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Forums: new iMacs, El Capitan comments, more

10/13, 3:46pm

new iMacs, El Capitan comments and more

Today with the updates to the iMac lineup and highly anticipated Retina 21.5-inch iMac, MacNN forum goers are quick to start discussing the changes to both the 21 and 27-inch models in the thread titled "New iMacs." Forum members are still talking about the latest update to Mac OS X that has been dubbed El Capitan.


DealNN: $30 off 2.6GHz i5 Mac Mini

01/09, 10:59am

$30 off 2.6GHz i5 Mac Mini

Today at, get the Mac Mini on sale for $1,069. That's a savings of $30 off the list price of $1,099, and around $20 less than the next lowest price. This Mac mini features a 2.6GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB Fusion Drive, along with Intel Iris Graphics. It comes with Mac OS X Yosemite pre-installed, and as always this Mac comes with Apple's one-year limited warranty on parts and labor.


Forums: Mac OS X 10.11?

12/05, 11:27am

Mac OS X 11

OS X 10.10 has only been officially available for a month now, but MacNN forum goers are already looking to the future and discussing what they would like to see in the next major update, which presumably would be known as Mac OS X 10.11. Earlier today, when Forum Regular "michael180" ran into a puzzling problem with Apple Mail not being able to send an image file that was 31MB in size, he turned to the forums looking for some advice.


DealNN: Mac mini from $494, 256 SSD for $135 and more

10/24, 3:44pm

Mac mini from $494, 256 SSD for $135 and more has already begun dropping prices on brand-new Mac mini configurations. The entry-level Mac mini with a 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, Intel HD Graphics 5000 and Mac OS X Yosemite has seen a $5 price cut from $499 down to $494, making this the best price we have seen by the same price margin. As always, this Mac mini is backed by Apple's one-year limited warranty on parts and labor, with an optional AppleCare extended warranty available.


Analysis: Apple launches total war against Android

06/03, 9:09am

WWDC 2014 saw Apple unveil an arsenal of weapons to combat Android

Apple's WWDC 2014 could well be the most important statement of intent it has ever made. Without a single new device on show, Apple has launched its biggest assault on Android yet. The scope and breadth of innovation and software development on show was breathtaking and shows that Apple has a crystal clear vision of where it is headed and how it wants to get there. It used numerous statistics to emphasise its numerical advantages over Google's Android platform, while bringing the full weight of its creative power to bear. It unleashed a wave of unprecedented software innovation in the stunning new Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 that was then driven home with the announcement it has developed a brand new computing language, Swift, for developing iOS apps.


Briefly: UI Browser 2.4.4, Publisher Plus for OS X released

05/05, 3:34pm

PFiddlesoft releases update for its GUI Scripting assistant

PFiddlesoft has announced its release of its latest version of UI Browser, assistive software for GUI Scripting with AppleScript, and a developer utility for exploring Apple's Accessibility API. Users of UI Browser can monitor and manipulate the user interface of most OS X applications running on one's computer, as well as generate AppleScript statements to control any application using GUI Scripting. Version 2.4.4 includes various bug fixes, and a fix for a crashing issue. New customers can purchase UI Browser for $55, with the latest version available as a free upgrade for those with UI Browser v2.0.0 and newer.


Forums: the future of Mac OS X debate continues

03/07, 1:49pm

the future of Mac OS X debate continues

This week in the MacNN forums, members continue to debate what the future of Mac OS X will hold, with some forum-goers noting that Microsoft is attempting major redesigns and customers are rejecting it. On another topic, "Can I delete apps without having to enter ID?" asked Mac Elite "jeff k" yesterday.


Briefly: New VPN Unlimited beta, Cinemagram point and shoot update

01/31, 12:33pm

VPN Unlimited service for Mac released as beta

VPN Unlimited has announced the availability of its Mac client, launched under a open beta program. Subscribing to a VPN server can allow for access to blocked websites, Wi-Fi connection privacy, and the ability to bypass ISP restrictions. VPN Unlimited's servers are located in the US, UK, the Netherlands and Germany. Including unlimited bandwidth and connection speed, users can utilize their VPN access with up to five devices, and up to three VPN Unlimited accounts can be used on same device or computer. The client apps for both iOS and OS X offer automatic VPN setup.


