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China sees debut of native Music, Movies, iBooks stores

09/30, 7:35pm

Apple Music and selected iTunes Stores now available locally

While the news will come as a surprise to those outside China, the country is only just today getting its own Apple Music service and some of the various iTunes Stores, including Movies and the iBookstore for the first time. The various stores will, as is the case in most other countries, emphasize native artists at least as much as western acts. Local heroes such as G.E.M. and Eason Chan will be seen in the Music store alongside popular western artists. The Movies store will feature Chinese cinema and Hollywood films, while the iBookstore will offer a wide selection of native-language e-books.


Follow-up: Sorkin apologizes for remarks against Cook

09/26, 9:00pm

Says both went too far, invites Apple CEO to see latest movie

On Friday, MacNN reported on remarks from Steve Jobs screenplay author Aaron Sorkin, who took umbrage to a comment Apple CEO Tim Cook made on last week's appearance on Stephen Colbert's Late Night show addressing in a general manner the various movies that have tried to address or capture the life and personality of the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. Cook said he found such movies "opportunistic" and "not a great part of our world," though he had not yet seen the new film from Sorkin and director Danny Boyle. Sorkin, having accused Cook of hypocrisy in the "opportunistic" remark, has since apologized.


Apple notes Pride Week with iOS LGBT apps, movies, more

06/26, 7:10am

Second year of recognition brings spotlight on LGBT-themed media

A day after New York City's Stonewall Inn received official landmark status, Apple debuted a curated collection of apps and media in its iOS App Store celebrating the advances the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community has made in recent years, as well as commemorating the 1969 riots at Stonewall that kicked off the modern pride movement. The company has a long history of publicly recognizing gay employees, stretching back to 1986.


Universal publishes full cast for upcoming Jobs biopic

01/28, 11:35am

Three actresses to assume role of Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Universal Studios has published the complete cast list for its upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, tentatively titled just Steve Jobs. Michael Fassbender has been confirmed as Jobs, while Seth Rogen will play Steve Wozniak. Jeff Daniels will assume the role of former Apple CEO John Sculley; Kate Winslet will be former Mac marketing head Joanna Hoffman, while Katherine Waterston will play Jobs' one-time girlfriend Chrisann Brennan. Michael Stuhlbarg will portray Mac programmer Andy Hertzfeld.


Perla Haney-Jardine cast as Lisa in Universal's Steve Jobs biopic

01/06, 11:29am

Relatively unknown actress takes role once linked to Natalie Portman

Actress Perla Haney-Jardine has been cast as Steve Jobs' first daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, in the upcoming Universal biopic of the former Apple CEO. Haney-Jardine is just 17 years old and a relative unknown, having only held supporting roles in movies like Kill Bill Vol. 2, Dark Water, and Spiderman 3. Her spot in the Jobs biopic may potentially be a breakthrough role, since screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has described Lisa as the "heroine" of the movie. At one point, Natalie Portman was attached to the role, but she decided to pass.


Kate Winslet could take 'lead' role in Jobs biopic

12/19, 4:22pm

Specific character unidentified

Actress Kate Winslet is currently in negotiations for "the female lead" in Universal's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, Variety reports. Winslet is best known for movies like Titanic, The Reader, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's not clear what the role will be, but top female characters in the film are thought to include Jobs' daughter Lisa, Jobs' wife Laurene Powell Jobs, and Katie Cotton, Apple's former PR head.


Best of 2014 iTunes list mixes mainstream, lesser-known picks

12/08, 9:59am

Top iPad apps previously promoted by Apple

Apple has introduced its annual "Best of 2014" list at the iTunes Store, promoting content in different media categories. The top iPad app, for instance, is Pixelmator, the image editing app Apple also highlighted during its recent press event for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. The top iPad game is Monument Valley, an Apple Design Award winner from WWDC.


