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iPhone OS becomes iOS, gains Bing, retina display support

06/07, 2:25pm

Gold master already headed to developers

In an unexpected turn, Apple has announced that it is renaming the iPhone OS. It will now simply be called iOS, reflecting its use on devices like the iPad. As previously revealed, the iOS 4 firmware brings several important changes including multitasking, app folders, a universal inbox and e-mail threading. Newly disclosed though is integration with the iPhone 4 retina display, and updated Camera and Photos apps.


sn0wbreeze 1.6 to jailbreak iPhone 4.0 on second-gen Touch

05/31, 12:35pm

Hack currently in beta

People should be able to jailbreak the second-generation iPod touch when iPhone 4.0 is released in the near future, says iH8sn0w. The independent coder has been working on iPhone 4.0 jailbreaks since early April, and is now teasing a beta sn0wbreeze 1.6 hack with support for the older Touch model. The final v1.6 release should come after Apple officially launches the updated iPhone firmware, likely in tandem with upgraded hardware.


Hands-on 'confirms' 960x640 iPhone display

05/29, 3:45pm

Next iPhone seemingly certain for high-res LCD

The often rumored 960x640 iPhone screen could be validated today through an up-close study of the LCD. Looked at through a microscope, Apple's panel appears to have far smaller pixels than the iPhone 3GS or even the crisp 854x480 screen of the Motorola Droid. At 3.5 inches diagonal, the display SuperiPhone sees for the next iPhone would have a 320 pixels-per-inch density where the Droid's larger screen would measure just 265.


In-the-field iPhone 4.0 test firmware shows video calling

05/22, 7:00pm

iPhone 4.0 engineer code hints direct video calls

What little doubt remained about the presence of video calling on the next iPhone may have been eliminated today as a screen capture has shown the feature running on live firmware. A source inside Apple has shown a field test version of iPhone 4.0 whose Settings area makes a clear reference to "video calls debugging" that lets engineers start, stop and export logs to track down errors. BGR didn't learn whether this would involve a proper iChat client, traditional video calls over 3G, or both.


Custom dictionary additions show in iPhone 4.0 beta 4

05/20, 10:30am

Could solve some auto-correction problems

Another potentially useful feature has been discovered in iPhone 4.0 beta 4. Within the Keyboard section of the Settings menu, Apple has added an option called "Edit User Dictionary," allowing people to hurry up the normally automated word recognition system in the iPhone OS. Typically, the firmware will only add words to its dictionary if a person deliberately skips recommended corrections.


iPhone 4.0 beta 4 code shows references to camera flash

05/19, 10:45am

Flash-equipped gear could include iPods, iPads

Code in the fourth iPhone 4.0 beta contains references to camera flash, investigation reveals. One section suggests that Apple handhelds will have three different flash modes: always on, always off and auto, triggered by an ambient light sensor. The find backs up recent iPhone prototype leaks, which in both cases have included a LED flash on the back.


iPhone 4.0 beta 4 finally hints at AT&T data tethering

05/18, 10:05pm

iPhone 4 beta 4 points to ATT for tether option

Apple tonight posted iPhone 4.0 beta 4 to the Developer Center with a strong clue that AT&T will finally enable data tethering. The new test release not only enables a "set up tethering" preference for American users but, when the menu is tapped, asks users to either call AT&T or to visit the carrier's website to turn the feature on. That it isn't automatically enabled suggests AT&T will charge an extra fee; for other smartphones, it normally charges an extra $30 per month.


Google buys VoIP firm, hints at possible Android video chat

05/18, 11:30am

Google buys Global IP Solutions for Android tech

Google on Tuesday bought Global IP Solutions in a possible sign of a video chat implementation for Android. The $68.2 million deal gives Google access to a firm that supplies both audio and video through IP networks. The deal is expected to go through as more than half of stakeholders already approve of the deal.


Jobs defends App Store: it's "freedom from porn"

05/15, 10:35pm

Jobs explains views in heated mail exchange

Apple chief Steve Jobs engaged in a rare involved debate late last evening where he defended his company's policies for the App Store. When criticized by blogger Ryan Tate for turning his back on "freedom" and "revolution," the company co-founder countered that the limits on sexual content and the approval process itself were about providing an ideal, safe experience. The real revolution was in breaking away from the traditional computing experience, Jobs answered.


