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Cloud storage camera iLuv mySight includes movement, audio triggers

06/17, 11:31am

Wi-Fi camera from iLuv can automatically record video clips when sound or movement is detected

The first Wi-Fi camera from iLuv is said to be an easy to set up imaging device that can be used to increase security at a home or office. The mySight takes the form of a large circular camera on top of a thin-necked stand, and is capable of recording 720p video and uploading it to a cloud storage service for later retrieval or streaming by smartphones and tablets using the accompanying mobile app.


Review: iLuv SyrenPro outdoor Bluetooth speaker

08/10, 8:45pm

Outdoor speaker provides stereo alternative, but suffers from distorted sound

While most Bluetooth speakers are meant to be portable or desktop solutions, some are made to be used outdoors. Many of these speakers either take up a large footprint or are ruggedized, depending on the use, but other times they are simple meant for listening to a song on the porch. Of those set and forget types of speakers, what kind of features should be included to appeal to consumers? Is it huge presence and stereo sound? Or are features like weatherproofing and long battery life in high demand? The SyrenPro from iLuv attempts to include all of those features for the maximum outdoor experience. But does the SyrenPro succeed in trying to be all things to everyone? Find out in our review.


Briefly: iLuv extends Syren line, Roccat's latest PC gaming gear

01/04, 3:58pm

iLuv introduces SyrenPro wireless, weather-resistant speaker

Audio peripheral manufacturer iLuv Creative Technology announced yesterday its extension of its Syren line of speakers, with the addition of the SyrenPro. Equipped with new features such as 'TrueWireless Stereo,' the SyrenPro allows users to wirelessly pair two SyrenPro units to create a combined stereo sound system. Able to withstand outdoor usage, the SyrenPro has a weather- and UV-resistant body. Its Bluetooth capability includes voice prompts for easy pairing, and SyrenPro's aux-in port allows for connection to devices without Bluetooth.


Briefly: Logitech acquires TT Design Labs, MobiAria now shipping

06/07, 11:03am

Logitech purchases Kickstarter funded startup

Logitech has announced the acquisition of TT Design Labs, a Kickstarter-backed smartphone accessory maker. The company's two co-founders will be joining Logitech to help design future smartphone products, with Derek Tarnow joining full time and Zahra Tashakorina offering advice through an ongoing consulting basis. Logitech plans to further develop two of the acquired products, JustMount and TidyTilt+, and release them to customers under the Logitech brand. Meanwhile, the Logitech JustMount and Logitech TidyTilt are available for pre-order today and will ship to consumers in the coming weeks.


iLuv intros SmashBox Pro and DreamTraveler at CES

01/11, 12:00pm

iLuv CES announcements

At this year's CES, iLuv expanded its lineup with a new portable speaker case and a charging station designed for travelers. The company's latest speaker case, the SmashBox Pro, runs on AA batteries and provides external controls for all of a phones major features. Meanwhile, the DreamTraveler allows users to charge multiple devices in one location.


iHome to bring three iOS docks to CES, iLuv intros Mo'Beats

01/05, 2:00pm

iHome teases three docks for CES, iLuv speaker due

iHome on Thursday revealed it will bring three new alarm clocks with dock for various iOS devices to CES. They include the iW4, which iHome says is the first bedside alarm clock dock to get AirPlay support, the iP18 iPhone and iPod system, and the iD50 AM/FM radio that can accommodate iPads, iPhones and iPods. The iW4 gets a 20W amp and a Wi-Fi radio to connect to home networks.


iLuv ArtStation Pro is the first ever dock for Galaxy Tabs

12/12, 4:25pm

iLuv shows off industry's first Galaxy Tab dock

iLuv has introduced the first and only dock that can accommodate Samsung's Galaxy Tab devices. The iSM524 ArtStation Pro has an articulating arm that can hold the tablet in landscape or portrait orientation. A remote control is included, and will adjust volume as well as navigate audio and video track. It magnetically attaches to the back of the dock as well.


