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Apple updates iMovie for Mac to handle 1080p slo-mo, 4K video

10/13, 12:14pm

Full 4K video resolution playback only possible on Retina iMacs, Mac Pros

Following the introduction of the new 4K 21.5-inch Retina iMac and the refresh of the 27-inch 5K Retina iMacs, Apple has updated iMovie for Mac to version 10.1, bringing support for both 1080p 60fps slow-motion video as well as 4K video editing at 3840x2160 on "compatible Mac computers." These include Macs from 2011 or later with at least 4GB of RAM, although full-resolution 4K video playback requires one of the Retina iMac models, or a Mac Pro that is connected to a 4K display.


Apple updates iOS iMovie with 4K video on new iPhones, iPad Pro

09/17, 2:21pm

Movie editor also gains 60fps 1080p, 3D Touch, redesigned views, more

In accordance with new features found on the latest iPhones and iPads, Apple has updated the iOS version of iMovie to support 4K video, as well as 3D Touch and other new gestures that are part of that technology. The new version supports iOS 9, and includes other features that aren't exclusive to the newly-announced iPhone 6s line and iPad Pro. Among these is support for working with 1080p video at 60 frames per second, a redesigned Audio browser, and compatibility with Slide Over and Split View in iOS 9.


Apple updates Garageband, iBooks Author, iMovie

06/30, 6:23pm

Garageband hits version 10.1 adds drummers, new loops, more

Apple continued with its cascade of updates on Tuesday with updates to iBooks Author (now at version 2.3) and Garageband (version 10.1), alongside an earlier update for iMovie (updated to v10.0.9). The Garageband update is the most significant of the three, bringing a wealth of new drummers, drum kits, and synthesizer patches, mostly focused on electronic dance music (EDM) and Hip Hop.


The Feature Thief, part two: Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iDVD

04/28, 9:18am

Apple loves video software, Apple hates video software

It's Day Two of The Feature Thief, the mini-series of columns examining just what in the world was in Apple's mind when it abandons years of development in favor of a shiny new application nobody likes. To be fair, though, it's also examining how sometimes that move was necessary, and often how it works out rather well or even superbly in the end. Once the furor has died down, and especially once Apple has put back some features it's dropped, we can often say that the new applications are better. Whether it's worth the ride getting there is a different question –– and whether you should jump ship to rival companies' products is another.


Apple updates iMovie as AV software head Ubillos retires

04/23, 10:13pm

Engineering chief invented modern versions of iMovie, Final Cut Pro, iPhoto

As if on cue, Apple on Thursday announced a bug-fix update to its consumer video-editing program, iMovie, on the same day that the head of Apple's photo and video software teams, Randy Ubillos, announced his retirement. Ubillos, who has been with Apple for the past 20 years, has been the key engineer behind the modern versions of iMovie, Final Cut Pro, iPhoto, and Aperture -- and before joining Apple, was one of the team that created the Premiere video editing suite for Adobe.


Briefly: iMovie updated to 10.0.7, Digital RAW to v6.0.3

03/09, 5:26pm

Command line tools also updated for 10.10.3 beta testers

Alongside a recent update by Apple to its Digital Camera RAW Compatibility plug-in, the company on Monday updated iMovie for OS X to version 10.0.7. The latter update, along with a minor update for command-line tools, allows iMovie to work with Photos for OS X, which is unreleased but available to testers in the current 10.10.3 beta update, and adds support for Sony's XAVC-S format. The RAW update brings compatibility for a number of cameras to Apple's current three photo programs.


Hands On: Movavi Video Editor (OS X)

12/16, 11:19pm

Quick movie editor makes it easy to send video to social media

Try as you might, you're not going to revolutionize how video is edited: whatever application you're using, the process has been roughly the same since we ditched celluloid and razor blades. Equally, you're not likely to easily replace Apple's iMovie for ease of use, nor Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X for high-end professionals. Movavi Video Editor, an editor for Windows that has just made the jump to OS X, definitely aims at being very simple to use -- but it's also intended for the ever-growing number of us who just want to quickly get video out to people.


