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Google Earth for iPhone 2.0 now available

10/27, 2:05am

Google Earth for iPhone

Google has released Google Earth for the iPhone [not active yet]. The free iPhone software available now from iTunes, displays the same high-resolution imagery as the desktop version for over half the world's population and a third of the world's land mass. The software allows you to tilt the device to adjust the view of the mountainous terrain as well as show the Panoramio layer to browse the millions of geo-located photos. Users can also view geo-located Wikipedia articles, locate themselves on the map using the device's Location services, and search for cities, places, and businesses with Google Local Search. It is available in English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. It works on the both the iPhone and iPod touch and requires the iPhone 2.0 software. [iTunes Store link]


iPhone 2.2 to incorporate Street View, more?

10/06, 12:10pm

iPhone 2.2 Street View?

Some heavily-requested features may be among those added to Apple's planned iPhone 2.2 firmware, anonymous developers claim. While the first beta is said to have altered Safari's address bar, and tweaked the App Store interface to include items like a new bug report option, an updated release is said to include hooks for Google's Street View feature, which lets people access ground-level panoramas on particular roads. At present, this can only be accessed through the Google Maps website.


iPhone 2.2 firmware released into beta

09/25, 5:30pm

iPhone 2.2 in beta

Apple today released iPhone 2.2 firmware into a first stage of beta testing, according to Gear Live. Background push notification is rumored to have returned in this version; Apple pulled background push from the fourth beta of v2.1, and left it out of the official release. The technology allows apps such as e-mail or instant messaging clients to receive messages, or other information, without requiring constant operation and/or draining a phone's resources.


Jobs, iPhone 2.1 seen as key in Sept. 9th event

09/10, 9:30am

Needham on Sept. 9th event

Despite its nominal focus on new iPods and iTunes 8, the two most important factors for investors in yesterday's Apple event were unrelated, writes Needham & Co. The research firm says that perhaps the most crucial moment was the appearance of a healthy Steve Jobs, defeating rumors that the Apple CEO might not speak, due to serious medical problems. Jobs' media prominence and involvement in the minute details of Apple has led analysts to think the company could suffer badly in his absence, whether as a result of death or having to resign.


Apple promises Sept fix for iPhone 2.x security flaw

08/28, 7:05pm

iPhone security fix coming

Confirming the forthcoming iPhone 2.0x software update, Apple on Thursday promised it would deliver an security update for the recently publicized iPhone security flaw that could allow users to access some password-locked iPhones. First noted earlier this week, a simple series of keystrokes -- first the emergency button and then double tapping the home button --- could allow users in some cases to access private information on the device despite the screen lock.


Source: 3G problems a mix of software, networking

08/28, 10:50am

True source of 3G issues?

Ongoing 3G connection problems with the iPhone are actually a mix of software and networking issues, a new account indicates. The report from Roughly Drafted cites "an inside source from AT&T," who explains that the trouble originates with how UMTS-based cellular networks function. All devices tapping into a UMTS node demand a certain amount of power, and once a certain threshold is reached, the node can run out of power to share. At this stage a node will begin dropping calls, and graphs are said to demonstrate this exact event coinciding with the release of the iPhone 3G.


iPhone 2.x vulnerable to easy passcode hack?

08/27, 11:20am

iPhone 2.x passcode hack

The iPhone 2.0 firmware is vulnerable to an unusually easy security bypass, a report claims. Updated iPhones have the option of a four-digit passcode, which in theory should restrict all access to the device's data. The vulnerability manifests through the "Emergency Call" button on the passcode entry screen, meant to allow simple dialing functions regardless of whether the code is remembered.


Decreased iPhone speeds caused by 2.0.2 firmware?

08/21, 1:20pm

iPhone speed issues

The iPhone 2.0.2 update that was supposed to improve 3G connectivity may have had an unexpectedly negative effect on download speeds, accounts say. Test My iPhone is a site that allows users to test their iPhone's download and upload speeds, and also keeps track of average speeds recorded in the last 24 hours. The site has completed just over 600,000 speed tests, and has previously shown an average speed of around 2,224Kbps; in the last 24 hours however, this has fallen 30 percent to 1,578Kbps.