iLuv unveils dedicated iPad speaker dock

10/04, 2:45pm

iLuv iMM747 speakers tailored just to iPad

iLuv today shipped one of the first speaker docks designed primarily for the iPad. The iMM747 is wide enough to cradle Apple's tablet in portrait view and has a flexible dock connector to more safely guide the larger iOS hardware into its spot. It can sync an iPad to a nearby computer through a USB pass-through and yet has enough power to charge as though it were a pure AC adapter.


iPod touch 4G, nano 6G cases from Scosche, iLuv, Easyshop

09/03, 1:05am

Cases, armbands, screen protectors, socks offered

In the wake of Apple's announcements of a new iPod touch and iPod nano come a slew of case announcements from Scosche, iLuv and Easyishop. Scosche is launching multiple cases, six designs for the Touch and two for the Nano. Scosche is leading with its kickBACK t4 case, featuring an integrated kickstand for landscape video viewing on the 4th generation iPod touch. The new kickBACK t4 has a glossy polycarbonate exterior and an impact resistant rubber interior. It will be available in black, grey and white with grey molding. The Scosche switchKASE t4 combines a kickBACK t4 and a smooth silicone skin with a removable sport armband.


iLuv ships App Station speaker with iPhone clock app

03/16, 6:30pm

iLuv iMM190 uses iPhone or iPod to handle time

iLuv this afternoon began shipping its one-of-a-kind iMM190 App Station speaker dock. The single-piece unit provides a potentially cheaper alternative by using an attached iPhone or iPod touch for more advanced functions. A free iLuv App Clock (App Store) serves as an alarm clock that can wake up the owner, play music without interrupting the display, and provide weather.


iLuv ships iPhone clock radio with bed shaker

03/01, 6:25pm

iLuv iMM178 vibrates to wake users up

iLuv today made available the latest generation of its iPhone- and iPod-ready clock radios. Unlike nearly any other alarm clock, the iMM178 has a "bed shaker" pod that vibrates to wake those who either don't respond to sound or need to keep the alarm quiet. The shaker also provides a less risky alternative to headphones in bed as it has a speaker for its own listening environment.


iLuv, Scosche, Timbuk2 unveil iPad cases and sleeves

01/28, 11:35pm

Leather Cover guard front and back of iPad

iLuv, Scosche and Tumbuk2 have introduced a variety of accessories for Apple’s iPad, ranging from sleeves and cases to protective film. iLuv has unveiled six new case designs including a flip-open Leather Cover available in black or pink, as well as a soft Casual Fabric Case which comes in three different colors and features a strap that goes around the outside. For an almost transparent look, the company is offering the Ultra Thin clear case that protects the back and sides of the iPad and comes with a screen film.


iLuv intros Alarm Clock Dock, TATZ headphones and earphones

01/05, 4:30pm

New dock works with companion iPhone app

iLuv has introduced a new headphone series, Tatz, and a new iPhone dock, App Station. On display at CES (Central Hall, Booth #12632), the new rotational alarm-clock dock features a built-in speaker and works with a companion iPhone app to allow it to play music, movies and perform alarm clock functions. The app allows for customized displays of digital alarm-clock readouts on the iPhone. The dock can stand vertically or horizontally for standard or movie viewing on the iPhone. The App Station dock will ship in February for $130, and the iLuv app will be available on the iTunes App Store.


Polaroid name revived, new products due next month

12/30, 4:40pm

Polaroid due for a comeback thanks to PLR

The famed Polaroid name has been purchased by a new company, PLR IP Holdings, after the brand's previous new owners declared bankruptcy in late 2008. PLR has drawn up new licensing agreements that will give its licensees rights to the Polaroid name, and promises to bring new products from the Polaroid brand in 2010, with some reaching shelves as early as January. The new owners will expand Polaroid's traditional offerings that included photo printers and digital cameras to include PC products and game consoles, as well as cellphones and AV peripherals. Cleaning products for electronics will also be part of the revised lineup.


