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Apple no longer under threat of iMessage loss class action suit

08/05, 10:18am

Judge Lucy Koh shuts the door on suit, declaring lack of contract breach

Judge Lucy H. Koh, familiar to Apple followers, has ruled that a class action suit against Apple regarding lost iMessages may not proceed. The judge, known for her oversight of the Apple versus Samsung patent trials, ruled that members of the suit lacked standing because they were not hurt by any "contractual breach or interference" when they shifted to an Android phone from the iOS, and kept the existing phone number.


Living With: Apple Maps (OS X, iOS)

03/11, 3:06pm

Apple Maps is underrated, except when it isn't

Well, this is awkward: I'm about to enthuse at you about how and why Apple Maps is very good, but the impetus came when my wife Angela offered to pick me up from a meeting in Kings Heath, Birmingham (in England, for those not familiar with the place). I shared my location with her over Messages and was just thinking how handy this was, how straightforward and easy it was -- when she texted back "why are you in Stechford?"


Apple adds two-step authentication to iMessage, FaceTIme

02/13, 12:38am

Extra layer of security should stop hackers, attackers from gaining access

Almost two years after it first added the option of two-factor verification to its iTunes and iCloud accounts, Apple has activated the extra layer of security for its iMessage and FaceTime services, further protecting users from the possibility of attackers gaining access. The extra step, if enabled, requires verification on another device beyond the usual name and password authentication.


Apple debuts additional iPhone 6 ad, highlights Voice Text

11/27, 12:18am

New features allows voice messages to be sent in iOS 8 as MMS

Following a pair of new ads that debuted on Tuesday, Apple has followed it up with an unusual single additional ad in the current campaign, which again features Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and entertainer Justin Timberlake. In the new TV spot, called "Voice Text," the pair demonstrate the WhatsApp-esque Voice Text feature in iOS 8, which allows for easy recording of voice which is then sent as an MMS message or iMessage (depending on the recipient) for times when texting is too inefficient.


Some users encountering iMessage outages, delays [u]

11/17, 2:42pm

Appears unconnected to OS X, iOS updates

[Updated with status information] Some people are encountering problems with Apple's iMessage system, according to complaints on social networks such as Twitter. Affected users will find messages taking a long time to send, if they go out at all. Apple's system status page doesn't currently display any warnings.


Apple must face lawsuit over iMessage's lost texts, says Judge Koh

11/11, 2:40pm

Company didn't warn people about obstructions

Apple will have to face a lawsuit charging that it didn't warn people they would lose text messages if they switched away from the iPhone, US District Judge Lucy Koh has ordered. The plaintiff in the case, Adrienne Moore, says that iOS' poor handling of text messages interfered with her contract with Verizon, which she kept after switching from an iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S5 in April. Koh argues that Moore has the right to show that Apple disrupted the contract and broke California's unfair competition law, and that she doesn't have to claim an "absolute right to receive every text message." The judge has, however, dismissed some claims linked to another state consumer protection law.


Apple launches tool to deregister phone numbers from iMessage

11/10, 9:25am

Copes with serious glitch encountered by former iPhone owners

Apple has launched a new web tool for deregistering a phone number from iMessage. When a person begins using the Messages app on an iPhone, it links their phone number with an iMessage account so that conversations are seamless whether messages are being delivered via SMS or Apple's own network. The trouble is that if that person decides to switch from an iPhone to a different cellphone, such as an Android or Windows device, other iPhone users trying to message them can end up sending those messages into the ether.


EFF: Apple's iMessage, FaceTime most secure at mass-market messaging

11/05, 9:29pm

Beats out BlackBerry, Google, Facebook and Microsoft in security show-down

In a recent "scorecard" report ranking the security and safety of various popular messaging systems, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) said that while no system was completely secure against "sophisticated, targeted forms of surveillance," Apple's iMessage and FaceTime and the end-to-end encryption they offer made it the best of the "mass-market options" for secure communications, beating out BlackBerry Protected and BlackBerry Messenger and other big-name messaging systems.