Briefly: Black Friday app deals for OS X, iOS

11/29, 5:28pm

Reduced up to 50 percent or more this weekend, including $1 apps

Black Friday sales aren't exclusive to tech gear and shopping malls -- there are plenty of discounts to be had on iTunes and the App Store for Mac OS X and iOS users.


Briefly: Paradigma's launch and sale, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

11/29, 11:00am

Valentina Studio 5.5 released, Paradigma offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials

Paradigma's cross-platform database management software for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, Valentina Studio has been updated to v5.5 and 5.5 Pro. Offering new features for administration of database servers, Valentina Studio has improved report design features for datasource Microsoft SQL Server, additional administrator functions, and more. Valentina Studio Pro is regularly available for $200, and includes 12 months of free updates, while Valentina Studio is free.


Briefly: NeoFinder now 64-bit app, Desktops 1.0 released for Mac

11/20, 11:30am

NeoFinder update optimized for Mavericks, adds new organizing options

NeoFinder, a file management and cataloging desktop app known formerly by the name CDFinder, has received an update and is now offered as a native 64-bit application. NeoFinder assists users in keeping track of digital files, photos, songs, movies, fonts on hard disks, DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, and other media. Version 6.4 is certified to run under Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and subsequently is able to integrate the new Finder Tags. The new Movie Contact Sheet generates a customizable preview of one or multiple selected movie files as graphic, and NeoFinder can also index Adobe XMP metadata for movie files. Other notable new features includes the ability to catalog ZIP archive files larger than 4 GB, a new FLAC file parser, and numerous bug fixes. Available as a free update for NeoFinder customers, new users of NeoFinder 6.4 can purchase the software for $40.


Java for Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion updated over security

10/15, 10:30pm

Apple-provided update fixes issues, uninstalls the old Apple Java applet plug-in

For the fifth time this year, Apple has had to issue an update to Java for all three supported versions of OS X: Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8). As has become the norm, the update was issued due to the discovery of "multiple vulnerabilities" in Java 1.6.0_51. The cross-platform development technology has been updated to version 1.6.0_65, and is referred to in Software Update as "Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 17" for Snow Leopard and "Java for OS X 2013-005" for newer systems.


Apple issues Java updates for Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion

06/18, 4:38pm

Updates fix security, stability, and compatibility problems

Apple has posted twin Java updates for OS X, Java for OS X 2013-004 and Mac OS X v10.6 Update 16. Both deal with security, stability, and compatibility flaws. The first is targeted at Lion and Mountain Lion users, while the second is for Snow Leopard only.


Report: Forthcoming iOS 7 'will ship on time' despite alleged crunch

05/01, 10:00pm

Ambitious update said to make over look, add features to mobile OS

Following on the heels of rumors that Apple reassigned engineers from other projects (including the next OS X release, 10.9) in order to help ensure completion, a new report from unnamed sources has said that iOS 7, the forthcoming major update to the company's mobile platform, will ship on time despite pressures. Anonymous informers told AllThingsD that while the extra help was needed, the update "will ship on time" and debut as scheduled at this year's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC).


Giveaway: Ohanaware Shine photo editing software

03/25, 6:42pm

Win one of 30 copies of Ohanaware Shine!

Ohanaware has recently released its latest photo-enhancing App called "Shine" for Mac OS X. Shine enhances or filters digital images by using lighting effects like Light Rays and Lens Flares, as well as color modifications using gradient tints and a whole lot more. MacNN has thirty copies of Shine to give away: read on to learn more about this cool new software, and how you can enter to win.


