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Briefly: new 'rose gold' Beats headphones, CalDigit USB-C docks

11/19, 1:05pm

Solo2 wireless, urBeats headphones now offer 'rose gold' option to match iPhones

On Thursday, Apple updated two of its Beats line of headphones to offer a "rose gold" color option. The urBeats in-ear "earbud" headphones, as well as the on-ear Solo2 Wireless on-ear headphones, now match the faux-rose gold color scheme of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, as well as the Apple Watch Sport and the genuine rose gold option of the Apple Watch Edition. Both new color options are available immediately.


Hands On: Edifier H650 On-Ear Headphones

11/12, 1:35pm

Compact, tangle-free on-ear headphones for those who don't love in-ear

If you've ever traveled with headphones, you know how much of a pain it tends to be. Sure, you could snag a pair of in-ear earbuds, but if you prefer on-ear headphones, that's probably not much of a compromise. Fortunately, Edifier has stepped up to the plate to create their on-ear, travel-friendly H650 headphones, and we wanted to see how they'd stack up to our bulkier, not-so-travel-friendly headphones.


Blue boosts headphone line with new 'Lola' model

10/27, 10:13am

New model features technology launched in the Mo-Fi headphone set

Audio technology purveyor Blue today announced Lola, a high-fidelity headphone from the maker of the well-regarded Mo-Fi. Lola was inspired by Blue's design philosophy for improved performance and the personalized fit, and introduces a new lighter, slim-fit headband. Lola's sealed over-ear design and custom 50mm drivers provide accurate sound reproduction, boosted by precision acoustic cabinets.


Review: Polk Hinge Wireless headphones

09/25, 8:39am

Stylish on-ear headphones deliver quality sound, suffer from control choice

Polk, a company well-established in the audio market, recently released a new set of headphones aimed at the lifestyle market. The Hinge Wireless on-ear Bluetooth headphones look to evolve the company's idea of delivering high-quality sound in an attractive package. Try as they might, Polk's design philosophy isn't always a hit with the crowd, but will this entry in the "Heritage" collection do something differently? Could the change in design seen in the Hinge Wireless headphones alter something in the sound delivery, therefore leaving consumers underwhelmed in both areas? Find out in our review.


Hands On: Audiofly AF56 In-Ear Headphones

08/25, 5:40pm

High-end headphones offer superior sound at significant cost

Today is the fourth installment in an unplanned series about Audiofly in-ear headphones. We've taken a look at their starter models, the respectable A33 and the bolder version, the Clublife Paradise, but today we get to take a look at the high-end headphones from the company. Only the testing block today is the Audiofly AF56 in-ear headphones.


Hands On: Audiofly AF45 In-Ear Headphones

08/21, 8:24am

In-ear headphones that offer great sound but come with a high price tag

If you're like us, in your day-to-day lives you probably prefer listening to music with in-ear headphones -- and chances are you're used to trading off certain things, like great bass and overall clarity, for portability and comfort. Today, we're here to show you that there is a better option, provided you're willing to invest the money. We take a look at our third in Audiofly's in-ear headphone series, the improved AF45s.


MacNN Deals: Three pairs of Bluetooth headphones

08/17, 10:24am

Discounts on wireless Bluetooth headphones available at MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available on our own MacNN Deals page. Today's three highlighted items are all wireless Bluetooth headphones of varying utility, including for use while keeping fit, or simply for lounging around at home, listening to some relaxing music from the comfort of an armchair.


Hands On: Clublife Paradise In-Ear Headphones

08/10, 1:27pm

Glow-in-the-Dark in-ear headphones look and sound good, feel a little strange

For us, our choice of headphones is personal, and we think of them as an extension of our personal style. We like our headphones to look every bit as good as they sound and hold them to a very high standard. We usually only enforce this requirement with on-ear headphones, but thanks to Clublife's Paradise in-ear headphones, we've got earbuds that look great and sound just as good.


Hands On: Audiofly AF33 In-Ear Headphones

08/07, 8:57am

Modestly priced earbuds deliver big sound in small, stylish package

Earbuds. We're big fans of those humble, tiny headphones that we pop in just about every time that we leave the house that seem to reproduce when left unattended in our junk drawer. And for the most part, we tend to think headphones are like pizza -- when they're good, they're great. When they're not good? Well, it's better than not having headphones. But maybe it's time we upgraded from our $8 beater headphones and tried something a bit better, so we took a look at Audiofly's AF33 in-ear headphones.


