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Hands On: InFocus Pro (iOS)

02/16, 8:18am

Easy to use personal organizer app offers the right amount of features.

Finding the perfect organizational app isn't nearly as cut-and-dried as it sounds. For most users, it's a matter of well-designed features and aesthetics, but a large part of it boils down to personal preference. Some users prefer simple organizer apps with a few core features, while others tend to prefer feature-heavy, robust apps. In an effort to help you find the perfect day-planning app for you, we sat down with InFocus Pro by Elixir Software Group, an app aimed at helping you organize your projects and activities.


Briefly: LGBTQ youth tech initiative, Sesame2 Bluetooth Smart Keyfob

08/08, 10:30pm

Power On youth access initiative launches for LGBTQ teens

Straight But Not Narrow, The Trevor Project and Human I-T have announced a joint initiative to provide LGBTQ youth access to computers and online resources. Entitled "Power On", the initiative will run until LGBT Spirit Day on October 17, with the organizations encouraging donations of laptops, tablets and smartphones for distribution to LGBTQ resources centers throughout the US. The aim of the project is to provide youth with access to the Internet for the purpose of being more readily connected to peer support regarding sexual and gender identities. Donated devices will be refurbished by Human I-T.


Yahoo interim CEO cleans house: commerce division merged

05/18, 8:40pm

Thompson-hired exec loses position, other shakeups

Yahoo's new boss, appointed just four days ago, is wasting no time in reorganization and shaking up the company. Interim CEO Ross Levinsohn is consolidating a consumer commerce division created by ex-CEO Scott Thompson. Instead of operating separately, the commerce group will be folded into the company's global media force.


Logitech shakes up executive team after earnings report

04/26, 1:40am

New president eliminates two executive positions

Following a lackluster fourth-quarter fiscal report, Logitech announced an executive reorganization to simplify the entire organization through restructuring. Two executive management positions were eliminated completely, with one executive leaving the company on May 15.


Briefly: Aqua Data Server launched, Valentina Office Server

11/07, 11:40am

Valentina Office Server made free

AquaFold has announced the launch of Aqua Data Server, a new product that can help organizations simplify and lower the cost of their business intelligence and data warehousing environments. The software provides an open API for accessing, manipulating and visualizing data from numerous sources. The APIs are accessible from scripts, known as AquaScripts, which use a simple JavaScript based programming language. The scripts can be executed by multiple users simultaneously, or scheduled for automatic execution with the Aqua Data Server scheduler. Pricing is based on the number of required threads, with a three thread personal license starting at $1500.


Briefly: Pangea and OmniGroup update apps for iPhone 4

06/25, 6:05pm

OmniFocus update adds multitasking

Pangea Software has updated all of its current iPhone games, adding full compatibility with the new iPhone 4 and iOS 4. The updates add native support for the new retina display, enabling each game to operate at the native 960x640 resolution. Updated titles include Enigmo, a puzzle game where players direct falling water droplets; Cro-Mag Rally, an arcade-style racing game with a variety of of stone-age vehicles; Warheads, a Missle Command style game; Bugdom 2, an action-adventure game where players take control of a grasshopper, and more. All of Pangea Software's applications can be found in the App Store with prices ranging from free up to $10.


Briefly: USB cable organizers, NI's Massive Threat

01/13, 8:50pm

Massive Threat instrument released

Quirky has released a new line of products for organizing and storing USB cables. Cable Caps are designed to protect the male end of a USB cable when it is not in use. The top of each Cable Cap features a unique character with a built-in slot to store the end of the USB cable, while the body section acts as a stretchable band that can be used to tie up the remaining cord. The product line includes six different characters including Printer Man, Phone Dude, Camera Gal, Eye Baller, Egg Man and 'Da Bulb. Cable Caps can be purchased online in sets of three for $8.


