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Hands On: Ticket to Ride 2.0 (iOS)

11/23, 7:55am

Board game update gains portrait view, and goes universal

Back in February, we praised the game Ticket to Ride but apologized to the makers, because we didn't review it so much as review how people reacted to it. Specifically, we gave it to people who play games, and those who do not. We didn't judge them, we weren't "judging" TTR as the cool kids call it, we wanted to see how one game worked for fans and for total newcomers. Now it's been updated to Ticket to Ride 2.0, and we'd like to inform you that the world has changed.


Hands On: Octodad: Dadliest Catch 1.0.13 (iOS)

11/18, 8:24pm

Control a six foot tall cephalopod as he attempts to fit in with the human race

We love silly games, which should be fairly obvious to regular readers at this point. We've checked out a ton of games that are on the "weird" side, and we're always excited to add more to that list. Today, we're here to talk about Octodad: Dadliest Catch, which is as heartwarming as it is bizarre.


Hands On: Leonardo's Cat 1.0.1 (iOS)

11/12, 3:28pm

Challenging puzzle game for kids offers fun for adults as well

We've covered a lot of children's apps in these parts, but generally they tend to fall into two broad categories: educational or simulation-role playing. There's not a lot of games that are designed for elementary age kids to just enjoy for the sake of playing a game. That's why we were excited when we heard about Leonardo's Cat, a game that is designed to be challenging and fun for any puzzle-loving kid.


Hands On: Winterbells 1.1.3 (iOS)

11/02, 3:08pm

Winter-themed skill jumper is cute but challenging

We've spoken at length about Orisinal games here before, often citing how they're the perfect mix of cute visuals and challenging single-player arcade mechanics. Today, we're going to look at a game that's rapidly going to be season-appropriate, at least for us northern-hemisphere folks: Winterbells, a skill-jumping game that's as addictive as it is adorable.


Hands On: Undertale (Mac/PC)

10/26, 10:30am

Beautifully-written RPG is steeped in nostalgia and really bad puns

Good games aren't hard to come by these days. Thanks to the indie-game phenomena, we're blessed with good games on a fairly regular basis. Great games, however, are somewhat rare: games that truly stick with you, long after you're done playing them -- those are quite a bit harder to find. That said, we think we found one -- a plucky little RPG that seems to win over just about everyone who tries it. Yes, we're talking about Undertale, the RPG that has begun taking over the Internet.


Hands On: Legendary 1.0.1(iOS)

10/20, 7:35am

Quirky math puzzle plays like a board game with serious style

Math puzzlers: either you love them, or you hate them. They're almost always one of two types of games -- either they're like 2048, which is less math and more muscle memory, or more like taking math tests for fun. Today, we've found a game that breaks the mold a bit; a simple math puzzler called Legendary.


Hands On: Leaping Lemmings 1.2 (iPad)

10/15, 8:55am

Control your own army of cliff-diving rodents in this cute board game port

If you know someone who is a little intimidated by board games, we think that we've checked out a game be a good way to get them into the genre. Leaping Lemmings is a cute game that is far less complex than many of the other board games that get ported to iOS.


Hands On: Super Sharp 1.1 (iOS)

10/14, 3:10pm

Clever game has you slicing your way through a variety of puzzles

Puzzle games are generally classifiable by niche. In the broadest of strokes, they can be aimed at people who like lateral thinking puzzles, or people who like games that require lightning-fast reflexes and quick thinking. What about people who enjoy both types? If that sounds like you, than we've got the perfect game to keep you entertained. Super Sharp is a slick little puzzler that will have you on your toes at every turn.


Hands On: Dominant Species 2.0.2 (iOS)

10/06, 7:32am

Compete with other species for dominance in complex strategy board game

One of the nice things about the iPad is that if you're a board game enthusiast, there's a ton of great games that have been ported to this portable platform. Having a collection of board games that you can toss into your bag for easy gaming without having to tote around giant boxes is fantastic, and makes on-the-go gaming far more plausible than before. If you're looking for a new game to try out at your next game night, allow us to suggest the recently re-released Dominant Species.


