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More third-gen iPad videos, photos appear on web

03/15, 1:30am

Noticeable improvements in photo, video, graphics

A pair of Asian websites that have gotten mysteriously early access to the as-yet-unavailable third-generation iPad have been busy testing the devices, reporting on the improved camera, graphics systems and RAM capacity of the new machine while also confirming that the A5X processor has the same clock speed as the previous model. The improved graphics processor, however, more than makes up for this, tests show.


Liquidmetal currently shipping parts to 'several' customers

03/07, 11:55am

Tech could already be in next-gen iPad

Liquidmetal is in the process of shipping commercial parts to "several of its customers world-wide," according to a press release. The customers are unidentified, but Liquidmetal says that it in fact began delivering parts in December, and has more shipments scheduled into the future. Production capabilities should ramp up over coming months.


New iPad rumored using Senseg haptic feedback technology

03/07, 9:30am

Company refuses to confirm or deny feature

The new iPad being announced later today could have haptic feedback, Pocket-lint sources claim. Apple has allegedly been in talks with a Finnish company, Senseg, the creators of a technology called E-Sense. Unlike normal haptic feedback methods, the one Apple is reportedly using would put an electrical pulse behind every pixel, adding "texture" to onscreen objects.


Few changes needed for new iPad accessories, makers say

03/06, 4:45pm

Gear should be backwards-compatible with iPad 2

While accessory makers have prepared new products for the next-generation iPad, most or all of these should work with the iPad 2, CNET reports. The site says it has heard from three company representatives who all say they expect the new iPad to have only minor changes in thickness, even if they're not absolutely certain. "We've been told there will be some minor changes in the thickness, but we don't have any specifics," one representative states.


Reuters source backs claims of LTE-capable iPad

03/06, 12:50pm

Dispells adoption rumors

Apple will announce an LTE-equipped iPad tomorrow, a Reuters source says. The person is described only as "familiar with the product," but their statement reinforces other claims that an LTE model is in the cards. Some speculation has held that it might be too early for Apple to introduce LTE devices, particularly as AT&T's LTE network is newer and smaller than Verizon's.


Apple: No 'pop-up store' at SXSW this year

03/05, 8:00pm

No reason given, though iPad a factor

After running an experimental "pop-up" store in Austin during the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive festival last year, Apple has confirmed that it will not be participating this year. No reason was given, but the timing of the anticipated iPad 3 release may have played a role. Last year, the pop-up store appeared more than a week after the release of the iPad 2, but this year the iPad 3 will be announced just two days before the festival, and may not be immediately available.


Source claims new iPad case, glass-backed iPhone in works

03/05, 1:15pm

New case would return to covering back

Apple has been working on a new official iPad case, an iLounge source says. The product is described as similar to Incase's Magazine Jacket, but with an iPad 2-style Smart Cover on the front. A rear shell meanwhile is said to be made of fiberglass, and covered with polyurethane or bicast leather. A major complaint about the Smart Cover has been that unlike the official case for the iPad 1, the Smart Cover leaves the back metal of an iPad completely vulnerable.


Best Buy stores already receiving iPad 3 cases

03/05, 10:55am

Shipments allegedly occurring in bulk

Sealed boxes of iPad 3 cases are starting to show up at Best Buy stores, a source claims. Each box is noted to have a sticker with a warning: "Do not display until official iPad 3 launch." This may suggest that "iPad 3" is the next-generation iPad's official name, but it could alternately be a placeholder.


High-res and iOS 6-equipped iPads appear in server logs

03/02, 1:30pm

iOS 6 unlikely to debut until summer or fall

iPads with 2048x1536 displays and/or unreleased versions of iOS are appearing in server logs, Ars Technica remarks. In February the website saw 346 visits from a device with a 2048x1536 screen, which is believed to be the iPad 3 based on numerous reports and the rarity of such a resolution. Tracking iPads in use from Apple's corporate IP block in Cupertino, meanwhile, Ars says it has encountered devices running not only iOS 5.0, 5.0.1, or the developer-only 5.1, but even an unannounced iOS 6.