Apple updates iLife apps, iBooks Author, Aperture for OS X Yosemite

10/16, 11:05pm

Programs gain new look, tap into Yosemite features such as iCloud Drive, Mail Drop

In addition to updating its iWork apps for OS X to better support the formal release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite (and give the programs the signature design language of the new OS update), Apple has also updated iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand with similar changes in the user interface and back-end improvements to take advantage of Yosemite features such as Mail Drop and iCloud Drive storage. In addition, the company issued what is likely to be the last update to Aperture, making it Yosemite-compatible, and also updated iBooks Author to version 2.2.


OS X 10.9.5 released, iMovie for iOS updated for iOS 8

09/17, 8:30pm

Mavericks updated includes Safari 7.0.6, fixes VPN and SMB server bugs

In what is likely the final numerical update for OS X Mavericks, Apple has released version 10.9.5 just one day after it was seeded to AppleCare representatives. The release notes indicate that it improves the reliability of VPN connections requiring USB smart cards, and access to files on SMB servers. The patch also includes Safari 7.0.6, though it was released separately about a month ago, alongside v6.1.6 for older operating systems for security patches. The company also updated iMovie for iOS to add iOS 8 compatibility.


New iPhone 6 includes free iLife, iWork apps on 64GB, 128GB models

09/15, 12:25pm

Downloads still optional for 16GB models

People picking up a 64 or 128GB iPhone 6/6 Plus later this week will find several of Apple's iLife and iWork apps pre-installed, a leaked internal Apple training document reveals. The company specifically lists iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and iTunes U. "These apps are also available as a free download from the App Store for the 16GB models," Apple writes.


Apple issues minor updates to OS X iMovie, iWork suite

08/21, 7:00pm

Release notes offer little information, but iMovie Theater bug fixed

On Thursday, Apple issued minor updates to its OS X versions of iMovie, Pages, Keynote and Numbers. The most significant of the updates appears to be for iMovie, updated to version 10.0.5 that offers iCloud compatibility improvements for iMovie Theater, though there is still no fix for the program under the Yosemite Public Beta. Also updated were Keynote (to v6.2.2), Pages (to 5.2.2), and Numbers (to version 3.2.2).


Sources call for Yosemite in late Oct., Retina MacBook, Mac with 4K

07/23, 2:59pm

4K tech could come to iMac or new monitor

OS X Yosemite -- which is going into public beta tomorrow -- should eventually ship in late October, sources claim. The present plan is reportedly to keep releasing new developer betas every two to three weeks through September 29th. Work should then shift to a gold master build, due October 10th. Final details, including a launch date, may be announced at Apple's October media event.


Apple releases Xcode 5.1.1, updates Mac iMovie to 10.0.3

04/10, 7:19pm

Xcode update a bug-fix release, iMovie adds features

A week after developers received the "golden master" for Xcode 5.1.1 (free), the minor update has been released to users by Apple. The 2.18GB program, which allows developers to author programs for OS X Mountain Lion and Mavericks (10.8 and 10.9) as well as iOS 7.1, has received a handful of bug fixes, and improves the reliability of Quick Look within the debugger. In addition, Apple has updated iMovie for Mac to v10.0.3, which adds new sorting, title and font options.


Apple snaps up variety of .camera, .photography domains

02/06, 1:04pm

Domain names mostly connected to Aperture, FaceTime, other apps

Apple has acquired another batch domains from ICANN, reports note. The latter this week opened up access to more generic top-level domains; Apple secured 16 .camera and .photography addresses, specifically one of each for names including "aperture," "apple," "facetime," "imovie," "iphoto," "isight," "photobooth," and "retina." Apple is presumably holding the domains to prevent squatters from exploiting them.


Apple updates Mac iMovie, Mac and iOS iWork with fixes, features

01/23, 6:00pm

Keynote 6.1 regains transitions, new features; iMovie fixes bugs

Apple on Thursday continued with a slew of updates by issuing a bug-fix release of iMovie for OS X, bringing it up to v10.0.2, and a refresh of its productivity suite of three apps known collectively as "iWork" for OS X and iOS that returns some features dropped from the previous releases in November, which were part of a "rebuilding" process for the now 64-bit and web-compatible programs (Keynote, Pages and Numbers). Apple had previously promised to return most features taken out of the programs in the most recent redesign.