New iPhone spotted running iPhone 4.0, reaching the West [U]

05/13, 11:30am

Next iPhone successfully running proper OS

(Update on French photo origins) One of the same Vietnamese sites responsible for discovering a different iPhone prototype has shown its device running iPhone 4.0. The phone appears to be working with both a cellular connection to GSM carrier VinaPhone and Wi-Fi turned on. The shot by Taoviet makes it difficult to tell if the screen is higher resolution, though even if so the public iPhone 4.0 betas may not support the higher pixel count to avoid giving away a hardware secret.


Google Maps Navigation, Gmail archives enroute to iPhone

04/23, 10:25am

iPhone lags behind in support for Navigation tech

Google's Maps Navigation is still coming to the iPhone, the company has confirmed during a London press conference. The technology is an extension of the regular Maps app, adding free turn-by-turn directions for GPS-equipped phones. Navigation remains limited to Android phones at the moment, however, and Google says it still cannot say when the iPhone version will be ready, even months after the initial announcement.


iPhone 4.0 beta 2 interweaves updated APIs, animations

04/21, 9:40am

APIs address multitasking architecture

Apple has released a second developer beta of iPhone 4.0, building in more of the firmware's eventual features. The update is said to include "significant API additions," mostly in areas related to multitasking and background processes for audio, VoIP, location services and task completion. An app can now, for instance, request as much as 10 minutes to finish a task, rather than just five.


Adobe stops advancing Flash-to-iPhone, focuses on Android

04/21, 7:50am

Adobe exec says Apple being anti-competitive

Adobe Product Manager Mike Chambers late yesterday said his company will no longer put development time into the Flash-to-iPhone conversion tool in Flash CS5. While it will still ship with the CS5 suite, the component won't get significant updates in the foreseeable future. Chambers stressed that Apple's ban on cross-compiling in the iPhone 4.0 SDK made it untenable to continue, and he accused Apple of being anti-competitive.


iPhone 4.0 to integrate Facebook support?

04/19, 11:45am

Could add Mail, Contacts, Calendar links

Apple is planning deep Facebook integration for iPhone 4.0, evidence in the firmware is thought to show. A file displaying Mail account type options includes a reference to the social network, presumably so that its messages can be treated in the same manner as e-mail from the likes of Exchange and Gmail. Integration may extend throughout Apple apps however, as another file points to links with Contacts and Calendar.


First public jailbreak for iPhone 4.0 premieres

04/16, 9:30am

Awaits support from developers

The unofficial iPhone Dev Team has released the redsn0w 0.9.5 beta, believed to be the first publicly-available jailbreak for Apple's iPhone 4.0 firmware. The code relies on the same basic exploit used since iPhone 2.x, and in theory allows people to run unofficial apps. Because iPhone 4.0 itself is new however, the hack is really intended for developers intending to transition their apps to the new firmware.


Video shows iPhone 3G running v4.0 multitasking

04/14, 7:45pm

Apple officially restricts functionality to 3GS

A YouTube video appears to show a jailbroken iPhone 3G running the v4.0 firmware, with the full set of features including multitasking. Apple officially restricts multitasking functionality to the latest-generation iPod touch and iPhone 3GS, which has lead to criticism from owners of earlier devices with slower processors and limited RAM.


Next iPhone may get June 22 reveal

04/14, 8:00am

Apple may have booked WWDC keynote date

Apple may have committed to a specific date for unveiling the next iPhone, one possible scoop might have revealed. The company has purportedly booked off June 22nd at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and may use it for the WWDC keynote, according to ModMyi. The Center's public schedule is notably clear as of that week, although it's difficult to tell whether this is for WWDC or simply the end of its currently known schedule.


Rumor has Adobe suing Apple in weeks

04/13, 2:55pm

Adobe may force Apple to allow outside dev tools

A rumor on Tuesday claimed that Adobe was near suing Apple over the company's decision to ban cross-compilers in the iPhone 4.0 SDK. Contacts near Adobe purportedly said the Flash developer has already made up its mind and is set to file a lawsuit "within a few weeks." How Adobe would approach the case or what exactly it would demand weren't mentioned by ITWorld's writer, but it's presumed Adobe would have a court force Apple to allow third-party tools.


iPhone 4.0's 'iPod Out' feature to support car integration?

