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Apple updates iLife apps, iBooks Author, Aperture for OS X Yosemite

10/16, 11:05pm

Programs gain new look, tap into Yosemite features such as iCloud Drive, Mail Drop

In addition to updating its iWork apps for OS X to better support the formal release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite (and give the programs the signature design language of the new OS update), Apple has also updated iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand with similar changes in the user interface and back-end improvements to take advantage of Yosemite features such as Mail Drop and iCloud Drive storage. In addition, the company issued what is likely to be the last update to Aperture, making it Yosemite-compatible, and also updated iBooks Author to version 2.2.


Users of older iLife, iWork apps seeing trouble upgrading to new apps

10/23, 9:13am

Mac App Store failing to recognize existing installations

Some users of iLife '11 and iWork '09 are having trouble upgrading to the new versions released yesterday, according to complaints. The difficulty is that when trying to download the new software through the Mac App Store, the store fails to recognize the earlier installations. Instead it responds with an error message: "[The app] is already installed and was not purchased from the Mac App Store. Do you want to buy [the app]?"


Apple updates iLife, iWork apps for Mac, iOS

10/22, 2:41pm

All now 64-bit, free for iOS 7 and Mavericks upgraders

Apple has launched updated versions of the apps formerly known as the "iLife" and "iWork" suites for OS X and iOS 7. On the Mac, iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband get makeovers, with major changes seen in Garageband to bring it much more in line with Apple's existing "Pro" audio app, Logic Pro. For iOS, the three programs have been updated for the iOS 7 look, with iPhoto for iOS gaining the ability to make photo books. The iWork apps have received new templates and design overhauls, but are otherwise only lightly changed.


Apple updates iLife apps ahead of expected iOS 7 launch

09/03, 6:00pm

Upgrade expected to be unveiled with new iPhones on September 10

In a further sign that iOS 7 will be formally introduced alongside new iPhones at the now-official September 10 Apple media event in Cupertino, the company has updated all three of its iOS "iLife" applications -- iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband -- to address compatibility issues with the forthcoming update. Compatibility is the main fix listed in the description for all three of the apps, with the Garageband update adding a few bug fixes correcting "minor issues related to general performance and stability."


New Macs allow free iLife '11 installs on older Macs

07/29, 12:25pm

Made possible by Apple disc-free policies

The introduction of new Macs with Lion pre-installed is allowing some people to upgrade older Macs to iLife '11 at no cost, according to reports. The starting point is Apple disc-free reinstallation policy for Lion components. The Mac App Store recognizes a computer's iLife licenses, which are linked to a person's Apple ID during initial setup.


Apple discontinues boxed copies of numerous apps

07/20, 4:35pm

Directs traffic to Mac App Store

Apple has discontinued boxed copies of several Mac software titles, a note to resellers reveals. Major titles that are now online-only include Aperture 3, Xsan 2, iWork '09 and the iLife '11 suite. Remote Desktop is also being kept off shelves, along with an assortment of Jam Pack add-ons for GarageBand.


GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto get minor updates

07/11, 12:45pm

Solves myriad glitches

Using the Mac App Store, Apple has released updates to the three apps in iLife '11: GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto. In each circumstance the updates address underlying bugs instead of adding new features. GarageBand 6.0.4 for instance fixes problems with the Lesson Store not finishing downloads, and tempo-based effects slipping out of sync with the main tempo. Magic GarageBand project files should open properly in the tracks view.


Jobs reportedly gives iWeb hosting the axe post-iCloud

06/12, 10:25pm

Jobs says iWeb going away after iCloud shift

Apple chief Steve Jobs in a e-mail response to a fan reportedly confirmed that iWeb hosting was going away with the shift to iCloud. When asked if he'd need an alternative web builder and a hosting service, the CEO supposedly gave a simple "yep" response from his iPhone. The MacRumors reader was worried at having to start fresh and made it clear in the feedback.