MPAA launches website to help consumers find legal viewing options

11/17, 7:58pm

Where to Watch offers streaming sites, online episode purchases as viewing alternatives

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) introduced a new tool last week that aims to make it easier to sift through the streaming services on the Internet find legal channels to view hit television shows and movies. Where to Watch is referred to as a "one-stop shop" for connecting film and television fans to their desired entertainment, directing them to numerous legal viewing platforms with only a few clicks.


Michael Fassbender in talks to take over lead in Steve Jobs biopic

11/05, 10:43am

Would be replacing Christian Bale

Actor Michael Fassbender is now in early negotiations for the lead role in Sony's Steve Jobs biopic, sources tell Variety. Christian Bale recently made a surprise departure from the project, even as names like Seth Rogen have become attached to supporting roles. In explaining the move, Bale said he came to the conclusion that he wasn't right for playing Jobs.


Christian Bale no longer starring in Sony Jobs biopic, sources say

11/03, 2:55pm

Actor allegedly decided he didn't match part

Actor Christian Bale has decided to drop out of Sony's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The project was reportedly on schedule to start shooting this winter, and director Danny Boyle is said to be Los Angeles this week meeting with actors and actresses, including Seth Rogen, who could be playing Steve Wozniak. Bale, though, has allegedly decided he wasn't right for the lead role, and opted out of the movie.


Seth Rogen tapped to play Steve Wozniak in upcoming Jobs biopic

10/30, 4:42pm

Jessica Chastain could take unidentified role

Actor Seth Rogen may have been cast to star as Steve Wozniak in Sony's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, sources tell Variety. Rogen is best known for his comedy roles, starring in movies like Neighbors and This is the End, but he has also appeared in dramas such as 50/50. The sources add that Jessica Chastain is under consideration for the movie as well, but what role she might play is unknown.


Christian Bale in talks to star in next Steve Jobs biopic

10/15, 4:05pm

DiCaprio passes on role

Actor Christian Bale is in talks to play Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin, sources tell Variety. The movie is based on Walter Isaacson's popular biography, which was released just weeks after Jobs died in 2011 and featured rare, previously-unheard information gleaned through Jobs' cooperation. Bale is best known for movies such as Empire of the Sun, The Dark Knight, and American Psycho.


GOG expands beyond game sales, begins offering DRM-free movies

08/27, 7:23pm

Services launches new site, adds local currencies and adds films to existing model

Gaming marketplace GOG has undergone several changes this year, from announcing an expansion of its practices to compete better with Steam with GOG Galaxy to adding support for Linux games. Today, the company announced that it was extending its business to films, partially as an effort to show how effective the digital rights management-free (DRM) download model is.


Christian Bale said to be 'first choice' for Sorkin-penned Jobs movie

03/20, 4:02pm

Movie could start filming by end of 2014

Director David Fincher is considering Dark Knight and American Hustle star Christian Bale as his "first choice" to lead in Sony's Steve Jobs biopic, says The Wrap. Fincher is alleged to have met with Sony's Amy Pascal recently to discuss the possibility of his directing, but insisted that he would only direct if Bale can play Jobs. Fincher and Pascal previously collaborated on the remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Bale reportedly hasn't been approached yet, but mainly because he's said to be taking time off with family after finishing his role as Moses in Ridley Scott's Exodus.


David Fincher attached as possible director of Sorkin Jobs biopic

02/26, 1:18pm

Fight Club director allegedly in talks

David Fincher -- famous for directing movies like Fight Club and The Social Network -- could be put at the helm of the upcoming Sony Steve Jobs biopic written by Aaron Sorkin, writes the Hollywood Reporter. The publication says that Fincher is in talks for the movie, the script for which was finished in January. The movie is expected to revolve around three scenes, lasting about 30 minutes each, set during three Apple product launches.


