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Apple Indoor Survey app for internal mapping of buildings appears

11/02, 6:53am

Indoor Survey app points to use of RF signals for indoor location services

Apple could soon launch a way for people to navigate their way around an indoor location, such as a mall or a large building, without using GPS or iBeacons. The Indoor Survey App has quietly surfaced in the App Store, allowing its users to create a map of an indoor area, with the iOS device using its onboard sensors to measure radio signals and other data in order to work out where it physically is within a location.


Uber collects own mapping, imaging data to improve ride experience

10/20, 7:27am

Mapping vehicles acquired by Uber from Microsoft in June

Uber is working to improve the routes taken by its drivers, by mapping the roads itself with its own fleet of vehicles. The ride-sharing company has confirmed it has its own Street View-style mapping vehicles traveling the roads and taking its own imaging data, following a photographic leak of the vehicle on Facebook, with the suggestion it is using the data generated to replace the Google Maps-derived data it currently relies on.


Hands On: Field Trip 1.4.0 (OS X, iOS)

07/14, 9:53am

Surely it should be better than this

When Google first brought its "guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you" to the iPhone, Android users were calling it a wondrous app and we believed it right up until now when we installed Field Trip 1.4.0 on a shiny new iPhone 6. Field Trip is meant to point out interesting things wherever you are, like a tour guide with Google's search engine behind it. Maybe we just live in a really boring area but still, we didn't expect it to make things up.


Uber acquires Bing mapping assets, 100 employees from Microsoft

06/30, 3:25pm

Microsoft hands technology licenses, collected data to Uber

Uber is significantly bolstering its mapping operations and research, by acquiring technology and staff from Microsoft for an as-yet undisclosed amount. Map-related assets from Bing are being passed on to the app-based taxi firm, reports TechCrunch, with approximately 100 employees also being transferred over as part of the purchase, in yet another navigation-related acquisition from the transport company.


Hands On: MindNode (OS X, iOS, Apple Watch)

06/05, 11:34am

Excellent mind mapping app gets redesign for OS X and iOS

Two things: first, we have previously said that MindNode in particular -- and mind mapping in general -- is best on the iPad. Second, we have never said, nor even thought of considering saying, that what the Apple Watch really needs is is more mind-mapping apps. Yet here we are with MindNode 2.0 for OS X, which makes us reconsider mind-mapping on the Mac, and MindNode 4.0 for iOS, which tries to tell us we're wrong about the Apple Watch.


Apple confirms buyout of Coherent Navigation positioning firm

05/18, 9:38am

Company continues to collect navigation- and map-based companies

On Sunday, Apple confirmed that it had acquired precision global positioning company Coherent Navigation, a small business that worked on military-grade precision navigation systems, robotics, and autonomous navigation technology. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Coherent, which was founded in 2008, "focused on creating commercial navigation services based on partnerships with companies like Boeing and Iridium, the satellite network operator," according to the former CEO's LinkedIn page.


Nokia courting Apple, others to buy Here mapping tech, reports claim

04/23, 1:00pm

Revamped iOS version could make integration easier, but sale seems unlikely

Apple and a number of other companies -- including Facebook, Amazon, Sirius XM, and China-based services Alibaba and Baidu are among many other firms being targeted by Nokia as it prepares to sell off its Here mapping service and technology. While Apple has periodically purchased map technology that can be integrated with its Apple Maps service in the hopes of eventual public transit data, Nokia may be overvaluing the deal.


Report: Apple Maps dominant on iOS after a year of improvements

11/11, 10:30pm

Google loses nearly 80 percent of iOS users, falls on Android as well

A year ago, Apple's own Maps program - which had launched to scathing press and user reviews due to errors, graphical glitches and the dropping of transit directions - was the laughing stock of the mapping industry. Google Maps - which finally produced its own iOS app after months of playing coy - was in the catbird seat, with 81.1 million users (out of a combined 103.6 million US iOS and Android market). One year later, things have changed.


