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Briefly: iPod nano update, Flight status found in iOS 9, El Capitan

08/13, 2:01am

Latest seventh-generation Nanos receive new OS update

When the iPod nano was refreshed last month, the only changes were to offer three new colors: gold, pink, and blue. Although no internal hardware or software changes were made, the company on Wednesday issued a standalone software update for the device and its proprietary, custom operating system.


Apple deals: iPods and Mac Accessories

04/01, 2:03pm

iPods and Mac Accessories

This week Apple's online store has a wide selection of refurbished iPod models on sale. They start at $99 for the refurbished seventh-generation 16GB iPod nano which comes in blue, silver, pink, green or purple. Save $40 on the refurbished 16GB fifth-generation iPod touch in black; it was $229, but has been cut to $189.


Apple deals: refurbished iPod nano and Touch from $99

10/09, 2:51pm

refurbished iPod nano and Touch from $99

This week at Apple's online store, find savings of up to 33 percent off a selection of refurbished iPod and iPod touch models. The 16GB seventh-generation iPod nano with a 2.5-inch multi-touch display, Bluetooth 4.0 and FM radio has seen a $50 discount to $99 and is available in yellow, silver, green, purple, slate, blue, and pink. For $179, after a $40 discount, is the fourth-generation refurbished 32GB iPod touch available in black or white.


TwelveSouth debuts HiRise stand for Lightning devices

08/06, 11:55am

Utilizes existing Lightning cables for charging

Accessory maker TwelveSouth has launched a new HiRise stand, this time for smaller Lightning-equipped devices. The unit operates like a dock, propping up a device for easy viewing and control while it continues to charge. Owners must, however, have their own Lightning cable ready to make the stand work as intended.


DealNN: refurbished iPod nano, only $90

05/24, 11:20am

Refurbished iPod nano, only $90

Currently has the refurbished 7th generation 16GB iPod nano for only $89.99 with $3.97 for shipping. That's $50 less than the MSRP, and $35 less than the lowest price we've seen on this iPod anywhere else. Sales tax applies for residents of most states. The iPod nano features 16GB of storage space, 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display, Bluetooth, built-in Nike+ support, and built-in battery that provides up to 30 hours of music playback.


Apple deals: Mac minis and iPods

04/30, 3:11pm

Mac mini and iPods

Find bargain prices on refurbished Mac mini models today at Apple's online store. The refurbished Mac mini with OS X Server, an Intel quad-core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM and dual 500GB hard drives has been reduced by $240 to $759. For $889 is the refurbished Mac mini with OS X Server, a 2.0GHz Intel quad-core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and dual 750GB hard drives.


Apple deals: current-gen refurbished iPods from $129

04/26, 3:57pm

Current-gen refurbished iPods from $129

At Apple's online store this week, take advantage of price cuts on refurbished iPods and iPad minis. The refurbished, current-generation 16GB iPod nano has been reduced by $20 to $129, and is available in yellow, silver, slate, green, purple, blue and pink. Also available now are refurbished current-generation iPod touch models. The 32GB Touch is priced at $249 after a $50 discount, and comes in white, blue, pink, black, or yellow. The 64GB touch is priced at $349 in blue, pink, black, yellow or white.


Seventh-gen iPod nano appears in Apple refurb store

04/23, 2:38pm

Offers $20 discount

Apple has added the seventh-generation iPod nano to the refurbished section of its US online store. Picking a refurb unit drops the price by $20, down to $129. All seven basic colors are available, but not the (PRODUCT) RED option, which sends some proceeds to fight AIDS in Africa.


Apple gets new, reissued patents on multitouch and pen tech

03/26, 10:03am

Reissued patent builds computer into pen

Apple has won a US patent on a multi-touch interface that works even when a display is blank, notes AppleInsider. Titled Playback control using a touch interface, the patent documents using gestures such as a single tap for play/pause and a double-tap to skip tracks, up through more complex gestures such as a triple-tap-and-hold to rewind, and clockwise or counterclockwise motions to change volume. Diagrams depict a sixth-generation iPod nano; Apple comments that using such gestures allow a device to save power, save space on physical buttons, and work even if the screen is facing away from a user.