Google Play app arrives on iOS in US, Japan, UK

01/15, 5:44pm

Supports Chromecast, but currently acts as little more than a catalog

In an odd move, Google has release an iOS app for its Google Play movies and TV offerings, but limited it to streaming already-purchased movies and TV shows. The application also supports the company's Chromecast TV device, finally bringing a way for iPhone users to stream purchased content from the phone to the device -- but does not allow users to purchase or rent content from within the app.


First trailer for Joshua Stern's 'Jobs' goes online

06/21, 2:24pm

Ashton Kutcher-led film to arrive in August

The first trailer for Joshua Michael Stern's Jobs biopic has debuted online. The movie stars Ashton Kutcher as former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Josh Gad as co-founder Steve Wozniak. The trailer (below) focuses on scenes of Apple's founding and initial success, but moves into Jobs being fired as CEO, only hinting at his "wilderness" years and later return to Apple.


Warner Archive Instant service provides vintage film streams

04/02, 10:59am

Archive-based catalog could serve niche audience

Warner Bros has opened up its catalog of historic movies and television shows on a new site for streaming subscribers, rather than more modern shows and theater productions. The Warner Archive Instant offers a selection of vintage films to watch instantly, and expands on the studio's existing Warner Archive store for DVD and Blu-ray discs. Currently, the service is only available in the US.


Disney Movies closing down streaming service at end of year

11/21, 6:48am

Existing Disney Movies Online system may be replaced

Disney is shutting down its movie rental service, Disney Movies Online, at the end of the year. The service allowed customers to buy and rent movies from Disney's catalog of films, including those made by Pixar, and also allowed buyers of physical film releases to stream the movies, but appears not to have garnered enough of an audience to make the service viable.


Briefly: AMC Theatres app, BearExtender in Walmart contest

03/27, 10:00pm

AMC app lets users check rewards, more

A new AMC Theatres iOS app that helps users find movie information, trailers, tickets, and promotions has been launched in the App Store. The free app can display all of the movies that are currently playing at local AMC Theatres, as well provide immediate notice when advance tickets go on sale. Users can also track all of the current AMC offers, store discounts, and watch trailers. Additionally, AMC Stubs members can check their rewards balance, view account information, and track the movies they have seen with the virtual stub feature.


X-Men movie uploader gets one-year prison sentence

12/19, 11:15pm

Pirate leaked prerelease cut

US District Judge Margaret Morrow has reportedly ordered a New York resident to serve one year in a federal prison for uploading the 20th Century Fox movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The sentence is particularly stiff for a pirating violation, however the defendant in the case, Gilberto Sanchez, uploaded a version of the film that had yet to finish post-production work.


Rifftrax debuts Riffplayer, syncs comedy commentary to film

12/05, 10:05pm

Free commentary offered for limited time

Fans of bad-movie-riffing comedy as was made popular by Mystery Science Theater 3000 can now enjoy new comedic commentaries on movies both bad and good with the release of RiffPlayer for Mac and Windows. The player automatically syncs purchased MP3 commentaries from the RiffTrax crew to user-purchased DVDs of the movie to be parodied, from major cult blockbusters to obscure public-domain B-movies.


Sony rumored to be after Aaron Sorkin for Steve Jobs movie

10/25, 4:55pm

Writer had personal connection to Jobs

Sony is treating Aaron Sorkin its top choice for writing the upcoming Steve Jobs movie, the Los Angeles Times reports. The paper's information is said to come from an anonymous source briefed on the film. Sorkin has allegedly been considering the job, but as of yesterday had not made a decision.


Apple preparing to expand iTunes music, movies across Europe

09/28, 3:35pm

Could signify wider Apple TV sales to match

(Updated with Swedish info) Ten more European Union countries should soon be getting access to the iTunes Music Store, according to a music industry source in touch with Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita. Only Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are mentioned by name. Apple though is said to be essentially ready to go with the expansion; a separate source suggests an October launch, which could in theory coincide with the company's October 4th press event or follow sometime thereafter.