Apple widely expanding 'ground truth' recruiting for Maps

07/31, 9:30pm

Ongoing commitment to improvements going global

Continuing the company's commitment to make its own Maps program the equal or better of any other, Apple has posted over three dozen new job postings on its website seeking "ground truth" verification and software engineering specialists for locations all over the world. The expansion follows hiring for "ground truth" staff back in February to help the company make its maps of rural Australia more accurate. Apple also recently acquired two mapping companies -- Locationary, which specialized in business listings, and HopStop for transit data.


Apple adding public transit through HopStop acquisition

07/19, 6:52pm

Suggests potential expansion for Maps alongside Locationary

On the same day it became public that Apple had purchased business-listing and information service Locationary, it has been confirmed that the iPhone maker has also acquired public transit navigation service HopStop. The most likely plan for the service is to fold it into Maps, Apple's own in-house GPS and mapping program. Apple's decision to forego transit directions when it launched its own Maps app was a major point of criticism from early users, and a selling point that kept many using Google's Maps application once it returned to iOS.


Google confirms Waze acquisition, startup to remain in Israel

06/11, 12:36pm

Deal details remain undisclosed, rumored to be $1.3 Bn in cash

Google has confirmed it has closed a deal to purchase the social mapping startup Waze. The acquisition, for an undisclosed amount that is speculated to be around $1.3 billion in cash, will allow Waze to enhance Google Maps with traffic updates and route adjustments, using information provided by the startup's 50 million users.


Apple seeking 'ground truth' specialist for Australia Maps

02/22, 11:05pm

Country has particular issues with labels in Apple Maps

In addition to a rash of hiring positions the company has recently posted for work on further improving its Maps app, Apple has posted a new job for a "Maps Ground Truth Data Specialist" for Australia. The country has had to deal with sometimes-dangerous levels of incorrect information from both Apple Maps and Google Maps, resulting in police warnings to motorists and others not to rely exclusively on the mapping data provided by the apps. The new position would send people out to verify and correct satellite imagery.


Google updates iOS Maps SDK to v1.1, adds polylines, more

02/21, 6:47pm

Ground overlays, viewing gesture controls added for developers

On Thursday, Google revealed version 1.1 of its Google Maps SDK for iOS, offering hooks for developers to tap into new features they can offer in their own apps by connecting any mapping functions to Google Maps. In addition to the revised SDK, Google also changed the requirements -- now letting any developer use the kit immediately rather than having to register first. The new SDK brings ground overlays, viewing gesture controls and polylines for complex pathing.


Google Street View for Google Maps web app now live

10/04, 6:30am

Google Street View now live on Google Maps web app

Google Street View for Google Maps web app is now live, following reports that the company was going to bring it to its web app. It added the functionality following the debut of Apple’s controversial new Maps app for iOS 6 with many users either lamenting the loss of Street View, or looking for a more reliable mapping solution. Users trying to use the Google Maps web app in the same way as they would a native solution will be prompted to add it to their iOS device homescreen when navigating to the site for the first time.


Senator agitated over Apple, Google's mapping methodology

06/19, 2:48am

Planes allegedly discriminate objects smaller than four inches

Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) recently sent letters to Google CEO Larry Page and Apple chief Tim Cook decrying usage of "military-grade spy planes" used to generate the 3D images for new map applications for both companies. Concerns range from invasion of privacy all the way up to assisting terrorism in providing details of infrastructure and sensitive government facilities. Neither Apple nor Google have publicly responded to the senator's call to action so far.


RouteBuddy updates to v3.1, tweaks elevation graphs, more

10/25, 8:30pm

3.1.1 adds bugfixes, restores Leopard support

GPS mapping application RouteBuddy released a bugfix upgrade to its recent v3.1 update. Called v3.1.1, the upgrade addresses several bugs as well as restores support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) users, fixing an issue that caused the program to be unable to launch in 10.5. The new version dramatically increases the speed of importing large geo-data files, speeds up the rendering of all maps available from the company, and includes more recording data.


C3 Technologies acquired, shut down by mystery buyer

08/01, 7:00pm

Offered 3D flyover mapping technology

A Swedish 3D mapping company -- originally developed and owned by auto maker and defense contractor Saab -- called C3 Technologies has been bought and shut down by a mystery buyer, reports The promising technology, which offered highly-realistic 3D aerial and ground maps of large cities to a far greater extent than employed by Google or Microsoft, has been purchased by a non-Asian company in a deal worth $160 million.


