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Living With: Apple Keyboards

11/11, 12:51pm

Thirty years and millions of words in the testing

The results are in. After thirty years of Apple keyboards, we now definitively know exactly when you have to replace them with new ones -- when Apple updates the design. It's only since the latest Magic Keyboard was released –– and since we tried one in an Apple Store –– that our old keyboards have begun to show problems.


Apple patent suggests Force Touch keyboards in development

11/04, 6:57am

Patent details keyboard with pressure sensitivity, haptic feedback

Apple is looking into ways to use Force Touch to create new types of keyboard, according to a newly-granted patent. Published on Tuesday, patent number 9,178,509 for the "Ultra low travel keyboard" effectively replaces the mechanical switches used in traditional keyboards for what could be best described as a static key, one that can in theory take up less physical space and potentially lead to Apple using thinner keyboards in its MacBook range.


One More Thing episode 8: Who Was that Masked Man?

10/15, 7:26am

The gang rolls on, but with a visitor with something to say

We call him the Black Rider, though he isn't actually riding anything. Nonetheless, he is the Stranger of Reason, he is the Masked Man of Information and he's come along for this week's installment of the MacNN One More Thing podcast just as Malcolm Owen and William Gallagher are getting far too deep into the topic of keyboards.


Review: Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Keyboard with touchpad

06/05, 6:01pm

Slick looking Bluetooth keyboard that takes some getting used to

We like having a Bluetooth keyboard on hand, particularly when traveling or just around the house for when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, we've yet to find one we absolutely love to pieces. Generally, they're made smaller than laptop keyboards, but not quite small enough to make them perfect for lugging around comfortably. Enter the E6700 keyboard from Rapoo, which looks very cool -- but has a rather awkward design choice. Check out our full review for more info.


Hands On: Typeeto 1.0 (OS X)

06/04, 10:28am

Turn your whole Mac into an iOS keyboard

It is true that it's harder to type on the glass of an iPhone or iPad than it is to use a real keyboard with full-size keys that depress under your fingers. You could argue how much harder, as we do get by every day without carting large keyboards around with our iPhones, but it is harder -- and there's one more thing. We don't cart our iPhones around as much as we think: we are often right there with them at our Macs. Our Macs which have keyboards. Now Typeeto 1.0 lets you use that Mac keyboard with your iPhone.


Hands On: Hanx Writer 1.1.1 (iOS)

04/09, 9:26am

Chack chack chack chack chack chack ding! Zzzzzzip!

A certain subset of our friends are currently obsessed with custom-making their own mechanical computer keyboards. Without going too much into how keyboards work, proponents of mechanical keyboards for computers argue that the tactile feedback, and the fact that each key is on its own individual lever, reduces the potential for incorrect keystrokes. I don't hold to that; I'm pretty sure it's the sound of a mechanical keyboard that really makes people enjoy it. Regardless of how a physical (or virtual) keyboard works, the sound of fingertips hitting keys is the sound of work getting done. Few things sound as industrious as the clatter of a mechanical keyboard or, better yet, the shotgun-like "chack chack" of a typewriter.


Hands On: BrydgeAir Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Air

02/13, 5:50am

BrydgeAir stands out from the Bluetooth keyboard accessory crowd

The market for keyboard accessories for tablets like the iPad is extensive, whether Apple likes it or not. That Apple hasn't released an equivalent accessory to speaks volumes about the typical ergonomics of these kinds of accessories. The best option that we have found to date is to marry an iPad with the Incase Origami and one of Apple's wireless keyboards, although it is not the most integrated solution. Does the BrydgeAir Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad Air offer a better, more integrated solution?


Kensington shows off KeyFolio Thin X3 Plus case for iPad Air 2

01/08, 3:54pm

Offers keyboard, extra battery life

Accessory maker Kensington has announced a new case for the iPad Air 2, the KeyFolio Thin X3 Plus. While including a Bluetooth keyboard, its most notable feature may actually be a built-in 4500mAh battery. Through USB, this lets users fully charge an iPhone two or three times, or an iPad up to 50 percent of a full charge. A free iOS app tracks how much battery power is left.