Apple updates iPhoto to 9.1.3, fixes splitting issue

05/11, 8:35pm

Merged events now stay merged after sync

Apple today released a minor update to iPhoto, now at version 9.1.3, to correct an issue where merged events would spontaneously be split back into separate events when synched with an iOS device. The update is 106.29MB in size and is recommended for all iPhoto and iLife '11 users. It is now available either directly from Apple's Support Downloads area or through Software Update. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.


Apple updates iWeb to 3.0.3, minor fixes

02/15, 6:55pm

Resolves issues with iSight, FTP uploading

Apple has issued a minor update to iWeb, bringing it to v3.0.3 and addressing issues when using the iSight Movie widget on certain Macs, FTP uploading and improving compatibility with Mac OS X. The update's file size is 177.12MB. The program is part of iLife '09 and was not updated for iLife '11. The update requires either the last version of Leopard (OS X 10.5.8) or 10.6.3 or higher.


Apple updates iMovie, Garageband

01/04, 6:00pm

Improves stability and performance

Apple today issued two minor updates to iMovie (now v9.0.1) and Garageband (now v6.0.1), part of the iLife '11 suite. The purpose of both updates is to improve stability and performance as well as address minor issues, such as scrolling in the Project Library in iMovie or fixing an issue in undoing Flex Time edits in Garageband. The updates are recommended for all iLife '11 users.


Apple updates iPhoto to 9.1, restores calendar option

11/04, 7:10pm

Adds new letterpress card templates, fixes bugs

Just days after issuing a quick fix for a critical library bug, Apple has rolled out the first major iLife '11 upgrade with iPhoto 9.1, which restores the ability to create and order calendars, a feature that went missing on the initial release. It also fixes an issue that prevented videos downloaded from MobileMe or Flickr from importing correctly into iPhoto events, and adds some holiday-themed letterpress card options. The update addresses only the version of iPhoto that shipped with the new iLife '11 suite.


Review: MacBook Air (11-inch)

10/24, 6:05pm

We review the 11-inch MacBook Air

When questioned about netbooks, Apple's chief operating officer Tim Cook said the company had "a couple of interesting ideas" about tackling a segment that has focused on bargains over speed. We've now seen what was meant by the plurality in that statement: after the iPad, we now have the 11-inch MacBook Air, the smallest Mac ever. But is this Air providing a better direction, or is it simply the closest Apple will ever get to a netbook or a CULV notebook? Our MacBook Air review finds out.


Mac Box Set updates with iLife '11

10/22, 1:30pm

Five-license family pack also available

Apple has added the iLife '11 suite -- released just Wednesday -- to Mac Box Set offerings available at the online Apple store, and various other outlets such as Amazon. A basic $129 bundle includes iLife '11, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and iWork '09. The Family Pack edition costs $179, but includes licenses for five computers instead of just one.


Mac App Store to sell iLife and iWork Mac apps individually

10/21, 5:40am

Adopts iPad App store model for iWork apps

In Apple’s Back to the Mac presentation, Steve Jobs and VP Craig Federighi discussed and offered a quick demo of the new Mac App Store that will be made available for Snow Leopard users in around 90 days. An interesting observation made has noted that Apple apparently intends on selling its iLife apps, and its iWork apps through the store, but available for individual download. Until the appearance of the new Mac App Store, both suites of applications have only been sold as part of a bundle.


iLife '11 Up-to-Date gets details; iDVD, iWeb stay static

10/20, 3:50pm

Some apps getting phased out of iLife?

To support the launch of iLife '11, Apple has implemented what it calls the iLife '11 Hardware Up-to-Date Program. Instead of having to pay the usual $49 for an iLife '11 upgrade, people can potentially get the software for just $7. Those who bought a Mac with an earlier version of iLife between October 1st and the 19th must submit an order form by November 19th. For people buying a Mac with an outdated iLife on or after the 20th, a 30-day post-purchase window exists.


iLife '11 emphasizes iPad-like interface

10/20, 2:45pm

iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand see upgrades

Apple today revealed iLife '11, a new version of the software suite pre-installed on every Mac. Three core apps have been updated, beginning with iPhoto '11, which has gained new fullscreen views for Faces, Places, Albums and photobooks, in areas using iPad-style interfaces with iOS-like buttons located along the bottom. Facebook sharing lets people view responses to posted images, and a special e-mail sharing tool lets people auto-arrange photos into an attractive layout. Some other changes include new slideshow templates, and a Project view with a bookshelf similar to iBooks.