Navteq debuts indoor mapping service for shopping centers

03/21, 5:25pm

Launch includes 200 US locations, more overseas

Navteq has announced that it has expanded its range of mapping services to include indoor areas. The new maps, which are initially focused on shopping centers, include interior map attributes such as escalators, stairs, emergency exits and bathrooms, along with much greater detail for POIs related information such as departments within stores.


MAPublisher 8.2 updates geospatial PDF export

11/25, 3:45pm

Update adds KMZ export, adds measurement tool

Avenza has launched an update to its mapping software for Adobe Illustrator, MAPublisher 8.2. The software produces maps from GIS data for both electronic and print distribution, including GIS-format shapefile, with all attributes and georeferencing intact. It can also handle ESRI, MapInfo, MicroStation, AutoCAD, Google and U.S. Government files, preserving all GIS data attributes and geographic parameters. MAPublisher exports data in a variety of standard GIS formats, along with geospatial PDF documents.


ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5.3 makes visual eBooks

01/29, 12:55pm

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5.3

CS Odessa today released ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5.3, an update to the mind mapping business productivity software for Mac OS X. The latest revision enables users to create visual eBooks based on mind maps, producing electronic books where all information is presented as a mind map rather than text paragraphs. ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5.3 is priced at $120 and $200 for the personal or professional edition, respectively (system requirements were unavailable).


First Look: MindManager 7, mind mapping app

01/28, 10:20pm

First Look at Mindmanager

Images are typically easier to remember than words because people think in pictures. When organizing thoughts, some use a traditional outlining method to arrange concepts using words. Mind mapping is a more efficient way to categorize the thought process, allowing the user to design a physical layout of their ideas with colors, locations, and pictures, in addition to words. You can create a mind map using colored pencils and paper, or you could use a mind-mapping program like MindManager 7 Mac.


Meander 1.2 adds custom measurements

01/04, 10:20am

Meander 1.2 update out

Fastforward has released an update for Meander, its mapping application for the Mac. The software is used to mark points, plan trips or measure distances on a map, and allows users to pull maps from online sources as well as ones scanned manually. Version 1.2 is a free update, which now lets users create their own custom measurement units, in addition to relying on common standards. The Preferences window in the software has also been reorganized, in order to match the look of the toolbar/unified window interface.


Land Rover integrates iPhone into LRX concept

12/13, 1:40pm

Land Rover turns to iPhone

Photos of the new Land Rover LRX concept car suggest extensive integration with Apple's iPhone and iPod. The vehicle offers a space in the center console where drivers can insert an iPhone to essentially make the cellular handset a part of the car's electronics. The slot is angled to allow both the driver and passenger operate the touch-screen interface while on the road, providing hands-free phone calls along with access to the music library and Google Maps, among other features specific to iPhone.


Meander 2.0 offers advanced mapping

12/04, 5:25pm

Meander 2.0 mapping app

Fastforward has launched the second edition of Meander, an advanced mapping application. In addition to planning routes, the software can be used to plot points and measure distances, using scanned maps as well as those pulled from websites such as Google. Version 2.0 updates the interface to better suit Mac OS X Leopard, and further allows users to export routes for posting on the web. Another major change is the ability to draw multiple lines on the same map, made possible by saving customized lines for each route rather than across Meander.


MacGPS Pro 7.4, MacTopos Canada released

11/29, 9:00am

Mac GPS Pro, MacTopos CAN

James Associates has released MacTopos Canada 1.0, a collection of topographical maps for Canadian provinces, and has updated its GPS Software, MacGPS Pro 7.4. MacTopos Canada uses auto-georeferenced, compressed maps to use in conjunction with MacGPS Pro. The maps, which come on several DVDs, are from the National Resources Canada digital topography maps, allowing users to view them in 1:50K and 1:250K scale ratios, and include georeferenced index maps as well. Pricing for the maps vary between $20 and $50, depending on which province is purchased, and James Associates is currently offering them at an introductory discount.



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