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Annual shutdown of iTunes Connect runs December 22-29

11/23, 7:13am

Developers warned of yearly iTunes Connect downtime

Apple will be holding its annual shutdown of iTunes Connect from December 22 until December 29, the same dates as last year, the company has confirmed. Announced over the weekend in a news update on the Developer portal, the downtime warning advises developers to get any new apps or app updates in order and submitted to Connect in a timely manner before that eight-day period, as they will not be accepted or approved over the holidays.


Briefly: Apple services outage, Amazon details Black Friday sales

11/18, 6:42am

Apple Maps, App Stores, iTunes affected by brief outage

Apple's online services endured another outage overnight, with a number of services becoming unusable for over an hour. Apple's system status page advises some users were affected by downtime for "multiple store services" and "multiple iCloud services" at around 10pm EST for just over an hour, with all users affected by a slightly briefer Maps issue for approximately half an hour at roughly the same time.


Apple Music for Android launches on Google Play Store

11/10, 1:12pm

Android app for Apple Music arrives five months after iOS

Apple has finally launched its Android app for Apple Music, just as it advised during the launch of the music streaming service in June. Compatible with devices running Android version 4.3 or later, the app is being launched in beta on the Google Play Store five months later than others, with Android users able to take advantage of the majority of features users on iOS and the Mac have already been enjoying.


Cue: more features to come to Apple TV in 2016

10/29, 2:56pm

Apple Music control, music searches among 'missing' features in new ATV

In a new interview with CNN Money, Apple's SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue revealed that the shipping fourth-generation Apple TV will have some additional features added to it after its debut next week. While most early reviews of the device have been positive, reviewers have noticed some strange omissions, such the Siri remote control being unable to control the Apple Music portion of iTunes. Siri on iOS devices has recently been found to defer music chart searches to those users subscribed to Apple Music.


O2 Germany rolls out carrier billing for iTunes purchases

10/27, 1:31pm

Carrier subscribers can pay for iTunes music, apps via mobile phone bill

Music, apps, and other content on iTunes is now able to be purchased using carrier billing in Germany, it has been revealed. Subscribers of O2 in the country can pay for items within iTunes using their mobile phone account with customers able to enter their mobile phone number into iTunes itself and have charges added to their monthly bill, or in the case of prepaid customers, whatever credit is available to use on the account.


Cue: iTunes Match, Apple Music library capacity boost coming soon

10/14, 1:52pm

Capacity will increase to as many as 100,000 non-iTunes tracks by end of year

In a follow-up response to his earlier remarks that the library size for iTunes Match and Apple Music subscribers will be vastly increased, Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue now believes that the upgrade, originally thought to be planned for release with iOS 9, should come "before the end of the year." The change would allow subscribers to either service to store many more songs matched, but not purchased, through the iTunes Store for access on multiple devices.


Imagine Dragons, Apple team up on charity single for refugees

10/12, 3:00pm

New effort comes on heels of iTunes-based American Red Cross campaign

As the ongoing refugee crisis as a result of the Syrian civil war continues to flood Europe with migrants, Apple has opted to step up relief efforts beyond the pledge page for the American Red Cross, which is helping with refugee camps and other aid, and has worked with information specialist firm SAP and the band Imagine Dragons on a new charity single, called "I Was Me." All proceeds from sales of the song on iTunes will go to the United Nations Relief Agency, with an additional matching donation of 10 cents per copy being donated by SAP for the first five million in sales.


Pointers: how and why to use aliases in iTunes (OS X)

10/09, 8:27am

The forgotten handy tool in OS X

Depending on your age, when you hear the word "alias," you either think of J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner, or you think of Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry. Somewhere between those two, though, there came Apple's version of aliases, which weirdly became better known on PCs when Microsoft took the idea, and made "shortcuts" (so innovative!). Microsoft made the better, clearer name, but when they took the concept they didn't read to the end. OS X aliases do everything shortcuts do, and a significant amount more, to help you manage files on your Mac. It's a shame that more of us don't use them.


Harry Potter enhanced edition e-books available exclusively on iTunes

10/08, 9:13am

Seven-book series in new format, discrete from Pottermore versions

Apple today announced that enhanced editions of all seven books in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series are now available exclusively on the iBooks Store. Customers can download individual books featuring the full original text, interactive animations, and new artwork, bringing these stories to life in a unique way. Harry Potter fans will also find annotations throughout their literary journey, written by the author herself. 