BlackBerry claims no spam, attacks Apple's iMessage service

08/22, 2:26pm

Poorly messaged article omits features of iMessage to bolster BB10

BlackBerry has attacked iMessage in a blog post, as it attempts to try and convert more users to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). The post, written by head of product and brand marketing for BBM Jeff Gadway, latches on to recent reports about spam messages on iMessage, and lists off ways the service allegedly beats Apple's messaging platform.


Latest OS X Yosemite beta enables screensharing via Messages

08/20, 4:39pm

Includes blocking, audio controls

The sixth OS X Yosemite beta enables promised screensharing via Messages, a report notes. The feature requires simply that a person have an iMessage or Apple ID account. Some options include turning audio conversation on and off, pausing sharing, and blocking requests from a particular user.


Claim: Apple's iMessage accounts for 30 percent of all mobile spam

08/20, 1:28pm

AppleScript, multi-platform hooks make spamming easier

Over 30 percent of all mobile spam messages are now being sent through Apple's iMessage system, claims Tom Landesman, a security researcher at Cloudmark. Many of the messages are pushing fake luxury products, such as sunglasses and handbags. Landesman explains that spammers are -- or were -- taking advantage of several aspects of Apple's ecosystem. However, Apple has responded to the charge, and said that some countermeasures have been implemented.


Apple publicly admits iMessage problem, promises iOS update

05/22, 9:42am

Says it recently fixed related server-side bug

Apple has issued a public statement admitting problems with the iMessage system and indicating that it's working on them. "We recently fixed a server-side iMessage bug which was causing an issue for some users, and we have an additional bug fix in a future software update," the company says. Until now, the only comments from Apple have come from AppleCare representatives.


New lawsuit targets Apple over iMessage delivery problems

05/16, 3:40pm

Bug cutting off conversations for people switching from iPhone to Android

A new lawsuit -- filed through a federal court in San Jose, California -- is targeting Apple over problems with the delivery of SMS messages via iMessage, Bloomberg reports. The plaintiff notes that she, like a number of other people, suddenly stopped receiving texts from iPhone owners after personally switching from an iPhone to Android. Class action status is being sought in the case.


Apple 'clueless' about how to fix vanishing iMessages

05/14, 10:40am

Problem persisting despite long-standing complaints

Apple has acknowledged but is "clueless" about how to fix a problem with iMessages being sent to Apple IDs that are no longer in use, according to ex-Lifehacker editor Adam Pash. Pash recently switched from an iPhone to an Android device, but discovered that his phone number was still linked to the iMessage system, meaning that anyone sending him a text via an iPhone would have that message automatically forwarded to his old Apple ID. iOS' Messages app would claim the texts were delivered, but in reality he never received them.


iCloud sees outage in Australia, New Zealand

05/02, 11:11am

Trouble may also be affecting iMessage

iCloud users in Australia and New Zealand have been experiencing outages for about half a day, according to complaints. Most affected people say they can't reach any iCloud functions, and some people complain that iMessage is failing as well. Apple's System Status page has made no mention of the downtime.


Apple handling 40B iMessages, 15-20M FaceTime calls daily

02/28, 3:17pm

iMessage sees exponential growth

Apple is currently handling about 40 billion iMessages (including push notifications) per day, and about 15 to 20 million FaceTime calls, CEO Tim Cook disclosed earlier today during the company's annual shareholders meeting. That indicates exponential growth during 2013, since in January of that year, the company was only up to 2 billion iMessages a day. Apple just recently added audio-only FaceTime calls as an option for iOS and OS X, which could grow traffic even further.


Southwest Airlines offers $2 in-flight iMessages, Android coming

12/12, 12:13pm

Southwest Airlines to allow in-flight iMessages for $2

Southwest Airlines is allowing users of Apple's iOS devices to send iMessages while in flight for just $2. A post on the company's blog revealed that the airline will be rolling out in-flight iMessaging for $2 per day for users with a device running iOS 5 or later. The feature was enabled on Southwest flights on Wednesday, and it joins a number of other digital-oriented features the airline has rolled out of recent.


Apple denies claims it could intercept iMessages on behalf of gov't.

