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Apple updates iOS 5.1.1 release for GSM iPhone 4 only

05/26, 7:50pm

Timing appears coincidental to Absinthe release

Apple updated its recently-released iOS 5.1.1 edition today for one specific iPhone model without changing the version number, likely representing only a minor bugfix in the new release. The update, which is distinguished by its build number (9B208 instead of the 9B206 built that was distributed), did not come with any release notes. For those already on the original build of 5.1.1, the update can only be downloaded through iTunes or by direct download.


redsn0w update lets users downgrade A5 devices

05/14, 11:36am

Reverses upgrades to iOS 5.1.1

The unofficial iPhone Dev Team has released a new version of redsn0w, its jailbreaking utility for iOS devices. The v0.9.11b4 update lets users restore old IPSW files to A5-based Apple devices, including the iPhone 4S, third-generation iPad, and iPad 2; previously, only devices prior to the iPad 2 could be downgraded, thanks to the limera1n exploit. The update means that A5 devices can now be downgraded from iOS 5.1.1 or 5.1 to 5.0.1.


Tethered iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak comes to redsn0w

05/07, 5:37pm

New iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4S still unsupported

Third-party jailbreaking utility redsn0w has been updated for iOS 5.1.1, which was released by Apple just earlier today. Currently the hack works only in tethered mode, meaning that a device has to be connected to computer anytime it's restarted. It's also restricted to devices based on A4 processors, excluding the third-generation iPad, the iPad 2, and the iPhone 4S.


FireCore releases ATV2 5.0-compatible tethered jailbreak

03/30, 7:00pm

Not all plug-ins work with it yet

Owners of the now-previous (the "720p black" or "ATV2") AppleTV box now have an option of jailbreaking the device in a limited way, even if it has been upgraded to the newest 5.0 (iOS 5.1) software. FireCore has updated it's Seas0nPass jailbreak tool and aTV Flash (black) software to work with the new jailbreak, which allows users to retain the advantages of the Apple TV 5.0 software while adding various unofficial plug-ins such as and NitoTV for additional content.


iOS 5.1 code shows references to LTE phone calls, FaceTime

03/22, 12:20pm

OS prepped for fifth-generation iPhone

Strings in the iOS 5.1 firmware make reference to 4G phone calling, and using FaceTime over 4G, notes Cydia developer Krishna Sagar. One message in the code reads, "Enabling 4G will end your phone call. Are you sure you want to enable 4G?" Others refer to enabling and disabling 4G on FaceTime calls, as well as regular voice ones.


iOS 5.1 Safari vulnerability allows for spoofed URLs

03/22, 11:25am

Dutch government issues official warning

A researcher with MajorSecurity, David Vieira-Kurz, has discovered a serious security vulnerability in the iOS 5.1 version of Safari. The problem lies with the way iOS handles the JavaScript method, used to open a new browser window. A malicious coder could use this to spoof URLs, tricking people into visiting copycat websites that might contain other threats or ask for credit card information.


Apple posts video of third-gen iPad announcement [U]

03/07, 5:20pm

Execs talk new iPad, Apple TV, more

[Update: Video is now available on iTunes] Apple has posted an official video stream of today's iPad press event. The focus of the event was a third-generation iPad, but Apple also introduced several other products, including a new Apple TV and the first iPad version of iPhoto. iOS 5.1 is mentioned only briefly.


iOS 5.1 due later today; iPad 2 drops in price to $399

03/07, 2:45pm

Upgraded tablet simply 'the new iPad'

As a part of its third-generation iPad event, Apple announced that iOS 5.1 will be released later today. Few features have been revealed, but the focus is on a Japanese version of Siri for the iPhone 4S. Previously Siri was restricted to English-, French-, and German-speaking users.


iOS 5.1 GM already through QA testing, report says

03/06, 3:25pm

Could be launch firmware for new iPad

A Gold Master of iOS 5.1 has just emerged from three weeks of quality assurance testing, a Chronic Wire report claims. The testing is said to have included internal work at Apple, as well as efforts by "various carriers/partners." Rumored features include Japanese support in Siri, better camera access at the lock screen, and "at least" two new features that have yet to be leaked to the public.


