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Teardown of Smart Keyboard reveals MacBook-style keys

11/24, 2:26pm

ARM-based microcontroller, venting lines in fabric, zero repairability

On the heels of teardowns of both the iPad Pro and its Apple Pencil accessory, iFixit has done a teardown of the Apple Smart Keyboard intended to go with the iPad Pro as well. The keyboard cover uses conductive fabric to cover the keys, and Retina MacBook-style dome switches under the keys. Among the minor discoveries was that the company uses the fabric for both power and data, and that the unit cannot be opened with breaking it.


Teardown of Apple Pencil reveals it is utterly unrepairable by users

11/19, 1:48pm

Stylus designed for iPad Pro scores one out of ten from iFixit for repairability

The Apple Pencil is an impressive technical marvel, details revealed during an iFixit teardown of the accessory have suggested. While it includes the smallest logic board the technical outfit has ever seen, among other interesting aspects, the compact nature of the internals makes the Pencil an extremely unrepairable device, scoring one out of ten on iFixit's repairability, worse than the three out of ten scored by the iPad Pro.


Apple iPad Pro teardown reveals large foam-filled speaker enclosures

11/12, 7:07am

Large quantities of adhesive counts against iPad Pro repairability score

The iPad Pro is a difficult-to-repair tablet, according to a teardown of the device by repair outfit iFixit. The ritual dismantling of Apple's latest tablet has also revealed a few notable items about its construction, with the biggest discoveries being a change in the way the large 12.9-inch display is mounted to the rest of the casing compared to other iPads, and Apple's extensive use of foam to help boost the self-balancing speaker drivers.


Apple pulls iFixit developer credentials over Apple TV teardown

09/30, 4:49pm

Company violated terms, Apple closed developer account

Teardown and repair site iFixit, best known for their examinations of Apple hardware and repair guides, has seen its developer account closed and its app pulled from the App Store because it tore down a developer-only pre-release Apple TV, in direct violation of the terms and conditions of the developer agreement. The site took responsibility for the error, and apologized to app users for "any inconvenience."


Teardowns of iPhone 6s, Plus reveal heavier display, smaller battery

09/25, 7:59am

Samsung-supplied 2GB RAM module discovered inside iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus use smaller batteries than their predecessors, teardowns of the smartphones have revealed. A customary part of major device launches, the teardown by iFixit has discovered the battery inside the iPhone 6s is a 1,715mAh unit, slightly smaller than the 1,810mAh version used in the iPhone 6, with the addition of the new Taptic engine to the device likely to have forced Apple to reduce the physical size of the battery itself.


Repair facilitator iFixit partnering with electronics recycler ERI

07/28, 2:05pm

Partnership makes available ready supply of repair parts for more rare gadgets

Device repair resource and teardown mavens iFixit is partnering with the largest recycler of electronic waste in the world, Electronic Recyclers International, to to make repair possible for gadgets of all kinds. The pair will make heretofore-unavailable parts purchasable through iFixit, alongside guides, and the sometimes special tools required to do the repairs.


Apple Watch Sport laid bare in disassembly by iFixit technicians

04/24, 8:58am

Watch battery replaceable relatively easily, in-store watch CPU upgrades unlikely

As is the norm for the iFixit crew, a teardown of a new Apple device has been accomplished -- this time, the 38mm Apple Watch Sport was on the disassembly bench. Alongside the breakdown, the company has disclosed the chipsets accompanying the watch, with a mix of new and old technologies combined in the device. In addition to well-known components, a couple of new discoveries were made.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge difficult to repair, teardown reveals

04/07, 6:09pm

Fragile curved glass, excessive glue hurts Galaxy S6 repairability score

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a difficult-to-repair device, according to a teardown of the smartphone by iFixit. The latest Samsung flagship scores a lowly three out of ten for repairability, lower than the five scored by the Galaxy S5 last year, with excessive amounts of glue used in its construction and the high probability of breaking the signature glass display counting against the device.


