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DealNN: iPod video, iMac, Blu-ray players, more

03/17, 5:20pm

DealNN: iPod video

DealNN deals for today include a variety of electronic items at bargain prices. First up is the refurbished, fifth generation iPod video priced at $145 at The iPod video features 60GB of storage space for muisc, photos, movies and more and can last for up to 14 hours of music playback on a single charge.


DealNN: bargain prices, Apple products, memory, more

01/27, 4:15pm

DealNN: bargain prices

DealNN deals for today include a variety of deals on Apple products, storage devices and more. Currently is offering the unibody 15.4-inch, 2.4GHz MacBook Pro for $1849 which is already $150 off the MSRP of $1999, and for a limited time a mail in rebate offer is available that drops the price down to $1699. Apple's online store is offering deals on refurbished white MacBooks starting at $849. Two refurbished iPod videos are being offered at eCost, the 30GB model for $119.99 and the 60GB model for $146.99. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 is available at for $189.99. For today only is offering the Western Digital My Passport Essential 160GB external hard drive for 49.99.


DealNN: external hard drives, GPS, HDTVs, more

01/20, 7:00pm

DealNN: external drives

Today's deals at DealNN include external hard drives, GPS units, HDTVs and more. is offering a $10 mail in rebate on the Cavalry CAUM series 1TB external hard drive that drops the price to $89.99. The refurbished, 5th gen. 60GB iPod video is available at for $148.99. is offering the Navigon 2000S GPS navigator for $106.94. For today only has the Philips 47-inch LCD HDTV priced at $999.99 with free shipping. has reduced the price on the Kingston 4GB SDHC memory card from $8.99 to $5.99 for today only.

more unveils Tinbot iPod cases

02/14, 11:10am

Tinbot iPod cases debut today unveiled The Tinbot, a new generation of iPod cases featuring original designs from trendsetters in contemporary art. The cases aim to protect the iPod within, and feature art from vinyl toy designers Mad, Sket-one, and Christopher Lee. The company is offering a matte white Tinbot that users can customize on their own. Tinbot cases are priced at $30 and work with iPod video as well as iPod classic models.


iLuv dock records to iPods and flash cards

01/29, 4:40pm

iLuv video recording dock

iPod accessory creator iLuv today unveiled the i182 recording dock, according to Electronista. Rather than play back content, the i182 records video through its RCA or S-video input and transfers the footage to a storage device, including Apple's fifth-generation iPod. The videos themselves are not immediately playable on the iPod, the company is quick to note; instead, custom software on a host Mac or PC recognizes clips stored on the iPod's drive and converts them to files that synchronize through iTunes. An adapter is also included (shown at left) that plugs into the Dock Connector on the iLuv dock and records directly to SD/MMC cards or any USB external drives.

Recording can be left unattended, the developer says: a button on the dock sets recording time in 30-minute intervals, up to 180 minutes, while the video resolution can be formatted specifically for an iPod's 640x480 resolution or the full 720x480 widescreen resolution of DVDs. The i182 is due to ship in March at a price of $230.


ViewSonic projector, LCD TV with iPod dock

01/09, 8:15am

ViewSonic PJ258D projector

ViewSonic is showcasing several new products at CES, including TVs, monitors, and a unique projector, Electronista reports. The PJ258D is DLP projector with a docking station, allowing video iPods to output directly to the unit without cables. iPods are charged simultaneously while playing. The projectors are further promoted as being light at less than four pounds, and supporting resolutions up to 1024x768, at a brightness of 2,000 lumens with 2,000:1 contrast. Other external inputs include VGA and S-video. The PJ258D will go on sale later this quarter for the cost of $999. The company also showcased a prototype of an 37-inch LCD TV with a built-in iPod dock.


iPod Wi-Fi video transmitter launches

12/04, 9:55am

Wi-Fi video transmitter

Princeton has launched its PCK-UAV wireless video transmitter intended primarily for Apple's fifth-generation iPod. The adapter plugs into the iPod's headphone jack to relay music, photos, and video through UHF channels to a compatible TV, such as many in-car models already available in Japan. The transmitter includes an iPod cradle and a special cable; although the hardware's use of standard RCA jacks allows for DVD players or virtually any other video source to broadcast a signal, according to Electronista. The PCK-UAV ships within the next few days in variants with and without an iPod mounting kit from $90.