Typo returns with redesigned Typo2 keyboard for iPhone 6, iPhone 5s

12/08, 3:13pm

Dodges legal issues that blocked first add-on

The creators of the Typo keyboard case have returned with a new model, the Typo2. The accessory has been redesigned not only to accommodate the iPhone 6, but to avoid the legal troubles the company has encountered with BlackBerry. Although a lawsuit is still pending, BlackBerry won a sales injunction against the first-generation case.


Hands On: Logitech Keys-To-Go

11/25, 12:15pm

Logitech Keys-To-Go

When looking for an external keyboard to use with something like the iPad, you are generally limited to two streams of products: Bluetooth keyboards designed for desktop use, and keyboard cases. While wireless desktop keyboards offer a superior typing experience when compared to keyboard cases, they suffer from a design not intended for extensive portability. Meanwhile, keyboard cases are easy to tout around, but force users to add bulk directly to their so-called "portable" device. Enter Logitech's Keys-To-Go, a small Bluetooth keyboard that offers no means of attaching itself to a mobile device, yet has been designed to throw in a bag and carry around.


Logitech debuts new Type+, Ultrathin, Keys-To-Go keyboards for iPads

10/29, 4:56pm

Keys-To-Go supports all iOS devices

Logitech has announced a trio of new iPad keyboard accessories, beginning with updates of its Type+ and Ultrathin cases for the iPad Air 2. The Type+ is a thin folio design, with features such as automatic wake/sleep magnets for both an iPad and the keyboard itself. It costs $100, and comes in black, blue, green, or purple, with extra "synthetic" versions of the first two colors.


Corsair launches Corsair Gaming division with new peripherals

09/22, 2:43pm

New keyboards, headsets and mice offered under the PC gaming company arm

Corsair, known for a wide array for PC parts like solid state drives and power supplies, announced today that it has created a new division within the company specifically for PC gaming. To kick off the launch of Corsair Gaming, three new RGB keyboards, an RGB mouse and two headsets were released to give consumers options, each built with the help of eSports teams and enthusiasts.


Tesoro brings upcoming mechanical keyboards, mice to PAX Prime

09/07, 6:40pm

New Tizona LED, Excalibur LED and Shrike mouse put on display with company's catalog

At Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, peripheral manufacturer Tesoro put a number of new devices on display for consumers, including new keyboards and mice. Some new devices, including an LED version of the Tizona, the recently-announced Excalibur LED, and a new version of the Shrike mouse are said to be coming to the market in the next two months.


Cooler Master puts Novatouch TKL in the hands of PAX attendees

09/03, 8:40pm

Keyboard features 'hybrid capacitive' switch, unlimited N-key rollover, 1.8mm activation

Cooler Master was showing off one of its recently-announced keyboards at Penny Arcade Expo in the Seattle over Labor Day weekend. The Novatouch TKL was on display, giving attendees the chance to feel the difference in the hybrid mechanical switches that the company has put into its new high-end keyboard.


Logitech K480 keyboard switches between phones, tablets, computers

09/03, 3:40pm

Switch toggles between Bluetooth-connected devices

Logitech has announced a new keyboard peripheral, the K480. While usable as a generic, compact Bluetooth keyboard, the K480 is more versatile in being able to connect to three devices simultaneously, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Chrome OS devices. A dial lets users change which device is being controlled.


Logitech releases trio of new iPad cases, updates Ultrathin cover

04/22, 3:05pm

Ultrathin gets lighter, more angles

Logitech today officially launched three new cases for the iPad Air and the iPad mini. Leading these is the Big Bang, which merges a compact folio design with shock-absorbing material; Logitech claims the case can survive drops from as high as 1.4m, or about 4.6 feet. The front and back are also covered with liquid-resistant materials. The Air version of the case costs $100, while the Mini edition is $80.


