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Apple's iPhone gains share in US, continues growth but slips in China

08/04, 3:08pm

Steals share from Android in US, loses ground to Chinese makers in China

Apple's iOS platform continued a streak of strong growth in both the US and China, according to new ComScore and Canalys report issued yesterday, taking share away from Android. However, while still seeing extraordinary growth in China, surges in shipments from native Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and Huawei meant that Apple was knocked to third place in Chinese market share, having briefly captured the top spot.


Apple gains share in US market, narrows gap with Android

07/03, 12:24pm

Share of iPhone increases by 1.8 percent for second quarter in a row

Matching its performance in the previous quarter, Apple's iPhone again gained nearly two percent market share in the US in the last three months, according to ComScore, widening its lead as the dominant smartphone maker. While Android as a platform continued to hold the top platform position at 52.1 percent, it again suffered an overall decline of 0.7 percent, while iOS surged to 43.5, a 1.8 percent gain matched exactly by losses from Android, Microsoft, and BlackBerry.


Russian search engine Yandex seeks Google Android antitrust ruling

02/18, 9:15am

Russian search engine captures 60 percent of the business in Russia

Russian search engine Yandex has demanded that antitrust authorities investigate Google. Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has been instructed to look into Mountain View's bundling of services with mobile operating system Android, and how it impacts the market share of other companies' services in the country.


Kantar: Verizon gains in US, Windows Phone nears 10% share in Europe

09/30, 1:18pm

Verizon extends smartphone dominance

Verizon has reportedly established a solid lead in US smartphone sales over the previous three months, while Windows Phone devices are nearing 10-percent market share in European markets, according to data collected by research firm Kantar. AT&T smartphone sales between June and August last year were said to be close to Verizon, however the latter company reportedly fetched 37 percent of shipments in the same quarter this year as the former slid to 22 percent.


Report: iOS market share still growing in US, UK, France

07/30, 1:51am

Gains come despite lack of new model, surpassing flagship Android phones

While Apple's iPhone sales are softly declining as customers wait for an expected September release of new models, a new study by Kantar Worldpanel shows that the marketshare for the company's mobile platform is still growing in a number of key markets, most importantly the United States. Based in part on the strength of the older iPhones with new smartphone buyers, Apple is also seeing growth in marketshare in the UK and France -- taking share away from both Android and BlackBerry, even as Windows Phone begins to gain a foothold.


IDC releases tablet 'shipment share,' claims Android topping Apple

05/02, 1:00am

Apple still tops all usage studies, suggesting stronger actual sales

Research firm IDC has posted the results of a questionable study on tablet "market share" that makes the claim -- not supported by sales evidence -- that Android has outgunned Apple in the tablet market, with 56.5 percent share in the first calendar quarter of the year, leaving Apple with barely 40 percent. The study also claims that Asus, not Amazon, is the third-largest tablet vendor with 5.5 percent of the market, having seen 350 percent growth year-over-year. The numbers seem unbelievable -- until one notices that IDC is estimating shipments, not sales.


Apple's iPhone reaches top spot in Japanese cell market

02/13, 1:45am

Foreign-made handsets combined top 50 percent for first time

Apple has managed to nab the top spot in Japan's feature and smartphone market rankings for the first time, reaching 16 percent market share in the calendar fourth quarter and 15 percent share overall for 2012. The change reflects Japan's growing diversity of offerings, particularly from foreign brands rather than local companies such as Sharp and Fujitsu, the former of whom was toppled from a six-year run as the top handset provider by Apple's growth.


iPad market share drops by 14 percent in Q3

11/27, 6:44pm

Apple tablets still dominate overall sales

The iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, however a report published by ABI Research suggests competing tablets continue to chip away at Apple's market share. The iPad lineup is said to account for 55 percent of tablet shipments in the third quarter, marking a 14 percent drop from the previous quarter and Apple's lowest share since the original iPad debuted two years ago.


NPD quarterly smartphone data questioned

05/04, 12:08am

Business Insider does the math, doesn't get NPD's numbers

NPD's quarterly market share report was refreshed on May 2, and it listed Android holding 61 percent of the market, with Apple's iOS devices second at 29 percent. Analysts at Business Insider believethat NPD's interpretation of carrier provided data is incorrect and not painting an accurate picture. According to revised estimates calculated by Business Insider, Apple's marketshare is closer to 50 percent and may even be topping Android.