iLuv ships iMM183 with dual docks, weather

10/29, 4:15pm

iLuv iMM183 finally available

Several months after the original unveiling, iLuv today began shipping the iMM183. The clock radio can charge and play two iPhones or iPods but is unique in its addition of NOAA weather radio that can provide alerts with text when a storm or another imminent threat is close to the radio's location. It handles 10 pre-programmed channels and will archive 10 alert messages for those who miss messages when they appear.


iLuv finally ships i1166 iPod/DivX/DVD hybrid

09/28, 4:35pm

iLuv i1166 portable player arrives

Several months after it was announced, iLuv's i1166 portable player has started shipping today. The 9-inch device covers most forms of digital media and uses a notebook-style shell to accommodate both DVDs and all video-capable iPods; both movie discs and the Apple devices are put inside while users rely on an external display with a custom interface to navigate and watch videos. An SD card slot and a USB port also give it an option to play raw DiVx videos.


iLuv prices, dates iPod shuffle adapter

07/28, 3:55pm

iLuv iPod shuffle Adapter

iLuv today quickly followed Belkin by providing official details of its own remote adapter for the newer iPod shuffle. Already teased, the IEA15 gives any minijack earbud or headphone set the same controls as Apple's remote, both for click actions and for volume. The add-on is also confirmed to add full remote control to any other 2008 iPod as well as the iPhone 3GS.


iLuv preps earbud/mics for iPhone, iPod shuffle

07/16, 11:45am

iLuv iEP515 and iEP315

iLuv catered to owners of Apple's latest handhelds today with two in-ear headphone sets. Both the higher-end iEP515 and basic iEP315 are primarily treated as upgrades for the iPhone 3GS with an in-line remote and microphone in addition to passive noise reduction through its design. Their controls are also supported on the third-generation iPod shuffle, second-generation iPod classic and fourth-generation iPod nano as well as the iPod touch, where the microphone also works.


iLuv intros iPod alarm clock with bed shaker

06/23, 3:40pm

iLuv alarm with bed shaker

New York-based iLuv today announced its latest alarm clock iPod dock and is targeting it explicitly at deep sleepers. The iMM153 includes a bed shaker in addition to either a buzzer, a radio station or music preloaded on users' iPhones and iPods. Italso features an LCD screen with 10 dimmer settings and a 3.5mm aux input jack for playing music from devices other than Apple's docking music players. The dual alarm clock will also let users fall asleep to either an FM radio station or iPod audio content.


iLuv debuts new iPhone cases, earphones, cleaner

02/19, 11:00pm

iLuv debuts accessories

iLuv has added seven new products to its line of accessories for the iPhone, iPod and other media players. The items include two iPhone holsters with stands, two earphones, a cord manager, and two bottles of cleaner fluid for electronic devices. For the iPhone, the iCC76 provides a holster with a stand and the iCC75 offers a holster with a stand and a flip-top cover. Each model comes with a 180-degree swivel clip and a protective film for the screen.


iLuv announces i1166 Portable Multimedia Player

01/07, 10:45am

i1166 Portable Player

iLuv has announced the latest in its line of Portable Multimedia Players for iPod and DVDs, the i1166 9-inch. Complete with a docking station for the iPod that charges the device while providing full remote control, the i1166 also offers video output for TV connectivity, and compatibility with DivX videos. Display functions are offered to allow multiple subtitle, angle, and audio options, plus a fast motion playback and zoom operation.


iLuv preps iPhone dual dock with weather

01/05, 12:00pm

iLuv iMM183

iLuv made its presence felt for CES today by launching the iMM183, its latest take on iPhone and iPod speaker docks. The new model supersedes the earlier iMM173 and chiefly adds support for weather text alerts from NOAA and SAME that automatically come through on preset radio channels; the feature lets users archive as many as 10 notices for ongoing situations and has an LED warning to catch the owner's eye when a new alert is available.