Retina iMac teardown by iFixit demonstrates moderate repairability

10/18, 1:08pm

Socketed CPU, same components as previous model shown in breakdown

Apple repair purveyors iFixit have given their regular disassembly treatment to Apple's new 27-inch 5K iMac. As the machine has re-used the chassis from the last generation of iMac, and has only minor changes to the internals apart from the display, the repairability score remains the same at a five out of 10. Notably, the company has found a larger display data connector, with the fused LCD and taped-down display hindering repair efforts.


Moto 360 teardown reveals smaller 300mAh battery used in smartwatch

09/09, 12:18pm

Smaller battery, round components found in Motorola Android Wear device

Motorola's Android Wear smartwatch is, as to be expected, difficult to repair. A teardown by iFixit showed the Moto 360 is not designed to be taken apart for maintenance at all, thanks to large amounts of glue, with the report also noting that the 320mAh battery capacity quoted by Motorola may be inaccurate, as it includes a smaller 300mAh unit.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 deemed extremely difficult to repair

06/23, 11:37am

Teardown of Surface Pro 3 reveals high usage of adhesive on components

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is extremely difficult to repair, according to the results of a teardown by repair outfit iFixit. The latest iteration of the Microsoft tablet continues the trend of the original Surface Pro and the Surface Pro 2 in receiving one single point out of a maximum repairability score of ten, with the device said to be making repairs even harder thanks to its use of glue and consolidated components.


New HTC One teardown shows little chance of repairability

03/26, 7:29am

Repairability score marginally higher than original HTC One

The new HTC One is just as difficult to repair by its users as the previous model, a teardown has revealed. Repairs outfit iFixit has given the latest incarnation of the HTC flagship smartphone a repairability score of just two out of a possible ten, which is a minor improvement on the score of one for the original when it was taken apart at the same time last year.


Teardown: iPad Air shows smaller battery capacity, Qualcomm LTE

11/01, 8:36am

Glued front panel and battery, taped LCD causes low repairability score

A teardown of the new Apple iPad Air on the day of its launch has shown it to be difficult to repair. Just like the disassembly of the 2012 iPad and the new Retina MacBook Pro notebooks, iFixit has declared that the iPad Air can not easily be serviced by customers, and gives the tablet a low repairability score of 2 out of a possible 10.


Teardown: New 13-inch, 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro highly unrepairable

10/25, 7:21am

Larger MacBook Pro less repairable than 2012 model

The latest versions of the MacBook Pro notebooks with Retina displays are both very difficult to repair, according to a new teardown by repair outfit iFixit. Though the internal design of the 15-inch model has received a few updates compared to last year's model, the 13-inch version is said to have a completely reworked interior.


Teardown of gold iPhone 5s reveals few internal changes

09/19, 9:30pm

More glue for battery, A7 processor, camera notably different

The team at iFixit have gotten a hold of a gold iPhone 5s and published a short teardown guide for the unit, revealing very few changes (as expected) from the iPhone 5 apart from a slightly bigger battery, a new processor and a new camera assembly, now revealed to be supplied by Sony. Apple has kept the camera at 8MP but increased the size of the sensor and pixels to be larger, allowing more color and light in.


Briefly: iOS 7 beta 6 OTA, iPhone 4 and 4S iFixit 'revelation kit'

08/15, 9:53pm

Apple pushes iOS 7 Beta 6, fixes iTunes in the Cloud issue

Besting previous reports, iOS 7 beta 6 is now available to developers as an over-the-air (OTA) update. The update weighs in at 13.5MB, and is relatively small, compared to previous updates. The new build is 11A449d, replacing beta 5, with build 11A4449a. The update fixes an "issue with iTunes in the Cloud, where some purchases may download or play unexpected items." No other fixes are noted.


Briefly: iFixit holds Liberation Week, Amazon updates video app

06/24, 11:50am

iFixit holding giveaway in the spirit of Independence Day

Today, iFixit, the self-repair advocate and tutorial site, announced its upcoming event, Liberation Week, running from July 1-5, 2013. iFixit seeks to combat planned obsolescence by giving users access to the information needed to repair and upgrade products. Citing Independence Day, iFixit will be giving away free iPhone Liberation kits - tools to open one's iPhone for self-repair access - to the first 1776 claimants. Stating that the consumer should have the right to open their phone, the kits includes a pentalobe screwdriver, so that users can replace the original screws with ones with standard Phillips head screws provided. Pentalobe screws are intended to be tamper-resistant, as there are no readily available screwdrivers with a compatible head. Also in the kit is a #00 Phillips screwdriver, to use in future openings of one's iPhone.