Briefly: Back to School launches online, iOS 8 at 90 percent adoption

08/06, 7:12pm

Apple offers $200 off Macs, free Beats Solo 2 headphone in promotion

Apple's online store has now officially kicked off the Back to School promotion begun in Apple Stores last month, offering up to $200 off Macs and throwing in a free pair of Beats Solo 2 headphones, which normally sell for $200. Buyers taking advantage of the promotion can, if they choose, upgrade the headphones to a wireless Bluetooth version for $100 more. The company is also offering up to $20 off on iPads.


Motorola unveils Moto Pulse, Moto Surround Bluetooth headphones

07/29, 12:24pm

Bluetooth headphones from Motorola have own iOS companion app

Alongside yesterday's Moto smartphone announcements, Motorola also unveiled a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The Moto Pulse and sporty Surround headphones come complete with an iOS companion app, which helps with connecting the devices to an iPhone or iPad, shows the remaining battery life, and helps track the devices down if they are lost using Google Maps.


MacNN Deals: Listen to music on the move with Bluetooth earphones

07/13, 8:26am

Three Bluetooth headphone deals provide cheap wire-free listening

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the sales available on our own MacNN Deals store. Today's selection of three offers are themed around personal audio, with three sets of Bluetooth earphones and headphones designed for use in fitness, out and about, or for relaxing at home.


Hands On: Andrew Johnson Sleep Headphones

06/18, 10:46am

Shut out the world, sleep like a log

This is a kind of sequel to a previous hit Hands On about Meditate Plus, in that it's about headphones from the same company, and you can use them with that app. You can actually use these with anything at all, but they're designed to help relax you. Andrew Johnson Sleep Headphones are like a headband, or perhaps a bandana, which feature built-in earpieces.


Daily Deals: Thunderbolt display, $20 Blu-ray player, Steam Sale

06/11, 1:53pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for June 11, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where we search the Internet for offers, sales, discounts, and bundles on hardware, software, and gadgets for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. All the old dead deals are gone, though still-active deals are listed, including the iTunes credit offer, with new additions including a Blu-ray player for $20, an Apple 27-inch Thunderbolt display, and the start of the Steam Summer Sale.


Briefly: KitSound Storm gaming headset, Comcast offers outage credit

06/04, 7:34am

KitSound Storm launches as budget multiplatform gaming headset

KitSound has launched a gaming headset that can be used on PCs as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The Storm Gaming Headphones can be used wirelessly using a 2.4GHz connection at a range of up to 10 meters (32 feet), with its seven-hour battery life making it useful for extended gaming sessions. Audio is derived from its 40mm drivers, with it having a frequency response of between 20Hz and 20kHz, while its detachable microphone allows it to be used purely as headphones. KitSound is selling the Storm for around £30 ($46).


Crowdfunding Critic: Flare Audio headphones and earphones

05/27, 7:52am

Crowdfunded accessories from Flare Audio promise premium sound quality

Welcome to Crowdfunding Critic, an occasional post that arises every so often, whenever we find something on one of the many crowdfunding efforts that may be worth your time, and possibly your money. None of the projects featured in this series of posts pay us for the attention, as we select them based on if they are interesting to us and potentially you. This time we're looking at the Flare Audio lineup of premium headphones and earphones.


Hands On: Wraith Premium Wood Headphones

05/26, 1:58pm

Beautiful wooden headphones provide premium sound at accessable costs

If there's one piece of tech we're fussy about, it's got to be our headphones. There's something so important about finding the perfect pair of headphones, ones that provide an excellent listening experience, are durable, and look great to boot. That's why we're excited to tell you about our experience with Wraith, a set of gorgeous wooden headphones by Symphonized.


Hands On: Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones

05/02, 4:26am

Beats second-generation headphones are much improved

The Beats Solo2 Wireless on-ear headphones is the latest product to emerge from the now wholly Apple-owned subsidiary. While it is unlikely Apple's engineering and design teams have had much, if any, influence on its latest products, most agree that the second generation of Beats headphones is much improved over its first generation of products. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is the asking price for a set of Beats headphones. This new wireless model will run you $299, putting them on roughly on par with high-end competition from Bose and Sennheiser. So -- are they worth it?