VidShare displays iPod media on TVs

11/30, 10:40am

VidShare for iPod debuts

Advanced Technetix has launched VidShare (pictured at right) for users of Apple’s iPod digital media player, a universal AV + S-video cable that enables iPod users to display their photos, full length feature films, music videos, television shows on virtually any television. Compatible with IPod video and IPod Photo, iPod users. Additionally, VidShare also allows IPod users to “push” their music through any standard stereo receiver. No further information was available on pricing or availability (and the company's website was not updated). The company already offers an iPod visual remote, whic allows users to control an iPod without removing it from a user's pocket or bag; it offers an LCD display with full menu functionality and control as well aspecially designed Sound Isolating Earbuds to deliver maximum volume and high performance sound qualtiy. The remote does not require batteries, drawing minimal power from iPod. It supports all iPods with Dock Connector.


iLuv ships i1055 portable video player

11/13, 3:50pm

iLuv portable video player

iLuv today began shipping the i1055 portable video player, a unique handheld device that plays both conventional DVD discs as well as video from any fifth-generation video iPod. A 7-inch screen on the front is connected to both a DVD drive and an iPod dock on the back, allowing the i1055 to play videos from either format in a single device. The gadget plays VCDs and audio CDs from the disc drive, or music and photos from the iPod. The system is completely portable, according to iLuv, and plays video for up to 2.5 continuous hours through its built-in NiMH battery. The device comes bundled with an AC power cable as well as a 12-volt car adapter, and the power cable recharges an iPod even during video playback, according to Electronista. iLuv has launched the i1055 in black and white editions for $230.


Princeton unveils iPod battery pack

10/09, 2:50pm

iPod battery pack debuts

Princeton has unveiled its new PMP-BP18 battery pack for video iPod owners who need longer playback time. The battery pack provides significantly longer battery life for the iPod or any USB-equipped mobile device through its lithium-ion battery cells -- which Princeton estimates doubles the battery life for cellular phones with mobile TV support -- the BP18 includes an adjustable stand enabling users to rest the media player at a more natural angle for watching video at a desk or another stable surface. Princeton has not yet planned to ship the new battery pack to North America, however, according to Electronista.


DLO supports new iTunes movies

09/28, 5:45pm

DLO, iTunes movie support

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) today announced that its HomeDock Deluxe enables iPod owners to play Apple's new iTunes movies on a big-screen TV with 640x480 DVD-quality resolution. The device features On-Screen Navigation, allowing users to view and select their iPod's music on a television screen using the included 18-button remote control that navigates through the iPod's music, videos, and photos. DLO's included remote allows users to control over 14 playback functions via an original, customizable interface. Song information is large and easy to read from anywhere in the room, according to DLO. The HomeDock Deluxe has two distinct modes: On-Screen Navigation Mode (for music interface on a TV) and iPod Mode (to play videos or photo slideshows on a TV directly from the iPod). The HomeDock Deluxe is priced at $150.


MicroOptical debuts Myvu Made for iPod

09/18, 9:50am

Myvu Made for iPod debuts

MicroOptical today introduced the myvu Made for iPod edition, a personal media viewer that works with 30GB, 60GB, and 80GB video iPods. Myvu includes lightweight eyewear with built-in video viewing and audio systems, using a thin battery pack for up to six hours of viewing time with a small pendant offering access to all controls. The myvu resembles a pair of dark sunglasses, offering a viewing experience comparable to a 27-inch screen from six feet away, according to MicroOptical. Myvu allows users to see above as well as below the video screens to maintain awareness of surroundings, and includes noise-reducing earbuds. The device ships with a travel case with room to store an iPod, two power charging options for wall outlets as well as car adapters, and two extra earbud/nose pads in two sizes. Myvu Made for iPod is slated for shipment in late fall of 2006 for $400.


Sonic Impact unveils iPod theater

08/23, 2:30pm

iPod theater unveiled

Sonic Impact has unveiled the Video 55, a cradle designed for Apple's fifth-generation iPod that turns the device into an all-in-one media player. The Video 55 uses a Dock connector attachment mounted in the base of the unit, outputting video to a 7-inch liquid crystal display as well as stereo speakers, according to Electronista. Users can close the system with the iPod inside to securely transport the player, and supports up to three hours of video playback using its own lithium-ion battery. The device also plugs into 12-volt car cigarette lighters or home wall outlets for power. Sonic Impact's Video 55 cradle is slated for shipment in September for $300.