Oculus Rift VR headset found highly repairable in teardown

04/10, 12:29pm

Kickstarter headset simple to disassemble, replace parts

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is reportedly easy to fix, after a recent teardown. The score of 9 out of 10 from iFixit, though preliminary due to being a beta product designed for developers and not an item designed for end-users, with the speedy 10-minute teardown and relatively simple construction marred by cables kept together by tape and two "annoying" foam adhesive pads holding the LCD screen in place.


HTC One subjected to teardown, scores low for repairability

03/29, 7:10am

HTC One gapless design next to impossible to repair

The HTC One has been subjected to the customary teardown by iFixit. The HTC One, which has been delayed by over a month due to parts shortages and yield issues due the complexity of its construction, has picked up iFixit’s first ever score of 1 out of 10 for repairability. The repairers found that the One’s seamless, screwless design makes it almost impossible to remove the display to access the internals without damaging the rear case.


BlackBerry Z10 considered highly repairable after teardown

03/25, 1:37pm

Sparing use of adhesive, easily replaced battery helps score

The BlackBerry Z10 is a highly repairable smartphone, according to a recent teardown by by iFixit. The repairability score of 8 out of 10 issued by the disassembly experts stems from a relatively easy to deconstruct handset using little in the way of adhesive, combined with its easy-to-replace battery.


Pebble teardown deems smartwatch unrepairable, long-lasting

03/13, 9:39am

Adhesive for waterproofing partly to blame

A teardown of the Pebble smartwatch found it to be a fairly unrepairable device, though its expected longevity is a saving grace. The team at iFixit declined to give the Pebble a repairability score due to its uniqueness, but did praise the combination of its low-power e-paper display and weekly charging cycle, which gives the non-replaceable battery a lifespan of between six and ten years.


Microsoft Surface Pro scores unfavorably in iFixit teardown

02/13, 10:08am

Receives repairability score of 1 out of 10

The construction of the Microsoft Surface Pro has been judged to be highly unrepairable, after being dissected by iFixit. The repairability score of 1 out of 10 is the lowest on the firm's scale, and places it as harder to repair than many other competing products, including the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Samsung Galaxy Note, and the RT version of the Surface.


iFixit dissects new iMac, likes specs, pans repairability

12/02, 11:40pm

New iMac gets 3 out of 10 in repairability

Computer and gadget repair site iFixit has performed the requisite teardown of Apple's new 21.5-inch iMac, gauging the new desktop's internals as well as the ease in repairing it. The repair company positive things to say about Apple's new desktop, calling its internals "commendable." Its repairability, though, is quite another story, with the 21.5-inch all-in-one scoring just 3 out of a possible 10 on iFixit's scale.


Microsoft's Surface RT gets iFixit teardown

10/29, 12:28pm

Surface ranks a bit above Apple's iPad for disassembly

Microsoft's new Surface tablet has received the requisite dissection by the device repair pros at iFixit. According to iFixit, Microsoft's tablet is a bit easier to disassemble than Apple's iPad, but less so than Amazon's Kindle Fire or Google's Nexus 7. In particular, the display appears to be difficult to access, requiring that the person doing the disassembling to go into the device from the back, removing most of its components in order to gain access.


EPEAT responds to iFixit's complaints

10/19, 4:22pm

EPEAT says it's not flawless, but is the most effective standard

EPEAT has issued an official response to iFixit founder Kyle Wiens' missive dismissing the standard as flawed in the wake of the organization's decision to grant the Retina MacBook Pro EPEAT Gold certification. In a letter sent to Electronista, EPEAT defends it decision, noting that it does not claim to be a flawless standard but that it is the most effective standard.


iFixit casts doubt on EPEAT Gold over Retina MacBook

10/16, 6:59pm

iFixit accuses EPEAT of 'greenwashing'