Review: JBL Synchros Reflect in-ear headphones

04/26, 8:30am

Headphones stay put during activities, but sound is problematic

All headphones are not created equally, especially when it comes to use during vigorous activities or workouts. Over-the-ear headphones are cumbersome and in the way, but in-ear versions can constantly pop out making them a hassle to constantly manage. So what is left for people that need entertainment during their workout routines? JBL offers a potential solution with the Synchros Reflect in-ear headphones. But are the Synchros Reflects something worthy of considering, or are they just another hindrance to deal with? Find out in our review.


New Beats Solo2 wireless headphones debut in Gold, Silver, Space Gray

04/10, 3:10pm

Users can color-coordinate with other Apple devices; other color options still available

Amidst all the hoopla surrounding the Apple Watch pre-orders and try-ons, as well as the availability of the new 12-inch Retina MacBook, Apple's Beats division has announced some new Beats Solo2 wireless headphone models, now available in iPhone/iPad/MacBook-matching Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors. The new color options do not displace the existing black, blue, white, and red options, but are not available yet for the wired version of the Solo2.


Hands On: AKG N90Q audiophile headphones

01/08, 10:43pm

Sound profiles are automatically adjusted for each ear

AKG is attempting to revolutionize headphone technology with its new N90Q. The company has developed an active signal-processing system, known as TruNote, that automatically calibrates the frequency response to suit the listener's own ears. Electronista listened to the new headphones at CES to see if the technology is a gimmick, or the next big thing.


Briefly: New Ion Air LP Bluetooth turntable, Minisaver Mobile Lock

01/08, 2:11pm

Ion Audio introduces new Air LP digital audio converter, Bluetooth turntable

Ion Audio has announced its new Air LP Bluetooth turntable, currently being showcased at CES this week. Capable of converting analog records into digital files on one's computer, the Air LP connects to a Mac or Windows PC with its included USB cable. The turntable streams audio wirelessly to Bluetooth-compatible speakers, and includes "EZ Vinyl and Tape Converter" software for the audio conversion via USB.


Philips intros Fidelio NC1L noise-cancelling Lightning headphones

01/08, 1:08pm

Tech requires no built-in batteries

Philips has announced a new set of Lightning headphones, the Fidelio NC1Ls. As with the company's previous Lightning hardware, the NC1Ls include their own 24-bit digital-to-analog converter. New to the product, though, is active noise cancellation -- based on inverting the input from four integrated microphones. Unlike most noise-cancelling headphones, the NC1Ls run on the power of the device they're connected to, eliminating the need for built-in or replaceable batteries (but also introducing additional battery drain on mobile devices).


Briefly: Panasonic 2015 headphones, Phiaton earphones at CES

01/05, 6:16pm

Panasonic offers four new models, one with Bluetooth and NFC

Four new models of headphones from Panasonic made their debut today at CES. The offerings included a foldable on-ear model, Bluetooth headphones with near-field communication (NFC), and two premium in-ear models. The Panasonic Foldz are designed to allow the ear cups to swivel around into a compact formation for storage and portability. The RP-BTD5 Bluetooth headphones include NFC connectivity that allows the user to connect them to a device by simply touching it to one of the ear cups.


Rumor: Bose products set to return to Apple Stores

12/08, 8:08pm

Mysterious dispute resulted in Bose products taken off store shelves

A French enthusiast site has reported, citing anonymous sources, that Apple will soon return Bose products back to the shelves of the iPhone maker's brick-and-mortar Apple Stores following a two-month fallout in which Bose products were removed. The move was originally thought to be in response to a lawsuit Bose filed against Beats, its rival in headphones, or possibly a unilateral move by Apple to reduce competing products in its stores now that it owns Beats, but the truth of the matter has yet to emerge.


Review: Pioneer DJ HDJ-C70 on-ear headphones

12/01, 11:10pm

Clean audio gives consumers a surprise, but durability, part swaps keep them coming back

Headphones for professional musicians and hardcore audio enthusiasts are in a different class than most mainstream options that flood retail space. Many focus on the pure sound signature and comfort needed for long sessions, leading to a focus on over-the-ear designs. To fill the gap in the market for on-ear headphones, Pioneer introduced the HDJ-C70. But does Pioneer's crack at a professional-grade on-ear model pay off, or should musicians and music fans seeking the best audio quality look elsewhere? Find out in our review.