New dock records video to iPod

07/05, 6:15pm

iLuv video recorder

iLuv today has released a Video Recording system for the iPod Video. The Video Recorder station allows users to record videos or other media directly into their iPod from a camcorder, TV, or other video source. Other features include four different recording time settings (30, 60, 120, 180 min), video recording quality settings (512kbps / 768kbps / 1Mb / 1.5Mb) and support for AV input and S-Video input. The docking station charges the iPod while in the dock and has LED indicators for current operating status. The iLuv Video Recorder requires a fifth-generation iPod (a.k.a. iPod w/ Video). It will ship in 2-3 weeks for $200.


Advance Auto Parts offers vidcasts

06/20, 1:05am

Advance Auto vidcasts

Advance Auto Parts is offering its instructional car repair videos as free downloads for Apple's video iPod. The company is distributing more than 20 "how-to" video podcasts initially, showing viewers how to carry out numerous automotive maintenance procedures. Fix-it topics include changing or installing shocks/struts, changing oil, and replacing brake pads, among others. "The video downloads are an indispensable tool that provide vehicle owners with mechanical instructions from the comfort of their driveway or garage, without them having to navigate difficult instruction manuals or paperwork at the repair site," Bryan Gregory said, director of consumer education for Advance Auto Parts.


ezGear debuts ezVision Video iWear

06/12, 11:30am

ezGear debuts ezVision

ezGear today debuted the ezVision Video iWear for Apple's iPod video and video gaming systems. The ezVision iWear is a complete Video system that simulates a wide screen view for the iPod, featuring a 50-inch view with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery offering up to eight hours of functionality. The device features built-in stereo earbuds, support for gaming/DVD player output, complete privacy during usage, two nose pieces, and a lightweight design to enhance comfort. Users can wear ezVision over eyeglasses, and the unit ships with an iPod interconnect cable to connect a video iPod. ezVision Video iWear is slated for shipment later this month with the iWear glasses with dual video screens, an RCA video connection cable for DVDs and other video, and an AC wall charger for $400.


Apple expands \'Season Pass\' to Lost, DH

03/28, 7:10pm

Apple expands Season Pass

Apple has added a 'Season Pass' option on iTunes for ABC's popular Lost and Desperate Housewives. Several readers note that the iTunes Music Store now offers an option for the Season Pass, which is $35 for each series. Both shows offer a 'Season Pass' that includes all current and future episodes of Season 2 as well as an option to buy all of the previous Season 1 episodes for $35 as well. Earlier this year, Apple launched a multi-pass option, which lets users buy TV shows on a monthly basis -- including 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' and 'The Colbert Report' and Men's NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament as well as launched its 'Season Pass' feature with the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Apple has also been exploring new ways to market and sell music videos in bulk as interest in downloadable video grows.


iPod Film Festival voting begins

03/28, 3:30pm

iPod film voting begins

The Flux is allowing users to vote for their favorite film from the company's iPod Film Festival, and is offering free downloads of all submitted entries. "This is a great opportunity to discover fresh independent content on your iPod. Short films are the perfect media for iPod video viewing," said Ryan Ritchey, Flux Producer. Entries from eleven countries are available for download and iPod playback in three categories which include student film, indie film, and music video. Voting will be open to the public until April 15th, and those votes will determine the winner of a MacBook Pro, as well as iPod winners in each category. All entries are pre-formatted for playback on Apple's fifth-generation iPod with video, and can be viewed online.


UofM, Apple offer school podcasts

03/16, 3:15pm

UofM, Apple offer podcasts

The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan has teamed up with Apple to provide the school community with free access to events, seminars and news content via podcasts. The partnership will allow users to download the audio files to a computer and then transfer them to an MP3 player of choice, and the podcasts will be accessible to business school community members with an iMpact intranet login. Four podcast channels which include content related to Positive Organizational Scholarship, the William Davidson Institute, Dividend magazine, and the Monroe Street Journal will be available on the Apple iTunes U site. A launch event for students, faculty and staff will take place today at 4 p.m. in Hale Auditorium at the Ross School. A video presentation will be offered, as well as a brief demonstration of the new service and student iPod nano raffle.