Hands On: 10 2.0.1 (iOS)

09/25, 11:15am

Simple mathematics puzzle game will get your brain working in overdrive

If you would have asked us 10 years ago if we would have been playing math-based puzzle games for fun, we probably would have told you that you were insane; but here we are, with an iPad full of math puzzles we can't seem to put down, no matter how hard we try. We recently tried out another game that we quickly became obsessed with, a minimalist math puzzle game called 10.


Mac Game Review: Elite: Dangerous 1.3.08

09/23, 7:21am

Reviewing today's game and yesterday's origins

This is a hands-on review of what I expect I'd be calling, easily, the best game I'd ever played, if only I'd kept my hand in. For I played the original Elite, the really original one, as first appeared on the BBC Micro in 1984. It was a marvel that stretched that 8-bit technology to its core -- yet as good as I got at it, I wasn't bitten by the gaming bug. I can't claim I've never played anything since -- I lost some decades of my life to Lemmings -- but Elite: Dangerous is my first exposure to modern games. It's my first introduction to Steam. Elite back after 30 years, and Steam in all its 2015 power: I'm really reviewing the game alongside this entire environment, and also exorcising some of my childhood.


Hands On: Super Grav 1.1 (iOS)

09/22, 12:27pm

Pilot a cargoship with twitch-reflexes and a delicate hand

You might already know it, but we like games that are designed to be somewhat of a challenge. We think that twitch-based reflex games are fun, and we don't mind if a game can be a bit frustrating. We ran across one such game recently, and we're proud to show it to you. Allow us to demonstrate for you why we think Super Grav is a fun but frustrating game.


Hands On: Light This Up 1.5.5 (iOS)

09/22, 7:00am

Practice your math while learning how to create simple circuitry

Are you a big fan of math-based puzzles? What about electrical engineering? Well, if you answered yes to either of those questions, then we've got the mother of all games to show you. Allow us to introduce you to Light This Up, an app that has you solving electricity-based puzzles while improving your basic mathematical skills.


Hands On: Star Trek -- Wrath of Gems 1.3.5 (iOS)

09/21, 10:39am

Star Trek debuts a match-three RPG, heavy on the pay-to-win mechanics

Well, it finally happened. Star Trek has hit the scene with a match-three RPG. We can't say we're even slightly surprised, though: with games like the Puzzle Quest series getting popular, we anticipate a ton of match-three RPGs hitting the App Store in the future. We decided to take a look at Star Trek -- Wrath of Gems, to see how it stacks up to others we've tried.


Hands On: Hiversaires 3.4 (iOS)

09/16, 4:23pm

Try to navigate an eerie world with minimal help from within the game

Once upon a time, there was a well-known genre of games that were designed to test the mettle and resilience of a player, rather than their quick reflexes and ability to manage their stats. These games were often brutally difficult, and provided very little help, but were often worn as a badge of honor when the player finally completed them. Today, we found a modern rendition of such a game, a cryptic, otherworldly game called Hiversaires.


Hands On: Sunny Day Sky 1.0.1 (iOS)

09/09, 7:34am

Ultra-cute game has you hopping from car to car to top your best score

We've talked about Orisinal games before around these parts, noting that they're often adorable games that end up being quite difficult to get the hang of. We had said previously that some of the games were better suited for players looking for a challenge, and that casual gamers need not apply. If you're looking for something a little more forgiving, we've got a great arcade game from Orisinal, called Sunny Day Sky.


Hands On: Magic River 1.0 (iOS)

09/03, 4:13pm

Cute game offers real challenge but advertisement model potentially ruins it

We've become somewhat accustomed to games falling short aesthetically. Either the designs are too gaudy, or the sounds are too harsh, and after we play them we're left feeling a little disappointed. Every so often, we come across a game that absolutely knocks it out of the park when it comes to design. For us, Magic River is one of those games.


Hands on: Deflecto 1.3.1 (iOS)

08/18, 1:46pm

Retro-style arcade game is fun, but features additional pay-to-play mechanics

If you're old enough, chances are you've played at least a few classic arcade games. Games like Asteroids, Centipede, and Space Invaders -- and chances are, there are times you look at those games through rose-colored glasses, and long to return to them. Today, we offer a game that will give you that feeling in spirit: a spunky little arcade title called Deflecto.