Inmoo apps stream indie movies free to iPhone, iPad

09/22, 6:55pm

Nine new films available each week, which has been streaming independent movies and short films on its website since last year, has announced two iOS apps -- Inmoo Free for the iPod Touch and iPhone, and Inmoo HD for the iPad. Both apps, which are free but ad-supported, offer a choice of nine new independent films per week from Inmoo's growing content library. A paid version of the apps (Inmoo Plus) offers access to the entire library, advanced search and filtering as well as a forum.


Flipboard to carry movies, TV shows

08/25, 3:30pm

iPhone app to finally arrive within 'weeks'

Flipboard will begin carrying movies and TV shows in the near future, Reuters reports. The developer's CEO, Mike McCue, says that he will take on the project at the end of 2011. The executive is refusing to comment on which studios have been approached; it is also unclear how the content might be formatted, though by definition the change will suddenly put Flipboard into competition with other iPad video apps such as Netflix and Hulu.


Briefly: FontExplorer X updates, IMDb 2.2 released

08/23, 10:45am

IMDb iOS application updated

Monotype Imaging has released updates for its entire line of FontExplorer X software titles. Among several new features, FontExplorer X Pro 3.1 offers support for OS X Lion including a new full-screen mode. The update also introduces a plug-in for Adobe InCopy CS5.5, as well as new plug-ins for InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. The Windows client also offers plug-ins for the same applications, in addition to an enhanced interface. Finally, Font Explorer X Server 1.6 has gained support for multiple domains, nested groups and the ability to monitor active or open directory groups for user changes.


Apple still angling for movies, TV shows on iCloud

05/31, 4:40pm

Recent negotiations stepped up, sources say

Apple is still trying to negotiate for movies and TV shows on iCloud, just a week away from the Internet service's formal announcement, two sources close to the talks are quoted as saying. Even though discussions with Hollywood studios have been in progress for more than a year, Apple has allegedly intensified its efforts in recent weeks. Several stumbling blocks are getting in the way of allowing cloud hosting of movies, the sources note.


Warner launches Inception, The Dark Knight in app form

02/16, 11:55am

Bypasses regional iTunes limitations

Warner Bros. has taken the unusual step of launching "App Editions" of some its movies. The only titles on the App Store so far are Inception and The Dark Knight, but each is a universal app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and presents the option of either downloading the movie or streaming it over Wi-Fi or 3G. Included with each app is a collection of DVD-like extras, such as videos, games, music and wallpaper.


Park Chan-wook shoots short film using iPhone 4

01/11, 10:40am

Film partly financed by local iPhone carrier

Korean director Park Chan-wook -- most famous for movies like Oldboy and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance -- has debuted a film shot entirely on the iPhone 4, says the Wall Street Journal. Called Paranmanjang, or Ups and Downs in English, the 30-minute short tells the story of a man who catches a woman's body while fishing. Beyond the actual film, the scouting, auditions and making-of documentary were all shot with an iPhone 4, according to Park.


iTunes rentals just tenth of Netflix numbers, says analyst

12/29, 10:55am

Estimated to be 475,000 per day, mostly TV

Video rentals from iTunes represent just a tenth or so of those recorded by Netflix, suggests Gleacher & Co. analyst Brian Marshall. Apple recently revealed that people are buying or renting about 150,000 movies and 400,000 TV shows through iTunes each day. Assuming that 75 percent of movies and 90 percent of shows are rented, says Marshall, Apple should be serving about 475,000 rentals a day versus Netflix's 5.1 million.


Fandango arrives on iPad, adds Pulse, mapping features

12/22, 4:20pm

Scales video, photos

Fandango has ported its self-named movie app to the iPad. The title now includes The Pulse, a visual indicator of ticket sales, which can be viewed as a list or on a map. Maps are also used to help locate theaters with showtimes and tickets. Reviews and movie-related tweets can all be accessed on one screen, and trailer, video, photo and interview content should similarly take advantage of the iPad's larger display.