AOL launches ad-sponsored digital TV

03/15, 9:25pm

InTV digital TV network

America Online has launched its new digital video service in conjunction with Time Warner. The online television network called In2TV is accessible on the web with any browser or from AOL's home page; however, the service is only available to US viewers using Windows users, as licensing restricts geographical viewing and the underlying Windows Media Player 10 technology is only available to Windows users. Touted as "the first" broadband television network, it offers free, ad-sponsored, on-demand TV shows on the Web, including full episodes of popular programs from the past 40 years such as Welcome Back, Kotter, Chico & The Man, Alice, Growing Pains, Sisters, Kung Fu, Lois & Clark and many others; it also features interactive features and viral videos that enable audiences to experience and interact with television programming in what the companies says is "an entirely new way."


Exclusive iTunes podcasts by Jack Black

03/15, 8:55pm

Exclusive iTunes podcasts

Jack Black, the star of Paramount Pictures' "Nacho Libre," will take audiences behind the scenes with exclusive "confessionals" about what it was like to make the upcoming comedy "Nacho Libre" in a series of video podcasts debuting at Apple's iTunes Music Store and Beginning March 15th and continuing for 10 weeks, leading up to the release of the film, new podcasts will appear every Tuesday and Thursday, downloadable free of charge for the video iPod. The film, which opens in theaters nationwide on June 2, stars Black as Ignacio (affectionately known as as "Nacho"), a cook by day in a Mexican orphanage, who moonlights as a Lucha Libre wrestler to raise money for the orphans. The comedy is from the creators of "Napoleon Dynamite" and the writer of "The School of Rock."


iTunes raises price of full-length movie

03/15, 11:10am

iTunes raises movie price

Apple has raised the price of its only known full-length film available on its iTunes Music Store, High School Musical, from the standard $1.99 up to $9.99. Several reports yesterday noted the existence of the Disney movie, and some industry watchers say the movie may signal an attempt to test the waters before Apple officially delves into offering full-length feature films via its online store. In late February, analysts began speculating that Apple might debut its first full-length film on iTunes. February 28th brought the company's special event, but it failed to produce the expected service to the disappointment of many. A study surfaced just days later from a California-based market research firm that asked participants numerous questions related to a potential "iTunes movie service" which would provide on-demand access to movies, further suggesting that Apple is planning to unveil full-length feature film downloads in the near future.


EzGear ships ezGold Video Cable

03/06, 5:25pm

EzGold Video Cable ships

EzGear has begun shipping the ezGold Video Cable for video-capable iPods, claiming the device is the easiest way to share your iPod's videos and photos with friends and family. The cable allows the iPod to perform like a VCR, DVD player, or DVR, according to the company. Users plug one end of the ezGold Video cable into the earphone jack of an iPod and the other to the back of a television. The cable is constructed from shielded wires with protective sheathing to reduce signal loss and interference, while gold plated connectors provide an improved connection to both the iPod and television. The ezGold Video Cable for iPod is available for $20.


Apple, NBC near iTunes UK deal

03/03, 1:15pm

iTunes UK deal near

NBC Universal is close to entering a deal to offer TV shows through iTunes UK, which would signal the first offering of TV video downloads through the iTunes Music Store overseas. Apple has offered U.S. customers video downloads since the debut of its video iPod in October of 2005, and has seen roughly 12 million video downloads to date. NBC is planning a test run by offering a select number of sci-fi series, which has historically been one of the most popular genres with U.S. iTunes customers, according to AppleInsider. Possible candidates include Battlestar Galactica, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and Surface.


Bravo to join iTunes

02/23, 10:05am

Bravo to join iTunes

Bravo is set to join iTunes, adding to the digital store's already swelling assortment of content. The cable network will make season-to-date episodes of "Project Runway," as well as current and past episodes of "Inside the Actors Studio" available for download via Apple's iTunes Music Store starting February 28th, according to iTunes added NHL and NASCAR content in mid-January, hot on the heels of offerings from Disney, Pixar, ABC, NBC, ESPN, and others. Earlier this week, NBC announced that its new drama "Conviction" will debut on Apple's iTunes, 10 days before the series actually airs on television, while earlier this year Apple partnered with MTV Networks to bring programming from MTV, MTV2, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and The N to iTunes.


iTunes lists first pay-for-play podcast

02/21, 4:20pm

iTunes charges for podcast

Apple's iTunes Music Store today listed the first pay-for-play podcast, charging users $10 to download the 20-episode audio book of Scott Sigler's EarthCore. The series is the world's first "podcast-only" novel, and was published in March of 2005 as a free weekly serialized audio book podcast, according to The series drew 10,000 subscribers, and was published as a print novel by Dragon Moon Press. Mike Warden, owner of Conquer The World Records recognized the podcast as "really cutting-edge stuff," and decided to take action. "I started listening to the book and I couldn't put my ears down, so to speak," Warden said. "I enjoyed the science and the suspense of the story, but Scott puts so much passion in the way he vocalized the characters of his own book. He's like a punk rock author; he just did everything himself."