Holiday Gift Guide: Audio gear

11/26, 12:33pm

Elecronista and MacNN's guide to gifts for the digital audiophile

Audio enthusiasts might be some of the easiest people to select gifts for during the holidays, if for nothing else than the wealth of choices available. From Bluetooth speakers, headphones, audio amplifiers and radio options, it can be overwhelming to pick something. Here at Electronista and MacNN, we'll attempt to give shoppers some directions for the music lovers in their lives, compiling some of the best audio gear for the year in our annual gift guides.


Review: Plantronics BackBeat Pro Bluetooth headphones

11/14, 1:27am

Technology additions, active noise cancellation make a the BackBeat Pro a fantastic buy

Looking for a pair of headphones that can do everything a user requires is a task that can take some study. Trying to decide on in-ear, over-ear, or on-the-ear model starts at user comfort and preference, but goes much further when features are thrown into the mix. When features like noise cancellation are tossed into the equation, the cost can weigh on the practicality and sound of the unit. It doesn't always need to though, as Plantronics tries to prove with the BackBeat Pro. Would these headphones be the right fit for most consumers, or are there enough small flaws that push them into being just another headphone set with active noise cancellation (ANC)? Find out in our review.


Beats launches Solo2 Wireless headphones

11/12, 11:00am

On-cup controls handle playback, calls

Apple-owned Beats has announced the Solo2 Wireless, a new pair of over-the-ear headphones. The unit is based on the original Solo2 headphones released earlier this year, but sports Bluetooth for pairing with devices up to 30 feet away. Buttons on the ear cups let users control volume and playback, and even answer phone calls.


Review: Alpine Headphones

11/03, 11:35pm

Punch and bass felt through the entire unit, but app, comfort hold the headphones back

Headphones have hit a point where there isn't much to differentiate one set from one another. Making a choice between Bluetooth and wired models ends up being the first decision, followed by the type of tuning or sound quality a user wants. Alpine aims to add another feature into the mix, the feel of the music. With the Alpine Headphones the audio company wanted to bring the feel of a concert home, packing technology into a set of over-the-ear headphones with an app for user control to accomplish it. But do the Alpine Headphones offer a new audio experience that is worth feeling, or would consumers be better served by something more traditional? Find out in our review.


Performer headphones with suspension ear cups revealed by 808 Audio

11/03, 1:29pm

New headphone suspended ear cup design inspired by studio microphone mounts

Two new pairs of over-the-ear headphones were announced by 808 Audio today, taking a new approach to the ear cup design. The Performer Headphones -- released in wired and Bluetooth models -- use ear cup suspension technology in an attempt to give users a better fit during long play sessions, or in professional audio applications like DJ sets.


Briefly: Alpine headphones, iDevices' iShower2

10/21, 5:22pm

Alpine launches headphone line with emphasis on feel, adds app to create 'energy' playlists

A new set of consumer headphones was released by Alpine Electronics that sets out to bring the concert experience to users in order to "feel their music." The patented TKR3 full-frequency immersion technology attempts to recreate the sensation of a live show with a "unique sound field expansion." The Bluetooth headphones feature 40mm drivers, programmable audio processing, powered digital amplifiers, and a lithium battery for up to 10 hours of play. The Alpine Headphones can be used with the Alpine Level Play app for iOS, which creates playlists based on the "energy level" of the songs on the device. The Alpine Headphones are available at Alpine's website or Apple Stores for $300.


Iovine on NFL-Bose ban of Beats: 'I can't believe I'm this lucky'

10/16, 12:12am

Publicity from ban, player fine makes Beats 'look like the underdog,' co-founder says

Speaking at the University of California's "Global Conversation" conference on Wednesday, Beats co-founder and Apple executive Jimmy Iovine offered his spin on the recent NFL deal with rival Bose to make the latter's headphones the "official" brand of the football league, and the fact that many players seem to prefer the Beats brand. He told the audience that players, both under contract to endorse Beats and not, have taken to taping over the Beats logo on their own pairs rather than wear the endorsed brand.


NFL star Kaepernick fined $10,000 for wearing Beats headphones

10/09, 11:12pm

League has signed exclusive deal with Bose that covers post-game and interview endorsements

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been fined $10,000 by the NFL for breaking a league rule about wearing unsponsored products when conducting interviews within 90 minutes following a game. Kaepernick was wearing a pair of pink Beats headphones -- which he later tweeted was in support of breast cancer awareness -- during a press conference following a game with the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The NFL signed an exclusive deal with Bose back in March, and only that brand of headphones are supposed to be seen.


