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BBC Store opens in UK with over 7,000 hours of new, classic shows

11/05, 11:13am

UK broadcaster makes show archive available to purchase online

The BBC has expanded the online viewing options for its content, by launching its own digital store for its shows. The BBC Store will allow UK citizens to pay for individual shows from the broadcaster for later viewing, with the opportunity to buy currently-running shows for later viewing beyond the iPlayer 30-day limit running alongside classic programs from the BBC archives, all of which can be bought and downloaded to the user's home collection.


Briefly: BBC switches away from Flash, Facebook trials profile changes

10/01, 12:43pm

BBC starts allowing iPlayer users to view streams in HTML5 instead of Flash

The BBC is moving away from using Flash for its iPlayer on-demand video service, in favor of HTML5. The broadcaster is now allowing service users to opt in to use the HTML5 player to view shows from web browsers including Chrome, Opera 32, Firefox 41, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and Safari on iOS. While users of Safari for Mac will still have to use Flash, the BBC has already been using HTML5 to stream video to its iOS app for some time.


BBC plans 'personalized' radio service mixing live, on-demand content

09/10, 5:58pm

Proposal could offer customized radio stations for each BBC listener

Listeners of BBC Radio in the United Kingdom will be able to have their own personalized radio station, if plans from the BBC come to fruition. Controller Mark Friend, managing multiplatform music and radio services, has outlined a potential service where every listener would be able to listen to their preferred radio programming whenever they want, as a single cohesive station, leveraging the broadcaster's existing iPlayer live streaming and on-demand services.


Briefly: T-Mobile updates family plans, BBC iPlayer Radio offline mode

07/15, 8:02am

T-Mobile refreshes family plans with four-person $120 option with 10GB data each

T-Mobile has revamped its family plan, as part of its "Uncarrier Amped" announcements. The new scheme has two people each having unlimited calls, texts, and 10GB of LTE data for each line for $100 per month, with additional lines including their own 10GB allocations costing an extra $20 per month, and an additional 10GB of data available at $10 per month per line. From now until Labor Day, the carrier will cut the cost of the fourth line entirely, making the four-person family plan with 10GB of data each cost $120 per month.


Briefly: BBC iPlayer closing outside UK, WWE Network on UK Apple TV

05/13, 10:23am

BBC shutting down global version of iPlayer

The BBC is shutting down its Global Player for the BBC iPlayer streaming tool. Spotted on Twitter by The Next Web, the BBC has advised auto-renewing subscriptions will cease between May 26 and June 26, with downloaded programs becoming unavailable after the user's subscription ends. The United Kingdom-specific version of the iPlayer is unaffected by the closure.


Briefly: Galaxy S gains Opera Mini, BBC extends iPlayer viewing time

10/07, 7:55am

Samsung Gear S will have Opera Mini browser available at release

The Samsung Gear S, a smartwatch with its own 3G data connection due to go on sale in the near future, will be able to access the Internet via its own browser, Opera has revealed. Owners of the standalone smartwatch will be able to download Opera Mini for the device via the Samsung Gear Apps store, with the browser said to be made more user friendly for the small screen by making website shortcuts into larger buttons, and by including a single Smart Page collecting together various social updates onto a single screen.


Briefly: D-Link's Facebook Wi-Fi, iPlayer revamped for iOS, Android

05/29, 9:52pm

D-Link and Facebook collaborate to offer 11AC Router with integrated Facebook Wi-Fi

Networking and connectivity company D-Link has announced its collaboration with Facebook to deliver D-Link's first wireless router with Facebook Wi-Fi. The D-Link 802.11ac router with integrated Facebook Wi-Fi is aimed at small businesses who wish to provide customers with a Wi-Fi hot spot, accessible by checking in via the business' Facebook Page.


BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Now TV iOS apps suddenly failing to stream video

04/17, 9:26am

Bug may possibly be affecting other apps

Several UK-based iOS apps -- including BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, and Now TV -- have suddenly stopped streaming video, the BBC reports. The issue began last night, and is still ongoing; the source of the problem is so far unknown, as is whether other apps are also being affected. The director of Now TV, Gidon Katz, indicates that the issue can be temporarily fixed in Sky and Now by rewinding iOS' clock by a day, but that triggers other problems -- including preventing access to the App Store -- and doesn't solve the flaw in iPlayer.


Briefly: BBC iPlayer extension, Moto X follow-up rumored

04/06, 8:48am

BBC extends iPlayer catch-up video from week to 30 days

The BBC is extending the time British viewers will have to watch recently-broadcast shows on iPlayer to 30 days. Up from the previous seven-day limit, Pocket-Lint reports the popular catch-up streaming service will allow for downloads or streams of shows from any of the BBC's television channels up to 30 days after being broadcast, with the changes set to take place from this summer.