Report: Mountain Lion overtakes predecessors in OS X share

01/04, 7:00pm

Took only half the time Lion did to best Snow Leopard

Mac OS X 10.8.x, known as Mountain Lion and the current release of the operating system, has accounted for a majority share of the web traffic from Macs for the first time, according to new figures from web statistics firm Net Marketshare. The crowning comes just five months after the release of Mountain Lion, and took about half the time it took Lion (10.7) to take the lead position away from Snow Leopard (10.6) as the most popular version of OS X.


Forum roundup: which version of OS X is best for me?

12/14, 12:49pm

Which version of OS X is best for me?

Yesterday in the MacNN forums, Mac Enthusiast "Ted L. Nancy" explained that he just got an early 2008 Mac Pro and he's wondering "which version of Mac OS X is best for me?" Also yesterday "PeterParker" was looking for urgent assistance with setting up AirPrint with a new printer, click here to read more and join in.


Mozilla releases Firefox 17, drops OS X 10.5 support

11/20, 1:02pm

Thunderbird, now discontinued, also gets security and bug updates

Mozilla today made available version 17 of its Firefox desktop browser, bringing a number of functionality fixes and security upgrades. The upgrade brings an improved Awesome Bar experience with larger icons, revision of the Social API and support for Facebook Messenger, and click-to-play blocklisting to prevent vulnerable plugin versions from running without user permission. The version update brings one major exclusion, though: it drops support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.


Good Old Games adds OS X support, brings classics back

10/18, 10:30pm

Mix of methods used to import 51 games to the library

Classic game seller Good Old Games has added a selection of OS X titles to the service, highlighted by the current title The Witcher 2. Both free and paid titles are available, with a total of 51 games -- mostly old DOS-based classics from the 80s and 90s -- ready for purchase. All games have been released with no digital rights management, allowing for maximum user flexibility in installations.


Bundle Roundup: Stacksocial, Humble Indie Bundle, MacHeist

09/19, 10:45pm

Stacksocial Macintosh Utility Bundle offers five apps

Stacksocial is offering the Name Your Own Price utility bundle for Mac OS X. The applications offered in the base bundle are Sparkbox, iClip, iDocument, MacCleanse 3, Jaksta Music Converter, and skEdit. While a purchaser can opt to pay whatever they want, if the average purchase price is beaten, then MacFlux 4, Typinator, and ForkLift 2 are added to the purchase for free.


Forum roundup: trouble with malware, Mac minis and more

08/31, 12:26pm

Possibly infected MacBook Pro and more

This week in the MacNN forums one forum member is trying to see if it's possible to install and run Mac OS X on a computer that previously ran Windows, click here to give advice. One disgruntled forum goer is concerned about a MacBook Pro possibly infected with malware, and seeks help to solve the problem.


First Look: OS X Mountain Lion

07/25, 6:37pm

Latest OS brings deep iCloud integration

As promised, Apple has released the ninth major revision to its OS X operating system, v10.8 Mountain Lion, approximately five months after it was first announced. The update brings deeper iCloud integration, even more features inspired by iOS, and a long list of other tweaks and improvements.


Xgrid supercomputer enabler excised from OS X Mountain Lion?

06/12, 10:10pm

Removal may force university IT, researchers to find new solutions

OS X Mountain Lion was officially unveiled on Monday, and is shipping in July -- but conspicuously absent from the list of features is Apple's ad-hoc supercomputer tool Xgrid. Apple's Xgrid provided network administrators a means of constructing a Beowulf cluster, allowing them to use computer idle-time to drive calculations that can be divided into smaller operations. Xgrid client has been installed in all computers running OS X 10.4 or greater by default, so installation and configuration of a massively parallel grid was completed with little time or money outlay. The job controller is included in Mac OS X Server up to OS X Lion and as a free download.