10/18, 10:51am

Research group says mad-in-the-middle attack could be used

Apple is denying that it could or would want to intercept iMessage traffic, according to an official statement. In a white paper issued Thursday, security firm QuarksLab argued that despite Apple assurances in the past, Apple could use a man-in-the-middle attack to provide US agencies like the NSA or the FBI with demanded information. The attack would exploit the company's control of encryption keys to convince senders and recipients that they're communicating with each other, when in reality they're passing information through an unsecure point where Apple can listen. QuarksLab says it's not suggesting that Apple does listen, simply that it has the option if compelled.


Update: Apple acknowledges iOS 7 iMessage issue, working on fix

10/02, 1:36am

Says problem is not widespread, but will soon issue patch to correct it

Following widespread reports of iMessage issues for some users who have upgraded to iOS 7, the company on Tuesday said it was aware of the problem and working on a fix. The official statement from the company says the problem is affecting "a fraction of a percent" of users, but with Apple's enormous mobile userbase, this amounts to millions of people even if Apple's accounting is accurate. The problem seems most likely to strike those who upgraded after the first updates.


Bug in iOS 7 iMessage affecting some users; easy fix found

10/01, 1:29am

Not affecting all users, but restart appears to clear up the issue

After upgrading to iOS 7, some users are finding that the Messages app doesn't reliably send out texts as a fallback when an iMessage can't be sent, and in some cases doesn't reliably send or receive iMessages. While the problem was first reported when iOS went live, reports have increased as hesitant users capitulated upon the release of v7.0.2. A simple fix usually just involving rebooting the device appears to work for most, but a slightly more elaborate fix seems to cure the issue permanently.


Android iMessage app spoofs Apple servers, may be harvesting data

09/24, 1:28pm

Traffic funnels through Chinese server

An app hosted on Google Play is letting Android users communicate with people on iOS or Mac devices over iMessage, reports note. Simply dubbed iMessage Chat, the app appears to work by pretending to be a Mac mini when it contacts Apple's iMessage server. It may potentially be dangerous though, since users have to enter their Apple ID, all traffic received from Apple is funneled through a server in China, and the app has the ability to download and install software in the background, which could potentially be a vector for malware.


iMessage, multiple iCloud services hit with lengthy outages

08/22, 9:19am

Downtime in progress for several hours

Several of Apple's online services continue to be non-functional for some users after they went down at 12:30AM Eastern, according to Apple's system status tracker. Perhaps the most critical ones are iMessage and iCloud backup, but several other iCloud functions are also out. These include Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, and iPhoto Journals.


Apple posts warning on dealing with spam text messages

07/31, 8:11pm

Can affect Messages app thanks to group MMS, SMS use

While under normal circumstances most users would never see an unwanted or "spam" message in the OS X and iOS program Messages, Apple has now set up abuse reporting mechanism to help deal with those who have the issue. Using the email address, users can send a screenshot of the unwanted message, phone number or email address of the spammer or harrasser, and time/date info on the message. Unwanted or spam SMS and MMS messages should still be reported to users' cellular providers rather than Apple.


Apple's iMessage suffers short outage, affected 30 percent of users

07/09, 6:30pm

Half-hour outage was the first serious problem since April

The iMessage system used by millions of Apple owners to send free SMS-like messages and multimedia files was temporarily offline earlier today for about a third of users, from approximately 12:35PM to 1:11PM Pacific Time (3:35-4:11PM Eastern). The outage meant that text and files would "fall back" to being sent by traditional SMS or MMS using the carrier of the mobile device if sent to an account with a phone number associated with it, but might fail if sent to an email address only. Apple offers the free iMessage service as part of both iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion.


Apple denies PRISM knowledge, insists most customer data secure

06/17, 9:24am

Quiet on passive 'backdoor' surveillance

Apple has issued a rare follow-up public statement on the ongoing crisis over the National Security Agency's PRISM spying program. Reports revealed that the NSA is using PRISM to collect communications data from internal servers at major technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. All of the companies have denied providing a government backdoor; Apple in particular was quick to claim that it had "never heard of PRISM," even though the Washington Post says the company fought against joining PRISM for five years before finally participating. Apple added that it doesn't "provide any government agency with direct access to our servers -- and any government agency requesting customer data must get a court order."