PerfectTablePlan Pro, Advanced updates seating, planning app

09/10, 12:05am

PerfectTablePlan Pro, Advanced Editions

Oryx Digital has released new Professional and Advanced Editions of its seating and planning software, PerfectTablePlan. The app offers tools for creating and arranging seating places for special occasions such as weddings or award ceremonies, and includes printable charts and reports. The two new editions bring more customizable features, and allow users to add tables onto a scaled floor plan simply by dragging and dropping. More reporting options have been included which make it possible to report the meal selection by either the table or the amount of money owing.


Mail Act-On 2.1 adds Snow Leopard support, new features

09/02, 10:30pm tool offers organzation, filtering, more

Indev Software has released Mail Act-On 2.1, an update to its organization and management tool for Apple’s Mail application. Mail Act-On integrates it’s outbox and rules into Mail’s rules editor, and provides simpler ways for moving, copying and filtering messages. The 2.1 update contains new features including bringing the maximum number of configurable destination mailboxes up to 10, and the ability to have inbox, outbox and Act-On rules now activate other defined rules. Users can also apply Act-On rules to prior messages, enabling the program to automatically file messages that the user just replied to, or re-file sent mail whenever a reply is received.


Apps: KavaMovies, BetterZip, eBaytoiCal

09/01, 5:15pm

SignalScope, R10cipher

  • KavaMovies 1.4 ($35) is a movie database application that allows users to organize the movies they have seen, the ones they want to see and those that are a part of their collection. The application also connects to the internet to obtain extra information about each movie such as actors, directors, genres and more. The latest update adds a new favorites browser and has been optimized to run under Snow Leopards 64-bit architecture. The move to 64-bit should also result in improved interface performance and database access speeds. [Download - 4.6MB]


  • Apps: HoudahGeo, 1Password, Bean

    08/31, 1:30pm

    TapeDeck, Disc Cover

  • HoudahGeo 2.3 ($30) enables users to link photos to the location where they were taken, and supports writing that information to EXIF tags or publishing it to Google Earth. Users simply "pin" photos to their respective locations, and doesn't require a digital camera with built-in GPS capability or even a GPS device. The new release now fully supports viewing directions. The viewing direction can be added automatically from a compass enabled GPS or manually. A new German localization has also been added along side a new help book and other enhancements. [Download - 5.7MB]


  • Apps: Sync'Em, Speed Download, Hydra

    08/28, 4:50pm

    KavaServices, PageSender

  • Sync'Em 1.4 ($50) is an application for syncing Exchange, Google and Apple contact and calendar information. A new setup assistant has been added in this release which replaces the advanced setup user interface. Another new feature is the ability to automatically detect and relaunch the Sync'Em Engine if it dies. Version 1.4 adds support for Google recurring/detached calendar events and OS X 10.6. The update also fixes several bugs including one where an incorrect information source name could be shown in the conflict-resolution window. [Download - 20.3]


  • Apps: KeyCue, Reference Tracker, Posterino

    08/26, 8:15am

    DiskLibrary, SmartBackup

  • KeyCue 4.5 ($27) helps users to make better use of keyboard shortcuts that different applications provide. After holding down the Command key for a set period of time KeyCue opens and displays a table of all currently available menu shortcuts. Version 4.5 adds support for Snow Leopard and QuickKey shortcuts. The latest version of the software also includes a fix that correctly displays arrow keys as dashed arrows and distinguishes keys on the numeric keypad by using brackets. Several other miscellaneous errors have also been fixed with the update. [Download - 1.1MB]


  • Apps: BurnAgain FS, TextExpander, EasyBatch

    08/24, 12:40pm

    Solo Performer, CheckOff

  • BurnAgain FS 1.4 ($22) is used to burn a DVD or CD more than once without creating a volume for each session. Files on each disk can be added, removed and modified from within Finder. The latest version features Snow Leopard support and enhanced Finder integration. Several bugs have also been addressed with the new updated. [Download - 6.7MB]