High-res and iOS 6-equipped iPads appear in server logs

03/02, 1:30pm

iOS 6 unlikely to debut until summer or fall

iPads with 2048x1536 displays and/or unreleased versions of iOS are appearing in server logs, Ars Technica remarks. In February the website saw 346 visits from a device with a 2048x1536 screen, which is believed to be the iPad 3 based on numerous reports and the rarity of such a resolution. Tracking iPads in use from Apple's corporate IP block in Cupertino, meanwhile, Ars says it has encountered devices running not only iOS 5.0, 5.0.1, or the developer-only 5.1, but even an unannounced iOS 6.


Bug in iOS 5.0.1 allows bypassing of lock screen

02/23, 12:30am

Sim card 'confusion' access phone, contacts

A flaw demonstrated in a YouTube video (seen below) demonstrates a difficult-to-access but reproducible bug in iOS 5.0.1 that can allow unauthorized users to bypass a lock screen on GSM-based iPhones and access recent contacts, make calls or even use FaceTime, iPhoneIslam reports. The hack revolves around trying to return a missed call while the sim card is taken out and re-inserted repeatedly (or in an area with no network coverage).


iOS 5.1 may tote always-ready camera button on lock screen

02/16, 6:45pm

iOS 5.1 may answer gripes of quick camera use

A finding Thursday in a late and possibly Apple-only build of iOS 5.1 has hinted that Apple may have addressed a common complaint about camera access. The pre-GM (gold master) version seen by Brazil's Blog do iPhone would have the camera button always available on the lock screen just require a swipe up to start shooting. Apple's current approach only shows the camera after double-tapping the home button, leading some to miss the camera shortcut entirely.


iOS 5.1 beta carrier profiles hint possible March 9 target

02/08, 3:30pm

iOS 5.1 gets tentative launch window

New digging in the iOS 5.1 beta has given a possible clue as to Apple's target date for the OS. About 11 new carrier profiles all have references to an Apple diagnostic web address with "09Mar2012-Update" in the timeframe, suggesting to YourDailyMac's discoverer that the date was at least being kept in mind for a launch or a milestone. It touched on all existing iOS devices and at least five countries, pointing to a simultaneous release.


Foursquare working on auto check-ins

02/03, 1:10pm

Tech, opt-ins withheld Foursquare auto check-ins

Foursquare product head Alex Rainert disclosed in a quick interview Friday that the app would be getting automatic check-ins over time. He explained to Business Insider that the team had wanted people to check in simply by going to a location but that it was matter of "technical restraints" and design. The Radar feature for iOS 5 users was a step in that direction, according to Rainert.


RIM CEO: we're looking into BBM on other platforms

01/27, 4:25pm

RIM CEO hints BBM may be open to iOS and Android

RIM's new CEO Thorsten Heins has continued his interviewing with hints the company might not be as closed to the possibility of BlackBerry Messenger on other mobile platforms as once thought. He told CrackBerry that he was still committed to the core BlackBerry platform and there weren't immediate plans, but that the company "should never rule this [possibility] out." The company did have staff exploring the possibility, but it would only go ahead if it was logical.