Review: Anker TC930 Bluetooth Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

03/07, 4:02pm

Suggests higher prices may not equal quality

When Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover first came out, it caused something of a minor stir in the iPad world. It was the very first keyboard cover, solving a problem many people probably didn't realize they had: finding a Bluetooth keyboard that's more convenient than a separate unit, but less bulky than a full-on keyboard case. The one major issue -- apart from having to find your own protection for an iPad's rear shell -- was price. Even now, the Ultrathin is $100, which isn't far off from the cost of a keyboard folio. Anker's TC930 attempts to duplicate much of the Ultrathin for a cheaper price, while simultaneously putting its own spin on things.


Review: iHome Type Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case

12/26, 4:08pm

iHome tries to compete in the world of iPad Air cases

Once a comparatively rare kind of accessory, keyboard cases have become legion in the past year -- or at least it feels that way, from a reviewer's perspective. There seems to be a pent-up demand for iPads that can also get some serious work done. iHome has been a relatively minor player in the keyboard market to date; in this review, we'll see if its new Type Slim case can break the mold.


Ryan Seacrest funds development of Typo keyboard case for iPhone

12/05, 3:39pm

Venture thought to be worth over $1 million

TV host Ryan Seacrest and a venture co-founder have invested over $1 million in producing a keyboard case for the iPhone, the Typo Keyboard, sources say. The pair are eventually expected to invest over $5 million in their company, since other keyboard products are already in development. Seacrest claims that inspiration for the iPhone case came from the frustration of friends and peers carrying two phones: an iPhone as their main device, and a second phone for "typing and correspondence."


Review: Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air

11/11, 4:25pm

Belkin aims high with early Air keyboard case

In a hands-on with the Targus Versavu Keyboard Case, I observed that buying a case around the launch of a new Apple device often entails compromise, since not every manufacturer is on board yet. Even if they are, they may only have a few options available -- designers do, after all, need to experiment to come up with something high-quality. Belkin's QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case is an early effort for the iPad Air, but we'll see in our review if that's necessarily a mark against it.


Hands-on: Targus Versavu Keyboard Case for iPad Air

11/01, 5:17pm

Early effort at Air keyboard support

One of the downsides to the launch of a redesigned Apple device is that invariably, the number of case options is limited. People who need some form of protection ASAP may have to make compromises. The new iPad Air version of the Targus Versavu Keyboard Case may well be one of the compromises, but our hands-on experience suggests that most people will be better off waiting.


Logitech announces iPad Air updates of folios, keyboard cases

10/28, 10:32am

FabricSkin Keyboard Folio, Ultrathin Keyboard Cover among upgrades

Accessory and peripheral maker Logitech has announced plans to update several of its cases for the iPad Air. Leading the pack are the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover ($99) and the FabricSkin Keyboard Folio ($149). The former has been a popular accessory for current-generation iPads, since it provides a minimalist option for both screen protection and carrying a keyboard.


New iPad could get Surface-style keyboard cover

10/21, 10:54am

Could cater to professional market

Apple could be preparing a keyboard cover for the fifth-generation iPad similar in style to the Touch Cover for the Microsoft Surface, says ex-Apple worker Jamie Ryan. The company has reportedly been working on "a few different styles" of keyboard covers for some time. Ryan comments that although there are a "1000 no’s [sic] for every yes" when it comes to Apple prototypes, a first-party Bluetooth cover might make the iPad more appealing to professionals. Other "cover-like" accessories are allegedly being investigated.


iHome debuts swiveling Type Pro Bluetooth keyboard case

10/15, 1:00pm

Allows iPads to rotate 360 degrees

Accessory maker iHome has launched the Type Pro, a new Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad. The distinguishing feature is the ability to rotate an iPad 360 degrees while still in its holder. The case is compatible with second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPads.