Former Apple designer 'Tog' speculates on Apple smart watch

02/08, 8:13pm

No proof that it exists, but Nano users may have given Apple ideas

The watch-like shape of the previous-generation iPod nano inspired a cottage wristband industry of its own, turning the music player -- which also had a clock-face app and a few limited other uses -- into a form of "smart watch" that caught the fancy of millions. With advancements since 2010 in connectivity, Bluetooth and miniaturization, Apple could -- according to former Apple Human Interface Group founder Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini -- create its own smartwatch that could do even more.


Apple pushing iPads, free engraving for Valentine's Day

01/22, 9:20pm

Orders must be in by January 30 to ensure on-time delivery

Apple has launched a special Valentine's Day promotion for the upcoming holiday on its online store, highlighting the iPad and iPad mini as gift ideas along with an assortment of iPad accessory categories. Also featured is the company's iPod touch and iPod nano, augmented with offers of free shipping, free engraving and even a Valentine-themed Apple Store gift card good for hardware or software purchases at online and retail Apple Stores. The company has added a special webpage showing order delivery deadlines.


iFixit disassembles new iPod Nano; criticizes solder, glue

10/16, 9:30pm

Three major components soldered to motherboard; screen easy repair

Technology do-it-yourself repair part suppliers iFixit have completely disassembled the new seventh-generation iPod Nano. During the teardown, iFixit found components from Broadcom, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, and NXP Semiconductors. The company has given the Nano a 5 out of a possible 10 for difficulty to repair, criticizing the glue holding the battery in place, and the connectors soldered to the motherboard.


Seventh-generation iPod nano gets first software update

10/11, 9:30pm

Likely adds iTunes support for now-shipping new Nano

Apple's revamped and seventh-generation iPod nano has only just begun shipping and showing up in stores, but users will likely find a software update is needed before they can sync the new devices with their Macs. Rather than update iTunes, Apple has opted to issue an update for the software that comes on the iPod to make it compatible with recent releases of iTunes, iLounge reports. The software update, referred to as iPod nano (7th generation) version 1.0.1, does not list any specific issues or changes.


New Apple ad for iPod line airs on US TV during playoffs

10/11, 5:00am

Showcases new Touch, Nano, Shuffle colors

The ad for the new iPod lineup seen at the iPhone 5 unveiling last month has now been broadcast on television, and posted by Apple on its website and YouTube channel. The spot, which showcases the colorful lineup consisting of the refreshed iPod Touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle, uses computer graphics to have the devices bounce and dance through a portion of the song "Yeah Yeah" by Willy Moon. The ads emphasize the new colors rather than any new features, even though both the Touch and Nano received significant updates.


Apple starts shipping online fifth-gen iPod touch orders [u]

10/09, 10:05am

Fate of new iPod nano still unknown

[Updated with news of Nano shipments] Apple is beginning to ship the first online orders of the fifth-generation iPod touch, reports say. In general, shipments appear set to be delivered on or around October 15, in the US and some other countries as well, including Australia. The player may in fact already be available in some Apple retail outlets.


Apple refurbs: iPods, iPads, Apple TV

10/05, 1:32pm

iPods, iPads, Apple TV

Apple's online store today features discounts on refurbished iPods, iPads and more. The refurb. 8GB iPod nano (6th gen.) has been reduced by $30 to $99 and is available in blue, green, pink or graphite. Or for $149 upgrade to the 8GB iPod touch (4th gen.) in black or white. The 32GB Touch has been reduced by $40 to $209 while the 64GB Touch has seen a $50 cut to $279.