OpenClip to add app-to-app iPhone copy-and-paste

08/20, 11:00am

OpenClip iPhone project

A developer believes he has created a way for copy and paste functions to work on the iPhone without violating Apple's SDK agreement. Zac White has started a non-profit, open-source project named OpenClip, from which developers can borrow framework for their own apps. Programs with the technology should not only be able to copy and paste internally, but between each other; this works through saving selections to a shared space on an iPhone. All applications are able to access this space, and there is no need for processes to be running in the background.


PwnageTool 2.0.2, iPhone 2.1 beta 3 released

08/11, 11:45am

PwnageTool 2.0.2 out

The unofficial iPhone Dev Team says it has released v2.0.2 of PwnageTool, its comprehensive hacking utility for 3G and 2.5G iPhones. The update incorporates a beta of Installer 4, which sports a new graphical interface and a new repository structure, which should make the download of unauthorized apps faster for users and file providers. Its associated package management interface is not enabled yet however, and the Dev Team notes that Pwnage will (erroneously) claim that is not available.


PhoneSaber pulled from App Store

08/08, 3:15pm

PhoneSaber off App Store

A fourth known app has been delisted from the iTunes App Store, it has been revealed. PhoneSaber -- a free title that imitated the lightsabers from Star Wars -- has been pulled, despite being a popular choice of early adopters of the iPhone 3G and/or iPhone 2.0 firmware. The disappearance marks the fourth such prominent withdrawl in a short space of time, following I Am Rich, BoxOffice and NetShare.


iPhone 'kill switch' may protect GPS data?

08/08, 11:10am

iPhone kill switch and GPS

The alleged kill switch for iPhone software is not meant to apply universally, a new source claims. Yesterday, writer Jonathan Zdziarski called attention to the iPhone 2.0 firmware, whose Core Location code contains a URL titled "" Zdziarski and others have thus argued that Apple may have a means of remotely disabling any app it wants to, whether for selfish reasons or legitimate user protection.


iPhone 2.0 hiding built-in kill switch for apps?

08/07, 9:30am

iPhone 2.0 kill switch?

The iPhone 2.0 firmware may contain a means of disabling applications at Apple's behest, investigation reveals. Probing into CoreLocation code has uncovered a reference to an unexpected URL, listed as "" Visiting the page in a browser like Firefox displays yet more unusual code, containing terms such as "BlackListedApps," "com.mal.icious," "'Description' = 'Being really bad!'" and "Date Revoked."


Dev Team: iPhone 3G owners should avoid 2.0.1 update

08/05, 4:15pm

Dev Team on iPhone 2.0.1

iPhone 3G owners who want to run firmware hacks should not upgrade to Apple's v2.0.1 release, the unofficial iPhone Dev Team cautions. The creators of the PwnageTool note that while the update is officially meant to fix bugs, it also makes changes to the underlying baseband code, which could potentially block any future attempts to unlock an iPhone. At the least, the update undoes any jailbreaking performed with PwnageTool.


Gartner: Corporate use of iPhone should be narrow

08/05, 1:35pm

Gartner & corp. iPhone use

Corporations should limit their support for the iPhone, says the Gartner research group. Analyst Ken Dulaney notes that although the iPhone 2.0 firmware now supports a variety of corporate-friendly features, most notably Exchange sync, traffic encryption and remote wiping, holes remain in its security. The primary issue is encryption, because while iPhones can now operate on encrypted networks, it is currently impossible to encrypt local files, leaving data exposed in cases of physical theft.


Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 update, adds "bug fixes"

08/04, 7:50pm

iPhone v2.01 released

Apple released iPhone version 2.0.1 update via iTunes Monday evening. The 242MB update contains various "bug fixes," according to Apple's installation note. The update "supercedes all previous versions" of iPhone software. There's no word yet if the update contains any additional features. In addition, Apple also unveiled the iPod touch 2.0.1, most likely containing similar bug fixes. As with all previous versions of the iPhone and iPod touch operating systems, the update is available through iTunes.