New Houston Apple Store could signal iPad 3 launch date

03/01, 4:50pm

Highland Village to open one day earlier

The planned opening of a new Houston Apple Store may indicate a launch date for the iPad 3, the Houston Chronicle reports. Apple is on the verge of opening a new outlet in the Highland Village shopping center. A source connected to the store's opening says that the outlet was originally supposed to debut in January, and later March 17th. Just a few weeks ago, though, the date was allegedly adjusted to March 16th.


iPad 3 digitizer photos show home button, different colors

03/01, 12:05pm

Allays speculation about Apple press invite

A site called RepairLabs says it has managed to obtain digitzer parts for the iPad 3. The digitzer is essentially the front panel, including the touchscreen and the front glass. Photos appear to confirm that the iPad 3 will come in black and white tones, and continue to use a traditional Home button. Based on the invite to Apple's March 7th press event, some speculation existed that Apple was somehow eliminating the button.


Toshiba Excite 10 LE tablet ships March 6, starts at $530

02/29, 11:30am

Excite 10 LE to be thinnest and lightest tablet

Toshiba just revealed it will ship the thinnest and lightest 10-inch tablet on March 6, which, not likely coincidentally, is one day ahead of the iPad 3 launch. Previously dubbed as the Excite X10, the tablet touts a 7.7mm (0.3-inch) thickness and weigh 535 grams (1.18lbs), while sporting a 10.1-inch, LED-backlit touchscreen with a 1280x800 resolution. Depending on the iPad 3's girth and ship dates, Toshiba may only enjoy the thinnest and lightest claims for a short time, perhaps a matter of days.


Leaked iPad 3 shell measured at 0.81mm thicker than iPad 2

02/28, 1:45pm

Still thinner than iPad 1

A new photo depicts the iPad 3's shell as being 0.81mm thicker than that of the iPad 2, according to In the image, both tablets are being measured using digital calipers. The iPad 2 registers at 8.69mm, while the iPad 3 is a straight 9.5mm. Apple's official specifications list the iPad 2's thickness as 8.8mm.


Apple confirms iPad event for March 7th in San Francisco

02/28, 12:20pm

Invitation reveals higher-res display

Apple has announced the date of a long-anticipated press event for the next-generation iPad. Media invitations point to an event taking place on March 7th, at 10AM Pacific time. It will be hosted in a favorite Apple venue, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.


New Apple TV to launch alongside iPad 3, sources claim

02/28, 12:00pm

Could herald long-demanded 1080p support

A new Apple TV will launch alongside the iPad 3 in March, according to sources for 9to5Mac. The device is thought to have the J33 codename, but no other details have been verified. Earlier rumors, though, have revolved around support for 1080p video, a feature people have demanded since the first generation debuted in 2007. For this Apple may need to upgrade the Apple TV with an A5 processor, possibly the rumored A5X. Apple could conceivably use the introduction of a new Apple TV to simultaneously bring 1080p videos to the iTunes Store; currently, even HD files are capped at 720p.


Best Buy puts iPad 2 on sale ahead of expected iPad 3 launch

02/27, 2:20pm

Knocks $50 off all iPad models in stock

Ahead of strong indications of an imminent iPad 3 announcement, Best Buy has dropped the price of the iPad 2. The electronics retailer has knocked $50 off of every iPad 2 in stock. Such discounts are rare, suggesting a link with the iPad 3.


AAPL closes over $522, sets another record high

02/24, 9:30pm

Stock continues rising on iPad 3 speculation

The allegedly-imminent release of the iPad 3 and strong prospects for future products and refreshes throughout the year are keeping Apple's stock steadily rising, with the company hitting yet another all-time record high at the close of the week, moving above $520 for the first time to close at $522.41 and the end of business Friday, though the stock is down to just over $522 in after-hours trading.


Rumor has German iPad 3 launch on March 23rd

02/21, 2:50pm

Date consistent with reported US timetable

The iPad 3 will ship to Germany on March 23rd, local news site claims to have learned. The assertion challenges ones made elsewhere that the country would only get the tablet in April. A March 23rd date would be roughly consistent with recent reports suggesting a product reveal in the first full week of March, followed by a launch in the US and/or several other countries mid-month.