In a caustically-worded piece, the CEO of iFixit has decried both the EPEAT environmental certification program and Apple's Retina MacBook Pro in particular, claiming that the former's Gold certification of the latter constitutes "greenwashing," or a form of spin in which deceptive marketing is used to portray a product as environmentally friendly. He claims that EPEAT bent the definitions of its own rules in order to grant Gold status to Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, as well as several other "ultrabook" class devices from other makers. The result, he contends, is that the EPEAT is ultimately weaker, compromised to a degree that could bring the technology industry to an inflection point, with significant implications for the environment.


iPhone 5 teardown: Qualcomm 4G, front to back disassembly

09/20, 11:02pm

iFixit begins teardown work within an hour of first availability

The repair and disassembly experts at iFixit have completed a preliminary teardown of the new iPhone 5. Highlights of the teardown include confirmation of the Qualcomm MDM9615M 4G LTE processor and the Broadcom BCM976 used in the MacBook Air's trackpad, the latter of which has been repurposed for the touchscreen on the iPhone. Also notable is reverse disassembly in the iPhone 5 from the iPhone 4 series -- the screen and digitizer come off first, rather than the back panel.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD teardown suggests highly repairable

09/17, 1:35pm

Dissection shows cleaner internal layout, unimproved battery

The seven-inch version of the Kindle Fire HD has been found to be a reasonably repairable tablet. The teardown of Amazon's latest tablet iteration by iFixit was shown to be internally different to the non-HD Kindle Fire, and with most components being relatively easy to access and replace, scored 7 out of 10 for repairability.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 teardown shows easy repair

08/20, 4:45pm

Modular design, clips, Phillips screws welcomed by iFixit

A teardown of the recently-released Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 shows the tablet to be fairly easy to repair. The iFixit team notes that the process is relatively simple compared to the iPad, since Samsung has opted to use Phillips screws and a number of clips and connectors. The Note 10.1 gets a repairability score of 8 out of 10, versus 2 for the iPad.


HP Z1 gets torn down, given rare perfect repair score

04/26, 11:40am

HP Z1's tool-less upgrade claims tested, proven

HP's Z1 Workstation has gone under the tools of the iFixit crew for a teardown and generated a first-ever perfect 10 score for reparability. It appears HP made good on its promise of offering the first 27-inch workstation that lets user upgrade its major components without any tools. The only comments against the Z1 was its relatively high starting price of $1,900.


Early teardown of new iPad underway [U2]

03/15, 1:05pm

2012 iPad given initial teardown

(Update 2: more details) Following the new iPad's Australian launch, iFixit has been conducting a teardown of Apple's tablet. The early look so far validate rumors surrounding the design, proving that Samsung is the initial LCD supplier and that a different display connector sits inside that prevents simply swapping in an older screen. Even more so than before, the inside is dominated by the three-unit battery, with the mainboard just a fraction of the inside.


Motorola Droid 4 gets torn down, packs huge battery

02/13, 12:30pm

iFixIt gives Droid 4 poorest 4 out of 10 score

The Motorola Droid 4 is the latest subject of iFixit's teardowns. The team managed to remove the non user-removable battery fairly easily, though the hardware QWERTY keyboard is oddly integrated into the motherboard and difficult to repair. This was the main reason iFixit gave the Droid 4 its lowest repairability score to date, at 4 out of 10.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus teardown shows so-so repairability

11/29, 3:10pm

iFixIt tears down Galaxy Nexus, gives it 6/10

The Galaxy Nexus has gone under the tools of the iFixIt team for a comprehensive teardown. The handset shipped with the battery removed, proving it's fully user serviceable. At the same time, the 3.7V, 1,750mAh battery doubles as the NFC antenna, with the ribbons running on its rear side.


iFixit trots out transparent glass back for iPhone 4S owners

11/28, 6:35pm

iFixit iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass arrives

iFixit on Monday gave iPhone 4S owners a way to customize the look in a more permanent way with an updated version of its Transparent Rear Glass Panel in a special kit. Along with a see-through back adapted to the new layout, it comes with a Liberation Kit to help remove the stock opaque back, a screen protector for the front, and a Thirsty Bag to dry out the phone faster than a bag of rice if the phone gets wet. The install is strictly do-it-yourself but is billed as "easy."