Id Software updates Rage HD to version 2, refines controls

01/26, 11:00pm

New in-app purchasing, video output support

Id Software's non-franchise game for iOS devices, Rage HD, has now been updated to version 2.0. The game, which puts players in the middle of a "reality TV" show called Mutant Bash, is a first-person rail shooter that now includes in-app purchasing of additional episodes, higher-resolution player and weapon graphics, better video out support for VGA, component cables and HDMI under iOS 5, and various performance enhancements for controlling the game.


iPhone 4S seen with untethered jailbreak

01/16, 12:00pm

Public release coming soon

A member of the Chronic Dev Team has taken the exploit that allowed for an "untethered" jailbreak of iOS 5.0.1 on A4 devices and made it work on A5 devices, as demonstrated by a video showing an iPhone 4S running the stock operating system rebooting with its jailbroken apps (including Cydia and iFile) intact, reports hacker pod2g. The new technique is planned for a public release in the near future, though pod2g was not specific about when.


iOS 5.1 beta 3 returns 3G toggle, hints at dictation [U]

01/10, 2:00am

Timing of final 5.1 still unknown

[Updated with Siri Dictation info] Apple has posted a third developer beta of iOS 5.1, reports say. The firmware is identified as build 9B5141a, and includes a variety of bugfixes and minor improvements over beta 2. One major change, though, is the reappearance of the "Enable 3G" toggle, which Apple inexplicably removed with the advent of iOS 5.0.


Report: some iPhone 4S units may have audio issues on calls

01/03, 9:00pm

Unclear if problem is hardware-based

The Apple Support Communities forum has begun seeing widespread reports of intermittent audio failure on calls using the iPhone 4S, an issue where recipient can hear the caller but he cannot hear them. The problem is not consistent but happens often enough to be a source of irritation with users. While some have found workarounds, there is no indication in current developer builds of iOS 5 that any fix is in the works in the near-term.


Tests show iOS already leapfrogging Windows Phone's browser

01/02, 6:15pm

Windows Phone web speed claims already outdated

Microsoft's claims that Windows Phone 7.5 would beat iOS in web browsing speed have already been rendered obsolete after a follow-up test run. A comparison from YouTube user 359gsm posted at My Nokia Blog of a Nokia Lumia 800 pitted against both an iPhone 4 using iOS 4.3 and an iPhone 4S on iOS 5. While Microsoft's showcase HTML5 Speed Reading test sees the Lumia beat the iPhone 4, even the older, 1GHz Apple phone and OS beat the 1.4GHz Windows Phone soundly in every other test, including Browsermark, the JavaScript-focused Sunspider test, and the generic HTML5 Test.


Apple TV hacks, jailbreaking lead to iOS apps running [U]

12/30, 9:45pm

Adds abilities but can cause issues, void warranty

[Updated: video of Troughton-Smith demonstrating Mudkip's iOS window manager and apps on Apple TV] The untethered jailbreak for some iOS 5.0.1 devices has migrated into Seas0npass, a tool for jailbreaking the black (current model) Apple TV, resulting in the option of extra abilities on the $99 device, including the potential to run some iOS apps as demonstrated by hacker Steve Troughton-Smith. The updated Seas0npass works even with Apple TV software version 4.4.4, and third-party options give users the ability to play other video formats, implement custom Bluetooth options and more.


Zephyr tweak for jailbroken iPhones brings new gestures

12/29, 9:00pm

Emulates functionality found on iPad

A hacker known as chpwn has released a tweak for owners of jailbroken iPhones that recreates two of the multi-tasking gestures that can be optionally turned on with non-jailbroken iPad 2 units running iOS 5.0.1. The tweak, known as Zephyr, allows iPhone users to do a single-finger swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the app tray, and also lets users swipe in from the sides to bring in the active screen of other open applications.


Minor redsn0w update includes launchctl fix

12/28, 4:45pm

Glitch affected some apps for jailbroken devices

The unofficial iPhone Dev Team has posted a minor update of redsn0w, its popular jailbreaking utility for iOS devices. The v0.9.10b2 update incorporates a launchctl-related fix on top of the base v0.9.10 release, which was published earlier this week as one of the first tools allowing untethered jailbreaks for iOS 5.0.1. Mac and Windows distributions are available.


Untethered jailbreak emerges for iOS 5.0.1 devices

12/27, 9:40am

iPad 2, iPhone 4S still excluded

Hacker pod2g has released the first public version of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1, according to the unofficial iPhone Dev Team. The Dev Team has built the technology into redsn0w 0.9.10 and PwnageTool. A separate team, Chronic, has meanwhile implemented it into a Cydia package. The pod2g technique involves "two separate exploits and a few other 'tricks'," the iPhone Dev Team explains.