  • Apps: Tidy Up!, Letter Opener, iTaskX

    08/19, 12:30pm

    Language, GaragePay

  • Tidy Up! 2.0.4 ($30) lets users search for duplicate files and packages with various filters. The application features a security system that ensures at least one file of the duplicate group on your disk will be kept. This system also allows users to undo the copying or moving of files. The latest update includes support for automatically burning to multiple discs when the total file size exceeds the limits of one. The option to export search criteria to a separate file has also been added along with several bug fixes. [Download - 25.7MB]


  • Apps: Pear Note, CosmoPod, MacGourmet

    08/18, 12:10pm

    Easy Currencies, Money

  • Pear Note 1.3 ($40) is a note taking application that can record audio and video while a user is taking notes. All activities during a session are recorded including audio, video, user actions, keystrokes and slide changes, which are then placed on a timeline which can be replayed. Version 1.3 includes a new Quick List feature that can be used to quickly add lists and outlines to Pear Note Documents. A Highlighting feature has also been added along with a preference for setting the default font. [Download - 3.2MB]


  • Apps: Warranty Hero, PDFpen, MacTimer

    08/12, 12:45pm

    Finder Rename, AudioRefurb

  • Warranty Hero 1.3.2 ($15) allows users to keep track of a products life-span and its accompanying warranty. The application can track a products name, vendor, purchase date and a warranty expiry date. Optional information for serial number, price, and a product image can be entered as necessary. Version 1.3.2 includes several new interface enhancements and removes an error dialog window from the demo version. Multiple bugs were also fixed with the update. [Download - 5.3MB]


  • Conjure 4 improves iChat Theatre support

    08/07, 10:55am

    Conjure 4 released

    A v4 upgrade has been released for Conjure, an organizational utility. The software creates flowcharts and similar mental diagrams, in order to structure a user's thoughts. The latest version has been released as a 64-bit application, and fixes all known bugs from v3. The update also enhances the majority of the program's tools, as well as iChat Theatre support.


    Apps: Icon Commander, Vinoteka, Mac Restart X

    07/30, 5:45pm

    Evernote, Snowtape

  • Icon Commander 1.20 ($30) can be used to convert images into Mac or Windows icon files. The software features support for most common image formats and includes a collection of icon styles to use. Users are provided tools for cropping and rotating the image to fit the chosen style. Icon Commander includes support for Windows Vista 256x256 icons with alpha channel and Leopard 256x256 Mac OS X icons. Version 1.2 includes a new style editor for making modifications to the pre-defined icon styles and also addresses a few minor bugs. [Download - 4.5MB]


  • Apps: WaterThumber, A Better Finder Rename, WhatsOpen

    07/29, 5:10pm

    Warranty Hero, VideoDrive

  • WaterThumber 2.2 ($20) is a tool that allows users to resize images for online publication in one batch process. The software can create high-quality thumbnails and smaller versions of images or add custom watermarks. Brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness adjustments can also be made to each image and all the EXIF data, including brand-specific camera information and GPS coordinates are preserved. The latest release allows users to import iPhoto albums and includes several interface modifications. The update has also fixed several bugs and typos. [Download - 5.3MB]


  • Apps: Dates to iCal, DMG Master, Media Catalog

    07/28, 12:45pm

    Bricksmith,Easy Currencies

  • Dates to iCal 2.1 ($5) is a tool that can be used to sync information between iCal and Address Book. The software can retrieve dates from Address Book, such as birthdays and anniversaries, then automatically create events in iCal. Users can choose to add up to five alarms for each date and includes the option for selecting which groups in Address Book should be synced. The latest update also users to have separate calendars for birthdays and anniversary events and now syncs sub-groups from the Address Book as well as top level groups. Overall sync speed has also been improved and several small bugs have been addressed. [Download - 2.4MB]