Apple begins preparing fifth-gen iPod touch shipments

10/05, 12:36pm

New Nanos may also be ready to go

Apple is finally on the verge of shipping orders of the new, fifth-generation iPod touch, buyers say. While the player was announced at the same time as the iPhone 5, Apple originally only set a broad "October" timeframe for deliveries. Some people who preordered the Touch now report that their order statuses have been changed to "Preparing for Shipment," meaning that units should be sent to couriers within the next few days.


Apple extends workers' Thanksgiving vacation

10/01, 3:04pm

Cook thanks workers for 'another incredibly successful year'

As it did last year, Apple is extending the Thanksgiving vacation time it gives to some of its workers for 2012, according to an email memo from CEO Tim Cook. "To recognize the efforts that made this amazing year possible, Im happy to announce that were extending the Thanksgiving holiday once again this year. We will shut down with pay on November 19, 20 and 21 so our teams can spend the whole week with their loved ones," he writes.


New iPods, third-party Lightning adapters appear on Amazon

09/17, 2:38pm

Lightning adapter not exclusive after all

Apple's new iPods and third-party Lightning adapters are now appearing on Amazon, AppleInsider observes. In terms of iPods, people can now preorder the updated Nano and Touch models, which ship in October. Amazon is also advertising the new Shuffle lineup, though the products are basically unchanged.


Apple brings out new iPod nano, iPod touch

09/12, 2:41pm

Nano gets tall screen, multi-touch, video recording

Apple today overhauled its iPod line, updating the Nano to the seventh generation, and the Touch to the fifth. The new Nano is switching back to a tall design, but now has a 2.5-inch multi-touch screen, with a Home button as on iOS devices. The player is almost half as thin as its predecessor, and uses the new smaller Lightning connector also seen on the iPhone 5.


Apple website search tips iPhone 5, new iPods, new iTunes

09/12, 10:42am

Site links to missing press pages

Apple's website has accidentally exposed the company's plans for today's San Francisco press event, notes AppleInsider. Searching for "iphone-5" on the site points to a number of currently inactive pages, including a press release dated to September 12th with the title "Apple Introduces iPhone 5." Searching for "2012/09/12Apple" turns up a link to "Apple Unveils New iTunes," while the keywords "new iPod touch" actually bring up "Apple Introduces New iPod touch, iPod nano."


iPod touch expected to get 1136x640 display, S5L8942X chip

09/11, 1:25pm

iPhone, iPod may finally implement panoramic camera option

The new iPod touch should have a 1136x640 display like the iPhone 5, and is currently using an N78 codename, reports say. Developer Will Strafach -- better known as Chronic -- is claiming that the device will get an S5L8942X processor instead of an S5L8950X, which should finally upgrade the Touch to an A5-level chip, but still leave it behind the iPhone 5 in terms of performance. 9to5Mac sources say that Apple intends to keep the same base price point for the media player, on or around $200.


Sept. 12th to see iPod touch, nano, shuffle updates

09/07, 1:38pm

Touch, Nano may see major revisions

Beyond the iPhone 5, Apple's September 12th event will also see updates to the iPod touch, nano, and shuffle, according to 9to5Mac sources. The Touch lineup is thought to be getting some of the more interesting changes; while there will still be three models, the sources say that the cheapest one will be a tweaked version of the current-generation design, while the other two will be more substantially altered. The latter are linked to $299 and $399 pricetags, and are expected to come in several variations, though what that means isn't explained. It could imply real color options, instead of just black or white.


iPod nano retail shortages hint at September refresh

08/20, 4:05pm

Exact plans for new player still unknown

A number of retailers are running out of stock of the iPod nano, notes 9to5Mac. In the US these include major chains like Amazon, Target, Walmart and Best Buy. Amazon and Target are believed to be out of about half of their Nanos, while Walmart has just a few in stock. Outside of the US, Amazon UK is also seeing stock-outs; some retailers do have plenty of units though, including Apple itself and B&H Photo.