Briefly: BBC iPlayer Radio update, Total War: Shogun 2

03/25, 10:12pm

BBC iPlayer Radio update adds Favorites, recent searches and more

The BBC has updated its iPlayer Radio for iOS today, offering new features such as Favorites for users in the UK. The iPlayer Radio app provides live steaming access to all BBC Radio stations, with browsing of hundreds of on-demand "Listen Again" programs. Users can download podcasts to listen to on the go, discover new music with Playlister, connect to AirPlay or Bluetooth audio devices, and more. Version 1.5.0 offers a new Favorites feature, offering a save function for desired shows. Also included in the update is a recent searches history, schedules both seven days in the past and future, improved lock-screen function, and other minor improvements. Requiring iOS 6 or later and a UK iTunes account and IP address, BBC iPlayer Radio is free to download.


Briefly: BBC launches all-new iPlayer, Pump HD Sportbuds

03/11, 3:20pm

New version of iPlayer from BBC features program Collections

The BBC is rolling out a new version of its iPlayer today, available for use online, with consoles and connected TVs for UK citizens. The changes to iPlayer have been made in an attempt to move away from being a static service, and aims to offer a more interactive experience. When an episode of a series finishes playing, iPlayer now automatically lines up the next episode in sequence, while suggesting other content that may be relevant to the viewer.


Briefly: Yelp reviews on Android, BBC iPlayer downloads updated

10/11, 7:05am

Yelp adds review submission option to Android app

Yelp has updated its Android app to allow users to submit reviews to the service. The update, coming after a similar update for the iOS version, also adds photographs taken at businesses to be shown directly underneath its review. Yelp also reveals that reviews submitted by mobile users closely mirror those of website submissions, with 80 percent of reviews scoring three stars or more.


Briefly: BBC iPlayer podcast downloads, iPhone 4G settings for O2

09/30, 11:34am

BBC adds podcast download options to iPlayer Radio app

The BBC has updated its iPlayer Radio app for iOS and Android, adding the option to download podcasts from the broadcaster. Downloaded shows will appear under the new "My Downloads" part of the app, with the option to force the app to only download podcasts while connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, in order to avoid potential extra data charges from carriers.


Briefly: BBC iPlayer Downloads release, Twitter embedded photo updates

09/27, 7:20am

BBC releases new iPlayer Downloads app for Mac, PC without Adobe Air

The BBC has released a new version of its iPlayer Desktop for Mac and PC that offers improved downloads of BBC television programs. BBC iPlayer Downloads, which now no longer uses Adobe AIR nor offers Windows Media files for security and cost reasons, will let users download shows from the on-demand service for later viewing, with users able to cue a download of a show in the client using links on the iPlayer website itself. Existing BBC iPlayer downloads will continue to work until their scheduled expiry dates.


BBC iPlayer use on tablets beats smartphones for first time

04/22, 8:52am

Overall iPlayer use equals 272M January record

Usage of tablets to view BBC content on its streaming service has beaten that of smartphones for the first time. Information published by the BBC saw 200,000 more iPlayer requests from tablets than mobile phones, with the combined usage of mobile devices making up 30-percent of all requests, namely 81 million requests for March alone.


BBC iPlayer serves 199M shows in September, sets new record

10/21, 8:55pm

Doctor Who, Chris Moyles highest requested shows

The BBC has seen its iPlayer service receive its highest ever number of requests in a month. Over 199 million requests were made to the UK-only on-demand service through the month of September. This beat the corporation's previous record set during the London Summer Olympic Games, where it set up 24 live HD feeds in order to cover every event.


BBC launches iPlayer Radio app for iOS, Android coming soon

10/08, 2:23pm

UK broadcaster puts entire 57 radio station roster into app

Shortly after revealing two new YouTube content channels, the BBC has announced a radio app for iPhone users in the UK. The iPlayer Radio [Free, UK App Store only] functions as a standalone app from its highly-praised iPlayer service, allowing users to listen to the corporation's live radio programming and on-demand content from an iOS device. An Android version of the app is currently in development.


BBC adds rewind, program restarts to iPlayer live streams

06/20, 5:48pm

Update allows for up to two-hour lag on live channels

The BBC has altered its iPlayer on-demand service to include Live Restart. Live streams of BBC channels can be paused, rewound, or even re-commenced within two hours of the original air time, according to the BBC. The feature, which is said to be a first in the UK, follows requests from iPlayer users to further improve the television streaming functionality.


