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Doom 4 details unveiled during QuakeCon, revealed as series reboot

07/20, 3:28pm

Title changed to reflect reboot, but updates some classic shooter elements

Late last week at QuakeCon in Dallas, id Software gave attendees an exclusive reveal of the new Doom game from the company. Doom 4 has witnessed turmoil in its production, since ZeniMax-owned Bethesda Softworks acquired id Software in 2009. However, the company finally showed off gameplay footage at QuakeCon, after promising information on the title since 2010.


ARM: Mali processors will equal PS3, Xbox 360 in power

07/03, 1:00pm

ARM sees Mali chip rivalling consoles in 18 months

ARM's Mali processors will be fast enough to equal a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 in power, the company said in an interview late this week. The T604 has caught up quickly enough that it can match the 2005- and 2006-era consoles in power as well as give options that weren't there before. It will be the company's first to support OpenCL and general-purpose computing, both giving it a lift for gaming as well as opening the door to low-power servers, ARM told The Inquirer.


id Software chats on Android, iPad 2, PSVita, Rage on Mac

06/08, 9:45pm

We chat with id's Rafael Brown at E3 2011

Legendary first-person shooter developer id Software was at the Bethesda booth for E3 2011 as part of its tie in with ZeniMax, and we got a chance to talk to the company's Rafael Brown, who handles much of the company's mobile work. He discussed the company's current hesitation on Android and gave us brief hints about iPad 2 and iPhone 5 plans, the Sony PSVita, and even hints of a Mac port of Rage.


Id co-founder downplays app profitability on Android

04/13, 10:55pm

John Carmack still focusing on iOS development

Id Software co-founder John Carmack has downplayed the potential profits attempting to develop apps for the Android platform, according to comments in an interview with NowGamer. The executive admits that his informal survey of Quakecon attendees showed a 50/50 split between Android and iOS users, however fewer Android owners claimed to have spent $20 on a mobile game for their smartphone.


Crytek joins ranks of high-end game devs on iPad, iPhone

01/16, 12:55pm

Crytek hiring for iPad and iPhone games

Crytek revealed its plans to get into iOS gaming this week with a listing for an iPad and iPhone game developer. The Crysis and Far Cry team is looking for a veteran for its Frankfurt office that would take control of nearly all of the process. Few clues exist in the code as to the project, but the aim would be to produce "high performance" code and ideally have experience with OpenGL ES, pointing to a full 3D game in the works.


RIM gives us PlayBook hands-on, alludes to sync with iPhone

01/07, 3:05pm

We test the BlackBerry PlayBook as RIM hints sync

We had the opportunity to try the BlackBerry PlayBook at CES on Friday and discovered that it may have sync with more than just the BlackBerry. A representative on the show floor told Electronista that there might be plans to sync some services with the iPhone or other platforms. While there wasn't much definite, it was mainly something that RIM 'hadn't communicated yet,' the staffer said.


Rage comes to App Store, Flight Control for Mac hits Steam

11/18, 11:35am

id dips toes into high-end iOS games

As promised by the company's co-founder, John Carmack, id Software has launched two iOS versions of Rage at the App Store. A narrower take on the upcoming PC and console Rage games, the iOS apps are rail shooters in which players compete in a violent gameshow called Mutant Bash TV. Players use pistols, shotguns and machineguns to kill mutants in three different environments.


Rage: Mutant Bash TV due tomorrow

11/17, 11:20am

Early attempt at high-end gaming engine for iOS

Rage: Mutant Bash TV has been approved by Apple, and should appear at the App Store tomorrow, says id Software co-founder John Carmack. The game is based on the larger upcoming Rage title for PCs and consoles, a first-person action game with role-playing and racing elements. Mutant Bash has been described by Carmack as a "little slice" of its bigger cousin, though few details have been made public.


id's Carmack: no Rage yet for Android or WP7, iPhone details

10/30, 4:20pm

id Software says Rage no go on Android and WP7

id Software co-founder John Carmack this weekend has revealed in a pair of updates that there aren't any current plans to bring Rage on mobile to either Android or Windows Phone 7. While he said he would "take a stab" at Android, he explained that the Doom developer wasn't pledging itself to creating a port for Google's OS; he implied later that time constraints were an issue. Dropping WP7 was a technical issue, however: the likelihood of a port for Microsoft were "very low" since he couldn't write in C++ language like he could elsewhere.


id shows Rage on iPhone: will "kill" any Xbox or PS2 game

08/12, 5:00pm

id Software says iPhone better than Xbox and PS2

(Update: new video) id Software co-founder John Carmack upturned the game industry at the QuakeCon expo today with word his company had ported the Rage engine to the iPhone. The graphics keep many of the features of the full engine for modern consoles, including non-repeating Megatextures and advanced lighting, but still runs at 60 frames per second on an iPhone 4. It still runs properly on an older iPhone and, due to the mix of hardware and software, could "kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2," he said to Kotaku and others at the Texas gathering.


Quake Live for Mac set to arrive on August 18th

08/14, 5:00pm

Quake Live for Mac

Following its promise to expand Quake Live to new platforms, id Software is ready to launch the Mac and Linux versions on August 18th. The game follows the same concept as the first-person shooter Quake III Arena, although played through a browser instead of a dedicated installation. The company admitted in May that the Mac and Linux versions proved to be more difficult than initially expected.


id Software to bring three Quakes to iPhone

06/30, 10:30am

Quake coming to iPhone

id Software co-founder John Carmack has announced that the company will be bringing three Quake titles to the iPhone. Carmack adds that he may not be heavily involved in the projects, which should be mostly handled by other developers. In addition to the Quake offerings, id is also said to be contemplating an iPhone version of its next PC game, Rage. Wolfenstein RPG, Doom 2 RPG and Doom Classic are also slated as iPhone titles.


Mac edition of Quake Live 'getting close,' says id

05/04, 3:05pm

Quake Live for Mac coming

The Mac and Linux editions of Quake Live are rapidly approaching release, claims id Software's Marty Stratton. The game is a web-based version of id's first-person shooter, Quake III Arena, playable through browser software instead of a separate executable. At the moment however, Live can only be accessed as a beta through the Windows versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Doom creator speaks on iPhone development plans

07/25, 10:40am

John Camack iPhone plans

Doom developer id Software is deeply interested in designing for the iPhone, says one of its co-founders and key programmers. John Carmack notes that the company's id Mobile division was in fact looking at producing a game for the launch of the App Store, but the scheduling and resources available simply would not have worked. "I really regret not having something at launch," says Carmack.



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