  • Apps: Big Mean Folder Machine, ReelBean, CDFinder

    07/22, 4:40pm

    OggQuickLook, EarthBrowser

  • The Big Mean Folder Machine 2.0 ($15) is a tool for merging files and folders from several locations into one folder. Users can choose from different sorting options such as, sorting a set number of files into folders, organizing files into folders of a set file size, organizing files into folders alphabetically, and more. The v2.0 release features a re-designed interface, improved droplet automation, file name conflict resolution, automated software updates, and improved overall performance. [Download - 2.2MB]


  • Apps: SharewarePublisher, OfficeTime, Smasher

    07/14, 2:15pm

    SerialMailer, AmazonPedia

  • SharewarePublisher 1.1 ($56) allows developers to easily submit their applications to different software listing sites and repositories. The application comes with a list of almost 200 pre-configured shareware sites, about 100 of which list Mac software. Users can track how many sites they have submitted their application too and how many have listed the software. The latest release includes a new feature which can automatically copy a product's category from a submission form and store it in the softwares database. The update also fixes a problem where a created site was not displayed in the Sites drawer and a drag and drop issue present in Snow Leopard. [Download - 3.4MB]


  • Apps: Pod to Mac, Hazel, TimeLog

    07/13, 7:50pm

    Pongo, Pukka

  • Pod to Mac 3.0 (free) is a tool for transferring media from an iPod or iPhone directly into iTunes. The main interface displays all of the media stored on the device and allows users to selectively choose tracks to transfer. Transferred tracks also carry over details such as play counts and ratings. Version 3.0 adds support for the iPhone 3.0 firmware and allows users to disconnect an iPhone and reconnect another one without needing to restart the software. [Download - 0.83MB]


  • Apps: Geotagalog, myDocuments, Language Alchemist X

    07/10, 2:15pm

    iReadFast, Ecoute

  • Geotagalog 1.4 ($20) is a utility for geotagging photos with a GPS tracklog. The software combines digital photos with location data that has been recorded into a GPS tracklog and shows a live location preview with mouseover thumbnails allowing a user to visually verify that tags are matched correctly. Version 1.4 adds the ability to select individual files instead of just folders and the option to import non-geotaggable items. The photo loading, adjustment and previewing performance has also been improved in this release. [Download - 13.3MB]


  • Apps: Fanurio, Pluto Menubar, myRecipes

    07/09, 2:10pm

    Clipboard Evolved,Celestia

  • Fanurio 2.1 ($60) is a time tracking and billing application designed for freelancers. The software allows users to organize work, track time and create invoices which can be generated into a text or html file using an invoice template. Users can also choose to export data as a CSV file which can then be imported into other applications such as Excel and Numbers. Version 2.1 allows users to change the time format used and includes support for printing documents from the Invoices table. Additionally, a new menu bar item has been added which displays the status of the timer and includes options for controlling the timer. The update has also been localized to German, Romanian, and Spanish, with several more translations in the works. [Download - 12.2MB]


  • Apps: Senuti, VideoPier, VideoFlash Converter

    07/07, 2:15pm

    WindowSets, Get Backup

  • Senuti 1.1 ($18) is a utility that can be used to transfers songs from an iPod to a computer. The software searches the iPod for music and then allows users to select music to transfer. When transferring files users can select to automatically import the songs to iTunes or to just copy them to a folder. Senuti also features support for transferring entire playlists. The update has added support for the iPhone 3.0 firmware. [Download - 11.8MB]


  • Apps: FlashVideo Converter, CaptureIt!, Camfrog

    07/06, 12:10pm

    MyMacTime, Letter Opener

  • FlashVideo Converter 3.1 ($100) is a tool for converting Flash SWF and FLV files to video files such as MP4, MOV and MPEG. The software has controls which allow users to adjust the codec parameters and to control the size and quality of the output video. Users can also adjust the resolution, quality, and audio settings of the conversion to their specific needs. The new release includes improved fps settings for QuickTime, MPEG, MPEG2, and MP4 files along with an updated preview window. [Download - 16.2MB]