Photos show alleged front panel display for iPad 3

02/21, 12:00pm

Tablet widely expected to premiere in March

Photos from the Chinese-language website Weibo appear to depict the front panel display and digitizer assembly for an iPad 3, notes The hardware is said to be similar to that for the iPad 3, but with the distinction of a ribbon cable extending up the side of the display. In the iPad 2, an equivalent cable is said to be shorter, with a different orientation.


Samsung-contracted iPad 3 displays purportedly spotted

02/19, 4:30pm

Samsung may use Chinese firm to make iPad 3 LCDs

An atypical leak on Sunday saw the the manufacturing roots of the reported iPad 3's display more than the displays themselves. With the 2048x1536 resolution already identified, a forum contribution showed what's claimed to be shots from contractor Radiant Opto-Electronics' plant as it shipped a batch of the new screens. Although located in Wujiang, near Shanghai, the displays are labeled and boxed as Samsung displays that are reportedly shipped to Samsung in Korea before they reach Apple.


iPad 3 mainboard shows with A5X chip name

02/19, 1:15pm

iPad 3's chip may be upgraded A5 instead

An apparent discovery Sunday has shown what's purported as the iPad 3's mainboard with an unexpected A5X, not A6, processor name. The WeiPhone details don't directly indicate what this would imply, but they imply more of an evolution than a major overhaul. A date code on top suggests it was made in 2011 week 46, or about November 14-20 and the timeframe when iPad 3 production may have started.


Possible Sharp-made iPad 3 display emerges at parts reseller

02/09, 9:35am

Influx of parts may suggest iPad 3 in production

A parts reseller, Eye Lab Factory, has managed to obtain what could be a display panel for the iPad 3, says Macotakara. The part measures about 9.7 inches, and uses a flat cable similar to that connecting the iPad 2's display. It also reportedly supports resolutions up to 2048x1536, the level most commonly anticipated for the iPad 3.


Alleged iPad 3 case may suggest new camera, battery parts

02/08, 5:20pm

Thickness may remain identical to iPad 2

Housing for the iPad 3 suggests a few differences with the frame for the iPad 2, according to RepairLabs. Sources in China have allegedly gained access to the newer part, which, for instance, is said to show different mounts for the logic board. This should allow more space for a battery, potentially increasing battery life, or at least keeping it the same.


Analyst forecasts 48 million or more iPad shipments in 2012

01/18, 11:30am

Number may prove 'conservative'

Apple should ship 48 million or more iPads in the calendar 2012 year, according to estimates from Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu. The catalyst will allegedly be the iPad 3, predicted to be a "significant refresh" that should "help further differentiate from arguably the only real competitor in the market, Amazonís Kindle Fire, and not to mention the myriad of Android offerings out there," according to Wu. He in fact suggests that the 48 million number "could turn out conservative."


Rumor has iPad 3 event in early February, launch month later

01/17, 12:25pm

Would differ with iPad 2 launch timeframe

The iPad 3 and/or iOS 5.1 will be announced in early February, claims Macotakara. The Japanese website quotes sources in the US and the Asian supply chain. An actual launch is anticipated in early March, which would be roughly consistent with when the iPad 2 shipped, on March 11th of last year.


iPad 3 beginning assembly for March launch

01/11, 9:35am

Sources back minimal cosmetic differences

Two manufacturers in the Apple supply chain, Foxconn and Pegatron, have been asked to start assembling next-generation iPads for launch in early March, says Macotakara. The Japanese site claims to have learned the information from Chinese sources, who add that the hardware should look almost identical to the iPad 2. This includes button arrangements, the dock connector, and the positioning of the front- and rear-facing cameras.


Report claims CES hands-on with iPad 3 prototype

01/10, 1:25pm

External changes minimal, account hints

On the outside, changes to the iPad 3 may be minimal, suggests iLounge. Site editor Jeremy Horwitz says that yesterday he was shown an alleged prototype of the new tablet at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The hardware is described as "roughly 1mm" thicker than the iPad 2, which Horwitz adds that he's heard will cause no problems for accessories except those precisely tailored to the iPad 2's back. Buttons, switches and ports are otherwise said to be identical.