Review: Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad

06/14, 12:58pm

New keyboard case may be more form than function

Since the fourth-generation iPad didn't evolve much over its predecessor, the market for iPad accessories has remained somewhat static, to put it mildly. Certainly some new gear had to be produced for the Lightning connector, but even now most iPad cases will still accommodate the old 30-pin format. It takes a little extra to make a case stand out, and that's what Logitech seems to have had in mind with the FabricSkin Keyboard Folio. In our review, we'll see if it's enough to justify the FabricSkin's pricetag -- a colossal $150.


Logitech rolls out Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad mini

02/05, 5:59am

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad mini set to ship February

Logitech has revealed its Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad mini. Although designed for the smaller iPad mini, Logitech says that it the keyboard uses full size keys. The cover keeps its weight down, but retains protective strength by utilizing an aluminum panel on its rear.


Monoprice Cherry MX Red Gaming Keyboard reviewed

11/16, 5:55pm

Mechanical keyswitch keyboard by accessory vendor evaluated

Input devices are critical to the computing experience. As we mentioned in our review of the Logitech G-710 gaming keyboard, they are frequently given short shrift despite this. Devices with features tailored towards a specific market typically have a higher price tag associated with them, however discounter Monoprice sells more than just inexpensive cabling -- they have an entire range of gaming keyboards. We had the opportunity to check out the Monoprice Cherry MX Red gaming keyboard from the eponymous manufacturer in both professional and gaming environments. Does the offering from the peripheral vendor stand out from the crowd on its features, or because of its price? The Electronista review tests out this new offering from an unexpected source.


Review: Logitech G710+ Gaming Keyboard

10/18, 1:41am

Mechanical-switch keyboard more high-end than usual

Input peripherals can be taken for granted by the general computing populace. As long as a slab of plastic machined into a keyboard or mouse gets the job done, it can often be disregarded as "performing as intended." Gamers have a different set of criteria on what makes a keyboard excel at its task, rather than just adequately performing. Logitech has been building gaming keyboards for some time, but the G710+ marks a first for the peripheral manufacturer -- a mechanical keyswitch gaming keyboard. Does the addition of the high-end feature add anything to the input device, and increase responsiveness as claimed? We'll see in our review.


ZAGG reveals ZAGGKeys PRO, PRO Plus keyboards for iPad

08/30, 9:17pm

PRO Plus adds backlighting

Accessory maker ZAGG has announced two new Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad, the ZAGGKeys PRO and PRO Plus. Both feature iOS function keys for things like the Home button, copy and paste, and media playback. The two are also similar in concept to Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, optionally attaching to the front of an iPad with magnets when not in use.


Logitech rolls out washable keyboard

08/22, 8:11am

Logitech reveals its first washable keyboard

Logitech has unveiled its Washable Keyboard K310 that comes with a standard keyboard layout, F-keys and a number pad. The wired keyboard is notable for its namesake capability that allows it to be hand washed. To help with its longevity, Logitech has laser printed the key characters and UV coated them to ensure that they don't fade after repeated washing.


Giveaway: Win one of nine Verbatim prizes!

07/06, 4:53pm

Win one of nine great prizes

This summer has been nothing short of sizzling, but it's about to get even hotter, because Electronista is giving away a mountain of prizes from Verbatim. We have three Easy Riser Wireless Notebook laser mice, three Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboards, and three Mini Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse sets to give away. Plus three lucky winners will also receive a Verbatim 4GB USB flash drive.


DealNN roundup: SteelSeries Shift Gaming Keyboard, only $34

05/15, 11:20am

Deals on gaming keyboards, headphones, and more

Today's deals from DealNN include discounted keyboards, headphones, and more. has recently lowered the cost of the SteelSeries Shift Gaming Keyboard with eight programmable hotkeys, two USB 2.0 ports, multiple media controls, and on-the-fly macro recording. Currently featured at DealNN, the gaming keyboard is now available for the discounted price of $34.99 and offers savings of up to $55.


Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

04/26, 4:45pm

Logitech's hybrid iPad keyboard

One of the iPad's main weaknesses has always been productivity. It's not a question of apps; while it has taken a little time for a native iPad library to develop, there's usually been some way of getting essential tasks done. It's that even with those apps, the iPad's technical limitations can make things unnecessarily difficult. Bluetooth keyboards can simplify writing, but options have so far been limited to either separate peripherals or full-sized cases, which carry their own tradeoffs. Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover attempts to bridge that gap -- in our review, we'll judge whether the gear is as convenient as its maker hopes it is.


Apple stocking international parts for London Olympics

04/11, 4:30am

Wants to be ready to help journalists

Apple is quietly stocking its London stores with extra and international parts (such as replacement keyboards) to help cope with the expected "onslaught" of international journalists, many of whom use Apple products, coming to cover the 2012 London Olympics. The event, scheduled for July, is expected to see over 10,000 international print journalists as part of the 325,000 daily visitors coming to London for the games, reports TUAW.


Matias debuts 'One' keyboard, switches from Mac to iOS

01/12, 8:30pm

Offers a special 'tactile' version as well

Although standard Bluetooth keyboards can also be paired with an iPad or iPhone, the process can be time-consuming for users who regularly like to switch between computers and mobile devices using the same keyboard. Often, the answer was to buy two keyboards -- but accessory maker Matias is taking its classic-style, wired One Keyboards up a notch with models that feature a holder for the iPhone or iPod Touch, and can switch instantly between the computer and the iOS device at the touch of a button.


Cirago, CaseInity debut new iPad and iPhone accessories

01/04, 2:20pm

Cord-On-Board tucks USB cable alongside iPhone

Accessory makers Cirago and CaseInity have separately unveiled several new accessories for iOS devices. Cirago has produced three, chief among these being the Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the iPad 2. Brushed aluminum is combined with padding at the corners to cushion an iPad; to use the keyboard, a person must pull the tablet from the case and sit it in a built-in stand either vertically or horizontally. The case costs $90.


Broadcom chip may give Bluetooth keyboards 10-year batteries

12/06, 11:10am

Keyboards backwards-compatible with Bluetooth PCs

Broadcom has introduced a new chip that is claimed to enable Bluetooth keyboards to run for up to 10 years without swapping or recharging batteries. The low-power component is specifically geared for human interface devices (HIDs), such as keyboards and mice, that are used in conjunction with tablets, smartphones and computers.


Verbatim intros Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

11/28, 1:20pm

Aimed at iPads, iPhones

Verbatim says it is launching a new peripheral, the Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard. Like many such keyboards the device is intended mostly for tablets, including iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Xooms, and anything else with HID keyboard compatibility. Also supported is the iPhone.


Source leaks early details on Apple Black Friday deals

11/23, 10:10am

Macs, iPads, iPods see discounts

A leaked pamphlet shows the some of discounts Apple is planning to offer for this year's Black Friday sale, according to 9to5Mac. In terms of computers, the company is taking $101 off the iMac, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. iPad 2 discounts range from $41 to $61, depending on storage capacity, and a similar philosophy applies to the iPod touch, which is getting between $21 and $41 off. Both the 8 and 16GB iPod nanos are $11 chepaer.


Verbatim debuts its 2nd-gen Bluetooth mobile keyboard

11/16, 9:00pm

Available in either white or black

Verbatim has re-worked its Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard to add features specific media control and function keys suited to iOS devices while keeping the keyboard compatible with other tablets and compatible smartphones. In addition, the Bluetooth capability of the device has been upgraded to allow pairing with up to six devices. The compact, foldable keyboard also includes an iPhone stand to put the smaller device at a comfortable angle while typing.


USRobotics jumps into the tablet accessory market

09/21, 12:15am

Three tablet stands, two Bluetooth keyboards

USRobotics, well known for its line of modems and other internet accessories, has started offering accessories for tablets, smartphones and e-readers and netbooks, including two that are specifically for iOS devices -- though most are aimed at general tablet-sized devices to make them compatible with the widest variety of devices. The company offers three models of stands and two Bluetooth keyboards, and plan for other accessories in the future.