Messages bug displaying some messages truncated, Twitter taking notice

04/26, 4:14pm

Bug existed as far back as December, documented on Apple forums

A strange bug in Apple's iMessage service is manifesting itself. Messages of a certain length are rendering the final word of the text invisible (but still present) following sending the message to both sender and recipient. Two phrases induce the bug for some users -- "I could be the next Obama" followed by a space causes the display oddity. The phrase "the best prize is a surprise" also causes the odd display problem.


iMessage, FaceTime hit by second outage in under a week

04/12, 1:11pm

New downtime shorter than previous

Apple's iMessage and FaceTime services experienced another outage earlier today, according to the company's system status page. The outage is listed as having affected "some users" between 10:45AM and 12:07PM Eastern time. As of this writing, all of Apple's online services are once again operating normally.


Facetime, iMessage briefly hampered for some users [U]

04/09, 5:20pm

AT&T, Verizon users affected, no estimated time of repair

[Updated with recovery information] Apple is reporting that "some users" are affected by an outage affecting both iMessage and FaceTime communications. Users on the Apple Support forums are claiming that both services and display a "waiting for verification" message in lieu of sending the message or syncing a FaceTime call between participants.


DEA upset by inability to intercept Apple iMessage content

04/04, 11:18am

iMessages sent via SMS still vulnerable, agency says

The US Drug Enforcement Administration is complaining that it can't intercept content on Apple's iMessage service, even with a warrant, according to an internal note obtained by CNet. "On February 21, 2013, the DEA San Jose Resident Office (SJRO) learned that text messages sent via iMessages between Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and iMac) are not captured by pen register, trap and trace devices, or Title III interceptions," the DEA writes. "iMessages between two Apple devices are considered encrypted communication and cannot be intercepted, regardless of the cell phone service provider."


'Pranksters' behind spate of iMessage DoS attacks?

03/29, 9:45pm

Jailbreak devs targeted, reveals flaw in Messages app

A flaw in the Messages application used widely on iOS devices has been revealed through a denial-of-service (DoS) attack on a group of jailbreak app developers. The program is subject to simple "flood" type attacks in which an attacker automatically sends messages incredibly rapidly, effectively rendering an account useless. Grant Paul, who goes by "chpwn" on Twitter and was one of the half-dozen victims in the attacks, said that the problem is that "Apple doesn't limit how fast messages can be sent," thus filling up the inbox and requiring the user to clear notifications and text in order to use the app.


iTunes Match outage follows iMessage, FaceTime downtimes

11/19, 9:32am

iTunes Match still broken for some users

Apple's iTunes Match storage and streaming service is currently down for at least some users, says AppleInsider. Trying to play content hosted on Match only results in tracks sticking at the "0:00" mark. The trouble notably follows outages of iMessage and FaceTime, which hit users of Macs and iOS devices on Sunday.


OS X 10.8.2 adds promised Facebook integration

09/19, 1:44pm

Also upgrades Game Center, FaceTime, Messages

Apple has posted OS X 10.8.2, a major update for Mountain Lion. The main addition is Facebook integration, which was originally expected at the launch of the OS. The feature allows not only quick sharing of links and photos, but also the ability to receive Facebook alerts in the Notification Center. More hooks extend into Game Center, where people can "Like" games, and use Facebook as a source for friend recommendations. Scores can now be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, or Messages; friends can be challenged to beat scores and achievements.


iMessage suffering from failed, delayed messages

09/17, 3:40pm

Problems not omnipresent amongst users

Some users of Apple's iMessage service are having problems with delayed messages, or even messages failed to be delivered at all, according to complaints. In some circumstances people are getting read receipt notification errors. The issue in fact appears to be inconsistent as a rule, affecting some people but not others, and even those with trouble are occasionally getting a reprieve.