UK iTunes Store gets HD movie purchases

12/08, 3:05pm

Apple lagging behind on international video

People can now finally buy HD movies at the UK iTunes Store, reports say. Selection is said to be very limited, at present featuring the critically panned Twilight: Eclipse. High-profile titles like Eclipse, which costs £10 in standard definition, are priced at £13 for HD. Discount films are £7 in SD and £8 in HD.


Apple TV now in Austria, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland

11/11, 3:10pm

More launches expected soon

Apple has greatly expanded the international reach of the new Apple TV, bringing it to Mexico and Japan, as well as several European countries including Austria, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Some sample prices include a cost of €119 in Italy, and 129 CHF in Switzerland. Both of those regions should now have HD movie rentals via the iTunes Store.


Movies coming to Swiss, Italian, Spanish stores?

11/08, 1:55pm

Video lags well behind music, app availability

Apple may be on the verge of making movies officially available in several more European countries, an Italian site claims. Macity notes that the option is, for instance, appearing for some iTunes and Apple TV users in Italy, although only by roundabout means; the option doesn't yet show in the iTunes Store's drop-down menus. A selection of movies is already present, such as Aliens, Avatar and Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief .


Apple TV switches to streaming, gains 99-cent HDTV rentals

09/01, 2:50pm

ABC, Fox, Netflix sign on as early partners

Apple today exposed a major overhaul of the Apple TV, long the company's neglected "hobby" product. The new set-top is roughly a quarter the size of the original, and all black. It includes HDMI, USB, Ethernet and optical audio connections, as well as 802.11n Wi-Fi. In terms of interface it continues to use a button-based remote, and the firmware resembles earlier versions. Inside, however, there is no longer any option of permanent storage.


US iTunes Store adds $10 HD movies section

06/29, 3:05pm

Includes mostly lesser-known titles

A new subsection has been introduced to the iTunes Store, offering movies in HD quality for $10 or less. Only 30 titles are currently featured, ranging in price from the $10 mark down to $6 for The Kovak Box. Some movies can alternately be rented in HD, for as much as $4 or at a base level of $2. Where no HD rental option is available, the section simply suggests buying in standard definition.


French, Irish iTunes Stores open up movie sales

04/30, 12:25pm

Storefronts distinguished by local studios

Apple has expanded the French and Irish iTunes storefronts, adding movie sales to them for the first time. Visitors to either can buy and rent movies from major American studios, including Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Disney and Warner Brothers. Of special interest though may be the regional studios, as Irish shoppers will have access to movies from E1, Optimum and Lionsgate UK, while French shoppers will have access to Pathé, SND and StudioCanal.


Apple launches iTunes Movie Bundles

12/17, 12:50pm

Collections focus on themes, unpopular titles

Apple has introduced a special Movie Bundles section to the iTunes Store. Here the company is grouping together two or more movies at a discount, with prices ranging between $10 and $35. Most bundles are concentrated around particular themes, such as the first two Godfather films, or actor Harvey Keitel.


Canadian iTunes Store adds HD movies

12/16, 3:50pm

Country lags behind US

Visitors to the Canadian iTunes Store now have access to HD movies, Apple has announced. Titles can be bought for between $15 and $25 CAD, and rented for $5 or $6, depending on a movie's age and popularity. A limited selection is presently available, but does include movies like Inglourious Basterds, American Psycho, Star Trek, Coraline and Iron Man.


iTunes Rewind 2009 highlights iTunes Store offerings

12/08, 12:35pm

Divides content based on quality vs. sales

Apple has posted iTunes Rewind 2009, a section on the iTunes Store drawing attention to the year's bestsellers in apps, music and video, as well material considered genuinely superior by Apple staff. Top sellers at the App Store include titles like Flight Control, Oregon Trail, Textfree Unlimited and at Bat. The best-rated apps, conversely, include ones like ReelDirector, SketchBook Mobile and Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals.