Hands On: Lost Echo 1.5 (iOS)

08/07, 7:31am

Point-and-click adventure lacking on story, makes up for it with puzzles

If you grew up through the 1980s and 1990s, chances are you played a lot of adventure games. You probably also had at least a few brushes with point-and-click adventures, such as the Monkey Island series. We think that the mobile platforms, especially the iPad, would be a great way to revive the genre back to its glory days. Thats why we were so excited to take a look at KickBack's Lost Echo, a point-and-click adventure game that reminds us of our childhood.


Hands On: Lumo Deliveries 1.4.2 (iOS)

07/28, 7:49am

Manage your shipping empire and attempt to take over the world

Resource management games are a fairly broad genre. You've got the base builders and the simulation games, but every so often you've got games that are almost entirely about one single thing: aquiriing and reallocating resources. The most famous title we can think of is Cookie Clicker, but there are several other games in the genre. Today, we check out another game that fits this mold, Lumo Deliveries, to see how it stands against other more well known titles.


Hands On: Kiwanuka 1.2 (iOS)

07/20, 2:14pm

Adorable puzzle game has you rescuing wizards in space

We love relaxing puzzle games around here. There's something to be said for puzzle games that you can enjoy at your own pace, without needing to worry about high scores, or a clock that winds down too fast. One such relaxed puzzle game is Kiwanuka, a game that was designed just for the fun of it.


Hands On: Fotonica 1.1.6 (iOS)

07/17, 3:26pm

3D Runner takes players through elaborate wire-frame landscapes

As a subset of platformers, the runner genre has really taken hold and grown since games like the Bit.Trip series have proven their popularity across multiple playforms. They're games of simple skills, requiring a player to be a master of time rather than a master of intricate button combos, or stat min/maxing. Today, we take a look at Fotonica, a runner we thought earned its place in the genre.


Hands On: OverColor Pro 1.0.1 (iOS)

07/10, 4:32pm

Improve your spacial reasoning with this layer-based puzzle game

One of the reasons we love puzzle games so much is that they make us feel like we're getting a real mental workout when we play them. We especially love lateral-thinking puzzles, as well as puzzles that require us to use our spacial-awareness reasoning. One such puzzle that gave us quite the mental workout was OverColor Pro, a geometric puzzle that forces you to rethink the way you solve puzzles.


Hands On: Last Voyage 2.0.0 (iOS)

07/10, 2:33pm

Explore the concept of space with this ethereal explorative puzzle game

Every so often, we find out about a game that is unlike most of the others that we've seen before. These games generally tend to fall outside of normal genre conventions, offering an experience that is hard to come by. We found one such game, Last Voyage, and we think that you should check it out.


Hands On: 2F1B 1.8 (iOS)

07/03, 2:58pm

You have two fingers with which to solve puzzles, but only one brain

Two Fingers, but only one brain (2 F 1 B) is a series of 20 mini-games that are mixed and matched to appear two at a time on the user's screen. At first, we weren't sure we were going to like that, but we were pleasantly surprised. Our first encounter with 2F1B was last year, and we were saddened by what we perceived as ads that really got in the way of gameplay. We were recently prompted to give the app another chance. Happily, whether by design or accident, the ad situation has improved dramatically.


Hands On: Cogmind (PC)

06/29, 7:20am

Quirky roguelike offers some serious challenges in a future-meets-past sci-fi setting

We've covered a couple of roguelikes here before, so we're getting pretty good at sorting out what elements make up a worthwhile roguelike, and what ones can sink an otherwise good game. Today we bring you a more traditional roguelike, with tons of retro flavor and a somewhat rare sci-fi setting. We're offering up Cogmind, a choose-your-own-adventure sort of roguelike that offers up lots of challenge.


Hands On: FireWhip 1.0 (iOS)

06/23, 5:00pm

Juggle fast reflexes and perfect timing in this difficult arcade game

Some of the best games are ones that juxtapose two opposing play styles. Games that require you to be bold, make decisions on the fly, but at the same time know when to strike; there's something to be said for games that can't be won with the bulldozer method of gameplay. One of these games made its way into our hands recently, a game called FireWhip that has you besting 8-bit enemies with brains and brawn.