China sees debut of native Music, Movies, iBooks stores

09/30, 7:35pm

Apple Music and selected iTunes Stores now available locally

While the news will come as a surprise to those outside China, the country is only just today getting its own Apple Music service and some of the various iTunes Stores, including Movies and the iBookstore for the first time. The various stores will, as is the case in most other countries, emphasize native artists at least as much as western acts. Local heroes such as G.E.M. and Eason Chan will be seen in the Music store alongside popular western artists. The Movies store will feature Chinese cinema and Hollywood films, while the iBookstore will offer a wide selection of native-language e-books.


Briefly: iTunes refugee donations open, Apple Company Store revamp [u]

09/18, 11:55am

Users can donate to American Red Cross to help European migrant crisis

[Updated with further details on Apple Company Store] Apple has set up a donation page in iTunes -- with a link to it from the main page of its website -- to help customers who wish to donate money to the American Red Cross to help ease the migrant crisis that is sweeping across the Mediterranean and Europe. The crisis, fueled by the Syrian civil war and other upheavals in the region, has put a strain on the resources of the host countries, and displaced nearly half a million people.


Apple updates iTunes to 12.3 with iOS 9 support, more

09/16, 2:13pm

Improves VoiceOver support, adds two-factor iTunes authentication, more

In addition to iOS 9, Apple has updated its iTunes program for OS X to version 12.3 to support the new iOS release, tweak some aspects of the "love" rating, improve iTunes accessibility with VoiceOver, and add support for two-factor authentication for Apple IDs -- along with the usual "improvements to overall stability and performance." While any changes or fixes to the paid Apple Music service or its relationship to iTunes Match are not mentioned, fixes for Up Next and Recently Played are included.


Briefly: Apple Pay at University of Oklahoma, NFL on Apple TV

08/31, 7:53pm

University of Oklahoma now accepting Apple Pay campus-wide

The first US university to accept Apple Pay at all locations campus-wide turns out to be the University of Oklahoma, according to a blog post from the school. In total, the ultra-secure mobile payment system is accepted at some 400 point of sale locations at the university, from the campus bookstore to all the restauarants. Apple has been a popular vendor at the One University technology store on campus, and also promotes the university's content on iTunes U and on iBooks.


Hands On: TurnTable Pocket 1.0 (iPhone)

08/20, 12:52pm

Music player that champions the album

You've already got a music player on your iPhone, you can't fail to have because you get it free and you can't delete it. Yet iTunes isn't the world's most popular application and as part of the whole iTunes Store it played a significant part in changing music. Specifically it changed us from buying albums to buying individual tracks. TurnTable Pocket 1.0 wants to undo that and to present us with music artwork the way it used to be.


Apple Music subscriptions kill ALAC playback on iOS

08/14, 8:32am

High-resolution audio codec and Apple Music incompatible

While many of us were looking forward to the launch of Apple Music, it has been far from a smooth launch. Making the biggest headlines, of course, has been the woes of experienced by Jim Dalrymple. We've also highlighted issues with shared iTunes libraries, and other library corruption issues. I recently wrote about the way Apple Music works with DRM and handles ALAC files, and in that piece we promised to get back to you when we heard from Apple about how Apple Music handles your own ALAC music files -- and now we have an answer.


Hands On: M4P-to-MP3 Converter 1.30.8 (OS X)

08/13, 10:49am

Fragile utility for tinkerers and music fans

Here's how fragile and delicate this app is: we couldn't get it to work. At all. Not even with the help of its developers. Consequently, this could be a very short review -- but it's an interesting area, and we have a word count so if we can't do a Hands On, at least we can try to put our finger on what's wrong with M4P-to-MP3 Converter 1.30.8. Plus, it is one of those names that tells you what the application does, but if you understand what it does, you likely know how to do it yourself, so there is an issue of whether it's even worth your fiddling with.


Late summer project: OS X home server, part three - the setup!