Alleged iPad 3 parts stick with standard 30-pin connector

12/29, 1:45pm

No new connection type planned, images suggest

Japanese website Macotakara says it has managed to obtain more parts allegedly built for the iPad 3. These include a microphone flex cable ribbon, a power on/off flex cable, and a dock connector port. The parts were ordered from a site called, which earlier in December was discovered selling the mic cable.


iPhone 5, Steve Jobs, iPad 3 among top 2011 Google searches

12/15, 4:05pm

Kindle Fire trumps iPhone 4S

Three Apple-related search terms have placed among the fastest rising in Google's Zeitgeist charts for 2011. The annual effort catalogs the popularity of various searches, as well as broad trends. The fastest-rising Apple search term in the top 10 overall was "iPhone 5," coming in at number six. "Steve Jobs" was ninth, while "iPad2" closed out the 10 leaders.


iPad 3 to launch in February, analyst sources claim

12/08, 2:00pm

Date would be month ahead of usual forecasts

The next-generation iPad will launch in February, says Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner. The analyst cites "several sources" on the matter, who back up the notion that it will have twice the screen resolution of its predecessor. Gardner comments that "there do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining" to producing the extremely high-resolution display.


iPad 3 may be thicker, still support iPad 2 Smart Covers

12/07, 5:20pm

Size could be necessary for new tech

The iPad 3 will be thicker, claim "Asian intelligence sources" cited by Macotakara. The change will allegedly render cases fitting the back of an iPad 2 useless. The front of the 3 is expected to remain largely the same though according to a parts supplier, to the extent that Smart Covers made for the iPad 2 will still function.


iOS 5 code references support 'J2' model iPad 3

11/22, 9:40am

Tablet may be set for early 2012 release

Code strings in iOS 5 support the existence of the "J2" model iPad 3 claimed by Digitimes, according to 9to5Mac. The device is listed alongside familiar codenames for other Apple devices such as the iPhone 4. Apple has allegedly been considering two different designs as a successor to the iPad 2, the J2 being a more advanced device than the J1, also using different dimensions. The iOS 5 code also groups the J2 alongside other 3G-capable hardware.


Apple iPad 3 high-res display 'confirmed' in production

11/22, 5:05am

High-res confirmed, 7-inch a possibility too

An analyst has confirmed that the QXGA 2048x1536 9.7-inch iPad 3 display is in production, according to CNET. Richard Shim of DisplaySearch also said, as previously rumored, that Apple is taking shipments from Samsung, Sharp and LG to ensure sufficient production yield for a planned early 2012 launch. Also in the cards is the possibility of the rumored 7-inch iPad mini.


'iPad mini' in works to fight Kindle Fire, analyst suggests

10/12, 11:25am

Added iPad might be cheaper, not smaller

Research points to a new, cheaper iPad coming in "the first few months" of 2012, according to Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White. The claim is based on White's meetings with Apple suppliers while on a visit to China. The device, nicknamed the "iPad mini," would allegedly expand the reach of the iPad by making it accessible to people who can't justify the normal $499 barrier to entry.


iPad 3 prototypes in circulation, no launch until 2012

09/16, 9:45am

Analyst sees Amazon tablet as first real threat

iPad 3 prototypes are already circulating in the Apple supply chain, but no new tablet should be expected to launch until 2012, says JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz. For some time rumors had persisted that Apple would release some sort of updated iPad in the fall, whether a minor or a major upgrade. Those claims have essentially been silenced in recent weeks, as none of the expected evidence for an imminent iPad update has appeared.


TSMC may be ready to build A6 chipsets in early 2012

09/08, 1:10pm

Supplier prepping for 28nm chip production

TSMC will be ready to mass-produce 28nm chips beginning in early 2012, says the supplier's research and development head, Shang-yi Chiang. Chiang elaborates that the company has already received enough orders to fully exploit its new 28nm capacity. At least some of the orders are likely to be for a next-generation Apple processor, the A6.



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