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.Mac HomePage to shut down on November 8th

10/08, 12:15pm

Could foreshadow iLife '11 rollout

As of November 8th, Apple is bringing an end to viewing photos, videos and other files shared using .Mac HomePage, an e-mail notice says. HomePage itself was disabled as a way of publishing new pages roughly a year ago. Apple points out that files are not being deleted, but rather moved to customers' MobileMe iDisks.


MobileMe iDisk app adds iPad support, iOS 4 capabilities

07/06, 5:55pm

Universal app now works on iPhone or iPad

Apple has released an update to its MobileMe iDisk utility, which now works as a universal app for the iPhone or iPad. Multi-tasking support has been added for any iPhone 4 or 3GS running iOS 4. Users can quickly switch between iDisk and other apps, while iDisk audio content can be played while using another app.


Apple may offer MobileMe for free to fight Google

05/10, 2:25pm

MobileMe would give iPhone edge over Android

A tentative new rumor asserts that Apple may turn MobileMe into a free service. The plan would drop the $99 annual fee and let anyone with an iPad, iPod, iPhone or Mac get the online sync service for free. The MDN contact wouldn't give a launch window but hinted at it coming "sooner than later" with the launch depending on "certain facilities" going live on time.


Jobs e-mails detail iPad plans, universal iPhone inbox

03/23, 3:40pm

No iPad sales at AT&T stores?

Several minor details of Apple plans have emerged through e-mail responses sent by CEO Steve Jobs. In regards to where the iPad will be sold in the US, for example, Jobs confirms that the only places to buy it will initially be limited to Best Buy and Apple's online and retail stores. Other authorized resellers are being kept out of the loop, including even AT&T, which is the official carrier for the iPad 3G. Owners will instead have to sign up for 3G access via their device.


Apple posts Digital Camera RAW, iDisk app updates

12/17, 9:15am

Camera update targeted at high-end DSLRs

Apple is distributing two new minor software updates, beginning with a Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update, v2.7. The patch extends RAW format support within iPhoto '08 and '09, as well as Aperture 2. New is support for four professional-level DSLRs: Canon's EOS-7D and EOS-1D Mk. IV, and Nikon's D3S and D300S. Also supported are the Nikon D3000, and the Canon PowerShot G11.


Apple posts MobileMe iDisk app for iPhone

07/29, 2:40pm

MobileMe iDisk iPhone app

Apple has at last released the MobileMe iDisk app for the iPhone. First promised in June, the software lets MobileMe users view files stored in their online iDisk folders. Users tap a file to load it, or a nearby Share icon to compose an e-mail with a download link.


New iDisk app to accompany iPhone 3.0?

06/09, 11:55am

iDisk app for iPhone 3.0?

Quietly announced alongside iPhone 3.0 features and the iPhone 3GS yesterday was a forthcoming iDisk app, Apple's website reveals. Though not yet on the App Store, the software should allow MobileMe subscribers to access files in a remote iDisk folder. Folders can either be protected personal ones, or those designated as public by other subscribers.


Apple updates MobileMe Control Panel to 1.3

02/11, 9:30am

MobileMe Control Panel 1.3

Apple has released version 1.3 of the MobileMe Control Panel for Windows. The panel is a required tool for users wanting to sync and manage MobileMe and iDisk in Windows. In the update, improvements have been made to the speed of contact and calendar sync between MobileMe and Microsoft Outlook.


ReaddleDocs 1.1.1 adds online file service support

11/07, 1:30pm

ReaddleDocs 1.1.1 update

Readdle has released a v1.1.1 update to ReaddleDocs, its file management application for iPhones and iPod touches. The software enables users to copy files to Apple handhelds, view them while mobile, and engage in limited sharing with others; the app is particularly focused on the concept of e-books. The updated software lets users copy over documents from WebDAV-services, such as MobileMe iDisk, Box.Net, and FilesAnywhere. These in turn can be viewed offline or e-mailed to others.


Apple applies for iDisk, Macintosh trademarks

08/19, 3:55pm

iDisk, Mac trademarks

Apple has applied for two new additions to its trademark pool, filings show. The first is simply entitled iDisk, and covers the online file storage system first debuted through .Mac, and more recently continued with the advent of MobileMe. A successful trademark would be listed under International Class 042, and Apple cites its iDisk website as evidence of commercial use.


Apple restricting iDisk browser access

06/16, 4:30pm

iDisk browser support

Apple has begun restricting the supported browsers for the iDisk storage component of .Mac, reports say. Where the service once supported virtually any standard browser, public iDisk access is now officially limited to Safari 1.3 or Firefox 1.0.4 or later, though people can still visit using the likes of Camino (which uses Firefox's Gecko technology) or Opera 9.5. Browsers blocked by iDisk include OmniWeb, and more crucially, the recent Firefox 3 release candidates, The MacObserver noted. The final version of Firefox 3 is due to release on Tuesday.



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