Apple releases OS X 10.8.1 to public

08/23, 11:59am

Deals with Exchange, Thunderbolt, iMessage glitches

Apple has posted the finished version of OS X 10.8.1, its first update to Mountain Lion. The code is purely a maintenance release, solving a variety of bugs. Some notable examples include the Migration Assistant suddenly quitting, issues with Microsoft Exchange servers and Mail, and audio not playing properly via a Thunderbolt Display. One prevented iMessages from being sent.


RIM recruiting for iOS mobile app developers

03/22, 2:05pm

RIM may bring BlackBerry services to iOS users

RIM may break a longstanding policy against apps for non-BlackBerry platforms if a job listing is an indicator. The position for a Senior iOS Mobile Developer wants someone who can design and write enterprise iPad and iPhone apps. As proof that apps themselves are important, any potential hire has to show examples of published App Store titles.


IDC: iPhone now outselling BlackBerry even in Canada

03/22, 9:00am

iPhone overcomes BlackBerry Canadian bias

A hybrid of new data collected by both IDC and Bloomberg has shown that the BlackBerry is no longer the top-selling smartphone in Canada. Despite a home zone advantage, RIM was outsold in all of 2011, at 2.85 million iPhones to 2.08 million BlackBerrys. The result was a stark reversal of 2010, when RIM had shipped about 500,000 more smartphones; RIM had been shipping five times as many phones in 2008, when the iPhone 3G was just new to the country.


Tim Cook talks Facebook, TVs, more at shareholders Q&A

02/23, 4:00pm

Hints at Facebook integration in future tech

Apple would like to integrate Facebook more deeply into its products, CEO Tim Cook suggested at Apple's annual shareholders meeting today. "Facebook: friend. We do a lot with them, our users use Facebook an enormous amount...I've always thought that the two companies could do more together," Cook commented during the meeting's Q&A session. "We've integrated Twitter...It's been great for Twitter, but it's been great for our users." He also noted that iMessage traffic has been "incredible" so far.


Apple posts OS X Mountain Lion preview, Messages beta

02/16, 9:35am

Mac OS X Mountain Lion adds iMessage, Reminders

In a surprise step, Apple on Thursday gave developers a preview version of OS X Mountain Lion, the next significant update to the core OS. The new version is directly influenced by iOS 5 and includes Notification Center, Reminders, Notes, Game Center, and Twitter integration, with iCloud syncing where it's relevant. AirPlay Mirroring is also new to the Mac and shares exactly what's on screen through an Apple TV.


Apple agrees to compensate customer over iMessage flaw

02/06, 7:00pm

Bug keeps messages flowing to stolen iPhones

A flaw in the iMessage protocol that causes it to continue to route messages to an iPhone even after its SIM has been removed and deactivated has gotten the attention of Apple in a very direct way: a customer demand to be compensated for the problem, which the company has allegedly done. TheNextWeb reports that an unnamed customer who had her iPhone stolen but which continued to receive iMessages has now received an iPod Touch as compensation.


Apple copes with OS X 10.7.3 'CUI,' iMessage bugs

02/02, 5:00pm

iMessage pairing glitch persists

Some OS X 10.7.3 users are reportedly suffering from an odd application crash bug. Affected people will see apps crash often, with the unusual twist of error messages that feature the word "CUI" stamped over them. A 9to5Mac source claims that the company has already sent out an email to a v10.7.3 test group, asking them if they've run into the problem and requesting bug reports if so.


RIM CEO: we're looking into BBM on other platforms

01/27, 4:25pm

RIM CEO hints BBM may be open to iOS and Android

RIM's new CEO Thorsten Heins has continued his interviewing with hints the company might not be as closed to the possibility of BlackBerry Messenger on other mobile platforms as once thought. He told CrackBerry that he was still committed to the core BlackBerry platform and there weren't immediate plans, but that the company "should never rule this [possibility] out." The company did have staff exploring the possibility, but it would only go ahead if it was logical.


iMessage flaw continues pushing messages to stolen iPhones

12/22, 3:45pm

Deactivating old SIMs, Apple IDs only solutions

A flaw in iMessage has been allowing stolen iPhones to continue receiving and sending messages for their original owners, even after a remote wipe, reports note. Although iMessage is also nominally associated with a person's Apple ID, changing a linked password and/or email address may have no effect. It's believed that iMessage may be pulling old phone numbers from a cache, and using that data to manage messages. Switching a SIM card to a new iPhone may in fact take iMessage traffic with it.


