/31, 1:40pm

Apple FM/TV receiver?

Apple may be looking to build or support new add-ons capable of streaming radio and/or TV to its handhelds, a new patent application suggests. The device would attach directly to a handheld such as an iPhone or iPod, and pick up signals from one or more formats including AM, FM, HD or satellite radio, or TV standards such as cable, satellite, over-the-air or IPTV. More conventional reception means could include Wi-Fi, cellular or Ethernet.


Emmis, Apple sign iTunes affiliate deal

05/13, 4:50pm

Emmis/iTunes deal

Emmis Communications has announced a new affiliate deal signed with Apple, under which its Interactive division's Storefront technology will be tied to the iTunes Store, and in turn sold to other companies. Storefront lets radio stations -- mainly those owned by Emmis -- create custom online shops, particularly for the purpose of selling tracks as they are played live on air. The company claims that many alternatives only direct listeners to separate sites, instead of letting them pull music straight into local software.


Sirius radio to reach Logitech music systems

04/29, 1:10pm

Sirius on Logitech systems

Three of Logitech's networked music hubs -- the Squeezebox, Squeezebox Duet and the Transporter -- will soon gain direct support for Sirius' Internet Radio service, the latter company has announced. Using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, owners will be able to select from over 80 different stations, including talk programming such as Howard Stern and NFL Radio. More critically, the support will come as a software update, and will be controllable away from a hub or a computer, via remote.


First Look: iH12 Dual Alarm Cube Clock Radio

04/24, 3:45pm

iH12 iPod/Clock Radio

An iPod can store your entire music collection, and keep it with you wherever you want to go. While the iPod is great for listening to music through ear buds by yourself, itís not so handy when you want to play your music so others can hear it too. If you want to broadcast your music throughout a room, consider plugging your iPod into a device such as the iH12 alarm clock.


XM, Sirius staff meet with FCC to push merger

03/28, 3:10pm

XM, Sirus pressure FCC

XM and Sirius are putting pressure on the Federal Communications Commission for a quick merger approval, legal documents show. A filing submitted to the FCC by an XM lawyer shows that counsel for both XM and Sirius visited the FCC on Wednesday, and discussed matters not only with chairman Kevin Martin, but his chief of staff and senior legal advisor. The filing was required by FCC regulations, and is likely meant to ensure that all lobbying efforts are above-board.


Memorex offers iWake iPod clock radio

03/24, 1:35pm


Memorex has begun shipping a new clock radio for various iPod models, includin the iPod Touch, Classic, nano and mini. The device, dubbed iWake, features a digital AM/FM radio, dual alarm function and a gradual volume increase for the alarm. There's also a clock backup capability that is invoked in the case of a power failure -- that function requires 2 "AAA" batteries (which aren't included). Other standard features include a snooze function. The iWake powers and charges any†iPod with dock connector. The iWake clock radio is priced at $80.


FCC nears decision on XM-Sirius merger

03/21, 12:30pm

XM-Sirius decision nears

The FCC is indeed moving closer to a decision on the merger of Sirius and XM Radio, according to the group's chairman. Kevin Murphy is cited by Reuters as saying that draft documents are being put together, which will outline the choices the FCC can make on particular details of the merger. "I have asked the staff, after we've gotten all the final information that we needed, to be doing drafts, and when there were issues outstanding to do a range of options for us," he states.


Aether logs ham radio sessions, QSOs, QHTs

02/16, 2:20pm

Aether ham radio logger

Open Reel Software recently unveiled Aether, a new application designed to log ham radio sessions. Aether provides tools to quickly and easily log contacts while on the air, as well as organize, search and track contacts after the fact. Features include instant search, automatic callbook lookup, serial rig control, cocoaModem integration and more. Aether is available for $40 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.



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