\"Conviction\" to debut on iTMS before TV

02/21, 3:05pm

\"Conviction\" on iTunes

NBC's new drama "Conviction" is set to debut on Apple's iTunes Music Store, 10 days before the series actually airs on television. NBC is the first network to premiere a new series on the iTunes Music Store before it airs on broadcast television, and beginning March 4th episodes will be available for purchase and download for $1.99 each the day after airing. "We believe we have a youthful and energetic cast that should appeal to a new audience that is increasingly comfortable with this downloadable format as a viewing option," said Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC Entertainment. The pilot of "Conviction" will be available as a free download from February 21st through March 3rd, and NBC will be tagging a portion of its show promos with an on-screen graphic promoting the free preview. Conviction is described as a fast-paced character-oriented story, focusing on the lives and loves of the young assistant district attorneys in New York. The show follows their career paths as the passionate but naive ADAs are confronted with tough, emotional cases that challenge their limited experience.


Apple posts free NASCAR preview

02/16, 8:30pm

Free NASCAR preview

Apple has posted a free, 20-minute preview of this year’s Daytona 500 on iTunes, following weeks of speculation that Apple would land a deal with NASCAR to sell content via iTunes. The single episode, which previews this Sunday's race, contains exclusive interviews with veterans and rookies as well as "never-before-seen" footage from fully-restored historical film and a first-hand look at the 2006 Daytona test cards. "Fans experience the many ways in which the sport of NASCAR has changed. Go on the track and inside the garage, where you'll see and hear behind the scenes sounds from drivers and crew chiefs." Earlier this year, we noted that both NHL and NASCAR were close to signing a deal with Apple that would offer videos from both sources via the iTunes Music Store.


BBC adds more podcasts to iTunes

02/16, 5:25pm

BBC on iTunes

The BBC is set to offer many more programs as podcasts, according to a report. "Broadcasting House," "Front Row," and "Start the week" will all have content available weekly, says MacWorld UK. Twenty-six other programs are set to join the BBC's current offerings on iTunes later this month, according to the report. BBC Radio 1, 3, and 5 Live, as well as BBC Nations and Regions, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru will be added to the lineup. All of the progams will reportedly also be available as podcasts at the BBC's website from February to June. Listeners can expect sports, Welsh language podcasting, news entertainment, gossip, interviews, unsigned music, political highlights, and more from the BBC podcasts.


Virgin Mobile launches TV service

02/14, 4:00pm

Virgin Mobile TV service

Virgin Mobile today became the first European cellular operator to deliver live TV to its customers, a move that could impact the Apple's own move into the digital video world with the iTunes Music Store video. Virgin partnered with Microsoft and wireless technology firm BT to provide both audio and video content using new broadcast technologies, according to a report from CIO Today. "We are at a point where the industry is looking at new ways to leverage the technology in their new handsets," IDC analyst Dave Linsalata said. "Certainly, smartphones won't replace TV sets, but the popularity of mobile games and ringtones indicates that people are using the devices for more than making calls." Virgin is using BT's Movio system, which is based on the digital audio broadcasting (DAB) standard. The company is also offering a new "smartphone" that is optimized for TV viewing, which it calls the Trilogy. Customers will have access to a variety of digital TV content and approximately 350 DAB stations, according to the report.


Fashion show to debut in iTunes

02/02, 10:40am

iTunes fashion show

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld will close New York Fashion Week on February 10 with his Fall/Winter '06 line, to be made available as a Podcast on the iTunes Music Store. The debut of the Karl Lagerfeld/Lagerfeld Collection lines will be the first fashion show to be made available on iTunes. An Apple fan, Lagerfeld is using Final Cut Studio to enable the production, which will feature the runway show taped in HD and edited on-site using Final Cut Pro, as well as Aperture to compare the images to be shown on the podcast. The fashion show will be available on iTunes that evening and will link to the fashion house's website.