Mac OS X Mountain Lion to arrive in July for $20

06/11, 2:17pm

New Macs to ship with Lion, get free upgrade

As expected, Apple has formally detailed the next major Mac OS X release, referred to as Mountain Lion, which is scheduled to arrive in July. Version 10.8 is claimed to offer more than 200 new features, including "Documents in the Cloud," native voice dictation, and deeper iCloud integration that will automatically sync Messages, Reminders and Notes content.


Forum roundup: 10.7.4 quiet fixes and more

05/15, 12:10pm

Current forum discussions.

Yesterday in the MacNN forums Mac Enthusiast bojangles points out a quiet bug fix in Mac OS X 10.7.4 that affects Screen Sharing on multiple displays, click here to read more. Also Yesterday one forum member was replacing a G5 Xserve with a late 2008 Xserve and had some questions, read more here.


New version of Rdio application for OSX launches

05/14, 8:35pm

Available in app form for Windows, Mac, mobile

A new version of the subscription streaming music service Rdio has launched, bringing with it a native Mac OS X application for the first time. Previous versions were web-based. The new version is available on browsers, and applications Windows, the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. All versions allow listening to over 15 million tracks on the Rdio service.


Air Display app adds support for iPad Retina display

04/02, 6:45pm

Tablet serves as 2048x1536 monitor

Avatron's Air Display update has been approved and added to the App Store ($10, iTunes), enabling users to take advantage of the new iPad's Retina display. Users who run the wireless display app from a Retina device can now enable the HiDPI display mode that had been hidden in Mac OS X Lion, bringing the maximum output resolution up to 2048x1536.


Air Display update turns new iPads into 2048x1536 monitors

03/21, 2:30pm

Air Display to soon support iPad Retina screen

Avatron has just detailed that its Air Display app ($10, iTunes) will be updated to support the new iPad's 2048x1536 resolution for its wireless secondary display technique. The update process did encounter challenges, however, as adding four times more pixels slowed frame rates. While resolving this problem, the Avatron programmers were able to improve the frame rates on older iOS devices, and especially the dual-core iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.


Forum roundup: "Mac OS X" to "OS X" and more

02/24, 4:30pm

Current forum topics

Today in the MacNN forums, members discuss the name change from "Mac OS X" to just "OS X" after one user suggested the possibility that Apple may be considering licensing the operating system to other hardware manufacturers. Yesterday besson3c started a discussion about the latest Mac trojan in the thread titled "OS X trojan horse."


Chitika: iOS web traffic overtook the Mac in February

02/10, 11:50am

Chitika claims iOS now used online more than Mac

New Chitika traffic data has seen Apple possibly cross a milestone for web use online. As of February, 8.15 percent of all web traffic being monitored was coming from an iOS device, passing the Mac for the first time with OS X share at 7.96 percent. The two platforms had been converging since October, with the Mac losing share mostly as Apple's other OS gained prominence.


Apple intern paper hints at full Mac OS X on ARM

02/07, 5:55am

Apple intern details Apple's experiments with ARM

A paper written by a former Apple intern, and now Core OS engineer, has detailed Apple’s attempts at getting a full version of Mac OS X to boot on an ARM processor, reports iMore. Initially subject to an embargo, but just recently published, the paper was written as part of a Bachelor degree thesis in 2010 by Tristan Schapp. It details the technical aspects and challenges associated with getting Darwin, which underpins OS X, to work effectively on the ARM architecture.


New 10.7.3 release includes Security Update 2012-001

02/01, 7:00pm

Closes vulnerabilities in Apache, PHP, more

Today's release of Mac OS X 10.7.3 also incorporates Apple's first Security Update of 2012, addressing vulnerabilities in components throughout the OS and its components. The update is also available as a separate download for Snow Leopard users, and while none of the issues have been reported in the wild, the update is recommended for all users of Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7, and closes potential issues in programs ranging from Apache to QuickTime.


Apple releases seventh 10.7.3 beta with no known issues

01/25, 2:00am

Update focuses on smart cards, file sharing

A week after the last release, Apple has again posted a new beta of the upcoming Mac OS X 10.7.3 for developers. The new version lists no known issues and again asks testers to focus on iCloud Document Storage, Address Book, iCal, Mail, Spotlight, and Safari. The build, numbered 11D50, weighs in at 1.26GB for the combo update, and 997.01MB for the delta release (reversioners are no longer required).