Zagg launches Bluetooth keyboard with built-in iPad stand

08/12, 3:25pm

Speck ships ruggedized iPhone 4 case

Zagg has announced a new keyboard for iPads and other mobile devices, the ZAGGkeys SOLO. The keyboard connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, and provides a base with a slot to display an iPad in a notebook-style configuration. It feeds on a 510mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and include function keys for commands like Cut, Copy, Paste, Slideshow, Search and Home. It should start shipping August 15th in black, silver or white for $70. The company is now taking pre-orders.


Apple wins 10 new patents, files for Final Cut trademarks

06/28, 3:45pm

Jobs, Ive get credit for Apple keyboard design

Apple has won 10 new patents through the US Patent and Trademark Office, information shows. One notable example is the design of the current Apple keyboard with a numeric keypad. While the peripheral is relatively mundane outside of its thinness and aluminum chassis, two of the 16 people credited with the invention are Apple CEO Steve Jobs and VP of industrial design Jonathan Ive, signifying how important the shape of the product is.


Apple patent applications hint at new Nanos, keyboards

05/12, 1:40pm

Supports re-introduction of cameras to Nanos

Two newly-published Apple patent applications hint at possible product plans for the company. Most significant is one appearing to depict a sixth-generation touchscreen iPod nano, but with additional sensors such as ones for audio, motion or even temperature. Among these is a camera, something that was included on the fifth-generation Nano but conspicuously omitted in the shift to a smaller design.


2011 iMac details hint at backlit wireless keyboard

05/04, 11:00am

Product may have missed intended ship date

Some aspects of the 2011 iMac hint that Apple is or was working on a backlit wireless keyboard, according to reports. Under Keyboard preferences in Mac OS X, for instance, new iMac owners can toggle an automatic illumination option. While standard on MacBook Pros, the option is normally missing on Macs which don't have a backlit keyboard built in.


Clamcase grants iPad notebook-style keyboard

12/20, 11:35am

Includes separate battery, swiveling holder

Originally announced in May, Clamcase has finally begun selling its self-titled accessory for the iPad. When attached, the case effectively transforms an iPad into a netbook through the inclusion of a folding lid with a built-in keyboard. To allow the tablet to be used more conventionally, the display holder can be swiveled and folded back over the keyboard.


Review: Matias Tactile Pro 3 Keyboard

11/15, 1:15pm

Quality offset by cost problems

MacNN has reviewed the Tactile Pro 3 keyboard, made by Matias. Unlike some other recent models, the TP3 uses a very traditional design, with a conventional Mac layout, and a particular emphasis on old-style mechanical switches that provide an audible "click" whenever a key is pressed. One nod to modernity is the presence of a three-port USB hub.


Review: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

11/14, 8:35pm

Logitech tries for infinite battery life

Logitech's K750 attempts to solve one the most basic frustrations with wireless keyboards: having to buy and charge batteries. The unit has two solar strips built in, which Logitech claims are sensitive enough to keep the keyboard running off of artificial light, and not just the sun. In our review, we'll see whether this claim holds up, and whether the K750 works as a keyboard in general.


Contour Design debuts RollerMouse Pro2 keyboard

10/14, 9:00pm

Lifts keyboards, uses rollerbar for mouse action

Contour Design have unveiled their latest version of the RollerMouse keyboard, the RollerMouse Pro2, which features new keyboard lifters to slope keyboards into one of three different settings for maximum comfort and reduced arm and wrist strain. The new version also features leatherette wrist supports and new buttons to make operations such as copy/paste and double-clicks easier and close to the user's natural hand positioning.


Sena Keyboard Folio for iPad includes built-in keyboard

08/30, 2:50pm

Allows netbook-style use

Accessory maker Sena has unveiled the Keyboard Folio, a new iPad case. While similar to some other leather folio-style cases, the Sena model includes a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, effectively transforming an iPad into a netbook. To that end, a stand on the back of the case can prop up an iPad for better viewing while typing.



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