Popular Science shows iOS 5 Newsstand's boost to readership

12/23, 10:05am

Mag Plus illustrates iOS 5 effect on subscriptions

Bonnier's tablet-focused spinoff Mag+ has provided an update showing more concrete signs of the iOS 5 Newsstand effect on tablet magazine adoption. Data handed to AllThingsD revealed that, as soon as iOS 5 was released, Popular Science added over 4,000 new subscribers. Growth in the weeks since has also been much faster, taking it from nearly 28,300 readers to over 40,700.


Report: latest 5.0.1 build offers accessible encryption key

12/15, 11:00pm

Could open door to new hacks, jailbreaks, more

The custom-built version of iOS 5.0.1 re-released for the iPhone 4S earlier today by Apple features an accessible encryption key, allowing hackers the ability to browse the file system and examine code without pirating the software. A tweet from iOS hacker MuscleNerd revealed that the file system could be easily perused from a Mac or PC, calling it "wide open" (though he later qualified that he meant for examination rather than security).


Apple posts Apple TV 4.4.4, new 5.0.1 build for iPhone 4S

12/15, 3:05pm

Changes so far unclear

Apple has released two minor firmware updates for iOS devices. The first is v4.4.4 for the Apple TV, which implements unspecified bugfixes. The update can be installed automatically via an Apple TV's normal update functions, or manually by technically savvy users with access to the IPSW file.


iOS 5.1 beta 2 shows bogus devices to mask future models

12/12, 5:50pm

Apple uses new iOS beta to hide hardware

Apple as part of its iOS 5.1 beta 2 release has started deliberately masking the identities of future hardware. Following its showing the iPad 3 and iPhone 5, it now has numerous entries for models that would normally be years away, such as "iPad 9,3" or "Apple TV 5,1." It's presumed the entries will stay and could become active without necessarily tipping off beta testers.


iOS 5.1 beta 2 lets users scrub shots from Photo Stream

12/12, 2:20pm

iOS 5.1 beta 2 hits dev center

Apple on Mondahy posted iOS 5.1 beta 2 to the Developer Center. Along with cleaning up the release, 5.1 now gives an option of deleting photos from the Photo Stream and seeing those changes propagate elsewhere. Photos have to have been taken with an iOS 5.1 device, however, and they will only automatically vanish on other iOS 5.1 hardware.


Chronic Dev team cracks untethered jailbreak for iOS 5

12/09, 1:20pm

Public release still in wings

The Chronic Dev Team has managed to achieve an untethered jailbreak for devices running iOS 5, according to team member pod2g. A video produced by the hacker shows an iPhone running Cydia, a major distribution service for jailbroken apps. Untethered jailbreaks allow users to avoid connecting their device to a computer every time they boot it.


Twitter: iOS integration boosts signups 25 percent

12/08, 9:15pm

Saw tripling of signups on first day

Beyond the initial rush of Twitter signups that began when iOS 5 was first released, Apple's integration of its mobile OS with the social service is directly attributable to a boost in signups of 25 percent globally, the company announced at a news event today. The event, which also kicked off a redesign for mobile devices, announced other "state of the company" statistics.


iFaith 1.4 circumvents Apple blocks on downgrading iOS 5

12/05, 1:55pm

iPhone 4S not yet supported

An updated Windows utility, iFaith, promises to let iPhone owners to downgrade to earlier versions of iOS 5, according to famous iOS hacker iH8snow. With the advent of iOS 5, Apple changed the code in such as a way as to prevent normal downgrading methods. iH8snow says he has discovered a way around the obstacle, enabling dumped iOS 5 SHSH blobs to accept unsigned restores.


iOS 5.1 beta still failing to cope with battery drain

12/02, 11:20am

Software still to blame, analyst suggests

The iOS 5.1 beta is still failing to resolve battery drain some users, according to complaints received by Ars Technica. Battery problems are one of the main targets of v5.1, but while improvements are occurring in some cases, some users are even seeing the situation get worse in early testing. Only one v5.1 beta has been seeded to developers so far.