DSPanel adds Mac, Linux, Unix support to BI program

01/19, 10:30pm

Move reflects sea change in non-Windows platforms

DSPanel has utilized Java to create multi-platform native versions of its Performance Canvas Studio for Mac OS X, Linux and Unix as well as its original Windows platform. The suite is the company's flagship product for business intelligence (BI) correlation of various data sources and is also accessible on mobile devices via the web. The program is "multi-tenant" meaning databases can be set up to serve multiple clients, organizations or users to access the data.


Apple issues fourth 10.7.3 version to developers

12/20, 10:15pm

Less than a week after the last one

Testing continues on the next minor update to Mac OS X, with a new version of 10.7.3, this time with a build number of 11D36, being released to developers. The new build comes five days after the previous version, which had a build number of 11D33. As before, no known issues are listed with the update. The small increment between versions may indicate that a public release will come soon.


Mimo Magic Touch brings capacitive touch to USB displays

11/22, 5:55pm

Offers USB touchscreen for Windows 7 computers

Mimo has taken its turn at a capacitive USB-powered touchscreen monitor. The Mimo Magic Touch is a 10.1-inch display that can respond to as many as four touch-points at any one time when connected to a Windows 7 computer. For devices running other operating systems, including Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X, it still supports a display-only mode.


OS X 10.7.2 brings iCloud support to Lion

10/12, 1:45pm

Joined by Safari 5.1.1, Lion Recovery Update

Apple is now seeding OS X 10.7.2 to the public. The update is available through Lion's Software Update function, and should measure about 435.5MB in standard form. The main upgrade is support for iCloud, allowing Lion users to sync and backup data such as email, calendars, contacts, and Safari bookmarks and Reading Lists. It is also required for Back to My Mac remote access functions, and Find My Mac device tracking.


Lion still just third most popular version of OS X

09/28, 3:20pm

Over 8 percent still using unsupported software

Lion is still only the third most popular version of OS X, according to Chitika. New weekly data produced by the analytics firm puts Lion at just 14.18 percent of the market, compared with Snow Leopard, which remains dominant at 55.54 percent. Even Leopard -- now nearly four years old -- has greater representation at 22.23 percent.


OS X updates to block Revir.A as new Mac Trojan appears

09/26, 4:30pm

flashback.A assumes guise of Flash installer

As has become standard, Apple has quietly updated OS X definitions to counter a recently-publicized malware threat, checks show. Lion and Snow Leopard will now block a Trojan fronted by OSX/Revir.A, which in turn installs a backdoor program identified as OSX/Imuler.A. Although neither part of the Trojan is especially dangerous at the moment, Imuler could potentially be used at a later date to capture screenshots or steal files.


Mac Trojan may funnel files, screenshots to distant servers

09/23, 1:15pm

Malware currently just minor threat

A newly-detailed Trojan attack is being directed at Macs, say security firms F-Secure and Sophos. Originally spotted in late July, the Trojan relies on two pieces of malware. The first is a downloader identified as "Trojan-Dropper:OSX/Revir.A," which not only retrieves the second piece of software but repeatedly opens a Chinese PDF document -- trojan.pdf -- said to contain offensive political statements. The real purpose of the document is thought to be distracting a person while the second app is downloaded.


Apple seeds new OS X 10.7.2 build in run-up to iCloud launch

09/22, 3:15pm

Little time left for finished 10.7.2 to go live

Apple is seeding a new build of the forthcoming OS X 10.7.2 update to developers. Listed as 11C62, the release has no known issues, in keeping with other recent builds. The current Combo version of the update measures 790MB.