Rumor has AirPlay Mirroring, iMessage enroute to Mac OS X

10/31, 7:45am

Apple may take more iOS features to Mac soon

An as yet unverified rumor asserts that Apple's "Back to the Mac" philosophy will continue with two more key additions. A 9to5 tip had both AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage in development. Although code references have alluded to iMessage coming to iChat, Apple was supposedly working on both a stand-alone app and an integrated client to determine which was better, possibly the same strategy used for FaceTime.


PlayBook 2.0 may wait until February, fall short of iMessage

10/25, 4:20pm

BlackBerry PlayBook may lack e-mail until Feb 17

The promised BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 update might not arrive until February if rumors from within RIM prove true. Despite promises by company CEOs that the update would be available soon after it was shown off at BlackBerry DevCon last week, BGR understood the tablet wouldn't get native e-mail and other basics until mid-February, possibly February 17. RIM's problems overcoming the one-device limit inherent to the BlackBerry has reportedly proven tougher to overcome than once thought.


Facebook Messenger gets iOS 5 support, iMessage-style extras

10/19, 12:20pm

Facebook Messenger gets big iOS update

Facebook has posted a significant 1.5 update to Facebook Messenger (App Store) to put it more on par with iMessage. Apart from more explicit iOS 5 support itself, the app now has live typing notices much like its Apple counterpart. It gives quicker access to those who message frequently and makes distinctions between those who are online at the desktop versus mobile.


RIM: BlackBerry outage wasn't a hack, has no known end date

10/12, 5:45pm

RIM gives little clue as to outage cause

RIM during an emergency conference call to discuss its rapidly worsening BlackBerry outage provided only some extra detail as to the nature of the issue. Along with acknowledging the messaging backlog, software CTO David Yach said there was no sign of a hack causing the problem. He was adamant that the company had been properly testing its backups and that the failure caught it by surprise.


RIM claims fixed BlackBerry in Asia, Europe [U: down again]

10/11, 9:05am

RIM revives BlackBerry in Eastern hemisphere

(Update: new failure) RIM's Eastern hemisphere BlackBerry outage was restored early Tuesday morning. The company said that services had been brought back online and apologized for the drop. No cause was given, however, despite over 20 hours of outages in Africa, Asia, Europe, and hte Middle East.


RIM woes magnify with widespread BlackBerry mail, BBM outage

09/16, 3:25pm

BlackBerry Messenger faces large-scale problems

BlackBerry owners on Friday were dealt more unfortunate news Friday after many reported losing access to Internet services. Both BlackBerry Messenger and e-mail faced outages, primarily in Canada and Latin American countries. RIM was "investigating" as of Friday afternoon but didn't have a cause or an estimated time for a fix.


Code hints iMessage being woven into iChat on Lion

09/14, 2:15pm

iMessage may cross-pollinate between Mac, iOS

Calls for iMessage to reach the Mac may have been answered through discoveries made Wednesday. Elements for "timeDelivered" and "timeRead" receipts are in the framework of Lion's version of iChat that aren't needed for iChat's existing support but do reflect what iMessage would need. Although not certain, MacRumors extrapolates to anticipate that iChat will eventually get active iMessage support.


Samsung ChatON coming to take on BBM, Apple's iMessage

08/29, 9:35am

Samsung plans cross-platform ChatON service

Samsung in an unusual step for the run-up to the IFA show this week chose to unveil its own cross-platform messaging service. ChatON will supply group chat but also some distinctive features, such as a "trunk" of photos and videos shared in a chat that can all have comments, the option of commenting on friend profiles, and special messages with images, music, and handwritten parts. Users will even have a form of analytics with ranks for those they talk to the most frequently.



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