  • Apps: Today, Letter Opener, Mac Games Arcade

    06/29, 12:45pm

    IP in menubar, EarthDesk

  • Today 1.8 ($15) is a calendar information and organization tool for the Mac. The application retrieves events and tasks that have been entered into iCal and then displays them within a small window. Users can also use the software to create or filter events, and navigate from day to day. The new release has prepared the application for the move to Snow Leopard and also updated the French localization. Additionally, several bugs have been fixed, including one which could prevent new calendars from being read. [Download - 3MB]


  • Apps: KavaMovies, ProfCast, HyperImage

    06/25, 2:30pm

    macVCR, Window Cleaner

  • KavaMovies 1.3 ($35) is a movie database application that allows users to organize the movies they have seen, the ones they want to see and those that are a part of their collection. The application also connects to the internet to obtain extra information about each movie such as actors, directors, genres and more. Version 1.3 includes a new Awards section that lets users see which movies were nominated for any year's Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards, etc. The update also features new settings that allow users to control which information is displayed in the browser. [Download - 4.3MB]


  • Apps: Currency Assistant, Schreiben, Redhand

    06/22, 3:10pm

    Album Assistant,Fantasktik

  • Currency Assistant 3.1 ($19) allows users to convert values between 175 world currencies (all major circulating currencies plus the 16 Eurozone legacy currencies). The software also automatically updates exchange rates over the Internet using the rates published by the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of Italy. The new release allows the Rate indicator and the Rate pop-up menu to show either currency names or ISO codes. Users can also now display the names of the currencies in a converter by placing the mouse pointer over its Switch Currency pop-up menus. [Download - 2.2MB]


  • Briefly: Father's Day sale, Take Control of Safari 4

    06/19, 6:55pm

    Deskology releases DESKSET

    In brief: To celebrate Father's Day, XtraLean Software is currently offering 50-percent discounts on two of its software products. Until the end of the weekend customers can purchase ShutterBug and ImageWell for $20 and $10, respectively. TiBITS Publishing has announced the release of "Take Control of Safari 4," a book which explains some of the new features in the latest iteration of the Safari browser. Deskology has announced that it will be relaunching its DESKSET accessory kit which features several pieces for organizing a desktop. All of the components are made of anodized aluminum and have been designed to match the style of Apple's computers.


    Apps: Combine PDFs, ZenTask, iWeb Backup Pro

    06/16, 11:45am

    eMail Bounce, Photo Print

  • Combine PDFs 4.3 ($30) is a utility that allows users to merge PDF files and images into one PDF file. Users can also split a PDF file or create a new PDF file with interleaved pages from two different PDF files. Version 4.3 includes two new menu commands, one for reordering pages for duplex 2 on 1 page book printing, and the other for removing blank pages. The update also includes German and French localizations and improves the softwares memory usage. [Download - 5MB]


  • Apps: RouteBuddy, Delicious Library, ProteMac Meter

    06/11, 12:00pm

    iTube, Snapper

  • RouteBuddy 2.5 ($100) is a GPS mapping utility for Mac OS X with the ability to analyze and create new routes and tracks from geo-data files. The software is able to transfer waypoint, route and track data to and from supported GPS units, which include most USGlobalSat, Garmin, TomTom, and NMEA Devices. The 2.5 update has added support for raster topographic maps which can be viewed side-by-side with vector-based road maps. The update has also improved compatibility with Google Earth and includes a free sample topographic map. [Download - 37.7MB]


  • Apps: SiteCapture, iTube, Light Blue: Photo

    06/08, 12:20pm

    SizeUp, iCab

  • SiteCapture 1.2 (free) is a tool for capturing images of webpages. The URL addresses of sites can be added individually or entire Safari bookmark folders can be imported. The software then loads each link in a virtual browser and coverts the page into either JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, or BMP image file. The 1.2 release is capable of capturing the full height of a page in a single image and is now being offered as freeware. The update has also addressed several bugs including one that could cause file names of images to conflict. [Download - 0.38MB]