Apple releases new ProApps, Thunderbolt updates

09/20, 12:40pm

Firmware fixes Thunderbolt Display stability

Apple has posted a trio of new software updates, the most important of which are Thunderbolt-related. The Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update fixes unspecified stability problems with Apple's latest product, and apart from the monitor requires a Mac running either OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7.1. A new Thunderbolt Software Update for Snow Leopard is required to use the Thunderbolt Display with the OS, and also fixes compatibility issues with other Thunderbolt devices. A matching Lion update was released late last week.


Lion security hole lets hackers change account passwords

09/19, 4:30pm

Works without root access

OS X Lion has a serious security vulnerability allowing hackers to alter the password of any user account, writes security blog Defence in Depth. The OS reportedly allows non-root users the ability to view password hash data. As a consequence, an attacker can potentially use a basic Python script to glean a person's password.


Apple seeds second merged OS X 10.7.2/iCloud build

09/16, 3:00pm

Many areas still in testing

Apple is seeding another build of OS X 10.7.2 to developers, 11C57. The code is the second release to merge iCloud support into Lion, rather than require a separate download and installation. The Combo version of the latest release tops out at 790.2MB.


Security Update 2011-005 fixes DigiNotar vulnerability

09/09, 2:30pm

Leopard left out of updates

Apple has posted Security Update 2011-005, a new patch for OS X Lion and Snow Leopard. In each case the code is aimed at fixing just a single problem: fraudulent certificates issued by DigiNotar, a threat Microsoft dealt with on Wednesday. Apple notes that it has removed DigiNotar from the listed of trusted root and extended validation certificates. By default, OS X should now distrust any certificate connected to DigiNotar.


New OS X 10.7.2, iCloud client seeds reach developers

09/02, 2:25pm

iCloud already in 10th beta

Continuing a regular Friday trend, Apple has released new developer seeds of OS X 10.7.2 and the Lion iCloud client. The v10.7.2 update is now in build 11C48. The iCloud client is actually in its 10th beta, suggesting that Apple is conducting an extensive amount of testing before it risks making its cloud technology public.


iCloud coming to Snow Leopard with Mac OS X 10.6.9?

08/29, 2:35pm

Desktop iCloud betas so far restricted to Lion

Apple may be working on a Mac OS X 10.6.9 update to extend iCloud to Snow Leopard, an error message reveals. After upgrading a MobileMe account to iCloud, one developer says he encountered a unique error message in Tiger's .Mac preferences pane. "You will no longer be able to sync with this machine because you've upgraded to iCloud," it begins. "iCloud requires running Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.9 or later for Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks."


Lion exposes Macs to major LDAP vulnerability

08/29, 9:45am

Hole allows any password to be used

OS X Lion has a serious security vulnerability related to LDAP, reports say. If a machine is using LDAP to authenticate access to other resources, a person can use any password for logins as long as they get past Lion's initial login process. The issue is said to be sensitive in an enterprise environment. "As pen testers, one of the first things we do is attack the LDAP server," explains Errata Security CEO Rob Graham. "Once we own an LDAP server we own everything. I can walk up to any laptop (in an organization) and log into it."


Apple seeds new OS X 10.7.2, iCloud, iPhoto 9.2 betas

08/26, 2:55pm

iCloud makes way toward fall launch

Apple has released new developer seeds for three upcoming Mac updates. The first is OS X 10.7.2, now in build 11C43. The iCloud Lion client has now been advanced to beta 9, while iPhoto 9.2 is in its third beta. Apple warns that installing the latter will replace any existing installation of iPhoto, and that beta 3 will not open libraries created by beta 1. The only way to revert iPhoto to an earlier version is to do a clean install of OS X and then install iPhoto again separately.


Apple seeds Epson 2.8 drivers for Mac OS X

08/23, 4:55pm

Update supports Lion, Snow Leopard

Apple has released a new set of drivers for Epson printers. Now at v2.8, the drivers technically include both printing and scanning software. The download is a sizable 961.5MB, but is compatible with both Lion and Snow Leopard, and also supports a variety of languages.



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