04/13, 11:05am

Enables secondary interface

One of the lesser-known additions to iPhone 4.0, "iPod Out," may be intended in part to support integration with vehicles, a source suggests. When a handheld is connected to a device supporting the iPod Accessory Protocol, iPod Out will allegedly bring up a special interface (seen below) to be fed to a secondary display, with a simplified menu system resembling the one on the iPod classic and nano. Evidence for a connection to cars is said to come from two strings in iPod Out code, "IAPSimpleRemoteCarButtonNotification" and "IAPSimpleRemoteCarButtonTypeKey."


Mac OS X 10.7 delayed by iPhone 4.0 work?

04/12, 1:05pm

Google Android may be in crosshairs

Work on Mac OS X 10.7 has been delayed, says Daring Fireball's John Gruber. The tech writer notes that some months ago, he received word that Apple had "tentative plans" to ship a developer beta of the OS at this year's WWDC, likely to be scheduled for early June. Coding of v10.7 is indeed still in progress, claims Gruber, but now with a smaller team and an "unknown" timetable.


Jobs: No more support for first-generation iPhone

04/12, 12:15pm

Sets precedent for obsoleting hardware

Apple will no longer be providing firmware updates for the first-generation iPhone, released in June 2007, says CEO Steve Jobs. The company recently announced iPhone 4.0, a major summer firmware update that will introduce elements like folders and multitasking. Not only is this code being kept off of the first-gen iPhone, an e-mail from Jobs reveals, but Apple is effectively halting any future software support for the device.


iPhone 4.0, web hint at full iChat AV for next iPhone

04/11, 10:50am

iPhone may have video-capable iChat

Further clues have been found in the initial iPhone 4.0 beta that Apple will have not just video chat on the next iPhone but also a full-fledged iChat app. Frameworks and strings show many explicit references to "video conference" calls as well as chat rooms, moderation and other features that apply to both text and video. Many of iChat's alert sounds from the Mac app have also been included in the code.


Adobe: iPhone 4 a "slap," but no retaliation planned

04/09, 8:05pm

Adobe wants Apple to reconsider iPhone 4 SDK

Adobe Platform Evangelist Lee Brimelow today hit out at Apple's seeming decision to ban cross-compiling tools in the iPhone 4.0 SDK with accusations of excessive restrictions. He argued that there was no practical reason to make the move other than to exert "tyrannical control" and that it was part of a "crusade" against Adobe in which developers were unwillingly playing a role. He even went so far as to accuse Apple of trying to hurt Creative Suite 5, although the company had this observation pulled.


iPhone 4.0 already jailbroken, public release forthcoming

04/09, 11:40am

Unlocking may prove greater challenge

The beta iPhone 4.0 firmware has already been jailbroken, according to claims. An updated hack was reportedly developed within hours of the firmware's release, and the keys used have been made public. The process has only been tested on the iPhone 3GS so far; a brief demonstration video can be seen below.


Web, Wikipedia search coming to Spotlight in iPhone 4.0

04/09, 9:35am

Brings parity with Android, Windows Phone 7

Spotlight search will gain more practicality in iPhone 4.0, further investigation into the developer firmware shows. In the v3.x code, Spotlight behaves more as it does in Mac OS X, letting users retrieve local files such as songs and contacts. The v4.0 release adds the ability to search for web results, or specific entries in Wikipedia.


iPhone OS 4.0 points to camera flash on upcoming handset

04/08, 4:50pm

Framework includes several new camera functions

Apple's fourth-generation iPhone may integrate a camera flash module for capturing pictures in low-light conditions. Developers reportedly noticed a variety of new camera functions contained in the framework of the iPhone 4.0 beta released earlier on Thursday, according to AppleInsider. The code includes functions labeled AVCaptureDevice.hasFlash, AVCaptureDevice.flashMode, and AVCaptureDevice.hasTorch.


iPhone 4.0 to bring multitasking, keyboard support, more

04/08, 2:30pm

Over 100 new user features

Presenting from an event at its Cupertino headquarters, Apple has formally unveiled iPhone 4.0, the next iteration of firmware for its portable devices. The major emphasis of the code is on multitasking, allowing third-party apps to run simultaneously for the first time. People can double-tap a Home button on their device to bring up a switching interface, similar to the iPhone's homescreen dock. They then scroll through a list to load one of the running apps.


iPhone 4.0 may carry printing support

04/06, 10:40pm

iPad's iWork apps imply printing soon

A small clue hints that Apple may add printing support in iPhone 4.0 or another update. Support notes for the iPad's iWork apps all note that "printing directly from iPad is not currently available" and imply that it will be an option at a later date. Rumors so far haven't confirmed whether or not it would appear in Thursday's special event, though it presents the first clear opportunity.