German Shell rewards program leaks September Nano refresh

08/16, 1:45pm

Members told they will get the new model instead

A publication for members of Shell Germany's loyalty rewards program has posted a notice warning members of a "delay" if they choose the "old" current-model 8GB iPod nano -- because of an "upcoming re-introduction" of the player, said to be happening sometime next month. If true, it would be the first confirmation of a long-rumored iPod line refresh, happening in time for the holiday shopping season. The Nano received its last redesign nearly two years ago.


Second report backs mid-September iPhone event

07/30, 11:45am

Fate of iPad mini less certain

An iLounge source is backing claims that a new iPhone will be launched around mid-September. The person is somewhat vaguer, only hinting at a date around the third week, but that would be consistent with a rumored September 21st target. The source adds that Apple is working on two or more cases for the device: this includes one similar to the current Bumper case, expected to ship at the same time as the new phone, and another which could supposedly have a major impact on the accessory industry.


Rumor has combined iPhone 5/iPad mini event September 12th

07/30, 9:59am

Would signal return to old timetable

Apple is planning to announce the next-generation iPhone and a smaller iPad model at an event on September 12th, according to iMore sources. The new iPhone is then expected to launch on September 21st, but no release date has been mentioned for the new iPad. The latter is also true for a new iPod nano, which is also expected to premiere at the September 12th presentation.


Next-gen iPod nano could revert to rectangular shape

07/10, 4:14pm

Could also sport access to new iTunes service

Apple is at work on a new iPod nano design that will abandon the square, watch-like shape used in the past couple of years, according to Macotakara. The Japanese site quotes a "reliable Chinese source," who indicates that the new Nano will switch to rectangular format similar to the iPhone and iPod touch. This includes the addition of a Home button; the claims are based on the source's access to a leaked case including a hole in the right spot for a Home button.


ibanglez takes crowd funded route for iPod nano bangle

06/22, 7:54am

ibanglez turns iPod nano into high fashion

A start up has taken to indiegogo seeking crowd sourced funding for its ibanglez project. A twist on using the iPod nano as a watch, the ibanglez concept gives users the opportunity to blend fashion with technology. It was conceived when the wife of ibanglez creator Dheeraj Mirpuri was unable to find a watch strap for her iPod nano that was also fashionable enough for women.


iPod nano as a watch: living with the LunaTik and iWatchz Q

06/02, 3:20am

We check out the LunaTik and iWatchz Q for iPod nano

Although the iPod nano did not receive much love from Apple at its last revamp from a hardware perspective, Apple acknowledged its popularity as a digital watch by giving users a number of new clock faces taking the total to 18. One of the first on the block with a band designed to accommodate the iPod nano was the LunaTik. iWatchz has also come to the party with the Q watch band, among others in its range. Electronista has been giving both a try this past couple of weeks. Read on for our hands-on take.


Apple refurbs: iMacs, MacBook Pros and more

05/01, 12:00pm

Low prices on refurbished

At Apple's online store today save on refurbished iMacs, MacBook Pros and more. The bargain priced refurb. 21.5-inch iMac with a 3.06GHz Intel core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive is now $929 after a $170 price cut. Or save $250 on the refurb. 21.5-inch iMac with a 2.7GHz Quad-Core Intel i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, now $1249.


Japanese couple awarded $7,400 in iPod nano fire suit

04/12, 10:45pm

Player ignited in user's hand, causing burns

Apple has been ordered to pay a Japanese couple 600,000 yen ($7,400) by the Tokyo District Court after a judge found the company at fault for a flaw in the first-generation iPod Nano that caused the product to catch fire during charging, resulting in burns on the wife's hand that had to be treated and took over a month to heal. Apple had instituted a recall of first-generation iPod Nanos in Japan in 2010, but the couple hadn't exchanged their unit.