  • Apps: iPhoto2Gmail, Calico, Searchlight

    06/01, 11:00am

    Bean, myNotes

  • iPhoto2Gmail 1.1 (free) is a plug-in for iPhoto which allows users to send images through a Gmail account. Users can select which pictures they would like to send and then add contacts, a subject, and a message to the email. The plug-in also allows users to define how large they want the sent image files too be. The new release is now able to preserve EXIF and ColorSync data when it resizes images and can remember the last used resizing and sending options. [Download - 0.7MB]


  • Apps: pulpTunes, DiscLabel, Cover Stream

    05/27, 2:00pm

    ReelBean, myDocuments

  • pulpTunes 1.1 (free) allows users to access their iTunes collection remotely through a web browser. After installing the software users will be provided with an IP address that will allow them to access their music from any web browser. pulpTunes supports MP3 and AAC files and allows users to download the tracks from the web browser interface. Version 1.1 has introduced a performance boost for large music libraries and a new search function. The update also includes the ability to rate songs and has renamed "Party Shuffle" to "iTunes DJ" mimicking the name change in iTunes 8.1. [Download - 4MB]


  • Apps: Product Manager, Font Viewer, Alarm Clock Pro

    05/21, 12:55pm

    Pandora, BusySync

  • Product Manager 1.3 ($30) is used to help companies manage their products, through the creation of an unlimited number of documents, which can further contain an unlimited number of products inside. All items stored in the program can also be organized into subdivisions and contain generic data fields, releases notes, press releases, bug lists and to-do lists. In version 1.3 the upper bar has been updated to display the selected products icon, family, and product name. The new version allows allows users to lock any element of a products and includes a bug fix for the Browse mode. [Download - 0.93MB]


  • Apps: Find Any File, Little Snitch, Syncopation

    05/11, 5:45pm

    ScreenEdit, Kaohi

  • Find Any File 1.2 (free) can search for files on a Macs hard drive by name, creation or modification date, size or type and creator code. The application can run as the root users allowing it to find files that can be missed by Spotlight and also features a hierarchical view of all found items for fast sorting. Version 1.2 has added options to only search remote volumes, removing the hovering tooltips, and increasing text size. The update has also addressed several small bugs and should be less prone to crashing now. [Download - 3.9MB]


  • Apps: CDFinder, iSoftPhone, SousChef

    05/05, 12:35pm

    myMacTime, ProximityMines

  • CDFinder 5.5 ($39) catalogs photos, music and other files kept on any sort of connected storage, including hard disks, DVD drives and server volumes. The latest release now has support for movie files and is said to include speed improvements when cataloging. CDFinder 5.6 now catalogs thumbnails of various video file formats, improves geotagging support for photos, and has improved cataloging. Now while cataloging CDFinder includes the contents of ISO disk images, contents of RAR archive files larger than 4 GB, and the cover art of AAC files. [Download - 8.1MB]


  • Apps: RSS DreamFeeder, Phone plugins, Product Manager

    05/04, 5:40pm

    Voila, DaisyDisk

  • RSS DreamFeeder 2.5 ($50) is a Dreamweaver extension that can help users create and edit RSS feeds. The tool allows users of Adobe's Dreamweaver to publish RSS feeds without having to retype any of the content and without the need for prior XML or RSS knowledge. Version 2.5 is now compatible with with CS4 and features improved RSS and ATOM generation. The update has also added an automated entry removal feature that automatically removes a feed entry if the source is removed. [Download - 3.2MB]


  • Apps: GrandTotal, Airfoil, NoteList

    04/30, 5:35pm

    Snowtape, Slipbox

  • GrandTotal 1.3 ($65) is an invoicing application for Mac OS X that is designed for freelancers and small to mid sized companies. GrandTotal features a built-in editor that allows users to adjust their layout to fit a companies corporate design. Version 1.3 allows users to set invoice and estimate values to be reset on either a monthly or yearly basis along with several other advanced preferences. The update also adds support for custom paper sizes to the built in layouts and fixes several bugs. [Download - 9.6MB]