Forums: iMovie 10 -- what the h3ll, Apple??

11/22, 2:28pm

iMovie 10: what the h3ll, Apple??

Yesterday, in the MacNN forums, one very frustrated Mac Elite lashed out at Apple's changes to iMovie, claiming that Apple "ruined it for no reason" and in a rage demanded to know "what is Apple smoking?" Others disagreed with his assessment. Also yesterday, "tadd" was concerned that their iPhone may have been infected with malware or some kind of keylogger after noticing strange behavior, another member chimed in that it is likely just the NSA conducting surveillance.


Apple updates iMovie 10, expands compatibility with older Macs

11/20, 8:51pm

Also improves reliability when updating projects, events from previous versions

In a rare move, Apple has updated its Mac iMovie application to expand its compatibility with some older video cards, and now lists its only system requirement as being "OS X 10.9 Mavericks," suggesting it has dropped the previous requirements for "an OpenCL-compatible graphics card" and "a display with 1280x800 resolution or higher" as strict requirements (though they are likely still recommended). The move could allow some Mac models that can run Mavericks but don't have OpenCL-supported cards, or have added third-party cards, to run the latest iMovie.


Apple TV 6.0.1 update adds iMovie Theater

10/24, 4:38pm

Other changes undiscovered

Apple has issued a minor firmware update for the Apple TV, v6.0.1. The main addition appears to be an iMovie Theater channel, used to view videos uploaded through iMovie on other devices. Any other changes have yet to be uncovered, since Apple typically doesn't provide release notes alongside Apple TV updates.


Apple makes iWork, iPhoto, iMovie free for new iOS device purchases

09/10, 1:54pm

On-screen prompt for downloads will appear on devices

As hinted at previously, Apple will be providing five best-selling creativity and productivity apps free to customers buying new iOS devices. The iWork suite, consisting of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, along with iPhoto and iMovie will be available to download at no charge to anyone purchasing a new iPad, new iPhone, or 5th-gen iPod touch in the future.


iOS 7 beta hints at iWork suite going free in near future

07/09, 11:35am

Several paid Apple apps included in first-time recommendations

An oddity in the latest iOS 7 beta suggests that Apple could make the iOS edition of iWork and/or several other of its apps free. The App Store's first-time recommendation window, which suggests Apple apps to download, is currently including the iWork apps -- Pages, Keynote, Numbers -- as well as several other paid titles, like iMovie, iPhoto, and GarageBand. The window normally only mentions free apps, such as iBooks and Find My iPhone.


iMovie 9.0.9 fixes camera connection, iOS import problems

05/14, 8:02pm

Minor update reaches Mac App Store

Apple has released a minor update for iMovie, the video editor included as part of its iLife suite. Version 9.0.9 copes with a trio of issues, mainly a glitch which can prevent iMovie from detecting connected video cameras. It also deals with general instability, and compatibility problems when importing iOS iMovie projects. The app is a 1.36GB download.


Apple updates Aperture, iMovie, iPhoto

07/25, 11:32am

Aperture, iPhoto get Mountain Lion compatibility

On top of today's other software updates, Apple has also pushed updates for Aperture, iMovie, and iPhoto. The Aperture and iPhoto updates notably add support for OS X Mountain Lion, which was launched earlier today. In the case of iPhoto, this means that sharing options now include Messages and Twitter.


Apple announces 2012 filmmaking camps for kids

06/20, 1:33pm

Introduces kids to iMovie, GarageBand

Apple has started announcing the 2012 slate of its annual summer camps for kids. The events in fact take place at Apple Stores, and include two 90-minute workshops in which children aged 8 to 12 learn how to make movies using iMovie on a Mac, paired with a song produced on GarageBand for the iPad. An optional Saturday morning event lets friends and family see the finished videos.