Nokia TV official, lets Lumia owners stream on-demand

04/04, 10:45am

Nokia TV bows in Finland first

Nokia has quickly confirmed brief rumors by launching a new TV service for Lumia owners. Nokia TV will let Windows Phone users stream TV shows from "catch-up" services among local broadcasters without needing an account. Similar to the BBC's iPlayer, it's not intended as a live service but can help users watch shortly after a show airs if they missed the original broadcast.


BBC brings iPlayer app to Xbox 360

03/19, 10:15pm

Player can be controlled using gestures, voice

The BBC has finally brought its iPlayer streaming video player to the Xbox 360 for UK residents. The app enables users to access many of the latest BBC television content, along with the company's radio stations and select programs from other broadcasters.


BBC's Project Barcelona video store made official

03/14, 6:35pm

Endeavor still in proposal stage

BBC director Mark Thompson has reportedly confirmed that the company is considering its own digital video store. The video portal, which is currently referred to as Project Barcelona, would serve as a repository for the company's archived content, enabling viewers to purchase digital copies of older programs or new content.


BBC Project Barcelona video store would tackle iTunes

03/08, 6:25pm

Users charged per download

The BBC is reportedly developing a video download store that is expected to serve as a competitor to iTunes. The service, referred to as Project Barcelona, is said to allow users to download BBC television shows, including new programming and older content.


Philips outs TV media hub with Netflix, YouTube, more

02/17, 12:15pm

Philips ships media player box in the UK

Philips has entered the set-top media player segment with its own HMP2000. It connects to displays using HDMI and home networks over integrated Wi-Fi, though there is no Ethernet connection. It does sport a USB port for local media playback, however. Preloaded apps let users connect to Netflix, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer in the UK.


UK iPlayer app reaches iPhone, iPod touch

12/12, 10:40am

App also gets AirPlay, 3G streaming

Following changes to the Global iPlayer app, the BBC's core UK iPlayer app has also undergone a significant update. The title is now universal, supporting not just the iPad but the iPhone and iPod touch. In its iPhone form the app's interface has been simplified to cope with smaller screen space.


BBC iPlayer coming to iPhone, iPod touch on December 8th

12/06, 12:05pm

Goes beyond web, iPad, set-tops

Global iPlayer will make it to the iPhone and iPod touch on December 8th, the BBC has announced. The paid video-on-demand service has been available on the iPad for about five months. A list of countries getting the iPhone app on the 8th includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.


BBC iPlayer reaches Canada, still missing in US

12/01, 1:10pm

Should reach US shortly after 'pilot' effort

The BBC has expanded its Global iPlayer service for the iPad to Canada, says The Hollywood Reporter. Users can access BBC TV shows on demand, something normally reserved for UK license fee payers, who can tap various forms of iPlayer for free. In Canada iPlayer access costs $9 a month, or $85 a year. Content is based on local demand and rights, but some initial shows include Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Whitechapel, Hustle and MI-5.


BBC intros iPlayer for TVs, set-top boxes

08/08, 11:50pm

UI redesigned for larger screens

The BBC has introduced a new iPlayer variant designed specifically for televisions, set-top boxes and other connected devices. Although the company several years ago released a "Big Screen" iPlayer for larger screens, the new offering is said to be redesigned, improved and supported on more than 300 different devices.


BBC iPlayer 'definitely' coming to foreign iPads this year

03/03, 4:30pm

Should cost 'small number of dollars per month'

The BBC's iPlayer service will "definitely" become available internationally on the iPad later this year, according to director general Mark Thompson. Speaking at this week's Financial Times Digital Media & Broadcasting conference, Thompson added that foreign access would cost "a small number of dollars per month, definitely fewer than 10." The statement was likely made with US prices in mind, given the size of the potential market.


BBC confirms plans for international iPlayer on iPad

12/01, 4:30pm

Nothing due until middle of 2011

The BBC is working on international access to iPlayer via the iPad, according to the Financial Times. iPlayer allows Internet-based consumption of BBC TV and radio shows, stretching back as far as seven days. Access is normally reserved for residents of the UK, who support the BBC through annual TV license fees.


Flash hobbles Android use of BBC iPlayer versus iPhone

08/27, 5:10pm

BBC use of Flash hurts Android use of iPlayer

A Freedom of Information request to the BBC completed just Thursday has revealed that Android use of iPlayer may have been hurt, rather than helped, by the use of Flash. As the Android version of iPlayer requires the still-rare Flash plugin to work, British viewers streamed just 6,400 episodes in July. In comparison, 5,272,464 shows streamed to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owners.