Apple refurbs: iPods, iPads and iMacs

03/27, 8:50am

Refurbished iPods, iPads and iMacs

For a limited time at Apple's online store save on refurbished iPods like the 8GB iPod nano, in green, pink, orange, blue, black and silver, now only $99 after a $30 price drop. Or for $119, after a 20% discount is the 16GB iPod nano in silver, pink, black, or blue. Refurbished iPod touch models currently start at $169 for the 8GB iPod touch, originally released in September 2010. Or save $120 on the 64GB iPod touch from September 2009, now $249.


Hex offers leather watch bands for recent iPod nanos

02/08, 1:05am

Uses classic wristwatch design

Further taking advantage of the iPod nano's "clock face" watch app which has spawned an entire mini-industry of wrist straps for it, accessory maker Hex has expanded its own lineup of sixth-generation Nano wristbands to include the new Vision Classic Leather band, which uses genuine leather and top-stitched embroidered edges in the classic styling. It's available in four color choices: black white, British tan and gray, and also sports a patented clip-based, coated stainless steel plate for removing or inserting the Nano without scratching.


Leaked Nano a flawed, two-month old prototype, report says

02/01, 3:35pm

Could allegedly release outside of fall schedule

The newly-leaked iPod nano images do indeed represent a camera-equipped prototype, but one about two months old, according to MIC Gadget. The site quotes "factory sources," who further describe the camera as using a 1.3 megapixel sensor, but with serious problems when it comes to image quality. In essence the unit produces overexposed images, with blurring and diffraction in bright conditions when the aperture is too small.


New photos revive chance of camera-equipped iPod nano

02/01, 11:45am

Images could still represent scrapped prototype

New photos could signal that Apple is still working on the idea of a modern, camera-equipped iPod nano. Images obtained by show a recent Nano casing design, but with a camera hole situated in the clip. Housing for a camera assembly, notably, fills the space between the hole and the main body of the Nano.


Apple refurbs: 27-inch Thunderbolt display, only $849

01/06, 3:50pm

Save on refurbished Apple products.

Today at Apple's online store Save $150 on the refurb. 27-inch Thunderbolt Display, now only $849. Refurbished iPod nanos start at $109 for the 8GB configuration, or $129 for the 16GB configuration.


Apple may be swapping recalled iPod nanos with new models

12/20, 7:50am

iPod nano replacement program hops to new models

Apple's iPod nano replacement program may be switching over to new-generation models. After reports from users on the MacNN forums of long delays in getting replacements, new updates on the MacRumors forums have suggested shipping replacements are now current hardware. Serial numbers when checked against Apple's warranty site show sixth-generation models that cover everything from September 2010 through today.


Apple, Google said designing wearable tech, curved iPods

12/19, 8:25am

Apple and Google work on iOS and Android wearables

Both Apple and Google are working on wearable devices that would be be companions to or even replacements for their smartphone platforms. Leaks from inside Apple claimed to the New York Times that a "very small group" of those on its campus were using prototypes that could send information back to an iPhone or other device. One of the more exotic ideas was a supposed curved-glass iPod that would use Siri for some of its commands.


Apple refurbs: iPods iPads and MacBook Pros

12/13, 3:45pm

Refurbished iPods, iPads and more

At Apple's online store today save on a range of refurbished Apple products from iPods and iPads to MacBook Pros. Starting at $109 is the refurb. 8GB iPod nano in blue, green, pink, orange, black or silver. For just $20 more, $129, is the refurb. 16GB iPod nano in the same colors. Or upgrade to the 160GB iPod classic in black, now $209 after a $40 price break. One refurb. 64GB iPod touch configuration is also available for $249 after a $120 price break.


Apple to do low-key World AIDS Day retail promotion

11/29, 10:10am

Expected to push existing (PRODUCT) RED gear

Apple Stores will mark a very low-key observance of World AIDS Day on December 1st, claim sources for ifoAppleStore. The plan involves simply promoting goods that fall under (PRODUCT) RED, which donates a small portion of proceeds to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Some Apple Specialists, for instance, will be wearing and marketing the RED iPod nano.