Apple posts iMovie, Retina MacBook Pro trackpad updates

06/12, 3:06pm

Trackpad update fixes unresponsive control

Continuing off a batch from yesterday, Apple has posted two more software updates. The most important of these is MacBook Pro (Retina) Trackpad Update 1.0, which copes with a launch-day glitch. Affected MacBooks will have problems with their trackpad not "consistently" responding to input, Apple writes. The file is only a 1.26MB download, but requires that a system be plugged in during the update process.


iPhoto arrives for iPad; iMovie, iWork, GarageBand updated

03/07, 2:40pm

Updates introduced alongside new iPad

Apple has finally brought iPhoto to the iPad, while introducing updates to the existing iMovie, iWork and GarageBand apps. The apps, introduced alongside the new iPad, have been reworked to take advantage of the third-generation tablet's 2048x1536 'Retina Display', which quadruples the pixel density from the 1024x768 display of the original iPad and iPad 2.


Cards, Movie Trailers apps join updates to iWork, iMovie

10/12, 4:00pm

Whole host of Apple apps get updates

Complementing the introduction of Find My Friends and AirPort Utility, Apple has launched two more iOS apps, plus updates to several existing titles. The first of the new apps is Cards, a previously announced program that lets users insert custom text and photos into 21 basic designs and have real-world greeting cards mailed to addresses around the world. This costs $3 when mailing within the US, or $5 when sending a card to an international address.


YouTube gets 2D-to-3D conversion, drops 15-minute cap

09/21, 8:50pm

YouTube deepens edit tools with 3D and more

YouTube boosted its editing tools Wednesday with more than what it had already added just last week. A beta addition lets users convert 2D videos to 3D with a single-click tool. The conversion is strictly software-based but will save the trouble for some of having to get a 3D-capable phone or tablet like the T-Mobile G-Slate.


YouTube adds basic video editing

09/14, 5:00pm

YouTube editing allows post-shot effects

YouTube started its path to handling the full video editing pipeline with a new editing feature. Clips can be edited for basic changes, such as stabilization, brightness, contrast and saturation, but given special effects. The filters brought over from the Picnik buyout mimic those from apps like Instagram or Picplz and range from simple black and white to Lomo-like or cel-shaded effects.


GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto get minor updates

07/11, 12:45pm

Solves myriad glitches

Using the Mac App Store, Apple has released updates to the three apps in iLife '11: GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto. In each circumstance the updates address underlying bugs instead of adding new features. GarageBand 6.0.4 for instance fixes problems with the Lesson Store not finishing downloads, and tempo-based effects slipping out of sync with the main tempo. Magic GarageBand project files should open properly in the tracks view.


Final Cut Pro lead: FCP X is the 'beginning of a road'

06/26, 12:45pm

Apple's Ubillos reassures video editors after FCPX

Apple's video editing software lead Randy Ubillos quietly addressed some of the fears of professional video editors following the rocky introduction of Final Cut Pro X. Shortly before the company's more technical help, Ubillos was adamant to a CreativeCow forum member that the feature set wasn't concrete. Alluding to an upgrade pattern similar to iMovie, he saw it as a foundation for a larger platform.


Apple inside look shows MobileMe fiasco, post-Jobs grooming

05/07, 7:30pm

Apple corporate structure gets detailed look

An in-depth study of Apple's corporate structure has uncovered previously secret details about both the 2008 fallout over MobileMe, how CEO Steve Jobs has been preparing for his eventual exit, and a potential clue as to a major project. Following the major service problems after MobileMe launched alongside the iPhone 3G, Jobs reportedly assembled the entire MobileMe team and asked them "what MobileMe is supposed to do," according to Fortune. After an explanation, he simply responded "so why the f*** doesn't it do that?"


Apple unveils Final Cut Pro X with new UI, OpenCL

04/12, 10:25pm

Apple confirms Final Cut Pro X

Apple used the FCPUG Supermeet at NAB to unveil Final Cut Pro X, a completely remade version of its pro video editing suite. The new version is designed for 64-bit and native Cocoa language from the start with support for OpenCL to accelerate video processing tasks. The new code is much more efficient and will render in the background, letting users edit even as they're importing a project.


Apple patent hints iWeb may come to iPad

04/03, 4:10am

iWeb set to join GarageBand and iMovie for iPad?