  • Apps: PageSender, Mealplan, Labels $ Addresses

    04/28, 1:30pm

    SuperSync, DMG Master

  • PageSender 4.5 ($40) can send faxes and (PDF) emails directly from the print dialog, receive faxes using your fax modem, filter spam faxes by station name, design custom fax cover pages, and send faxes easily via eFax, jConnect, EasyLink, MaxEmail or RapidFax services. The update has added support for Sparkle which is a utilty that makes updating software simpler along with support for the fax-via-email service and other small fixes and improvements. [Download - 7.3MB]


  • Apps: CleanApp, WindowShade X, Pear Note

    04/24, 8:15pm

    Task Timer, Tico

  • CleanApp 3 ($13) is an uninstaller and system management tool that allows users to delete cache files, applications and other items wasting drive space. The software looks for all of the files associated with an application, including the caches and .plists that are missed when deleting through the Trash. Version 3.1 comes with a new graphical view that displays disk usage for folders or the whole hard drive along. The update also has improved overall performance and includes new safeguards to protect system files from being deleted. [Download - 8.3MB]


  • Apps: AttendeesAlerter, Aperture2Twitter, Pantry

    04/19, 9:55pm

    WeatherOffice, Dictionary

  • AttendeesAlerter 1.3 ($15) is a utility that can send reminder e-mails to contacts listed within an iCal event. The application periodically checks through a user's iCal events, searches for assigned contacts and sends a reminder e-mail using Apple's Mail application. The update includes a fix for a minor bug. [Download - 5.4MB]


  • Apps: Evernote, SizzlingKeys, MLB Schedule

    04/07, 8:25pm

    QuickWho, Hawkscope

  • Evernote 1.4 (free) lets a user capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform is available. This information is then accessible and search able at anytime. The software can be used for creating notes that handle both text and audio and finding printed and handwritten text within images. Version 1.4 includes several new search keyboard shortcuts and a global new note shortcut. The update has also improved the format menu and fixed the option for changing notebooks from within the Extended Note area. [Download - 13.8MB]


  • Apps: EasyFrame, Art Text, Web Site Maestro

    03/05, 2:10pm

    Mac Restart, Schmierzettel

  • EasyFrame 2.3 ($15) is a simple utility for quickly creating basic frames around images. The application comes with a built-in library of frames and also allows users to build their own or download additional frames from the web. Version 2.3 has added a Photo Browser to make image selection easier and has also rearranged some menu items to be more consistent with other applications. [Download - 6.4MB]


  • Apps: VideoFlash Converter, SkypeCap, Slife

    03/04, 7:40pm

    Lounge, YouView

  • VideoFlash Converter 2.3 ($40) allows the conversion of QuickTime compatible video files to either the Adobe Flash SWF or FLV format. The most popular formats are supported, including AVI, MOV, MPG, DivX and more. Version 2.3 includes improved encoding, jerkless encoding and various bug fixes. [Download - 15.7MB]


  • Apps: XgridLite, Cronette, CrossOver Games

    02/26, 4:05pm

    CheckUp, GetFilePath

  • XgridLite 1.1 ($15) is a preference pane that allows users to enable the Xgrid controller on standard desktop versions of Mac OS X. It allows users to turn on and off the built-in Xgrid controller with a single click, set passwords for client and agent authentication, reset the controller to default settings, and more. [Download - 0.17MB]


  • Apps: Contour, FTP Maker, iVox

    02/24, 8:45pm

    Patent Grabber, Tetris

  • Contour 1.1 ($50) is a story development tool that can help with the process of turning a movie idea into a full outline. The software uses a fill-in the-blanks approach where the user is asked series of questions on topics like loglines, the protagonist's growth and the beats to be used in each of four acts. The update has added new sample content and allows users to enter Contour XML files form the File menu. Version 1.1 also includes several small interface enhancements and bug fixes. [Download - 4.6MB]


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