Wider video content bridge for iPod

01/25, 11:35am

Wider video content bridge

Vydeo's Wider video content bridge is designed to put video content on Apple's fifth-generation iPod without the need for a computer. Current methods of transferring video to an iPod require a computer, QuickTime or another third-party application, and usually iTunes. The Wider video content bridge requires no internet connection, software applications, third-party utilities, or tedious customization settings. The device plugs everything together and streams video directly to an iPod or an attached USB 2.0 hard drive, automatically converting files to high-quality H.264 video. Wider processes DVDs, VCDs, MiniDV, VHS tapes, and live television. Wider offers two USB 2.0 480Mbps ports for high-speed transfer rates while supporting s-video, composite video, audio, and converts to an iPod acceptable H.264 320x240 format in real time. Once an iPod is connected, the process begins automatically when video input is present, and users can schedule recording with iCal (pricing and availability were unavailable).


iVideoBlast adds video podcast directory

01/24, 4:55pm

New iVideoBlast content has announced the addition of a video podcast directory to its library of classic content video. The new directory focuses on video podcast iTunes-compatible content, and has developed a unique "hybrid" navigation system that makes finding iPod video content "almost instantaneous" for its members. iVideoBlast filters for audio-only podcasts, and does not include these in its offerings. iVideoBlast is integrated with iTunes 6.0.2, and works with both Macs and PCs to offer Movies, TV shows, and cartoons priced between $1-2 each. Member video podcasts will be available soon, according to the company.


PumpPod fitness regimes for iPod video

01/18, 5:40pm

PumpPod for iPod

PumpPod, a personal training program, is now available for the iPod. Also compatible with the Treo, Tungston, Zire, iPAQ and other image-ready handheld devices, PumpPod provides consumers of varying fitness levels and needs with step-by-step workout instructions and color images to ensure proper form and execution. PumpPod is a collection of over 40 workouts (i.e. total body, abs and core, yoga, Pilates, etc.) in JPEG- formatted images that can be downloaded to a photo-ready handheld device and played while you listen to music. The PumpPod Individual Trainers come in four categories-- TotallyPumped, Pumped2Go, PumpedforLife, and PumpedMama- ranging in price from $20-30 each, with packages available.


Fox cautious about iTunes, digital media

01/18, 2:50pm

Fox cautious about iTunes

Fox television is being cautious with its move to the digital distribution age. The company told Reuters that it is taking a more cautious approach than rival networks in making its most popular TV shows available for new distribution outlets, such as iTunes: "It's been our strategy not to try to go out first with announcements but to go out with our best strategy. We're taking a more measured approach to what works and would not work," Fox Entertainment President Peter Liguori said during a presentation to TV critics in Pasadena. Earlier this week, both NBC and ABC agreed that making digital episodes available via iTunes had helped boost TV ratings, despite caution offered by some analysts.


Free video content channels for iPod

01/18, 11:00am

Free videos for iPod

FUSA today announced the availability of video iPod channels at its service. With the recent surge in iPod video sales, many users search for free video content and find the search challenging, as the popular iTunes service requires payment for most of its content. video iPod channels offer various videos for download specifically onto an iPod for free. All videos downloaded from iPod channels are compatible with the video iPod and are updated frequently.


PodOmatic supports video podcasts

01/16, 3:35pm

PodOmatic podcast support

PodOmatic, provider of free services enabling anyone to find, create, distribute, promote and listen to podcasts, announced today the addition of video podcasting support to its suite of products and services. Users need a PC or Mac, webcam and microphone to create a videocast with PodOmatic. PodOmatic syndication wizards enable users to place their videocasts in directories (i.e. Yahoo!, iTunes, etc) and viral marketing tools for promoting videocasts. Videocasters can now also podMail their videos directly to any PC, portable video device or TiVo box, and receive audio and video "emails" in their podMail account. All of PodOmatic's basic podcasting and videocasting services are free to registered users. PodOmatic also offers PodOmatic Plus accounts at $10 per month for podcasters and videocasters with successful shows requiring additional storage and bandwidth.