Review: Mo-Fi headphones by Blue

10/06, 8:00pm

Audiophile-grade amplified headphones feature perfect fit, great sound

Blue, a company that has specialized in microphones, has turned its techniques the other way around to create a set of serious headphones -- called Mo-Fi -- with an almost Apple-like attention to detail, from the packaging to the execution of the design. This is the sort of thing we were hoping Apple would create for Beats after the first year or two, but here it is now. At $350, they are not meant for casual listening, and it might be dangerous to wear them while walking the streets. They are primarily intended for serious listening to high-quality music. Are they for you? Find out in our review.


NFL deal with Bose bans Beats, other headphone brands from games

10/05, 4:54pm

Bose granted rights to prevent other headphone use, NFL defends practice

Apple-owned designer headphone brand Beats by Dre is taking another hit in the professional sports arena. It was uncovered that a recent deal between Bose and the National Football League (NFL) will ban other headphones on game days as a part of the exclusive league sponsorship. While the ban is in effect for all other headphone manufacturers, Beats argues that its headphones are important to players.


SteelSeries revamps Siberia line, unveils Siberia v3, Prism models

09/30, 3:35pm

Four headsets added under Siberia line five years after the release of the Siberia v2

Audio accessory maker SteelSeries announced that it is building upon its lineup of successful Siberia headphones, adding four new models under the line. The new models, named under the Siberia v3 and Siberia Prism monikers, come five years after the release of the popular Siberia v2 headset. The next iteration of the Siberia line is set to release this holiday season.


Apple-owned Beats sues man claiming to be brand co-founder

09/29, 10:40pm

Steven Lamar said to have exaggerated association to boost new venture

According to new court filings, Apple-owned Beats is suing Roam and Jibe Audio founder Steven Lamar for false advertisements and unfair competition after Lamar posted numerous times on social media and his own company's website that he was a "co-founder" of Beats alongside Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. While Lamar does have a legitimate connection to the headphone maker, and collects a royalty on certain models of Beats headphones, Beats says in its filing that Lamar has "never had any ownership interest" in the audio products company.


Turtle Beach releases Ear Force Z60 gaming headset for PC, Mac

09/21, 4:32pm

Headset brings 60mm drivers, DTS Headphone:X technology for 7.1 surround sound

Turtle Beach released the Ear Force Z60 headset last week, a pair of gaming headphones that the company first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Made to handle the surround-sound needs for video games, music and movies, the headphones utilize DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound. Turtle Beach does this without the use of separate software or drivers, unlike many other headphones on the market.


Philips offers 24-bit D/A Lightning-connected headphones for iOS

09/11, 10:17pm

May require iOS 8, hardware upgrade in order to play true 24-bit audio files

Audio and video equipment maker Philips has debuted a new headphone set for iOS devices that offers a pair of distinct differences: it features 24-bit digital-to-analog conversion and amplification built right within the headphones, and it uses a Lightning connector rather than a standard 3.5mm connector. The Fidelio M2L headphones are said to the first to use the Lightning connector.


Briefly: Timex Ironman One GPS+ data plan news, Jabra Move headphones

09/08, 11:16pm

AT&T announces cost of second year of data plan for Timex Ironman One GPS+

AT&T has announced second-year data pricing for the Timex Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch. Originally announced in August, the Timex smartwatch offers stand-alone wireless connectivity without a phone, including fitness tracking, a "Find Me Mode" safety function, and more. After the initial year of included data service, AT&T smartwatch users will need to pay $40 for the second year of data and messaging. Pre-ordering for the Timex Ironman One GPS+ is available online for $400, with the product officially available this fall.


Harman Kardon announces new headphones, speakers coming this fall

09/04, 5:30pm

New headphones, Bluetooth speaker and wireless speaker system on sale this year

At a recent trade show, Harman Kardon made a number of announcements about the new consumer audio devices that would be hitting the market this fall. Offerings are spread across the board, with a new set of Bluetooth on-ear headphones, a professional Bluetooth speaker, and a wireless in-home audio speaker system and adapter are coming to tackle a number of customer needs.


