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Hands On: Pagico 7 (OS X, iOS, Windows)

04/19, 11:05am

Mid-range project management tool that works cross platform

When To Do apps just aren't powerful enough for you, when OmniPlan is too powerful and when Microsoft Project might be powerful enough but is only on Windows, there is Pagico. It is a mid-range project management app which means it doesn't have superpowers but it does have strength and it does have ease of use.


Hands On: Seavus Project Viewer 1.8 (OS X)

04/06, 5:32pm

View Microsoft Project plans on Mac

The standard application for project managers is Microsoft Project for Windows, but there are two big reasons why you would buy something else: you're on a Mac, and Microsoft Project is expensive. As we said in our review of OmniPlan, a very good Mac-based project management application, even the price of MS Project is complicated. It ranges from $250-$850, but whatever price you get it at, you can count on it being too costly to buy for everyone who simply needs to view the plans. Seavus Project Viewer 1.8 is a Mac app that opens Microsoft Project files, and lets you examine them for the details you need.


Briefly: Ember for Mac 1.4, RationalPlan Project Management 4.7

02/04, 2:13pm

Ember for Mac adds Inspector into the Ember window, browser extensions

Digital scrapbooking app Ember for Mac has announced another new update for its software for OS X -- the second update within a week. Ember v1.4 features an auto-importing function, that upon selection of a number of rules for the program to follow, imports images from one's library automatically. A new set of browser extensions have launched with today's update as well, which facilitate saving images from Safari and Chrome's right-click menu into Ember. The extension always shows the latest collections in one's library due to the new native snapping window with the page's metadata.


OmniPlan 2.0 project management app adds collaboration focus

07/18, 9:00pm

App supports project sharing over WebDAV, MobileMe

The Omni Group is launching an update to its project management software, OmniPlan 2.0 today. The update adds collaboration capabilities, allowing managers to create and share projects with a team, and syncing over MobileMe, Omni Sync Server or a WebDAV server. Other added features include support for fiscal calendar years for scheduling according to business protocols, the ability to save filters for re-use in later projects, and new printing customizations, like flexible headers and footers and more margin control.


OmniPlan 2.0 beta focuses on collaboration, scheduling

04/28, 12:05am

Beta delivers MobileMe, Omni Sync, WebDAV

The Omni Group has released a public beta of its project management software, OmniPlan 2.0. The focus of the v2 release is collaboration, with support for project sharing within a team and sync support over MobileMe, Omni Sync Server or a WebDAV server. Tasks publish automatically on saving by a team member, and new changes can be grabbed over Bonjour at pre-determined intervals. Other improvements include plan exporting, scheduling and printing changes.


RationalPlan project management updated to 3.21

02/16, 6:55pm

Improves reporting, MS Project integration, more

Despite being numbered like a minor bugfix release, the new version of RationalPlan, v3.21, makes a number of important changes and improvements, including better reporting capabilities, direct browser management of projects (using RationalPlan Project Server), more undo and re-do actions, improved Microsoft Project integration, the addition of a Dutch localization and more.


Businessman 3.0 adds new modules, drag-and-drop support

01/26, 8:05pm

Dashboard feature gives better business overview

Computech has loosed a new version of its business management software, releasing BusinessMan 3.0 today. The software handles most aspects of a business, from its resource planning with CRM capabilities to estimating and invoicing to resource scheduling. Version 3 adds a Project Management module, supporting drag-and-drop Gantt charts and task, job and resource allocation. Also new is a module for Bill of Materials, which tracks assemblies from inventory to completion.


ConceptDraw Office reaches v2, enhances integration

12/16, 10:05pm

Visual productivity suite adds community solutions

CS Odessa have released the latest version of their flagship visual-productivity software, ConceptDraw Office v2, which integrates ConceptDraw Mindmap, ConceptDraw Pro and ConceptDraw Project and now extends to include the online ConceptDraw Solutions Park, a service that delivers future product extensions as well as company- and user-created solutions for project management, diagramming and business productivity.


Briefly: Workamajig adds Labs, Bing iPhone app updated

06/23, 1:05pm

Bing adds barcode scanner

Workamajig has announced the release of v10.5.3 of its self-titled project management application. The latest update includes a new Workamajig Labs feature that allows clients to turn new features on and off during an initial test period. This allows the company to roll out previews of updates and let early adopters make use of the new functionality, while others can wait for more stable versions of the updates to be launched. In addition to the new Workamajig Labs feature, the update also includes improved compatibility with Safari 5. Workamajig is available from the company's website and anyone interested in buying the software must contact a sales representative.