Carrier IQ 'open' soon; AT&T, Sprint use it, Apple says gone

12/01, 3:50pm

Carrier IQ may have more formal stance soon

Carrier IQ offered a brief promise Thursday that it should have a more formal answer to the rapidly escalating device tracking scandal. Marketing VP Andrew Coward told The Verge the company would "like to be as open as we can" on what information the company was tracking. Until then, the company would "stand exactly by" its earlier denials of scope, he said.


iOS 5.1 beta disables settings shortcuts

11/30, 10:50am

Feature may go back to being jailbreak-only

The iOS 5.1 beta disables the ability to use homescreen shortcuts to jump to system settings, reports say. The unexpected feature was introduced with iOS 5, and is enabled by adding specially-formatted web links to a device's homescreen. Users can, for instance, jump directly to Bluetooth control without having to navigate through submenus in the Settings app.


iPhone 5,1 and iPad 3,3 make first appearances in iOS 5.1

11/29, 8:00am

iPhone 5 and more iPad 3 show in iOS 5.1 beta

More discoveries in the iOS 5.1 beta have found Apple's first reference to the 2012 iPhone and to more 2012 iPad developments. Filippo Bigarella has shown a reference to an "iPhone 5,1" in the beta code. As with past models, the next iPhone is being considered a major revision rather than a minor upgrade.


Apple TV 3,1 reappears with J33 codename

11/28, 11:25pm

iOS 5.1 gives away new Apple TV name

A recently discovered third-generation Apple TV has reemerged in the wake of the iOS 5.1 beta. New hunts in the file system by iH8Snow for 9to5 have seen it get the codename J33, in step with the iPad 3's J-series naming. Apple had been using K codenames even up to the iPad 2's K95.


Apple seeds iOS 5.1 beta with mystery 'iPad 2,4'

11/28, 7:30pm

iOS 5.1 beta reaches developers for first time

Apple gave developers their first taste of significant post-5.0 updates with the first betas of iOS 5.1 and Xcode 4.3. The iOS update upgrades voice dictation on "supported devices," although it's presumed this still means just the iPhone 4S for now. So far, only programming interface changes are known to have come through the update, mostly those affecting peer-to-peer interfaces in DNS calls.


Random Apple ID bug affecting iOS 5 devices using iCloud

11/23, 5:30am

Random Apple ID bug could pose security threat

Electronista has captured video evidence of what appears to be a major bug in iOS 5 that is causing random Apple IDs to be generated on users' handsets. The issue appears to be affecting the iPhone 4S when a user completes a software restore using an Cloud backup. The problem is potentially a serious security issue as users are given the opportunity to see Apple IDs that do not belong to them, and possibly even access them.


iOS 5 code references support 'J2' model iPad 3

11/22, 9:40am

Tablet may be set for early 2012 release

Code strings in iOS 5 support the existence of the "J2" model iPad 3 claimed by Digitimes, according to 9to5Mac. The device is listed alongside familiar codenames for other Apple devices such as the iPhone 4. Apple has allegedly been considering two different designs as a successor to the iPad 2, the J2 being a more advanced device than the J1, also using different dimensions. The iOS 5 code also groups the J2 alongside other 3G-capable hardware.


iOS users reach newer version 3X faster than Android

11/21, 7:35pm

Jumptap says 32pc of users already on iOS 5

iOS users reach the newest version of their platform about three times faster than their Android counterparts, Jumptap found after checking its traffic. About 32 percent of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch owners on Jumptap's ad network were on the new OS just 15 days after launch. Even nine months after Android 2.3 had arrived, however, it was only just slightly larger than the 2.2 update at 44.4 percent.