08/12, 9:11am

Getting basic services and iTunes up and running

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Wednesday pointers column, because it's time. You've decided you wanted a server last week, and you chose a server heart yesterday, and at this point in the installation, it doesn't so much matter what it is. You've got the iron, your drive array may or may not be on hand, but it's go time. The machine is connected to the network, and its bare nature is staring you at the face, perhaps openly mocking you. Now what? How do you make this work for your and your family? We'll tackle some common problems, and basic setup in this, part three of our late summer project on how to deploy an OS X home server.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 27: introducing Microsoft Sponge

08/10, 7:43am

Latest episode a bit like a quick summer read, so try listening at poolside

This week, the usual suspects -- MacNN Editor Charles Martin, Managing Editor Mike Wuerthele, and staff writer Malcolm Owen -- deliver a lighter, shorter, 47-minute summer episode that tries to accentuate the positive, and make lemonade out of lemons. Having spent last episode complaining about iTunes 12.2, the iOS Music app, and (as required by law) Microsoft's Windows 10, this episode focuses on the new Back to School promo from Apple, what can be done to make iTunes better, how to make an OS X home server, how Windows 10 is working out, and Microsoft's new iOS-to-Windows initiative. Show notes after the jump.


Apple Music's dirty little secret: DRM

08/09, 11:35pm

Simple system for protecting streaming music causing major headaches

While there has been a lot of fanfare surrounding the launch of the Apple Music service, it hasn't been without its hiccups. Apple commentator Jim Dalrymple, among other users, ran into the some serious issues with a bug that saw music that he owned in his library being incorrectly identified as being Apple Music offline files. This resulted in DRM being incorrectly applied to those tracks, which -- when he switched off Apple Music in an attempt to fix the issue -- caused those files to be purged from his library altogether.


Dr. Dre to release new album as an Apple Music, iTunes exclusive

08/03, 2:02pm

First full new album since 1999 to drop August 7, promoted on The Pharmacy

Following a hiatus from his own music career since 1999's 2001, Apple music executive Andre Young -- better known to the world as rapper, producer, radio host and entrepreneur Dr. Dre -- will release his new album, Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre, as an exclusive to be streamed on Apple Music, and sold digitally on iTunes. Dre has also exclusively allowed the streaming of his first solo album, 1992's The Chronic, on Apple Music.


Hands On: Vox 2.5.1 (OS X, iOS)

08/03, 9:57am

Vox straddles the thin line between brilliant and unusable

This is the most beautiful, even mesmerising app and where you always want to shout loudly about great software, we wanted to stand on desks and bellow that Vox 2.5.1 is a gorgeous music player and service. Unfortunately, we more stood by desks arguing over it. It was 50/50 between one side of MacNN saying it is stunning with some problems and the other half saying those problems were just too much. Both sides are right: we long to recommend this to you but if we do, we have to prepare you for frustrations.


Follow-up: Dalrymple's iTunes issues largely fixed, patch coming

07/25, 4:31pm

Apple well aware of issues, blending of Apple Music and iTunes Match at issue

We reported last week on fellow Mac journalist Jim Dalrymple's particularly bad issues with iTunes 12.2 and later on the Mac, centered around the arrival of Apple Music and Apple's attempts to blend the paid service's ability to store songs for later streaming or offline use with some customers' existing or previous iTunes Match libraries, which appears to cause much confusion, ranging from mislabelled entries in the iTunes library to missing songs in some cases.


Mac pundit Jim Dalrymple bemoans 'nightmarish' iTunes struggles

07/23, 10:53am

Experience from long-time Mac fan voice confirms MacNN testing

Apple cognoscenti Jim Dalrymple posted a missive about his poor experience with iTunes and Apple Music yesterday, confirming ongoing MacNN testing of the issue dating back to just after the launch, and subsequent update of the Apple music player. The pundit notes amongst other problems the loss of 4,700 songs that he has little hope of getting back, and that the service is selective as to which tracks are actually added to his Internet-accessible library, sometimes drawing from "greatest hits" albums, and not the actual source of the original recording.


Episode 24: What's that, Neil Young? I can't hear you

07/20, 7:20pm

Too busy enjoying Apple Music streaming on my iPod touch

In this early season of presidential candidate pronouncements, its refreshing to see someone not running for office who can crazy with the best of them. On this week's MacNN Podcast We celebrate 10 years of podcasts along with Apple, as well as the new, updated iPod touch. We then proceed, like all good parties, to trash some things -- in this case, iTunes and Neil Young's crazy (high) horse. Show notes after the jump.


Pointers: Making a custom radio station in iTunes 12.2

07/18, 1:50am

RIP iTunes Radio, long live the new iTunes Radio

This week's abominably late Pointers column (sorry about that) is an update of one we did in March of this year about how to create your own custom iTunes Radio station based on songs or artists that you liked. If you haven't updated to iTunes 12.2 yet, then read the older column for instructions for your version of iTunes. When version 12.2 came out, things changed -- some for the better, some for the worse, and iTunes Radio changed too.