Live: Apple's 'Back to the Mac' event [ended]

10/20, 12:50pm

Live coverage of Apple's October 20 event

MacNN and Electronista provided live coverage of Apple's "Back to the Mac" event. The company previewed Mac OS X Lion and introduced iLife '11 and a new MacBook Air. Check in at our live coverage page for information from the event as it happened.


Apple Store goes down early ahead of new Macs, iLife

10/20, 11:40am

Apple Store already down for Back to the Mac

Apple has already taken down the online Apple Store ahead of today's "Back to the Mac" event. The change makes it highly probable that new products will be available to order shortly after the presentation. It usually follows this pattern but doesn't always do so soon.


New MacBook Air, iLife '11 spoiled by leaks, Apple itself

10/20, 7:30am

MacBook Air and new iLife given away by

Plans to launch a new MacBook Air and iLife '11 have been virtually confirmed this morning both by unofficial leaks and by Apple itself. The company's discussion forums already have placeholder categories for the "MBA" notebook as well as iMovie '11, GarageBand '11 and iPhoto '11. Polish site Spidersweb, who first found the leaks, also discovered a mystery "Reserved 10 20" category that could represent a new app or piece of hardware.


Amazon shipping info hints at Oct. 20th iLife update

10/18, 3:20pm

Should arrive in parallel with new Macs

iLife '09 listings at the US and German Amazon websites may back the notion that iLife '11 will be announced on Wednesday. At the US page, hovering a cursor over the Amazon entry under "More Buying Choices" reveals a two- to four-week shipping delay. At the same action mentions availability on October 20th, the same day as a special Apple press event.


More evidence of iLife ’11 and iWork ’11 imminent refresh

10/16, 8:50pm

iLife and iWork on backorder at is listing iLife and iWork as backordered in further evidence of an imminent refresh that is expected at Apple’s Back to Mac media event next week. This follows a listing for an iLife ’11 third-party user guide being made available for pre-order on Amazon UK’s website. is also listing an iLife ’11 Family Pack.


.Mac HomePage to shut down on November 8th

10/08, 12:15pm

Could foreshadow iLife '11 rollout

As of November 8th, Apple is bringing an end to viewing photos, videos and other files shared using .Mac HomePage, an e-mail notice says. HomePage itself was disabled as a way of publishing new pages roughly a year ago. Apple points out that files are not being deleted, but rather moved to customers' MobileMe iDisks.


iLife '11 book listing at Amazon UK hints iDVD alive [U]

10/04, 8:00pm

iWeb '11 to be "completely rewritten"?

(Updated with additional discoveries) At least one listing discovered at Amazon UK today backs claims that iLife '11 is due soon. The entry for a German help guide mentions both the creative suite as well as references to it coming "with apps for Mac, iPhone 4, iPod and iPad." The mentions are likely references to the current iMovie app for the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch.


Rumor has FaceTime coming to iChat, Windows

09/10, 9:30am

iLife '11 finally close?

FaceTime video call support may soon be coming to platforms outside iOS, rumors cited by a French website suggest. The technology is currently available on the iPhone 4 and the fourth-generation iPod touch. Should claims be accurate, FaceTime could soon be available on Macs through iChat, and on Windows systems by way of an unmentioned app or apps.


iLife '11 Family Pack manifests at Amazon

09/06, 11:25am

Update long rumored

A listing for an iLife '11 Family Pack has actually been floating around for several weeks, observers note. The entry claims a $99 pricetag, and a shipping time of two to four weeks. It should in fact be possible to go through with an order, even though Apple has yet to announce iLife '11 or begin selling its own copies.