Nook Tablet gets a teardown from iFixIt

11/21, 11:05am

iFixIt gives Nook Tablet a 6/10 repair score

The iFixIt crew has just obtained the Nook Tablet conducted its traditional teardown in search of its repairability and parts. The full color e-book reader has a unique built-in design element that is the carabineer clip on its corner. The microSD card slot is right beside it and it's surrounded by two small circles that hide screws.


Amazon Kindle Fire teardown shows easy fixes

11/15, 8:05pm

Amazon Kindle Fire dissected by iFixit

A new teardown of the Amazon Kindle Fire has shown a relatively easy device to fix. Netting an eight out of ten score from iFixit, the Android tablet had an easy-open back and could use just one Philips screwdriver to get to nearly every fastener. Amazon was also shrewd in keeping the amount of glued-together components to a minimum, making it cheaper to replace the LCD, battery, or mainboard without having to swap multiple parts at once.


iPhone 4S teardown shows upgraded Qualcomm chip, 512MB RAM

10/13, 12:15pm

iPhone 4S uses newer dual-mode chip

(Update: RAM confirmation) A still-ongoing teardown of the iPhone 4S has shown that the internal upgrades come from more than just the A5 processor. The now officially dual-mode phone is using a Qualcomm MDM6610, a slight upgrade from the MDM6600 seen in the iPhone 4 just eight months ago. What Qualcomm has done, if anything, with the new model isn't known, but both the old and new chipsets can handle the 14.4Mbps HSPA 3G on carriers like AT&T as well as EVDO Revision A on CDMA networks like Sprint's or Verizon's.


iPod nano seventh-gen teardown shows jump to SanDisk flash

10/07, 1:55pm

iPod nano 7G look shows new flash memory

A new teardown of the seventh-generation iPod nano has uncovered more changes than the otherwise modest update would suggest. iFixit discovered that Apple has switched from its favorite flash memory suppliers, Samsung and Toshiba, to SanDisk. While SanDisk has often partnered with Toshiba in the past, the step will see the company for the first time end up making flash memory for the iPod it had said it could defeat years ago.


Apple Thunderbolt Display torn down by iFixIt crew

09/28, 10:45am

27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display torn down

Apple's 27-inch, $1,000 Thunderbolt Display has been torn down by the iFixIt team. No special tools were needed to take the screen apart, with suction cups, Torx T6 and T10 screwdrivers and spudgers all that's required. The team was impressed by the easy disassembly process and gave the monitor an 8 out of 10 repairability score.


iFixit kicks out Mac mini dual-drive upgrade kit

08/12, 6:20pm

iFixit Mac mini Dual Hard Drive Kit

iFixit took the results of its Mac mini teardown to heart on Friday and put out an upgrade kit for buyers. Its Mac mini Dual Hard Drive Kit lets those who bought the 2011 Mac mini add in a second drive if they didn't either build-to-order the solid-state drive or opt for the server version. The kit includes a needed special SATA cable as well as the mounting equipment, a 26-piece bit driver, a spudger, and iFixit's own mainboard removal tool.


Mac mini 2011 teardown raises hope of DIY second hard drive

07/21, 7:00pm

Mac mini 2011 shown easy to access for 2nd disk

A second teardown of Apple hardware took place Thursday at iFixit that showed Apple's new Mac mini might allow for a second hard drive to be added after the fact. The design for all users is fundamentally similar to the Mac mini server from last year and, on those with a single drive, leaves a completely blank space for the second disk. Apple has left it open enough that the only obstacle is finding a second SATA cable that would fit the empty but available port.


Samsung Galaxy S II teardown shows ultra-thin construction

07/11, 11:25am

iFixit and ABI deconstruct the Galaxy S II

A new teardown by iFixit has revealed much of the construction of the Galaxy S II and has been joined by a similar look by ABI Research that has revealed some genuinely new parts. While the battery life is unspectacular given the Samsung-made 1.2GHz Exynos chip, the Android 2.3 flagship uses a low-power Infineon XMM6260 baseband chip to keep the power consumption down while reaching full speed. A new CMOS antenna switch, and an all-in-one power amplifier that condenses multiple bands into one also help Samsung manage the smaller size.