Projector 2 adds 64-bit support, new cost options

12/16, 11:55pm

New version has improved interface, cost options

app4mac has updated its project management software, Projector. The Snow Leopard-ready software tracks tasks and calculates costs, with support for scheduling and time tracking. Users can also print reports or convert data into Gantt charts. Version 2.0 has been completely rewritten in Objective C 2.0 for 64-bit optimized performance.


app4mac announces Projector 2, Twin 1.2 updates

12/06, 9:25pm

Performance enhancements, new features

App4mac has announced updates to its project management app, Projector, as well as the online backup utility, Twin. Projector provides tools for keeping track of tasks and calculating project costs. The latest version has been completely rewritten in Objective C 2.0 for improved performance and enhanced 64-bit support. The update also features a redesigned user interface and a new engine optimized for both small and large projects.


Projecturf 2.0 adds tasks, refines interface, workflow

09/25, 8:35pm

New sections, event calander added Projecturf 2.0

Projecturf has announced it will update its collaboration and project management software with the upcoming release Projecturf 2.0 later in this quarter. The software features business-class reports that track projects start-to-finish with live progress updates. It also offers unlimited storage for any paid plan. Each plan is fully featured, with price points differing relative to the number of expected projects generated at any given time. Nightly back-up and SSL security keep data safe on the Projecturf servers.


Briefly: Cortado adds mailbox creation to iPhone

09/12, 1:45am

MacPractice, CS Odessa add Snow Leopard support

In brief: Cortado has announced an update to its Hosted Exchange service for the iPhone, adding Mailbox creation support. CS Odessa delivers Snow Leopard support to its line of ConceptDraw applications featuring tools for project management and graphics creation. MacPractice, a developer of practice management and clinical applications, has added support for Apple’s latest Mac OS X 10.6 operating system to its MacPractice version 3.6.8 software.


Workamajig update revamps CRM module, adds links

07/17, 12:45am


Workamajig has released an update to its job tracking and project management software, Workamajig Developed for the creative design industry, the web-based program streamlines ad agencies and creative firms, while providing tools for creating projects, schedules, and storing and managing digital assets. The latest update delivers a revamped Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, along with improvements for the Mac OS X 10.5.7, and new links to the Strata media buying software.


Apps: TrailRunner, SharewarePublisher, dupeGuru

05/26, 1:20pm

Mac Restart X, Eddy Timer

  • TrailRunner 2.0 (free) is an outdoor oriented route-planning and journaling application. The software offers automatic route calculation for a given distance, a workout diary, workout histograms and analysis tools for measured data like speed, ascent, heart-rate, and personal aerobic zone. The new release includes a new routing feature that is based on openStreetMap. This allows users to create routes with the openStreetMap routing editor and then upload the corse to a GPS device or share it with GPSies. [Download - 4.3MB]


  • Apps: MyMacTime, Flock, BannerZest

    05/19, 11:00am

    RevolverHD, BravoTunes

  • MyMacTime 1.2 ($20) is a tool for tracking time spent on different projects. Users can enter all the tasks they are currently working on and then either enter the time spent on each one manually or have the application log it. Tasks can then be synchronized with iCal for printing or sharing. The update has added a new option that allows users to choose if they want the session timer to stop, pause or continue when a computer enters sleep mode. The session summary view and session scope bar can now be hidden and several small bugs have also been addressed. [Download - 4.6MB]


  • Apps: ArchiveMac, TaskTime, SofaControl

    05/08, 2:05pm

    Calcline, Stainless

  • ArchiveMac 1.2 ($25) allows users to backup large files to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks. If the contents of a backup are larger than what can be stored on one disk the software can split the data across multiple discs which are then patched together when restored. The archive discs are burned in a way that allows them to be restored on any Mac, Windows or Linux computer without the need for any additional software. Version 1.2 has improved the process of burning discs by allowing discs in a set to be skipped and adding support for burning multiple copies of a disc. [Download - 4.8MB]


  • Apps: Flexteam, AutoRate, Mail-Grab

    04/02, 7:45pm

    MBS Filemaker, AnyToISO

  • Flexteam 2.1 ($40) is a group scheduling program that helps users share information and work jointly on schedules. Users can display their schedules in different formats, such as by day, week, month, or year, generate PDF files, and publish a schedule to a website. The update includes a new search function that has been integrated into the tool bar and a new "Tasks to assign" window for managing temporary tasks. [Download - 11.8MB]