Rumors: iTunes at 99c per series per month, 3G iPod touch

08/27, 10:10pm

iTunes TV rentals may cost 1 per series per month

Apple's proposed iTunes TV rentals could be cheaper still than originally thought if an unverified but notable rumor is true. Rather than charge 99 cents per episode, Cult of Mac claimed late Thursday that it would cost that amount per TV series per month. Under the model, a customer could watch every episode of four shows for $4 each month, or well under the $32 it would cost to buy the same content.


iLife '11 set to go 64-bit, drop iDVD?

07/26, 9:25am

Could ship in early August

Some significant changes are coming to the next iLife suite, a "well-informed" source claims. The software is first of all said to be going 64-bit, potentially providing significant performance boosts within Snow Leopard. Allegedly being dropped as a default app is iDVD, Apple's disc-authoring tool, which as been available for Macs since 2001. While it should still be an option, people will have to download it, the source says.


Amazon listings hint at dates for new iLife, iWork suites

07/21, 3:45pm

Names likely placeholders

Premature Amazon book listings may hint at when Apple will launch the next versions of iLife and iWork. Before being removed, a title called iLife '10 for Dummies was recently visible at Amazon France, tied to a September 23rd release date. Still present on the site is a guide called iWork '10, allegedly going on sale in October.


Live: Apple's "Creation" event [ended]

01/27, 2:35pm

Apple ready to unveil tablet and more

Apple held its special "Creation" presentation at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center today, and we covered the event as it happened. We updated with news about the iPad, the iBooks store and iWork for the iPad. Read the updates in reverse chronological order after the jump.


Apple tablet spotted, to be joined by iLife '10?

01/27, 7:30am

Apple tablet prototype seen in late slip

Apple's tablet may have finally been spotted in a leak of what appears to be a prototype within the company. The hardware, which isn't in final casing, is clearly running iPhone OS but at a much higher resolution; it's shown running Google Maps but with a navigation bar that hasn't been seen before. The contact also shows Engadget that it will have cellular service as it has a "no service" label and that the device will have a home button sized like an iPhone's.


Jan. 27th event to include trio of products?

01/18, 5:05pm

Source mentions tablet, iPhone 4.0, iLife 2010

Apple has a three-pronged focus in mind for its January 27th press event, according to Fox News. A source at Apple is said to claim that in addition to a long-awaited tablet device, the company will probably spend its time on the iPhone 4.0 firmware, alongside an updated iLife suite. Apple has often launched iLife upgrades at the beginning of a year.


iDVD to gain iTunes LP creation tools?

12/01, 12:20pm

Update would ship as part of iLife 2010

The next version iDVD will include tools for iTunes LP creation, a source claims. The feature would allegedly be part of a massive overhaul of the software, which has received comparatively little attention next to other iLife programs such as iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. An iDVD update would likely arrive alongside the 2010 edition of iLife.


Mac OS X 10.6.2 fixes guest account data deletions

11/09, 4:55pm

Also corrects litany of lesser-known bugs

Apple has at last released Mac OS X 10.6.2, a key update to Snow Leopard. The patch addresses a variety of technical problems, most notably one which would permanently delete data when logging into a main account after having just used a guest one. The bug has been known since at least early October. Other resolved account problems include unexpected logouts, and difficulty authenticating as an administrator.


Apple revises educational licensing agreements

09/28, 12:15pm

May impact prevalence of Macs in schools

Apple has made major alterations to its educational licensing program, ones which could potentially raise the cost of Macs for schools. The company is said to be abandoning a previous volume licensing scheme, which allowed institutions to buy Mac OS X at costs of $39 to $59 per copy, depending the amount of licenses ordered. Instead, schools must now pay for annual license renewals.