iOS 5.0.2 update delayed due to errors, report claims

11/21, 5:25pm

Apple keen to avoid rapid turnaround

Originally expected this week, iOS 5.0.2 has been delayed, a follow-up story claims. The firmware is expected to fix battery drain problems not solved by iOS 5.0.1. As for the reason for the delay, Macerkopf reports that Apple is telling developers that bugs need to be fixed before the firmware can be made public.


iOS 5.0.2 due next week, 5.1 to upgrade Siri, report claims

11/16, 2:40pm

New Siri may get system functions

Apple is at work on not one but two updates to iOS 5, claims German site iOS 5.0.2 will allegedly be out by the end of next week, and attempt to fix battery life problems that went unresolved by v5.0.1. Battery drain has been a recurring issue with iOS updates, although most devices are typically unaffected.


Apple looks into 'a few remaining issues' with iOS 5 battery

11/11, 2:45pm

Apple double-checking iOS 5 post-patch battery bug

Apple in a statement on Friday said it was looking into persistent battery issues for some users following the iOS 5.0.1 update. It stressed that the fix worked for "many of the battery issues" encountered with the original release, but added that it was working on more. No immediate estimates were given for if or when a follow-up fix might arrive.


Reports: iOS 5.0.1 update not fixing battery issues for all

11/10, 7:25pm

Other factors may be complicating the issue

Early reports on the iOS 5.0.1 update indicate that the update doesn't fully resolve the battery life issues on the iPhone 4S seen by some users, though a minority are reporting that the update did indeed fix the problem. Because the update is so new, users in Apple's support forums and elsewhere are still methodically going through possible other causes for battery drain, but for some the update changed nothing in terms of useful battery life.


iOS 5.0.1 security fixes eliminate Smart Cover exploit

11/10, 2:40pm

Also copes with DNS, certificate, kernel issues

The iOS 5.0.1 update deals with several security flaws in addition to making feature improvements, an Apple note indicates. Among these is a Smart Cover exploit that allowed people to skip passcodes and gain limited access to an iPad 2. Also fixed are vulnerabilities in components like fonts, DNS and URL handling, and weak certificates associated with DigiCert Malaysia, which are no longer trusted.


Apple posts iOS 5.0.1 to fix battery life issues

11/10, 1:20pm

iOS 5.0.1 reaches public

Apple as promised has posted the finished version of iOS 5.0.1. The release is intended primarily to fix battery problems reported by some device owners, more frequently iPhone 4S users. Also new is support for four-finger multitasking gestures on the original iPad.


iOS 5 code contains Android-like auto-correct bar

11/10, 11:10am

Simple hack turns feature on

iOS 5 has a hidden auto-correction bar similar to the one used in Android, notes 9to5Mac. When on, the bar lets people pick from a range of possible words instead of just one. Typing "hel," for instance, brings up "gel," "help," "he'll," "hell" and "held" as options.


IOS 5 adoption over 30 percent on iPhone, iPad

11/08, 6:00pm

iPod Touch owners much slower to upgrade

Chitika Insights, a market survey and analysis firm, has analyzed IOS traffic from the last week of October -- just two weeks after the release of iOS 5 -- and found that nearly 38 percent of iPhone users had already adopted the new platform, with 30 percent of iPad owners doing the same. Owners of the iPod Touch were the least likely to immediately upgrade, with only 12.2 percent having done so at the time of the survey. The survey also determined what portion of iOS device users were on an earlier iteration.


Apple seeds iOS 5.0.1 test release to select device users

11/08, 3:40pm

Battery issues identified as main focus

Apple is distributing an early build of iOS 5.0.1 to some members of the public through its AppleSeed program, notes 9to5Mac. "We have selected you, based on a referral from AppleCare for participation in our program, to assist us in testing an upcoming iOS Software Update," part of Apple's invitation reads. Selection is reportedly being based on which customers have complained about battery life being crippled by iOS 5.



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