Testing: iTunes update aggravates network, local library destruction

07/14, 9:50am

Testing before and after update shows poor handling of issue by Apple

Apple's release of an iTunes point update yesterday was seemingly relief from the manifest problems induced by the first release -- but reports immediately started coming in questioning what the value of the update was, and what it actually fixed. We repeated our earlier testing with iTunes networking shares, and tossed in some local store sharing which was underway with version 12.2, and were dismayed by our findings.


Apple releases update for iTunes 12.2, iTunes Match issues unfixed [u]

07/13, 2:17pm

Even lapsed former subscribers saw issues with cover art, metadata

[Update -- not all problems are fixed] A problem in the new iTunes 12.2 update -- which including a substantial behind-the-scenes change to the database part of the program to accommodate the new Apple Music features, and which caused confusion in metadata and album art in song files -- has allegedly been fixed in a new update, bringing the program to version 12.2.1. The update, now available through the Mac App Store, is also said to correct a problem where uploaded DRM-free music in users' iCloud Music Libraries had been replaced with DRM-enabled Apple Music versions.


Exclusive testing: iTunes 12.2 mangling network-shared libraries

07/06, 8:56am

Initial results point to iTunes mishandling of network shares

Over the period of time since iTunes 12.2 was released, MacNN has been receiving spotty reports of iTunes library corruptions. We've begun preliminary testing on the root cause, and a final determination or possible workaround is some time away -- however, w do have solid data pointing to iTunes corrupting libraries hosted over an OS X network share periodically. More problematically, iTunes libraries accessed over an SMB share from either a Windows-based computer or network attached storage (NAS) device are frequently damaged by some iTunes process.


Comment: An independent artist's view on Apple Music

07/06, 6:42am

Apple Music is great for listeners, not so much for artists

As a music fan, I'm delighted that Apple Music is finally here. The thought of being able to access most of Apple's iTunes catalog for a low monthly fee is a mouth-watering prospect. Before services like this were available, I would routinely spend two or three times as much every month on buying new music to feed my addiction. Therein lies the problem for independent artists, but also all artists at large, as streaming services move from being marginal, secondary sources of income to something increasingly material.


Apple Music launch cripples Home Sharing, alters iTunes Match

07/02, 8:46am

Matched music downloaded as DRM-locked files, iOS music Home Sharing dead

The heralded Apple Music service launch has accompanied a merger of iTunes Match with Apple's new streaming service. However, possibly to appease record labels, some significant changes have been made to iTunes functionality, including the removal of Home Sharing for music on the iPhone and iPad, as well as substituting iTunes Matched songs downloaded to a device with DRM-laden versions.


Hands On: iTunes 12.2.0 (OS X)

07/01, 4:07pm

Our music library just got a whole lot bigger

It's been called over-complicated, it's been called confusing, but it's also been called the place where you keep all your music by nearly everyone in the civilized world. That last has now changed: it's the place you get to almost all the music ever created in the history of the world, and then some. Okay, maybe no,t but we had -- hang on, let's check -- 9,692 songs yesterday and today we have (counts on fingers) 30,000,000, give or take the Beatles. The new iTunes 12.2 for Mac brings some minor changes, and one massive one with the introduction of Apple Music to OS X.


Leak in iTunes 12.2 shows Apple will update iPod lineup

07/01, 12:56pm

Shuffle, Nano, Touch to continue, but no obvious visible changes seen

An image buried inside the resources of iTunes 12.2 offers a surprising revelation to iPod fans: Apple's iPod lineup, which has seen diminishing sales for years, will get another -- though possibly final -- hurrah, with new color options and likely upgraded processors and storage. All three of the company's current iPod models -- the wearable Shuffle, the diminutive Nano, and the full-sized "iPhone with no phone," the iPod touch -- will see new colors, including strong shades of blue and pink, as well as the now-expected gold option.


Analysis: Apple Music and Beats 1

07/01, 12:06am

The MacNN staff look at today's massive litany of releases by Apple

It's that time again -- Apple has hit us all with a flood of releases, and leading the pack are Apple Music and Beats 1. Join Managing Editor Mike, MacNN Editor Charles, and writer William for a discussion of all the hits, misses, and we discuss if we should keep the wheel in the sky turning for what's on tap, or if Apple's new offering is little more than a rainbow in the dark.