Q1 2011 report: Apple market share up, reliability down

06/07, 1:35am

Apple jumps 26 percent, to 9.7 market share

RescueCom has released its first Computer Reliability Report for 2011. First quarter 2011 results showed Apple gaining market share, surging 26 percent to a 9.7 percent share -- mostly at the expense of Dell Computers. The growing popularity seems to have affected the company's reliability rating, however, as the computer and iOS device-maker fell from second to fourth place for the quarter. RescueCom has ranked Apple consistently at or near the top mark in reliability over years of tracking, and Apple was a close second as recently as the last rated quarter (Q4 2010).


Gartner: Apple market share surges as overall PC sales slide

01/12, 6:55pm

Holiday PC sales weak in many areas

Apple's market share among computer makers in the US has continued to surge, despite an overall decline in PC sales, according to data collected by research firm Gartner. Mac shipments climbed by 23.7 percent to reach 1.86 million units, bringing Apple's market share up to 9.7 percent in the US.


iSuppli: Intel, AMD hold ground against each other

12/15, 11:00pm

Market grows generally, dominated by Intel

Intel continues to reign as the dominant player in the general microprocessor market, accounting for 80 percent of global revenue for the silicon chips that drive early every electronic gadget today -- but is unable to steal significant market share from rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Likewise, AMD cannot break out and "steal" any market share from Intel, figures from an iSuppli study show.


BlackBerry web usage growing at Android's pace

09/27, 10:35pm

RIM web usage doubled in past 12 months

Despite persistent reports suggesting RIM's market share has been eroded by the growth of Android, data gathered by analytics firm StatCounter suggests web usage on BlackBerry handsets has actually grown at the same pace as Google's mobile platform. As Android and BlackBerry show parallel growth from the third and fourth positions, respectively, web usage on the iPhone has slid behind Symbian and within 10 percent of BlackBerry.


Acer and HP grow market share in Q4, Apple holds steady

01/13, 7:30pm

Gartner report places Apple in 5th place

HP has surpassed Dell as the market leader for computers sold in the United States during the fourth quarter of 2009, according to data collected by the research firm Gartner. The report places Apple in fifth place with 7.5 percent of domestic shipments, while Toshiba edged slightly ahead with an 8.7 percent hold on the market.


Gartner: Dell shipments slip as Acer and Toshiba gain share

10/14, 7:45pm

Two leaders nearly tied in US distribution numbers

Dell's computer shipments have continued a steep decline, as competitors including Acer, Toshiba and Apple have gained market share. The latest data from research firm Gartner appears to corroborate many points from an earlier report issued from IDC.


Firefox gains share in Aug. at IE's expense

09/01, 2:40pm

Net Apps Web Share Aug 09

Mozilla's Firefox browser cut significantly into Microsoft's market share of web browsers in August, data from Net Applications shows. Its increase to 22.98 percent of the market wasn't an absolute high but resulted in Internet Explorer reaching an all-time low of 66.97 percent, a sharp fall from 67.68 percent just a month earlier. Other browsers also made inroads, as Google Chrome climbed to 2.84 percent (fourth place) and Opera rose slightly to 2.04 percent (fifth place).


Net Applications revises market share data, cuts Mac

08/03, 2:45pm

Mac market share reduced

Net Applications has revised its web share reports to improve the accuracy of its findings, although the adjustments have drastically changed the data, according to Fortune. Despite a report issued late last year that showed Mac web share growing to 8.9 percent, the latest report for July has reduced the number down to 4.9 percent.


Apple No. 1 in education in Western Europe, UK

08/01, 7:00pm

Apple #1 UK Education

Second-quarter sales figures show Apple growing its lead in Western Europe's education market, with a 19.2 percent market share for CPUs and servers. Apple also continues to be the top education computer manufacturer in the UK, retaining its lead in notebook sales, and taking the lead from Dell in desktops. Gartner Research figures put Apple's education market share in the UK at 17.2 percent, according to MacWorld UK.


Apple edges Acer for No. 3 US PC vendor

07/16, 5:10pm

Apple edges Acer for No. 3

Research firm IDC reports that worldwide PC shipments grew at 15 percent in the second quarter of 2008. The quarter also saw Apple roughly tie Acer in the US market, assuming fourth place and missing third place by only a few thousand units. Demand in the United States suffered from the ongoing economic pressure, with rowth in the low single-digits. Dell continued its recovery with another quarter of double-digit growth, while HP saw year on year growth rise from the first quarter. Portable adoption continues to be a key driver, even though consumer share is generally at its lowest during the second quarter.