Pioneer announces new professional on-ear headphones, the HDJ-C70

09/04, 3:10pm

Headphones feature interchangeable parts, smaller ear cups and rotatable arms

Pioneer Electronics has announced a new set of professional headphones in its DJ line today, with the HDJ-C70. The company took a different stance on design with the HDJ-C70s than other DJ headphones in the past, moving to create a lightweight headset to fit the sound quality demands and comfort needed for heavy use.


Plantronics announces new Bluetooth headphones, BackBeat Pro

08/28, 8:30pm

Company claims over-the-ear headphones have 24-hour battery life

Plantronics announced a new model of Bluetooth headphones this week with the BackBeat Pro. The over-the-ear headphones feature a long battery life, 40mm drivers, active noise-cancelling technology and "Plantronics signature audio performance and design." Not leaving noise cancelling as the only trick of the headphones, Plantronics also added a smart feature to help consumers pick up where they left off if the headphones are removed.


Blue Microphones unveils Mo-Fi headphone line

08/26, 8:05am

Includes battery-powered preamp, adjustable headband, more

Blue Microphones, a digital audio brand best known for its USB audio mics popular with both podcasters and musicians, has expanded into headphones with the release of its first Mo-Fi headphone set. As recently noted by one of our reviewers, most headphones sound much better when paired with a combination DAC and amplifier like the Sony's PHA-2 portable headphone amps -- but Blue has taken it a step further by building the amp directly into its headphones.


Review: Life n Soul 8 Driver Bluetooth headphones

08/20, 2:01am

Middle-of-the-road headphones offer comfort and long battery life, but odd controls, sound

When it comes to music on the go, consumers generally have some options to consider when looking for the best experience. While Bluetooth speakers are good in a large number of situations, in some place they just aren't practical. This leaves consumers to look away from speakers and toward their counterparts for sonic deliver, Bluetooth headphones. But not all headphones are created equal, especially when the boutique market for headphones is examined. One company, Life n Soul, hopes to grab attention with its 8 Driver Bluetooth headphones. Do the headphones warrant some attention, or are they just another set in the middle of the pack? Find out in our review.


Briefly: Genius HS-920BT headphones, Tylt Syncable-Duo cable

08/19, 8:39pm

Bluetooth headphones feature 40mm drivers, 116dB sensitivity, on-ear controls

Genius announced a new set of stereo headphones today, giving consumers another option in the world of Bluetooth listening devices. The HS-920BT on-ear headphones feature 40mm drivers with a sensitivity of 116dB, an impedance of 32ohms and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. Controls are placed on right ear cup, giving users control over volume, tracks and receiving phone calls. Power is provided by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


Intel, SMS Audio develop in-ear headphones with heart rate sensor

08/15, 2:15pm

SMS Audio BioSport headphones feeds back heart rate to mobile app

Intel has partnered with SMS Audio, the headphone company by rapper 50 Cent, to develop headphones designed for fitness tracking. The BioSport In-Ear Headphones includes a built-in optical heart rate monitor, one which continuously collects data about the wearer's pulse as they go through intense exercise or a relaxation routine.


Review: SMS Audio Sync Sport on-ear wireless headphones

08/01, 12:00am

Bass-heavy headphones provide sweat resistance during workout, lackluster sound

When hitting the gym or going out for a trail run, headphones can cause a number of problems. From the ear buds getting slimy with sweat or the ear cups not holding onto the user's head tightly enough, there are a bunch of inconveniences that occur. This isn't even considering the cords that can get in the way, resulting in headphones flying off someone's head or a plug being yanked from a device. Is there a set of headphones that can put active people at ease when wearing them? Perhaps, as SMS Audio, the company led by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, has released an active version of its Sync on-ear wireless headphones. Do the SMS Audio Sync Sports give users everything they want, while delivering great audio? Find out in our review.


Review: JBL Synchros E40BT headphones

07/27, 8:52pm

Balanced sound, cleaver controls make wearing on-ear headphones enjoyable

For all the different configurations of headphones on the market, it's always a tough choice for buyers to get something that is just right. For consumers searching for a strong sound but who don't want to shell out a couple hundred dollars on over-the-ear headphones, on-ear is the next step down. But does that mean the sound quality is a step down as well? The JBL Synchros E40BT headphones aim to convince users otherwise, with their balanced approach to sound and mid-range price. Does that mean that the headphones are good, or something that consumers would be settling for? Find out in our review.



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