  • Apps: WaterThumber, Chronograph, Get Backup

    03/20, 4:55pm

    Prosopagnosia, MLB Sched

  • WaterThumber 2.1 ($20) is a tool that allows users to resize images for online publication in one batch process. The software can create high-quality thumbnails and smaller versions of images or add custom watermarks. Brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness adjustments can also be made to each image and all the EXIF data, including brand-specific camera information and GPS coordinates are preserved. Version 2.1 includes three new watermark placement options and a new bug reporting system. The update also includes a few graphical changes and fixes for several miscellaneous bugs. [Download - 3.3MB]


  • ConceptDraw Office 1.2 adds full screen mode, more

    02/17, 1:55pm

    ConceptDraw update ships

    CS Odessa has updated ConceptDraw Office, with improvements in version 1.2 for the three applications in the suite, ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO. ConceptDraw MINDMAP now has a Full Screen mode, making mind map presentations easier during meetings, while maintaining full editing capabilities. ConceptDraw PROJECT adds additional visual reports to help project managers track activities and project progress. Project and task status can be presented visually for a project team. The ConceptDraw PRO update features new content and libraries for the transport industry, and adds professional themes for business graphics and presentations.


    Apps: iWeb SEO Tool, NoteList, ScreenAudit

    01/20, 11:55am

    NR Time, GlimmerBlocker

  • iWeb SEO Tool 1.1 (free) is a utility that can optimize a user's iWeb created website for search engines. iWeb SEO Tool allows users to add page title tags, meta tags and alternative image text without having to mess with the base HTML code. In the update the "Apply all" button allows users to apply saved optimizations to an entire iWeb website and several crashing bugs have been fixed. [Download - 9.4MB]


  • Curio 5.0 adds Status Shelf, iCal sync, more

    08/26, 8:10pm

    Curio updated to v5.0

    Zengobi has announced a major update to it brainstorming and project management software, Curio 5.0. Curio features a freeform interface designed to promote creativity and free thinking. New in v5.0 is a Status Shelf for tracking to-do items over multiple projects and iCal synchronization for events and to-do items. Also new are Idea Space templates and collapsible mind maps. An Inspector bar, figure styles and color-coded dates have been added, and the Scrapbook shelf, search features and cross-project linking have all been upgraded.


    Apps: RiftVault, VectorDesigner, SMTPit Pro

    07/17, 6:15pm

    SMTPit Pro

    • RiftVault 1.0 ($40) 256-bit AES encryption keeps credit card numbers secure, documents safe, and secrets confidential. Designed exclusively for Mac OS X Leopard. The new release includes major improvements to the UI, has a full feature set and include ssignificant stability and security improvements [Download - form]

    • VectorDesigner 1.4 ($70) application for vector drawings, diagrams and illustrations, raster image handling, filtering and color correction. This release introduces user definable templates: a template can contain all the elements that are available in a standard VectorDesigner document, such as paper size, units, rulers positions, layers etc. [Download - 4.9MB]

    • SMTPit Pro 4.1.0 ($65) FileMaker plug-in that provides a vast array of email options. You can send simple text based messages or you can send complex HTML messages. You can send a single message or an entire mail out. Its functionality is flexible enough to cover many email tasks. The new release fixes issues dealing with Files and Folders that contained forward and backward slashes and issues on Mac where the plug-in couldn't deal with files on mounted volumes in certain circumstances. [Download - form]

    • Merlin 2.6 ($225) project management software designed exclusively for the Mac. With Merlin 2.6, you will be able to publish your project file over the web either as a live HTML document so you can collaborate with other users over the web or as a static HTML page that you can share with the team. This feature opens the door for all users who wish to use Merlin but can't because they are tied to an operating system other than Mac OS X. [Download - 37MB]


    CS Odessa announces ConceptDraw Office

    05/06, 4:25pm

    ConceptDraw Office

    Ukraine's CS Odessa has announced the development of ConceptDraw Office, a forthcoming project management suite. The suite collects the company's PRO, PROJECT and MINDMAP applications, and integrates them into a single platform; together the apps are claimed to handle "all aspects" of project management, from brainstorming and team creation through to planning, resources and results.



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