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Topic: patents

Apple researching cameras that can capture direction of light for better AR, VR

06/22/2021, 09:06 am

Future iPhone cameras that capture the direction light is traveling may provide greater 3D detail that will improve Apple AR walk-through experiences.


Apple's UWB tech could make pointing the remote control matter again

06/22/2021, 08:06 am

An iPhone or another remote control may one day take advantage of Ultra Wideband to provide users with information about nearby devices or change what controls are available, simply by pointing it at different things.


Apple's VR headset may borrow air conditioning technology to keep users cool

06/17/2021, 09:06 am

Future "Apple Glass," or other Apple AR headsets, could use air deflectors to direct heat away from a wearer's head.


Apple Watch body temperature sensor research underway since at least 2019

06/17/2021, 07:06 am

Claims that a future Apple Watch will be able to sense the temperature of the wearer's skin have been further backed up by a newly-revealed patent application.


Apple has worked on new iMac's speaker designs since 2019

06/10/2021, 06:06 am

A new filing shows that Apple started working on effective speakers for the small space within the new 24-inch iMac from late 2019.


'Apple Glass' may automatically control HomeKit lighting devices

06/01/2021, 07:06 am

Apple is researching how to make "Apple Glass," or other AR devices, sense and automatically adjust the ambient lighting around the wearer using HomeKit.


'Apple Glass' may use a True Tone-style feature to match AR with ambient light

05/27/2021, 09:05 am

As part of making virtual objects appear to fit in with the real-world environment, "Apple Glass" may adjust AR elements depending on light and other factors in the real world.


Apple research defines how new Apple Watch accessibility features could work

05/27/2021, 07:05 am

Apple Watch will shortly gain AssistiveTouch features such as being able to stop an alarm when the wearer gestures with their hand, and newly-revealed Apple research may have all the details.


Apple AR will intelligently identify and annotate items of interest

05/20/2021, 08:05 am

As the wearer of "Apple Glass," or any Apple AR device, sees an object they're interested in, Apple wants the system to understand that and provide useful details.


Future iPhones may guide stranded people to help, even without cell service

05/18/2021, 11:05 am

Apple wants the iPhone to be able to lead injured or stranded people to where they can get help, even where lack of internet means traditional location-finding is impossible.


Apple Gloves could detect how you roll your finger or grip a hammer

05/18/2021, 07:05 am

The rumored Apple Glass could take advantage of force-sensing gloves, with a collection of sensors used to detect hand movements including typing on a virtual keyboard and how the user grips physical objects.


Future MacBook Pro, iPhone hinges could automatically adjust flexibility

05/18/2021, 07:05 am

Apple wants MacBook Pro and foldable iPhone lids to move smoothly when you open them, but then be rigidly strong supports for the display -- and automatically adjust to what you need.


Apple evaluating expanding Secure Enclave protections for multiple users

05/13/2021, 07:05 am

Apple is researching ways to allow multiple users to benefit from Touch ID, or similar biometric systems, while keeping the protection of the current secure enclave.


Uniloc fails to overturn Apple success in VoIP patent dispute

05/13/2021, 05:05 am

A Federal Circuit judge has rejected Uniloc's challenge of a previous FaceTime VoIP patent ruling that was chiefly in Apple's favor.


'Apple Car' may use AR for windshield heads-up display

05/11/2021, 08:05 am

The windshield of "Apple Car" may present the driver with an augmented reality view for lane control, hazard avoidance, and otherwise obscured details of the environment.


Apple researching how to prevent wireless chargers from interfering with CarKey

05/06/2021, 09:05 am

Future versions of Apple's CarKey could detect when it's being used near wireless chargers, and alter how it works to avoid interference.


'Apple Glass' could adjust brightness to make use more comfortable

05/06/2021, 07:05 am

Apple wants to avoid the discomfort of a user taking off an Apple AR headset like "Apple Glass," and going from darkness to the brightness of the real environment around them.


Gaze detection could prevent others from snooping your iPad screen

05/04/2021, 10:05 am

A future iPad, iMac, or MacBook may offer a unique form of privacy for a user looking at sensitive documents, by tracking their gaze to work out what part of the screen they are looking at, while simultaneously obscuring the rest of the display with bogus data to throw off onlookers.


Apple examining use of knitted fabric for iPhone cases - like the iPod Socks

05/04/2021, 07:05 am

Apple is examining how to produce iPhone cases from knitted fabric instead of molded silicone, similar to not just the braided Apple Watch band, but also potentially like the long-gone iPod Socks.


Future iPhones may show 3D images without 'Apple Glass'

04/27/2021, 01:04 pm

Apple is researching how to present a 3D Apple AR image on a flat screen, like that of an iPhone or iPad.