New iPhone 2.1 beta includes push data API

07/31, 9:00am

Second iPhone 2.1 beta

A new beta of the iPhone 2.1 firmware is seeding to developers, say reports. The code is mainly said to contain bug fixes, but Apple has allegedly confirmed that it contains an early version of background push notification. The technology is a workaround for the lack of background processes on the iPhone, but should nevertheless provide advantages in the form of better battery life and CPU performance.


iPhone 2.1 firmware to have copy/paste, better GPS?

07/25, 9:40am

iPhone 2.1 firmware specs?

Apple may already be laying the groundwork for several important updates in the next major iteration of iPhone firmware, according to multiple sources. One notes that in exploring the Localizable.strings entry under English.lproj in the current iPhone WebKit framework, there are entries for several commands the firmware does not currently support, including cutting, copying and pasting. Apple has expressed interest in adding the feature, but has not set a timeframe.


Dev Team: iPhone Infused is a scam

07/24, 11:10am

Dev Team on iPhone Infused

The hacking subscription site iPhone Infused is a scam, charges one of the lead members of the iPhone Dev Team, creators of the free PwnageTool. The member claims that Infused's website directly borrows a number of images of iPhone 2.0 firmware posted earlier at hackint0sh, to the extent that the phone is recognizable as his own, 4GB development model.


Analyst: iPhone patching has been botched

07/16, 4:35pm

Apple slow on iPhone patch

Apple left the iPhone exposed to a serious vulnerability for months despite knowing how to fix it, a security analyst alleges. Charlie Miller of Independent Security Evaluators notes that while the iPhone 2.0 firmware has since fixed the problem, for over three months, the v1.x firmware was vulnerable to the same WebKit exploit used to hack a MacBook Air within two minutes. The feat earned him $10,000 from TippingPoint Technologies.


iPhone 2.0.1 firmware already in testing?

07/15, 9:15am

iPhone 2.0.1 in testing?

Apple may already have the next iteration of iPhone firmware in late development, web traffic indicates. Data analyzed from server logs shows a minority of references to iPhones running firmware titled v2.0.1, instead of the normal v2.0 available preloaded or as an iTunes upgrade. The connecting phones are further divided into different builds, with 2.5G models running 5B101, and 3Gs relying on 5B103.


Apple defends lack of copy-paste, driving on iPhone

07/14, 5:15pm

Apple defends iPhone 2.0

Apple has explanations for the lack of certain features on the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 firmware, says Apple product head Greg Joswiak. Cited in a new report, Joswiak says that the absence of cut and paste functions, for instance, was omitted only because it was considered a low priority in Apple's ongoing feature wishlist. Other features were simply judged more important for the 3G launch.


Hackers crack iBoot, dual-boot 1.x iPhone firmware

07/14, 11:15am

iBoot; iPhone dual-booting

Hackers have managed to penetrate to one of the deepest levels in the iPhone 3G's software, according to claims. The makers of the PwnageTool say that in working on v2.0 of their software, they have managed to crack "iBoot," the command line used to communicate with the 3G's equivalent of a BIOS. iBoot is said to be present because iTunes requires a lever for restoring a phone; normally, however, iBoot is said to be "heavily restricted," permitting only Apple code. The only access layer deeper than iBoot is said to be in ROM, and so any further anti-unlocking efforts could force hardware changes.


Early iPhone 2.0 experience promising, analyst says

07/11, 10:45am

AmTech on iPhone 2.0

Early experience with the iPhone 2.0 firmware is cause for optimism, says analyst Shaw Wu of American Technology Research. Wu explains that like hosts of others, AmTech was able to download and install the v2.0 firmware in advance on Thursday, in turn enabling the installation of software from the iTunes App Store. Wu notes that over 500 applications were available for the App Store's debut, and that this number should eventually extend into the thousands.