Apple Thunderbolt cable teardown shows processing power

06/29, 8:05pm

Thunderbolt cable torn down by iFixit

An uncommon teardown of Apple's new Thunderbolt cable has confirmed that the $49 price comes from the quality of the components Apple needs. iFixit found that Gennum GN2033 chips are in place at each to handle the data traffic and make it an active cable, not just a passive relay. Ten additional chips are also in place for unknown purposes but which help add to the price.


iPhone 4 study shows same noise cancellation as Nexus One

05/17, 6:25pm

iPhone 4 has same Audience anti-noise as Nexus One

A follow-up teardown at iFixit has revealed that the iPhone 4's noise cancellation is the same as in the Nexus One. Previously unidentifiable, a mystery chip on both has been given a close look in a ChipWorks scan and is now known to be an Audience A1026 audio signal processor. Both the Apple and Google phones are well-known for their near-ideal ability to filter out background noise and are now know to have accomplished that by using the same hardware.


iMac 2011 teardown shows removable CPU and graphics

05/04, 9:25am

iMac 2011 gets iFixit teardown

An expected iFixit teardown of the 2011 iMac update has shown relatively deep upgrade options for the all-in-one. Although it requires the more difficult step of removing the logic board, the desktop's main processor and graphics are both removable. The AMD Radeon HD video is located on a typical removable card and could theoretically be swapped without trouble from Apple, but a sticker on the Intel processor shows that its heatsink can't be removed without voiding the warranty.


iFixit crafts ready-made transparent iPhone 4 back

04/25, 5:05pm

iFixit intros transpartent ATT iPhone4 back

iFixit introduced a still-rare product of its own on Monday through a transparent iPhone 4 case. The back, currently only for GSM models, gives those comfortable with voiding the warranty and replacing the back a way of showing the "sweet innards" of the phone without affecting its performance. The new material is also clear plastic rather than glass, making it less prone to shattering and cheaper to replace if it breaks without hurting the phone inside.


iPad 2 teardown shows slightly better battery [U]

03/11, 6:30pm

iFixit tears down Wi-Fi iPad 2

(Update: done) iFixit on Friday conducted a teardown of the Wi-Fi iPad 2 providing hard details of the tablet. The look revealed that the battery is slightly higher capacity than on the old model, at 25Wh versus 24.8Wh, despite the new frame being much thinner. Its design is dominated almost entirely by the pack where it used to be just the largest part.


Nintendo 3DS gets US teardown, found tough to repair

03/03, 9:40am

Nintendo 3DS torn down by iFixit

The Japanese 3DS was given a teardown in the US on Thursday by iFixit that revealed a very intricate build. Despite having an easily swappable battery and standard Philips screws, Nintendo's system was found very difficult to fix since there were many small parts that could easily break. Ribbon cables were wrapped around the 3DS' inside by robots in a way that a human couldn't easily detach, and many of the connectors use zero insertion force (ZIF) sockets that make it hard to tell if it's plugged in until it's completely reassembled.


Xoom teardown shows part shared with iPhone, easy 4G upgrade

02/25, 9:20am

Motorola Xoom torn down by iFixit

Motorola's just-launched Xoom has received a customary teardown that has revealed an unintentional link to the iPhone and just how simple the 4G upgrade process wil be. iFixit found that the Android 3.0 tablet, despite being EVDO-only right now, has the same Qualcomm MDM6600 modem as the Verizon iPhone. The method suggests the Verizon Xoom is the same model as the one shipping worldwide and that other countries will get 14.4Mbps HSPA+ 3G instead.


Macbook Pro 15-inch Unibody Early 2011 gets iFixit teardown

02/25, 5:30am

Shows large dedicated Thunderbolt chip

The iFixit team has wasted no time in tearing down Apple’s fresh Macbook Pro 15-inch Unibody Early 2011 model just released yesterday. The point of most interest surrounded the discovery of a very large controller IC for the new Thunderbolt 10Gbps I/O. The team plans on handing the part over to Chipworks for an x-ray to see what lies inside what it found to be the fourth largest chip after CPU, GPU and logic-board controller.



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