Apple posts GarageBand 5.1 update

08/03, 8:45pm

GarageBand 5.1 update

Apple today released the GarageBand 5.1 update, which it says addresses general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and fixes a number of other minor issues along with an addressing an important security issue that allowed third-party to track usage of the app. According to the documentation, the specific issues addressed include the ability to add GarageBand track effects and Audio Units to a guitar track, improved support for Apogee audio interfaces, faster switching to full screen in Magic GarageBand, and improved access to audio monitoring settings. Apple says the update is recommended for all users of GarageBand ’09.


Apple posts iLife, Digital Camera Raw updates

06/04, 4:55pm

Apple iLife, RAW updates

Using Mac OS X's Software Update feature, Apple has released updates to several key pieces of software. Among these is Digital Camera Raw 2.6, which extends RAW format support within Aperture 2.x and the '08 and '09 editions of iPhoto. Compatible cameras now include the Nikon D5000 and the Olympus E-30, as well as Canon's EOS-500D, Rebel T1i and EOS Kiss Digital X3.


Briefly: TRAKART visualizer, Apple software guides

05/21, 8:55pm

Friar Pro Font

In brief: A new iTunes visualizer, TRAKART has been released as a public alpha. The visualizer builds slideshows based on a song's lyrics, analyzing each track to extract keywords which it then uses to search Flickr. Images are then arranged into a slideshow which plays along with the song. Three guides have been released by Peachpit which teach users how to make better use of iLife '09, iWork '09 and GarageBand '09. The guides cover the basics of using each application, along with tips to create more professional products. Meanwhile, Ascender has released a new font style that is based on one of Goudy's original typefaces. The Friar Pro font is based on the original Friar typeface that was lost in a fire at Goudy's studio in 1939.


Apple launches iLife, iWork maintenance updates

03/26, 5:15pm

Apple updates iLife, iWork

Apple has released maintenance updates for iPhoto, iWeb and iMovie, along with general support updates for the iLife and iWork '09 software suites. The iPhoto 8.0.2 update improves overall stability, while addressing minor issues in Faces, Places, photo sharing, slideshows and other parts of the software. The download weighs in at 87.86MB. The iWeb 3.0.1 update is 14.23MB in size and fixes issues related to publishing to an FTP server and other minor bugs. iMovie 8.0.1 is a stability and usability fix, and is contained in a 24.53MB file.


Apple updates iLife Support, iPhoto

03/03, 10:55pm

iLife and iPhoto updates

Apple on Tuesday released two new application updates, iLife Support 9.0.1 and iPhoto 8.0.1. iLife Support 9.0.1 is designed to improve overall stability while addressing a number of minor bugs. The new version is recommended for all users of Aperture, iLife '09, and iWork '09. The iPhoto 8.0.1 update also provides improvements to overall stability, with specific enhancements in areas such as Internet connectivity, keyword import, and slideshow export.


First Look: iMovie ‘09, video editor

02/17, 3:50pm

iMovie ‘09, video editor

Two versions ago, iMovie HD 6 offered powerful video editing for novices. For iMovie ‘08, Apple completely rewrote the program to focus on making video editing simpler, but at the sacrifice of its more sophisticated editing features. When users howled their disapproval, Apple quickly made the original iMovie HD app available as a free download. Now with iMovie ‘09, Apple has combined the simplicity of iMovie ‘08 with the powerful editing capabilities of iMovie HD.


Android multi-touch pulled for Apple?

02/10, 7:45am

Android Multi-Touch Pulled

Google may have consciously stripped multi-touch input from its Android mobile operating system solely to avoid a conflict with Apple over patents, a member of the Android development team claims. The iPhone maker reportedly asked Google not to use multi-finger input and, according to the source for VentureBeat, was granted its wish. The exact reason isn't known, though Apple has both the incentive of an early competitive advantage as well as patents that might have forced it either to negotiate a patent license or else challenge one of its closest partners in court.


iLife '09 takes step away from PowerPC compatibility

02/03, 9:55pm

iLife going Intel only

Although the iLife '09 suite offers a variety of new features and capabilities, PowerPC owners will be disappointed to learn that certain functions now require an Intel-based system, according to Ars Technica. The company has made an effort to develop recent software with support for both processor types, but one of the notable features in GarageBand '09 has proved to be an exception. Users wishing to view a Learn to Play music lesson from Sarah Mclaughlin or Sting will need to run the software on an Intel-based Mac with a dual-core processor or better.