Apple finally launches iTunes 12.2, capping day of software updates

06/30, 6:20pm

Update brings Apple Music, fixes to the venerable music player

Breaking: As predicted, Apple has just made iTunes 12.2 available for OS X users, as of 6PM ET. While not yet available through the iTunes update menu, the package can be seen and downloaded through the App Store's update tab. The software, which was expected earlier today to coincide with the launch of Beats 1 and Apple's paid music services, brings a revamped set of free and paid services to the music-management program, replacing iTunes Radio and making other minor interface changes to align with the iOS release.


Mac users seeing request to upgrade to unreleased iTunes 12.2 [u]

06/30, 4:53pm

Lack of update preventing Apple Music from arriving on Macs

[Update: iTunes 12.2 now released at 6PM ET] While iOS users are experiencing changes related to Apple Music, Mac users are also seeing things fall into place, but at a far slower pace. Before Mac users will be able to use Apple Music and listen to Beats 1, they will have to upgrade iTunes from the current version 12.1.2 to version 12.2 -- an update which is currently unavailable to download by users, and is conspicuous by its absence on a day when Apple has overloaded it servers with a plethora of major, minor, and security updates.


Users reporting iTunes Match issues as Apple Music launches

06/30, 1:08pm

Virtual music storage locker hit with problems; workaround revealed

The launch on Tuesday of Apple Music appears to be wreaking havoc with existing users of iTunes Match, the company's virtual music cloud storage service. Reports beginning yesterday and worsening today indicate that users who have not or are unable to currently update their iOS version to the just-released 8.4, as well as Apple TV users, are seeing issues including duplicate entries for artists and playlists, inaccurate album art, and a general inability to download or stream songs.


Apple to release iOS 8.4 tomorrow, upgrade iTunes Match in fall

06/29, 1:14pm

Virtual locker included with paid Apple Music, to expand to 100,000 songs

Through confirmations, now-deleted posts, and a series of tweets, Apple has revealed that iOS 8.4 will be released tomorrow, June 30, at 8AM PT (11AM ET), and SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue has clarified how iTunes Match and the paid Apple Music subscription service will work together. In addition, Senior Director of Apple Music (and former Beats CEO) Ian C. Rogers revealed that with the arrival of iOS 9, the cloud music locker both services share will expand to hold 100,000 or more songs.


Beats 1 billboard debuts in Times Square ahead of debut

06/25, 11:08am

New always-on radio station will be free, debuts June 30

As the countdown progresses towards the launch of iOS 8.4 and the arrival of new features and services for Apple's Music app, the company has invested in a billboard to promote one of the principle free new features: the Beats 1 radio station, which will be free of charge to all users of iTunes. A new, gigantic billboard for the service is now live in Time Square in New York City, host Zane Lowe tweeted.


Beats 1 offers teaser as iTunes Radio migrates

06/18, 12:50pm

Genre-based stations remain, but non-functional outside US

Following the addition of a Music service sign-up sheet (non-functional) in Apple's latest iOS betas, on Thursday the Music app for iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 also gained a teaser trailer for Apple's forthcoming Beats 1 radio station and a new "Radio" tab that offers a number of revamped "genre" stations inherited from iTunes Radio. Like Beats 1 itself, the radio stations will be free to listen to for all users, alongside their own music libraries.


Indie music, news publishers hesitant to sign on to Apple Music, News

06/17, 6:55pm

Misunderstandings, free trial, terms threaten to derail diversity of sources

While major publishers and record labels are on board with Apple's planned streaming service Apple Music and article aggregator News, independent music labels and news-oriented publishers -- who last week complained about being left out of such announcements -- now say that the terms Apple is offering contain problematic clauses or conditions. For music labels, the three-month free trial is the issue; for news publishers, it's Apple's requirement to opt out.


Pointers: organizing music through extra iTunes libraries

06/12, 2:05pm

Simple solution for music, audio, even photos and movies

We've written some Pointers entries previously about iTunes -- frequently, in fact -- and that's mainly because in addition to be a vast program that does a lot of different things -- on top of the syncing and the playlisting and the jukeboxing and the app or media purchasing and the podcast listening and the movie watching and now the Apple Music subscribing -- it also has a fair few features under the hood that tend to get underused when they are even known about. Today, you'll uncover another one.


Apple Music launches June 30, Android version follows this fall

06/08, 3:10pm

Revamps Beats Music, iTunes Radio in new unified effort

Apple on Monday fulfilled expectations by debuting its Apple Music re-branding, which takes in iTunes on iOS, the former Beats Music, and iTunes Radio in a new effort to capture the wave of subscription-based streaming music services. Intended to both steal users from existing streaming services as well as expand the market generally, Apple has invested in a number of prominent musical and industry figures as well as a new emphasis on human curation of music in its efforts.