NHL, NASCAR to offer content via iTMS

01/16, 1:00pm


NHL and NASCAR are close to signing a deal with Apple that would offer videos from both sources via the iTunes Music Store, according to a report from the SportsBusiness Journal. The online content provider has already seen an explosion of offerings from Disney, Pixar, ABC, NBC, ESPN, and others since Apple debuted its video iPod in October of 2005, making history and changing the distribution of mainstream television forever. Now Apple stands to increase its offerings, further expanding selection for its customers while bolstering its already large content collection.


Sky News offers podcasts

01/16, 12:55pm

Sky News podcast

Britain's Sky News has announced that Sky News video can now be downloaded via podcast to the video iPod. Starting this week with their "7 Days" feature, Sky News will be building a library of clips for download over the next few weeks. The immediately available 7 Days program features a look at the week's lighter stories. The Sky News podcast is available to anyone using iTunes and a multimedia player or video iPod.


Standalone video recorder for iPod

01/12, 1:35pm

Neuros MPEG4 Recorder

Neuros made available the new MPEG4 Recorder . The recorder is a digital VCR from which the user can create open digital files to use on all MPEG-4 compatible devices like the iPod video and Sony PSP. The recorder works like a free-standing VCR that hooks up to a TV and records onto digital memory cards instead of VHS tapes so that the created MPEG-4 video files are directly playable. The recorder works with iPod video, but MPEG-4 files must be transferred from the recorder to a Windows PC before downloading to the iPod. The recorder features four recording quality settings, upgradeable firmware from Neuros Technology, and three resolution settings. Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 is priced at $150, shipping immediately.


EvolutionTV captures video, TV to iPod

01/11, 11:45am

Capture TV with iPod

Miglia Technology announced the release of a public beta of EvolutionTV software, which incorporates real-time TV and video capture for iPod video and Sony PSP. EvolutionTV also lets the user to capture video from other media such as VHA, DVD and H18. EvolutionTV comes with fully featured software enabling you to watch live TV, pause, rewind, and skip forward. EvolutionTV allows consumer to record TV, schedule recordings, and access Online TV guides. Final release within six weeks is anticipated. EvolutionTV software requires a Mac with USB 2.0 connectivity, PowerPC G4 1GHz processor or higher, and Mac OS X 10.4.x and higher. Retail price is $250.


Clear Channel unveils Video On Demand

01/09, 6:10pm

Clear Channel vs iTMS

Clear Channel Communications today announced that it has made on-demand music videos available on a trial basis on 16 of its radio-station websites in several major markets. The move put the company in competition with Apple's iTunes Music Store, which also sells video content on-demand for $1.99 per-short film or TV episode. The new service, named "Videos On Demand" will offer music videos from major record labels including Universal Music Group, Warner Music, EMI, and others. Content will be made available on station sites in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York, according to a report from MarketWatch.


ezGold Video Cable for iPod video

01/09, 6:05pm

Connect iPod to TV

ezGear announced the introduction of the ezGold Video Cable for Video iPods. The cable is intended to connect the iPod to any television set to display videos, television shows, movies, photos and more, allowing the iPod to work like a VCR, DVD player, or DVR. The ezGold Video cable is made of shielded wires with protective sheathing to reduce signal loss and interference, and uses gold plated connectors. ezGold Video Cable for iPod will be available later this month (pricing was not available).


Pictureal offers editing for iPod videos

01/06, 6:40pm

Create MPEG-4 files

Pictureal has announced a new service for video iPod owners: professional editing of your home movies and pictures. Customers can use a pre-paid FedEx kit-- or upload data online- to send raw footage to Pictureal who will post the edited version online along with unedited footage and a scene index within days. Pictureal offers templates and tools for turning home video footage into short music videos, video greetings and photo montages. These shorts, as well as raw unedited video, can be transferred from Pictureal to the video iPod in MPEG-4 format. Once finished, the MPEG-4 files can be transferred to PDAs, cell phones, Sony PSPs, and personal websites as well as the iPod. Pictureal accepts video by upload or in any format including VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, Digital8, MicroMV, DVCAM, Beta and DVD. Pricing for tapes shipped begins at $30 per hour of video sent, with prepaid packages ranging from $100 (3 hours of video and one DVD) to $300 (12 hours of video and three DVDs). Finished files may be stored online, or downloaded for $2 each.


