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ezGear debuts ezSkin cases for iPhone 3G

06/20, 9:20am

ezSkin cases fro iPhone

ezGear on Friday announced two new cases designed specifically for the iPhone 3G. The ezSkin Laundau is a lightweight silicon case that includes a transparent plastic film to protect the iPhones touch-screen. The Landau preserves complete access to all ports, and uses ezGears 'ezButton' feature for the volume and power controls on the device. It is available in white, black and pink; it is priced at $15. The ezSkin Plus is aimed at iPhone users seeking enhanced protection and additional features such as a spring-loaded belt clip. Again made from durable silicon, the Plus differs from its more minimalist sibling by offering protection to every visible part of the iPhone. The touch-screen rather than using the thinner film of the Landau case, is covered by a thicker static transparent protector. This more substantial case is also offered in white, black or pink as well with a price tag of $20.


Alu-Magnesium metal MacBook case debuts

06/12, 5:45pm

Alu-Magnesium case

Decocases has introuced its Alu-Magnesium metal case which features strong protection for the MacBook and MacBook Pro and allows avoidance of overheating. Decocases Alu-Magnesium case allows the user to use the MacBook without removing it from the case while having full access to all of the MacBook's functions. The original low profile base with integrated heat conduction plate helps to cool the MacBook when in use. The company claims that other plastic or leather case may trap the heat released by MacBook and make the device from overheating.


USBfever unveils four new cases for iPod touch

02/13, 1:00am

USBfever adds four cases

USBfever today unveiled four new cases for the iPod touch, made from lightweight plastics, featuring a number of different designs. The cases leave the screen and ports accessible, while covering the chassis of the Touch. The designs range from a skull, a Japanese-inspired floral pattern, colorful boxes, and a patchy grey case, featuring Argentinean revolutionary Che Guevara. All four cases are available from for $20.


Tunewear unveils entire Tuneshell iPod line

02/01, 12:55am

Tuneshell for new iPods

Tunewear today announced the availability of the Tuneshell clear case for the entire current iPod lineup. The Tuneshell is constructed from clear polycarbonate plastics, and offers complete screen protection, while leaving ports and controls open for use. Three case styles are available for the iPod nano 3G, which include Tuneshell Mirror, and Tuneshell BlackBack. Mirror features a mirrored front that allows the screen to shine through, while the Blackback has a clear front and back rear. Both models include a belt clip, while the standard Tuneshell comes with a lanyard. Prices for the Tuneshell line of cases range from $20 to $30.



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