Pointers: Yes, you can still burn a music CD in iTunes

05/29, 11:50pm

Era of iPods, streaming music do not eliminate CDs entirely just yet

Today's Pointers column is inspired by a lamentation from a veteran Mac user of our acquaintance who expressed some regret over the upgrade to iTunes 12 (he had jumped several versions in finally doing the upgrade). Among the other changes the recent version had introduced, he was convinced that Apple had removed the ability to burn music CDs, which he still found useful. In case others are laboring under this misconception, this column will show you that yes, CD music burning is still doable in iTunes 12.1 in 2015.


Living With: iTunes

05/20, 7:25am

More than a dozen years with the maligned music player

I can see me doing this now, ripping a track off a CD of mine for the very first time. I was in my living room, it was Orinoco Flow by Enya, and I was ripping it onto my PowerBook G3. Can't quite tell you when it was, can't even be sure that iTunes existed then, but I remember how peculiarly, deliciously weird it felt having that music continue playing after I took the CD out.


Pointers: Creating a podcast, conclusion

05/06, 6:19pm

Despite all the time, effort, money, podcasts can be richly rewarding

Over the last five weeks on the Wednesday Pointers column, we have gone through the steps involved in creating a podcast, from choosing a good mic (do not use your built-in mic or some cheapo piece of crap) to packaging and hosting the files iTunes needs to send potential listeners your way. So far, we've learned that podcasts are more than just capturing an entertaining conversation, or at least they should be, and that there's as much of a technical effort required as a creative one.


Apple plans late June launch for revamped iTunes, despite obstacles

05/06, 12:48pm

Company pushing forward despite reports of record company reticence, federal investigations

Speculation and unconfirmed reports have run rampant over Apple's progress in its effort to revamp its iTunes music services, with recent reports suggesting the company may have difficulty hitting its planned June target for formally introducing both a revised Music app for iOS in the forthcoming iOS 8.4, and a significantly revamped iTunes Radio and Beats Music streaming service designed to compete with Spotify. Various reports, however, claim obstacles -- ranging from music label reluctance to federal investigations.


Briefly: More BBC Radio 1 Beats hires, iMovie update, App Analytics

05/01, 6:04pm

Apple poaching more BBC Radio 1 producers for upgrade to Beats Music, iTunes Radio

Following the hiring of influential former BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe in February as part of both iTunes Radio and a speculated revamp of the Beats Music service, a trade magazine for the music industry has reported that as many as four other top producers for Radio 1 are leaving to join Lowe to work on the revamped subscription service at Apple, which could be announced as early as June's Worldwide Developer Conference.


Apple enlists iTunes to solicit American Red Cross donations to Nepal

04/27, 4:12pm

Series of earthquakes leave 3,600 dead, aid urgently needed in stricken country

Following a major earthquake and series of aftershocks on Saturday in the small nation of Nepal, Apple has set up a special iTunes page for donations to the American Red Cross to aid in disaster relief. Visitors can donate in denominations ranging from $5 to $200, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the charity to help survivors and the families of the estimated 3,617 who have been reported as killed by the quake.


Pointers: getting started with Spotify

04/17, 10:44am

Get the good and avoid the irritating features of streaming music

There are other streaming music services, and you can well argue that there are better ones, but Spotify is winning the war to become the Hoover, Xerox, and iPad of its class: the brand name that somehow becomes synonymous with the idea. At least, nobody tells you what their favourite iTunes Radio station is, no one in the world sends you links to Pandora, and it's like few people have heard of Beats Music. Yet. However, Spotify is known even by normal people, and it is a way in to the whole streaming music subscription concept.


Apple updates iTunes, declares 2009 MacBook Pros obsolete

04/09, 5:58pm

New 12.1.12 version of iTunes adds support for OS X Photos, iOS 8.3 syncing, more

Apple has updated its iTunes music software for OS X separately of its 10.10.3 release yesterday. The new version, 12.1.2, adds support for the OS X Photos application that was included in 10.10.3, though it also still supports iPhoto. The update brings sync support for Photos to sync to iOS devices. It has also added support for syncing with iOS 8.3, and made general "refinements" to the Get Info display in iTunes, as well as improving overall stability.



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