Australia shows Apple's Black Friday discounts: iPad, Macs

11/24, 11:40am

Apple Australia tips Black Friday early

Apple Australia and New Zealand have crossed into Friday and have started Black Friday deals that confirm earlier leaks. Both are offering discounts on all iPads, the iPod nano and iPod touch. The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac are all also on sale.


New 'first-gen' iPod nano replacements now shipping

11/17, 6:55pm

Replaces batch that had defective batteries

Apple is now shipping replacement iPod nanos to customers who had Nanos from a certain batch in the first-generation production run that have been shown to have defective batteries that could, in rare circumstances, overheat or even catch fire. The new units are exactly the same as the replacements, and not brand new iPod nanos (which now hold 8GB or 16GB) as some had hoped. The original Nanos came in 1, 2 or 4GB capacities.


Apple starts replacing early iPod nanos in US due to battery

11/12, 1:40am

iPod nano 1st gen program begins

Apple without fanfare has ramped up an iPod nano Replacement Program in the US. Echoing a similar program from Japan last year, the program replaces first-generation iPod nano players from a particular batch of serial numbers for safety reasons. The lithium-ion pack will overheat in "very rare cases," Apple said, referring to a small number of instances in which the batteries caught fire.


Apple patent builds speaker into iPod nano, shuffle clips

11/10, 10:40am

Apple patent would boost sound of iPod nanos

An Apple patent application published Thursday points to Apple exploring the possibility of giving the current iPod nano and iPod shuffle much larger speakers. The simply titled "Speaker Clip" would integrate a flat-panel speaker directly into the clip itself. The improved sound could be used to provide anything from audible feedback for the interface through to direct listening without needing headphones.


iPod marks 10th anniversary with a changed Apple

10/23, 1:00pm

iPod introduced 10 years ago today

Apple's iPod on Sunday marked its tenth anniversary in a very different landscape. The MP3 player was unveiled on October 23, 2001 at an event in Apple's Town Hall at its Cupertino headquarters in what's now considered one of the late Steve Jobs' crowning achievements. Its first iPod, available in just a 5GB capacity with only Mac and FireWire support, reached stores on November 10 that year for $399.


iPod nano seventh-gen teardown shows jump to SanDisk flash

10/07, 1:55pm

iPod nano 7G look shows new flash memory

A new teardown of the seventh-generation iPod nano has uncovered more changes than the otherwise modest update would suggest. iFixit discovered that Apple has switched from its favorite flash memory suppliers, Samsung and Toshiba, to SanDisk. While SanDisk has often partnered with Toshiba in the past, the step will see the company for the first time end up making flash memory for the iPod it had said it could defeat years ago.


Apple unveils white iPod touch, tweaked iPod nano

10/04, 3:20pm

iPod touch and iPod nano get minor refresh

Apple used its October 4 event to unveil modest updates to the iPod touch and iPod nano. The iPod touch keeps its familiar design but now has the option of white. It's still believed to keep the A4 processor as it stops at 720p video recording, although it may now have a new oleophobic (oil-resistant) coating.


Apple refurbs: iPods starting at $149

10/04, 10:00am

Refurbished iPods iPads and more

At Apple's online store today save on refurbished iPods starting at $129 for the 8GB iPod nano, or $149 for the 16GB iPod nano. A $40 price cut is available on the refurb. 160GB iPod classic in silver or black bringing the price down to $209. The refurb. 64GB iPod touch, originally released in September of 2009 has been reduced to $249 after a $120 price break.


Apple refurbs: iPods, iPads and more

09/09, 3:20pm

Refurbished iPods, iPads and more

Apple's online store today is offering price cuts on refurbished iPods, iPads iMacs and more. Currently iPods start at $129 for the refurb. 8GB iPod nano which has been cut by $20. The 16GB iPod nano is also available for $149 after a $30 price break. Save $40 on the refurb. 160GB iPod classic in black or silver, now $209. Or for $339 is the 64GB iPod touch.



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