BBC News app gets greenlight for UK

07/23, 10:45am

iPlayer, BBC Sport move closer to completion

After a long wait, the BBC News app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has finally been made available in the UK. The app has until now been blocked in its home country, as it was under consideration by the BBC Trust, which looked to determine whether or not a Public Value Test would be needed to allow mobile apps. No tests will be conducted, the Trust says.


BBC updates web-based iPlayer for iPad

05/27, 3:10pm

Streams TV, radio feeds without Flash

In tandem with the arrival of the iPad in the UK, the BBC has updated its iPlayer web app in order to support the device's layout. iPlayer lets British residents stream BBC radio and TV shows after their original broadcasts. The iPad site has a tabbed interface, with larger text and images than its iPhone counterpart.


BBC preps news, sports apps for iPhone

02/17, 11:05am

iPlayer app may come later this year

The BBC has revealed plans to release two long in-demand iPhone apps, addressing news and sports. The BBC News app should be submitted to the App Store by April, and offer easier access to text stories from the BBC website, while simultaneously incorporating blogs, audio and video. Separating the title from some other news apps will be the ability to send comments and pictures straight to the BBC newsroom.


BBC refutes claims of native iPlayer app

12/01, 10:50am

No iPhone client coming soon, says network

Publishing mockups of a dedicated iPlayer app for the iPhone was an unfortunate mistake, the BBC now says. The network recently released a PowerPoint document discussing October iPlayer data, within which was a pair of images showing what appeared to be a native iPhone client. The app would theoretically support features like messaging, downloads and live viewing.


BBC to launch global, paid iPlayer?

10/23, 3:05pm

BBC considering launching international iPlayer

BBC Worldwide, the parent company of BBC, is considering launching a premium version of its iPlayer online service that would be accessible by global audiences. Such a service would allow viewers from outside of the UK to watch popular BBC programs, such as Top Gear and Torchwood as well as listen to streaming BBC radio stations. BBC executives have yet to commit to pricing but suggest they could charge per episode, potentially as high as $10 depending on the content.


BBC debuts cross-platform iPlayer app, HD video

04/16, 3:00pm

BBC cross-platform iPlayer

The BBC has released a completed version of the iPlayer Desktop, a cross-platform application that lets users download recent BBC programming, rather than simply view it on the web or TV. The app is based on Adobe's AIR platform, and is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux systems. Access is restricted to residents of the UK however, and files are set to expire and delete automatically after a given timeframe, no longer than 30 days.


BBC announces iPlayer Desktop for Mac and Linux

12/18, 4:30pm

iPlayer for Mac and Linux

The BBC has announced that the iPlayer Desktop will soon be brought to the Mac and Linux platforms. The upcoming player adds the ability to download content that can be viewed for up to 30 days, in addition to the streaming functionality that has been available on the current version. The broadcasting company has worked with Adobe to develop the update, integrating its AIR technology that will allow applications to be to be downloaded to the user's computer instead of just working with browser-based Flash presentations.


Apple pulls in five British Technology Awards

10/08, 9:20am

Apple wins BTA awards

Apple has won five prizes at this year's British Technology Awards, sponsored by a regional publisher. Four of these are for the iPhone, which earned Apple Gadget of the Year, Best Mobile Technology, Most Stylish Technology and Technological Innovation of the Year. The fourth is for the iTunes Store, which won under the aegis of Best Music Technology. The distribution of awards was based on public voting.


BBC brings radio to iPlayer for iPhone/iPod touch

09/24, 10:00am

BBC radio on iPhone/iPod

The UK's official broadcaster, the BBC, has announced expanded support for the iPhone/iPod touch version of its iPlayer service. As of today the software now supports radio, allowing users to listen to episodes from a variety of programs up to seven days after the original airdate. The BBC's Mark Friend says that the option comes from adapting the network's normal digital delivery to suit the unique restrictions of Apple handhelds.


BBC adds H.264, AAC compression to streaming content

08/13, 3:25pm

BBC upgrades to H.264, AAC

Later this week, the BBC will update its iPlayer streaming service with H.264 and AAC+ compression schemes, the UK broadcaster has announced. The move is aimed at supporting open standards, and additionally improving steaming quality, jumping bitrates from 500 to 800Kbps, according to Macworld. The compression schemes will offer improved visuals and sound for users streaming over Flash, currently the only way to access the BBC's media on a Mac. The network has already been broadcasting in non-Flash H.264 and AAC for its iPhone and iPod touch streams.


BBC to build iPlayer set-top box

06/27, 1:15pm

BBC iPlayer set-top box

The BBC is planning to build its own set-top box for iPlayer users, a report reveals. iPlayer is a free web service which allows TV license payers to stream the past week of BBC programming for free; it is typically accessed via computers however, with the exception of devices like the iPhone and the Nintendo Wii. The new set-top will hook up directly to a TV, and feed data from a broadband connection to effectively create an IPTV link.


