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Hands On: Curio 10 (OS X)

11/24, 7:21am

Comprehensive and powerful note taking app gets updated

You should probably get some coffee: this may take a while. We've previously reviewed Curio Express 9.4.7 and found it so swimming in features that it was hard to really grasp all that it can do and we ended up inadequately summarising it as a notetaking app. However, the Express one is like a Lite, cutdown edition and now there's the full-blown Curio 10. It has so many features it can't contain them all and needs to spill out into an extra, free Curiota 1.0.


Hands On: Apple's Notes 4.0 (OS X, iOS)

10/27, 1:50pm

So, hang on, is this competition for Evernote or Pages?

We're all for Apple disrupting industries but, honestly, we were fine here. No disruption needed, but we got it anyway. You got Pages if you wanted to write anything serious, you got Microsoft Word if you had to, and you used Apple Notes if you didn't know any better. It was ever thus -- until now. As of OS X El Capitan and iOS 9, we have Apple Notes 4.0 and it is just about world-changing. The only problem that, possibly not your world, though.


Hands On: Intellie Notes 1.0.5 (OS X)

08/05, 9:24am

Minimalist but colorful note taker

There is definitely a case of just having someplace you can scribble down a thought, a phone message, a shopping list. There is also definitely an entire industry devoted to creating such note taking apps and it's a mightily productive one. Search on the word 'note' in the Mac App Store and you get nearly 600 results. Do it on an iPhone and you get just under 9,000. This is the world Intellie Notes 1.0.5 is stepping in, and it's no criticism to say that it has about as much reason to buy it as most of the others do.


Hands On: Vesper 2.005 (iOS)

03/18, 10:30am

Minimalist and speedy note-taking app now also on iPad

We have come such a long way from the original iPhone's yellow Notes app with its very yellow pages and Comic Sans font. Did we mention yellow? Today's Vesper, from Q Branch, does the same job -- yet comes from the opposite end of the design spectrum with a plain, tasteful look and typography control. It's also much faster than Notes ever was, and its syncing of individual notes is quicker than Evernote's.



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