iPhone OS 2.0 available: issues, first look

07/11, 10:35am

iPhone 2.0 upgrade issues

Apple officially released iPhone version 2.0 via iTunes on Friday morning. And as thousands of users upgrade their first-generation iPhones, reports of glitches have begun to surface on Apple support discussion boards and MacNN's forums. One user says after waiting an hour and 15 minutes for the upgrade to install, his iPhone was bricked. He and a number of other users say the iPhone needs to contact the iTunes Store for reactivation but the process doesn't appear to be working.


iPhone 2.0 unlocked, jailbroken

07/10, 11:05pm

iPhone 2.0 unlocked

Just hours after the iPhone 2.0 operating system went live on Apple's servers, it was revealed to have been jailbroken for quite some time, with the iPhone Dev Team set to release its Pwnage tool in the coming weeks. Gizmodo reveals it has been using the jailbroken iPhone 2.0 for its Push email test coverage, with the unreleased Pwnage tool having been available privately for the last couple of weeks, since build version 5A345.


Hands on with iPhone 2.0 upgrade, App store [photos]

07/10, 1:55pm

iPhone 2.0 upgrade

With the release of the iPhone 2.0 firwmare (available from Apple's own servers), we installed the software on our previously "jailbroken" and "unlocked" iPhone without any problems (no word yet on whether the unlock is still working). The entire process took about 20 minutes (maybe a bit longer) using iTunes' restore function (download the software and click option. We have the first screenshots of the painfully long process.


Apple posts iPhone 2.0 firmware, upgrade guide

07/10, 1:35pm

iPhone 2.0 firmware, guide

Apple has quietly released the iPhone 2.0 firmware, work has uncovered. Though not officially announced, or yet distributed through iTunes 7.7, the IPSW file can now be downloaded directly from an Apple server. The firmware enables both native applications and access to the App Store; installing it at this stage, however, is only recommended for advanced users familiar with manually synching such updates. A fresh installation of the v2.0 software takes approximately 20 minutes; normal distribution methods should begin by Friday morning.


Fifth Avenue closing on 10th; App Store up early?

07/09, 9:20am

Fifth Avenue, App Store

Apple's flagship American store, the Fifth Avenue location in New York City, will temporarily close on July 10th, Apple has announced. The store will shutdown at midnight on the 10th, and only reopen several hours later at 8AM, allowing preparations for some of the first North American sales of the iPhone 3G. The closing is notable in that the Fifth Avenue location is normally open 24 hours a day, year-round, making tomorrow a rare disruption.


iPhone generates 7m US searches in April

06/29, 11:00pm

iPhone a search engine hit

Helped by the hype of iPhone 2.0 platform and a buzz over the pending iPhone 3G announcement, the iPhone generated huge traffic for internet search engines in April. ComScore, which provides market research for advertisers, says 1.3 million Americans conducted 6.9 million iPhone-related searches in April. The word “iPhone” was the most popular term, with nearly 1.5 million searches, followed by “iPhone 2.0” and “iPhone 3G.” The vast majority of those seaches -- 88.4 percent -- went to Google, Yahoo got about 7 percent, with MSN getting less than 3 percent.


iPhone 2.0 to feature extra data-wipe security?

06/25, 3:50pm

iPhone 2.0 data wipes

Wiping data off an iPhone should become more secure with the v2.0 firmware than in the current release, say sources using the most recent beta. Although both the v1.x and 2.0 releases present users with an "Erase All Contents and Settings" option, v1.x only performs a regular deletion; v2.0 should mimic the "Secure Empty Trash" option of Mac OS X, and delete files, unlink them, and overwrite the affected memory sectors several times. This comes with a time penalty however, as the whole process is said to last an hour.


iPhone 2.0 firmware finished by Friday?

06/25, 2:10pm

iPhone 2.0 on Friday?

The final iPhone 2.0 firmware could be complete as soon as Friday, rumors say. A report cites a source within Apple's iPhone software team, who claims it is "highly probable" that the firmware's gold master -- official production version -- will be finished by the end of the work week. This version would be following build 345, which enables new code-signing and encryption options.