YouTube trying full-length videos

06/18, 3:30pm

YouTube Full Length Videos

YouTube has begun letting companies offer videos longer than the official 10 minutes on its site, according to a memo allegedly being sent to these firms. The message gives those with official presences on the video website permission to post videos that fit within a 1GB file size cap as well as to attach advertising to those clips. The reported official move follows known experiments that have included both the release of an independent movie last year and the more recent promotional release of an episode of The Tudors.


Hulu to come to phones, other platforms?

04/18, 10:35am

Hulu Mobile Talk

NBC's Hulu TV streaming service is likely to expand beyond its web-only presence of today, the service's CEO Jason Kilar said this week at the NAB video production expo. While not committing to any one format, the company head explains that cellphones and "anything connected to the Internet" would be an ideal platform for the feature, which allows users to stream (but not download) episodes of NBC and Fox shows.


BBC iPlayer launches for Nintendo Wii

04/09, 9:35am

BBC iPlayer for Wii

The BBC today said that its iPlayer is now available through Nintendo's Wii, marking the first time the TV catch-up service can be accessed through a game console. Currently in a test phase, the feature is available from a dedicated channel and lets UK-based gamers watch episodes of recent BBC shows as much as they like while they remain available on the site, which often keeps content for one or more weeks before they are removed for copyright reasons.


BBC halts iPlayer's iPhone stream 'hack'

03/13, 9:55am

BBC halts iPlayer 'hack'

The BBC has put an end to an exploit which allowed people to download its TV shows permanently, according to the network's news agency. By altering the user string of a URL on a desktop system, people were able to fool the BBC iPlayer into thinking it was operating on an iPhone or iPod touch. While the latter devices are only able to stream shows from iPlayer, the exploit enabled Mac or PC users to save clips, which could then be played any time after the seven-day window the BBC sets for iPlayer material.


[U] BBC iPlayer for iPhone launches

03/07, 9:05am

iPlayer for iPhone active

(Updated with BBC commentary) The early indications of a beta iPlayer client for the iPhone have been confirmed. Beginning today, mobile visitors to the iPlayer website can now watch a limited number of BBC TV shows, such as Whistleblower. The video has been specially converted to cope with the limitations of Apple's Safari browser, which cannot play Flash; it is most likely then that episodes are being encoded in streaming QuickTime.


BBC iPlayer leaked for iPhone, iPod touch

03/06, 12:30pm

BBC iPlayer for iPhone

MacNN has discovered that the BBC is reportedly working on a version of its iPlayer software for the iPhone and iPod touch, which was spotted ahead of Apple's announcements at 10AM Pacific. When visiting the BBC iPlayer website through the portable devices, a small, inactive link appears in the corner of the main window, indicating that a beta version of the player software will soon be available. Details have not been released, but with the SDK event due any moment, the BBC will hopefully put an official spin on the find.


BBC iPlayer tech headed to iPhone, iPod touch

02/20, 9:10am

iPlayer for iPhone/Touch

iPlayer software will eventually be available in a form for iPhones and iPod touches, the BBC has announced. Having just released TV shows to the UK iTunes Store, and confirmed the arrival of a Mac iPlayer client sometime this year, the network now says that it is developing a version for Apple's most advanced mobile devices. The software should in fact be available "within the next few weeks," according to the Guardian, meaning that it may beat the Mac-specific client to market.


BBC TV shows on iTunes Store this week?

02/18, 9:25am

BBC on iTunes this week?

TV shows from the BBC may soon appear on the iTunes Store, reports claim. Cited is an anonymous source in the TV industry, who claims that BBC Worldwide will announce its plans on Tuesday. The source further suggests that Worldwide's digital media director, Simon Danker, has already contacted a number of third-party production companies to let them know of the new sales market. It is unclear whether shows would be available solely in the UK, or also on iTunes sites in Canada and the US; BBC Worldwide is said to be under pressure, however, to send more income from selling shows to the core of the BBC, given a dwindling benefit from TV license fees.


BBC iPlayer for Mac by the end of 2008

02/07, 11:15pm

BBC iPlayer for Mac

The BBC will reportedly be launching its iPlayer online video web service for the Mac platform by the end of 2008. In a self-published article, the BBC acknowledged the desires of Mac users that the player is currently in progress, stating that the initial PC release was concocted simply to reach the broadest amount of users in the shortest possible time. The BBC iPlayer is currently only available in the UK, with an international version planned at some point in the future.



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