First Look: iPhoto ‘09, photo manager and editor

02/02, 3:55pm

First Look iPhoto '09

The flagship title in the iLife '09 suite is arguably iPhoto '09. The original 2002 version helped to shape the way people store and organize digital photos, and the newest version carries on the tradition of making it fun and easy to generate personal libraries.


First Look: iWeb '09, webpage editor

01/29, 3:00pm

First Look iWeb '09

There are plenty of options for creating webpages. Professionals typically opt for editors like DreamWeaver, while hardcore designers may choose to dive into the HTML code. It's theoretically possible to use ordinary word processors, but the resulting pages are often too simplistic. For the average person who wants to create professional-quality pages without taking design classes -- or learning the vulgarities of HTML code -- Apple offers the much simpler iWeb '09, a part of the new iLife '09 suite.


Apple ships iLife '09

01/26, 12:30am

Apple ships iLife

Apple has begun shipping orders for iLife '09, falling in line with the initial estimate of late-January, according to MacRumors. iPhoto now integrates facial-recognition technology, allowing the images to be automatically sorted or searched by the name of individuals. Geotagging support can be used to filter photos by location, while albums can be generated around particular people and single locations or vacations that pass through different areas.


Briefly: iLife up-to-date, Toon Boom; iSync plugins

01/08, 5:40pm

Mac iLife promo

In brief: Toon Boom has now reached an agreement and acquired Intellectual Property from Cambridge Animation Systems. Apple has released a new iLife up-to-date program for customers purchasing a new Mac in the next couple of months. If the computer does not include iLife ’09 customers will be able to upgrade to the new software for $10. Meanwhile, nova media has released the latest update to its iSync plugins that add Mac OS X support for cell phones that are currently unsupported by Apple’s iSync.


Gallery: a closer look at iLife '09 [photos]

01/06, 5:40pm

A closer look at iLife '09

We have a slew of photos from iLife '09 which was being shown at the Apple Booth at the Expo, which was announced Tuesday morning with updated versions of iPhoto, iDVD, iWeb, and GarageBand (with new tutorials and self-learning functions). It is expected to ship by the end of the month and will be included as part of Apple's Mac Box Set bundle, which is also set to ship in the same time frame. iLife's iPhoto has added a Faces option for navigation using facial recognition, which is now built in to the application and has learning capabilities. Slideshows have been upgraded in iPhoto and Geo-tagging allows users to search for photos by location. iMovie has added image stabilization and new precision editing capabilities, GarageBand has added music lessons hosted by major musicians and iWeb has added widgets, allowing users to quickly integrate timers, HTML code, iSight links and more.


Apple's Mac Box Set bundles Leopard, iLife, iWork

01/06, 2:55pm

Apple's Mac Box Set debuts

Without any mention of next-generation Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system, Apple's Phil Schiller on Tuesday morning quietly introduced a new bundle box set: the Mac Box Set, which includes the current generation OS, Mac OS X Leopard, as well as the new iLife '09 and iWork '09 updates--each of which are available separately for $129 (Leopard), $79 (iLife '09), and $79 (iWork '09). The latter require the former, thus making it more economical for those who have not


Apple unveils iLife '09 at Macworld 2009

01/06, 12:55pm

iLife '09 shown at MW09

In opening up its Macworld 2009 keynote, Apple today revealed iLife '09, an update to its core application package for Macs. Changes to the suite begin with iPhoto '09, whose new Faces feature lets users sort images by the people. After running face detection, the app lets users assign names to each of the people involved, and sort photo collections accordingly. Places, meanwhile, now lets users filter photos through geotagging, and can pull information directly from cameras such as Nikon's Coolpix series or that of the iPhone. Smart albums can be generated to include particular people and locations.



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