It may have been some time since iWeb, Apples simple WYSIWYG web page design tool, has received new features. However, it appears that Apple has at the very least considered bringing it across to the iPad. A new patent application has emerged that shows a version of iWeb for the iPad. It would join GarageBand, Keynote, Numbers, Pages and iMovie as productivity and creativity apps ported from its Mac OS X platform over to its burgeoning iOS platform.


iMovie for iPad continues to suffer from location issue

03/29, 1:10pm

App requires location services for video access

The iPad version of iMovie is continuing to suffer from a problem in which video file access is dependent on location services, a report notes. If location services are turned off for the app, an error message pops up. While users can keep working, iMovie allegedly prevents people from adding new video clips.


Vimeo iPhone app brings free iMovie-style editing

03/29, 11:05am

Vimeo intros iPhone app, plans Android

Vimeo gave iPhone users an alternative to iMovie on Tuesday through its own native app (free, App Store). The app both plays Vimeo clips but lets users record and edit movies using similar linear timeline. It previews differently but lets users stitch together clips and add multiple audio backdrops, titles, and transitions.


iPhone 4, iPad 2 combo used for CNN citizen journalism

03/19, 5:10am

Evidence of Steve Jobs' "post-PC" era?

Geek Squad co-founder Robert Stephens has used his iPhone 4 and iPad 2 to record and edit a live report from the scene of a gas explosion. The video embedded below was shot on his iPhone 4 before he used Apples USB Camera Connection Kit to load the raw video on his iPad 2. He then used Apples new iMovie app for iPad 2 to edit the clip with transitions and add a map, subtitles and a voiceover to complete his citizen news report.


Apple highlights AirPlay-capable apps on App Store

03/15, 6:15pm

iMovie, ESPN, Discovery, Vevo, Air Video included

Apple is now actively promoting AirPlay-capable apps on the App Store. A section in the storefront groups together titles that exploit the recently-enhanced streaming feature, which pushes content to an Apple TV. Some titles central to the promotion include Air Video, which streams non-native media like AVI and MKV files, and Discovery Channel HD, an iPad app that offers access to clips from Discovery TV. Foremost, though, is Apple's own iMovie editing tool.


Apple releases iMovie, GarageBand for iPad

03/10, 2:45pm

Apps arrive just before iPad 2

Apple has released iPad versions of its iMovie and GarageBand applications, which were initially previewed alongside the iPad 2. Both titles replicate many of the basic functions that are available in their Mac OS X counterparts, enabling users to create music with a variety of instruments or edit videos with transitions and other elements.


Apple to start taking online iPad 2 orders at 1AM Pacific

03/10, 9:50am

GarageBand and iMovie out today

Online orders of the iPad 2 will open at Apple around 1AM Pacific time on Friday, or about 4AM Eastern, according to the company. The timing mirrors that announced by AT&T, one of Apple's two US carrier partners. Buyers will otherwise have to line up for 5PM (local time) launches at retail chains, including not just Apple and AT&T but Best Buy, Target, Verizon, Walmart and some smaller resellers.


Rumor: Apple 'afraid' of Facebook's power

03/04, 11:45am

Rumor has Apple avoiding Facebook integration

A rumor circulating Friday has suggested that Apple is afraid of and distrustful of Facebook. The tip, reportedly from a Facebook team that handles external deals, claimed that "they hate" Facebook at Apple because of its power. Facebook's iPhone app and services are important enough that they could up-end iOS itself if there was enough deep-level integration, SAI heard.


Apple previews updates to iMovie, GarageBand apps for iPad

03/02, 3:10pm

Company also brings Photo Booth and FaceTime

Apple has previewed new iPad versions of several iOS apps, including iLife titles iMovie and GarageBand, along with several apps that take advantage of the dual-camera configuration of the iPad 2. FaceTime for iPad will provide the same basic functionality as the iPhone edition, enabling video calls with easy switching between the primary and front-facing camera sensors. Photo Booth is geared for self portraits and snapshots, which can be tweaked with a variety of unique effects.


Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 now Mac-compatible

01/04, 9:15am

Integrates with iPhoto, iMovie, other Mac software

Logitech announced that its flagship HD Pro Webcam C910 is now fully Mac-compatible. The HD Pro Webcam 910 is plug-and-play ready for Photo Booth, iChat and FaceTime. A free download provides integration with iPhoto and IMovie and enable video calling at HD 720p resolution. The HD Pro Webcam can be used with common video calling clients such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, and Gmail Voice and Video Chat.


iMovie '11 prohibits users from adding official studio names

10/21, 9:55pm

Studio names censored when using Trailers theme

Apple appears to have placed restrictions on using official studio names to create trailers for movies produced in iMovie '11. When using the Trailers theme with an image of the earth, which looks very similar to the official Universal Studios logo, the software prevents users from placing the word "universal" in the studio name. The word is instead replaced with several hyphens.


iLife '11 emphasizes iPad-like interface

10/20, 2:45pm

iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand see upgrades

Apple today revealed iLife '11, a new version of the software suite pre-installed on every Mac. Three core apps have been updated, beginning with iPhoto '11, which has gained new fullscreen views for Faces, Places, Albums and photobooks, in areas using iPad-style interfaces with iOS-like buttons located along the bottom. Facebook sharing lets people view responses to posted images, and a special e-mail sharing tool lets people auto-arrange photos into an attractive layout. Some other changes include new slideshow templates, and a Project view with a bookshelf similar to iBooks.


New MacBook Air, iLife '11 spoiled by leaks, Apple itself

10/20, 7:30am

MacBook Air and new iLife given away by

Plans to launch a new MacBook Air and iLife '11 have been virtually confirmed this morning both by unofficial leaks and by Apple itself. The company's discussion forums already have placeholder categories for the "MBA" notebook as well as iMovie '11, GarageBand '11 and iPhoto '11. Polish site Spidersweb, who first found the leaks, also discovered a mystery "Reserved 10 20" category that could represent a new app or piece of hardware.


iLife '11 book listing at Amazon UK hints iDVD alive [U]

10/04, 8:00pm

iWeb '11 to be "completely rewritten"?

(Updated with additional discoveries) At least one listing discovered at Amazon UK today backs claims that iLife '11 is due soon. The entry for a German help guide mentions both the creative suite as well as references to it coming "with apps for Mac, iPhone 4, iPod and iPad." The mentions are likely references to the current iMovie app for the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch.


Apple, Google, more agree to end anti-poaching deals

09/24, 5:30pm

DOJ reaches poaching settlement with Apple, Google

The Department of Justice today reached a settlement with several technology firms to end anti-poaching job deals between each other. Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit and Pixar have agreed to end reportedly anti-competitive deals that prevented them from recruiting each other's staff. Companies will be required to allow "cold calls" and other active hiring attempts for at least five years and will have to institute "compliance measures" to make sure the ruling is enforced.


Apple posts iOS 4.1 SDK, iMovie 1.1 with Touch support

09/08, 4:40pm

iMovie also gains clip splits, browser previews

On the heels of iOS 4.1's release, Apple has posted still more downloads related to the firmware. The first is iOS SDK 4.1, which includes the latest versions of the Xcode IDE, iOS Simulator and other tools necessary for app production. Registered developers can find the software at the iOS Dev Center.


JVC intros two new touchscreen Picsio pocket camcorders

08/24, 9:00am

JVC Picsio FM2 and WP10 1080p camcorders arrive

JVC this morning reworked its Picsio camcorders to give them new interfaces and refresh the features. The GC-FM2 and GC-WP10 replace the usual back buttons with a three-inch touchscreen that can show on-screen controls and full-screen playback. Although it uses a less-precise resistive panel, the screen choice allows input even with gloves.


Panasonic outs its first pocket camcorder, new light model

07/27, 9:00pm

Panasonic TA1 and SDX1 take on cheap HD

Panasonic in a special evening launch trotted out two camcorders, one of which is a first for the entire company. The HM-TA1 is its venture into the Flip's home territory and immediately claims an edge with full-speed 1080p video. The camera is unique in the class as it supports Apple's iFrame encoding: it can output its video to iMovie at 540p without having to resize until the final export.



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