Apple UK launches 12 Days of Christmas promo

12/04, 10:05am

Free app, music, video downloads from iTunes

Apple has once again revived its 12 Days of Christmas promotion for the UK iTunes Store. Beginning on December 26th, the company will be offering one free download per day, preselected rather than by chosen by shoppers. Downloads will however come from all categories, including music, apps, movies and TV shows, as well as music videos.


Universal intros dedicated Blu-ray app for iPhones, iPods

11/11, 10:50am

Currently supports handful of movies

Film studio Universal has released a free iPhone application, pocket BLU. The software communicates via Wi-Fi with network-connected Blu-ray players, allowing more advanced control over menus and playback. Users can for instance take advantage of a virtual keyboard, and tilt an Apple handheld into widescreen mode to access a graphical timeline.


Boxee beta to be unveiled on December 7th

11/06, 1:15pm

Should differ dramatically from current alpha

The first public beta of Boxee will be shown on December 7th, according to its developer. The app is primarily used to stream movies and TV shows to an HDTV, including remote content from sources such as Hulu and Netflix. Music and photos can also be streamed; versions of the app have been produced for the Mac, Windows and the Apple TV.


iTunes Store gains Music Movies section

11/04, 10:45am

Apple aims for exclusives, broader selection

Apple has introduced a new Music Movies section to the iTunes Store, further segregating its video. The page highlights all movies with a music-related theme, running from documentaries like Imagine and Woodstock through to straight concert films, and fiction titles like The Blues Brothers. iTunes now also has a larger amount of such content, with material including The Song Remains the Same and U2: Rattle and Hum.


mSpot offers full-length movies for iPhone, more

09/30, 8:45pm

Customers rent movies for $5 each

mSpot has launched its latest mobile service, enabling users to rent full-length movies directly from their iPhone or other handset. Content is streamed directly to the device, eliminating the need to wait for downloads or sync to a computer. The company currently has agreements with Paramount Studios and Universal Studios, although more partners will be added later in the year.


Staff briefings ongoing for wireless iTunes video?

05/29, 5:25pm

Wireless iTunes video prep

Apple has confirmed intentions to allow direct purchase of iTunes videos from an iPhone, sources close to the company's training programs say. Originally a blogger is said to have discovered the option's existence by accident, though users of the iPhone 3.0 beta can now gain a glimpse through a custom link. Graphics and downloads in the early browser are currently broken.


Hulu launches desktop app, may return to Boxee

05/29, 11:25am

Hulu desktop app hits

Hulu, jointly operated by NBC, Fox and Disney, has launched a new desktop application meant to simplify streaming the site's video. Mac and Windows versions are available, supporting Front Row and Windows Media Center remotes, respectively; aside from controlling playback the software provides a special tracking display, and a distinct menu for browsing categories and subscriptions. Windows systems require XP, 2GB of RAM and a 1.8GHz Core Duo, while Macs differ by needing a 2GHz Core Duo and at least Mac OS X 10.4.


Canadian iTunes Store gains HD TV, new networks

05/28, 12:25pm

iTunes Canada gains HD TV

Apple has made significant improvements to its TV offerings at Canada's iTunes Store, beginning with option of HD. Selected episodes are only rendered in 720p, and cost a minimum of $3 each, but may frequently support 5.1-channel sound and will always come with an SD-quality download meant for sync with Apple handhelds. A 2GHz dual-core processor is required, whether for a Mac or a PC.


iTunes movies and TV shows coming to iPhone?

05/26, 10:55am

Movies and TV on iPhone?

Apple may soon allow the iPhone and iPod touch to directly access movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store, a leak suggests. In using an ad-supported version of Twitterfon, one user claims to have encountered a banner promoting not just purchases of videos from iTunes, but also movie rentals. At present the main means of shuttling iTunes video to an Apple handheld is through sync with a Mac or PC; the one exception is podcasts.



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