Leak: Apple to show ad platform at iPhone 4.0 event

04/06, 7:05pm

Apple to use iPhone 4 as start for ad system

Apple's planned mobile ad system should be a part of what it shows at Thursday's iPhone 4.0 event, a leak asserted Tuesday night. The platform, which may not be called iAd as rumored, should have its first details discussed in addition to features of the next mobile OS. Features of the platform weren't part of AllThingsD's escaped details.


Three versions of iPhone 4.0 code in testing?

04/05, 3:25pm

Firmware shows up in testing

Apple may at the moment be testing not one but three different versions of the iPhone 4.0 firmware, online usage statistics suggest. Developer PixelCUBE notes that when looking at figures from analytics firm Pinch Media, it caught sight of some unusual data showing v4.0, v4.0.1 and v4.1 devices in the wild. Although it may be possible that the firmware IDs are being spoofed, Apple is known to work on several iterations of a piece of software at once.


Apple to hold iPhone 4.0 preview Thursday

04/05, 12:25pm

Apple has surprise iPhone 4.0 preview

Apple today surprised the media by sending out a teaser for an iPhone 4.0 event at its Cupertino campus on Thursday. The event notice says little but offers a "peek into the feature of iPhone OS" with a large "4" casting a shadow, clearly pointing to the next major revision.


iPad file system shows multiple new iPhones, iPods

04/03, 2:40pm

Apple may have multi-tier iPhone intro in 2010

With access to the just-launched iPad's file system, explorers have already found references to multiple new Apple handhelds in development. In addition to the already spotted iPhone 3,1, BGR has found references to iPhone 3,2 and 3,3. The discovery is unique as it suggests three discrete models where Apple normally has just one, hinting either at the Verizon iPhone or else different feature sets.


iPhone 4.0 multitasking to be based on Expose?

03/31, 1:55pm

Interface restricted by iPhone limitations

The multitasking support believed to be in iPhone 4.0 will be based on Mac OS X's Expose feature, a new report hints. Proposed interfaces for the option have so far been a mystery, in part because the firmware remains deep in development. People said to be familiar with Apple plans, however, claim that the interface will definitely use an Expose-like scheme, albeit scaled down to cope with the iPhone's screen limitations.


iPhone 3.2 SDK mentions multitasking, removes video calls

03/11, 12:20pm

Implications may be ambiguous

Several more differences have been spotted in beta 4 of the iPhone 3.2 SDK, currently available only to developers. Significant may be multiple references to multitasking, such as a code comment discussing a "multitasking dialog box." While multitasking is already possible in a limited sense on iPhones and iPods, several reports have suggested that Apple intends to extend the option to third-party apps.


Multitasking a go for iPhone 4.0, say sources

03/11, 11:10am

May borrow Mac interface concepts

The iPhone 4.0 firmware will definitely feature multitasking, claim several sources. Apple is said to have developed a "full-on solution" to multitasking, although no details have been leaked on how problems like battery life, memory use and processor consumption will be handled. The interface for switching between apps is also being kept in the dark, partly because it has a "way to go" before it nears final form.


iPhone 4.0 to include multitasking, overhauled interface?

01/19, 12:35pm

More distance drawn between iPhone, tablet

Some of the first details of the iPhone 4.0 firmware have emerged, a report claims. An Apple source informs that the code will make several major changes, for instance expanding multi-touch gestures to be used across the OS, and not just in apps like Maps or Photos. There should also be "a few new ways" to run apps in the background, which is taken to mean multitasking.


Apple patent application hints at 3D multi-touch interfaces

01/06, 11:30am

Could apply to iPhones, iPods, tablets

A recently-published Apple patent application suggests the introduction of 3D into some future multi-touch interfaces. Originally submitted on September 29th, 2008, the filing describes a graphical interface with 3D objects, and means of manipulating them using various gestures. Some diagrams show the interface operating on an iPhone-like device.



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