Time: iPhone 3G may be great boon to porn industry

06/23, 4:55pm

Time on iPhone 3G porn

The iPhone 3G may be a great aid to the pornography industry, writes Time. The current 2.5G unit is already said to popular with porn producers, due to its use of a desktop-like web browser, and better handling of video than most cellphones. "There are a few hundred iPhone porn sites now in use," says the VP of business development at AVN Media Network, Farley Cahen. Google Trends is meanwhile tracking a high use of the search term "iPhone porn."


iPhone 2.0 on June 27, no 3G music downloads?

06/11, 11:45am

iPhone 2.0 before 3G?

Apple's iPhone 2.0 firmware, primarily built to support native applications and the App Store, should be available in advance of the 3G hardware many are expected to use it with, Engadget writes. The information comes by way of the Australian Apple website, in which the iPod touch section specifically states that the App Store will open on June 27th. Apple has previously said that the App Store will not function without the v2.0 firmware.


MS letter to Win Mobile partners preempts iPhone 2.0

06/05, 9:40pm

MS letter to partners

Apple is expected next week to unveil the 3G iPhone and related software infrastructure – v2.0 OS, downloadable apps, the official app store, and SDK – but Microsoft on Thursday issued a letter to industry partners in an attempt to dull the roar of Apple's announcements. Seattle Post-Intelligencer reveals that Microsoft wrote of its intent to sell 20 million Windows Mobile licenses, with group product manager Scott Rockfeld and Windows Mobile chief Andy Lees enforcing that their team is "on track" for the generous target.


iPhone 2.0 handwriting bought from third-party dev?

05/28, 9:30am

iPhone handwriting source

The handwriting code said to be in the iPhone 2.0 firmware was bought from a third-party company, reports claim. A developer of HWPen, a Chinese application still available for jailbroken iPhones, says the software was originally produced for Hanwang to allow entering Chinese characters, but has since been acquired by Apple for the same purposes; Apple has allegedly even stripped out English support, which the unofficial app included tangentially.


iPhone 2.0 beta 5 firmware shows 3G on/off option

05/11, 2:50pm

3G on/off option on iPhone

Apple's latest iPhone 2 beta 5 firmware shows that the company will allow users to turn off access to the faster "3G" network to preserve battery life. The 3G network, while offering faster download speeds, consumes more power and will likely reduce battery life significantly. The screenshot surfaced on an independent blog, along with code references that support the screenshot from the latest firmware (only available to a select group of developers): "Note that this is not fake, it is in the beta 5 .ipsw, but will normally not show up on an EDGE iPhone. Turning 3G on will just crash the phone if you use an EDGE phone. If you do not believe me, then decrypt the beta5 rootfs dmg, and see for yourself in /Applications/ ," the developer wrote in his post.


Beta iPhone firmware code points to iTunes control

04/27, 7:20pm

iControl for iPhone

Apple may be preparing to add iPhone (and iPod touch) functions to connect to and play media from nearby iTunes sources. Citing an "anonymous tipster," TUAW reports that code found in the latest firmware release points to a new iPhone application called iControl, which it says could be part of Apple's own plan to release new software applications based on forthcoming iPhone SDK. Based on strings found in the code of the latest private iPhone firmware beta, the application would allow users to connect to shared iTunes library running on a PC to playback songs or view videos. According to the report, the media navigator will allow users to view videos, play podcasts, listen to music and even support shuffle playback from the iTunes library. If true, iPhone and iPod touch users would not only be able to playback media from their device, but may also be able to actively control iTunes installed on a PC.


iPhone 2.0 to get contact search, meeting invites

04/10, 2:30am

More iPhone 2.0 features

Apple's next generation iPhone 2.0 software is expected to bring both contact search and meeting invites, according the latest builds distributed to developers. Based on a information from software distributed privately to enterprise beta testers, new screenshots reveal a new search bar in the Contacts menu. The new feature replaces the magnifying glass icon seen in the iPhone SDK demo, according to the report. In addition, the drawer button in the Calendar application, previously inactive, provides access to a meeting invitation interface that displays the number of new requests as an icon badge -- much like other new content notifications, according to the report. Engadget also indicates that enterprise users don't get the app store or iTunes store icons.



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