iLuv intros desktop speaker bar, USB hub combo

12/18, 5:10pm

iLuv 2.1-channel speakers

Portable speaker and radio maker iLuv on Wednesday introduced its iSP200 speaker bar meant to work with laptop and desktop computers. The speaker bar integrates two magnetically-shielded and detachable speakers and one subwoofer into one bar-shaped enclosure, and is rated at 32W RMS of power. It also acts as a USB hub, offering three more USB 2.0 ports.


iLuv intros vertical-mount i9500 iPod system

12/17, 1:30pm

iLuv intros sound system

iLuv announced on Wednesday that it will show off its wall-mountable i9500 audio system at the CES show in January. The system will feature a dock for Apple devices and has the ability to playback MP3 and WMA files burned onto as many as four CDs in addition to regular CD audio. Connected iPods and iPhones will be charged and can be controlled through the system itself. Other source options include connected SD cards or properly formatted USB external storage.


iLuv launches iNT170 Internet radio

12/04, 1:00pm

iLuv ships Internet radio

iLuv has recently introduced its iNT170 Internet radio with a built-in dual alarm clock. The iNT170 features a large LCD display for browsing more than 15,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world. The iNT170 presumably connects to the Internet via an Ethernet jack, and it is not specified whether or not a Wi-Fi module is included for a wireless connection option. Apart from web radio, an FM tuner adds to the iNT170's capabilities. Either tuner has 20 presets for saving favorite stations.


ILuv intros full line of Silicone, Acrylic iPhone 3G

07/29, 6:35pm

ILuv Intros iPhone 3G case

Audio accessory maker iLuv has announced a full line of form-fitting cases for the iPhone 3G, including a unique two-toned silicone model. There are four models available: a basic silicone case in black or white, the two-toned silicone model, and hard cases in acrylic or clear plastic. All of the cases allow full access to the iPhone's controls and ship with a glare-free screen protector film. Users can charge or sync thier iPhones without removing the case.


iLuv ships combo DVD/iPod hybrid player

06/24, 3:50pm

iLuv i1255 DVD iPod Dock

iLuv on Tuesday began shipping its unique i1255. The device serves as a video hub with both a DVD player with 5.1-channel surround as well as an iPod dock; any compatible iPod both outputs its video to an attached TV but also receives an on-screen interface that allows users to navigate videos from the larger display. The DVD side can also support a handful of raw data CDs such as MP3 and JPEG photo discs.


iLuv dips into HD Radio with iPod dock, more

04/30, 3:10pm

iLuv HD Radios

iLuv today branched out of its comfortable field of iPod-focused stereos with its first HD Radio-capable systems. The i169 represents the flagship and includes both a top-mounted iPod dock as well as the newer digital radio feature, which improves on the quality of AM and FM stations, adds multiple stations to the same frequency, and allows for basic data such as weather. The i169 also serves as a dual alarm clock and will wake up either to an attached iPod, a radio station, or a simple buzzer. An aux-in jack for non-iPod devices will also be standard when iLuv ships the radio at the start of May for $170.


iLuv unveils i80 iPhone/iPod accessories

02/11, 10:05pm

iLuv unveils i80 series

iLuv today unveiled its i80 series of its shiny earphones, ear clips, and cases for Apple's iPhone and iPods. The i80 series is designed for women trend setters looking for accessories to enhance their latest gadgets, are fitted with crystal stones, and are available in pink as well as silver and gold. Prices for the new accessories range from $40 to $80, according to iLuv.


iLuv reveals iPod/DVD combo, Bluetooth docks

01/04, 3:30pm

iLuv i255 and i399

iLuv on Friday afternoon said it would choose CES as the venue for introducing a pair of AV docks that bring relatively new features to the table. The i255 (shown) is one of the first full-fledged DVD players to also support newer iPods and uses its video output to view movies and photos from any of Apple's video-capable iPods, including the third-generation iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod touch. It will also play audio from both the Apple players and CDs, including MP3 discs. iLuv plans to ship the i255 in March for $130.



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