Global PC shipments remain strong in Q1

06/27, 4:10pm

Global PC shipments

Despite tough overall economic conditions, the market for personal computers remained strong in the first quarter of 2008 according to iSuppli. Global PC unit shipments rose to 69.9 million units in the first quarter, up 12.1 percent from 62.4 million in the first quarter of 2007. Hewlett-Packard Co., Dell Inc. and Acer Inc. retained the top-three rankings with no change from the previous quarter. HP boosted first-quarter global PC shipments by 23 percent over the same quarter in 2007, to reach 13.2 million units. Dell in the first quarter of 2008 expanded its market share position by half a percentage point compared to the fourth quarter of 2007, at 15.4 percent, with worldwide shipments of 10.8 million units.


Apple market share at 66% in premium PC bracket

05/19, 5:00pm

Apple share at 66 percent

Apple's overall market share for computers sits at around 14-percent, but when narrowed down to only contrast sales of higher-end PCs costing over $1000 – since only the venerable Mac Mini typically costs less –that number skyrockets to 66-percent. eWEEK's Joe Wilcox writes that the NPD analyst group discovered that as the PC desktop market is down about 25-percent, with laptop sales flat, Apple has seen 45-percent growth in desktops, and 50- to 60-percent growth with portables.


Apple's music and retail revenue grow

04/23, 8:10pm

Music and retail grow

Music products and services made up 36-percent of Apple's second quarter, while revenue in the company’s retail stores grew dramatically, with over 33.7 million visitors to its 208 stores over the quarter. Apple reports that it sold 10.6 million iPods, up 1-percent from the year ago quarter, which reflects the same seasonal rate of decline which it observed from last year's December quarter. Overall iPod market share grew worldwide in almost every global market, while the US share was 73-percent of all MP3 players sold.


Apple shares up 4.5%, earnings due

04/18, 3:10pm

Apple shares up 4.5%

Shares of Apple Computer Inc. are up $6.51 to $161 near the end of trading on friday, representing a gain of 4.21 percent. The uptick could be due, at least in part, to strong market share gains posted by the company in recent surveys from various research firms. Apple saw the biggest gain among the top 5 vendors in the U.S. market according to Gartner, enjoying strong retail sales coupled with "decent growth" in the professional market. According to IDC, Apple is expected to come in at fourth place and ship 950,000 Macs to Americans during the first quarter of 2008, earning itself an increase from 5.7 percent in the prior quarter to 6 percent. The increase is a 25.1 percent jump over sales in early 2007 and also represents more than a full percentage point increase in marketshare from year to year.


Macs, iPhone market share grow; take 2nd, 4th place

03/03, 11:45am

Mac and iPhone share

Apple's collective market share is rising, according to a web traffic report posted by Net Applications, citing that Mac computers have about 7.46-percent share, and iPhones claim 0.14-percent. Windows sits on top of the list at 91.58-percent, which has slowly eroded from 92.91-percent in the year prior. The iPhone was listed as having a higher marketshare than that of the Playstation 3, Sun OS, Nintendo Wii, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and several other platforms.


WiFi to drive iPod growth, $250 AAPL target

01/29, 1:40pm

Analyst on iPod growth

Apple's iPod business will likely grow in the future, according to one industry analyst, despite the company's lowest year-over-year unit growth rate in the product's history. "With the iPod user base as its foundation, Apple is establishing a Wi-Fi mobile platform that we believe will spark continued growth in the iPod segment," Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster wrote in a research note obtained by MacNN. "With 70 percent market share, we believe Apple is in the driver's seat in terms of transforming the portable music market into a portable computing market."


Mac OS market share hits record 7.3%

01/02, 12:45pm

Mac OS share hits 7.3%

Strong holiday sales of both MacBook and iPhones resulted in significant market share gains for Apple during the month of December, according to a Net Applications survey. Mac OS X rose to a record 7.3 percent share from 6.8 percent in November, while the company's iPhone garnered .12 percent share over the previous month's .09 percent. The survey suggests that more than one in 1,000 people on the internet are browsing the Web with an iPhone, according to Fortune.


Analyst wary of Apple's success in 2008

12/03, 9:55pm

Analyst wary of 2008

Apple has enjoyed a pretty active year, after introducing the new iMacs, the iPhone, Leopard and the iPod touch, but some analysts are predicting that Apple will have a tough follow-up ahead of them in 2008. While the company has brought in record-breaking financial statistics – Apple's market cap sits at $160 billion, up from $60 billion 18 months ago, with stock currently hovering around $185 per share – they have been breaking into new industries and simultaneously making new enemies, according to Fast Company. Steve Hach, a senior analyst at forecaster ValuEngine, argues that Apple's share price does not accurately represent the company's stature in the financial world.



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