Video content deals are big business

01/03, 8:20pm

Digital video deals

Digital video content, such as the expanded agreement announced early Tuesday between Disney and Apple for more iTunes content, brings more money to content producers than the 50-50 split record labels get for downloading a 99-cent song, according to Nielsen data quoted by MediaDailyNews. Citing the growing number of distribution deals for video content, the report says that the economics of on-demand deals are closer to the DVD business, shortening the time customers must wait for on-demand video content and accelerating the return for content producers: "There is no evidence that program downloading has led to any loss of viewership for those shows that run on Walt Disney's broadcast or cable channels. In fact, ratings have risen somewhat on ABC since the time of the deal." Apple reportedly gives up around $1.36 per episode to Walt Disney for right to distribute the company's content via its iTunes Music Store, while newer deals for more extensive likely even more lucrative--perhaps as much as a 70-30 split in favor of the content owner from the $1.99 per episode price for commercial-free programming.


World\'s first video iPod film festival

01/03, 11:35am

Video iPod film festival

The Flux today announced the opening of the Flux iPod Film Festival, an online film festival and competition of content formatted for the iPod. Visitors to the website can download films for playback on computers or video iPods, then vote for a favorite video. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: best indie/student short, best amateur/family clip, and best music video. Submissions must be less than ten minutes and properly formatted for the iPod. R Cubed Productions will offer conversion services to properly format films for iPod playback for a small fee. The festival submission deadline is January 25th.


Starz debuts PDA video download service

01/03, 8:30am

PDA video download service

On the heels of several landmark video distribution deals on iTunes, Starz Entertainment Group today said it would launch a movie download service that allows consumers to view full-length studio films, concerts and TV shows on portable devices powered by Microsoft, locking out Mac and most iTunes users. Starz' Vongo, available for a monthly subscription of $10, will eventually include more than 1,000 movies, short films and other programs, which will be available at the same time they are offered on the Starz premium movie cable channel (about five to six months after they are released on DVD). According to the AP, the service will allow users to download as many films as they want each month to up to three devices, including Windows-based computers and portable devices running Microsoft's Portable Media Center software. The company will also offer a smaller number of early release films for pay-per-view fee of $4 as well as a live, streaming video feed of the Starz TV channel.


American Film Institute recognizes iPod

12/26, 3:40pm

AFI recognizes iPod

The American Film Institute (AFI) has chosen the French documentary March of The Penguins and the arrival of the video iPod as "Moments of Significance" of this year. "The creation of content for the video iPod and cellular phones was also considered to be a defining moment in the year. ABC Network allowed Lost and Desperate Housewives to be podcast over the iPod and Twentieth Century Fox beamed a one minute 'mobisode' of its hit drama 24 on mobile phones." The report also noted that the plummeting popularity of going to cinemas in the wake of the emergence of DVD's and video games was also anointed an event of significance by the AFI. The coverage of Hurricane Katrina was also mentioned for putting "a spotlight on the contradictions between "what officials were reporting and the images were seeing in their living rooms."

more adds movies, cartoons, more

12/22, 12:20pm expands content today announced that it has nearly tripled its stockpile of movies, cartoons, and television shows available for Apple's video iPod. The company's catalog now features directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Francis Ford Coppola, Frank Capra, and Orson Welles. Featured actors include John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Marlon Brando, Vincent Price, Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire, as well as pioneers of early cinema such as Buster Keaton, Faye Wray, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. Nearly a dozen Christmas titles are available at no cost via a free video podcast throughout the month of December. All videos from are DRM-free, allowing customers to freely copy them amongst all personally owned hardware. Pricing for all titles remains under $2, and gift certificates are available.


UK Theatre offers episodes for iPod

12/22, 10:40am

Theatre on Apple\'s iPod

UK Theatre Network today launched a version of its first episode for Apple's video iPod, as well as other devices. Glasgow-based actor Douglas McFarlane set up the online service UKTheatre.TV, and over the past year has built up a team of over 100 actors, directors and film crew in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, London and recently expanded to New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. "The concept is simple, I am passionate about theatre and I know there are millions of people around the world who are as well. I wanted to have the ability to understand more about a musical or play before going to see it. My colleagues and I have been visiting theatre and writing reviews for several years, and now with the advances in internet technology it is possible to watch a short film featuring these reviews and with permission, provide a short trailer of what the performance looks like", McFarlane said. The service filmed both the recent BAFTA Scotland awards and the launch of the National Theatre of Scotland, which have already been edited for download.



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