Hands On: Survivor Squad Gauntlets (OS X, Windows)

06/10, 8:22am

Zombie survival-horror strategy game pits you against hoards of undead

We're getting pretty experienced with strategy games these days, as we've logged a pretty considerable amount of time with these titles. We're becoming experts in ducking and covering, shooting and brawling, and we're even getting pretty good at flanking maneuvers. With all this experience we're amassing, we thought we'd offer our insight into another top-down strategy game. We took a look at Survivor Squad: Gauntlets to see how it stands up to other games in the genre.


Hands On: Colour Madness 1.6 (iOS)

06/03, 7:51am

High-stress reflex-driven gameplay in a deceptively simple arcade game.

Reflex-driven games require a special sort of gamer. You have to like stress. Not just like it, but relish it. Hair-trigger reflexes and the ability to make a split-second decision are two important qualities to posses when playing these type of games. If that sounds like the type of gamer you are, then we'd suggest you check out Colour Madness.


Hands On: Arcane Castle 1.1.1 (iOS)

06/01, 8:16am

Take on evil wizards and craft spells in this simple side-scrolling action game

Our iPads have become our go-to device for gaming on the go, and it's filled with all sorts of games. We've got puzzlers, we've got action games, RPGs and more. The one genre we seem to be light on, however, is the humble side-scroller. Today, however, we add one more to our collection, with Arcane Castle, a wizard-themed action side-scroller.


Hands On: Battledots 1.01 (iOS)

05/18, 2:05pm

Streamlined RTS makes for addictive, stressful gameplay

Real-time strategy (RTS) games are undoubtedly popular, with their mechanics being stripped out and placed in tons of other genres. These games run the gamut from tower defense to shooters to MOBAs and more, but today we're going to take a look at an ultra-simple, straightforward RTS called Battledots.


Hands On: Apple Season v1.0.1 (iOS)

05/01, 7:04am

Fast-paced, apple-catching action in another Orisinal arcade title

If we've said it once, we've said it a dozen times: we like arcade games. We like beating our own high scores, and we even begrudgingly admit to liking the fact that we'll eventually lose when we play them. Maybe it's nostalgia from our arcade days, or maybe it's some form of gamer-based masochism. Whatever it is, we keep coming back to the genre, time and again. One example is Apple Season, which will challenge your reflexes and ability to quickly catch apples as they fall from the sky.


Hands On: Ticklefluff 1.0 (iOS)

03/26, 1:35pm

Look out Hypnotoad Look out Glow Cloud ALL HAIL TICKLEFLUFF

Attempting to describe Ticklefluff by Liger Games so as to properly prepare a person for what they're about to experience is a daunting task. It's a game where the player is given commands by an adorable tuft of fur. When we described it as that, and handed off our iPhone 5 or iPad Mini 2 with the game to other people, the reaction was usually the same. It would start with confusion. The chin tucked back, the eyebrows furrowed, and the lips pursed into a thin line. Then, like the sun coming through parting clouds, a smile begins to spread across the face. Then the giggling starts. Finally, they make their first mistake, displeasing Ticklefluff, and they pout.


Hands On: Atari Fit (iOS)

03/20, 8:14am

Atari offers a new way to get in shape with their personal training app

Video games are great, but they don't exactly get your blood pumping most of the time. Sure, you have your Wii Fit games and your Dance Dance Revolutions, which certainly do get you up and moving, but the genre is still somewhat lacking. Atari, creator of famed titles like Pong and Breakout, is attempting to get you up and moving with its new app, Atari Fit.


Hands On: Scribblenauts Remix (iOS)

02/20, 8:48am

Famously fun DS puzzle game offers fun for iOS

One of the best things about video games is that they don't always need to be mechanically complex to keep us entertained. This concept is well-established in the emergent puzzle genre, defined by the concept that the complexity of the game comes from the player, and not the game itself. Quite possibly the best known emergent puzzle title is Warner Brother's Scribblenauts, which saw great success in 2009 and continues to be a popular Nintendo DS title to this day. We sat down with Scribblenauts Remix, the iOS-only title in the series, to check out how it compared to the original.


Hands On: Shades (iOS)

02/11, 8:44am

Simple Tetris-inspired puzzle game boasts addictive play.

Tetris was an international sensation almost from its time of its inception in 1984, and still maintains popularity to this day. There's no doubt that Tetris holds a place in many gamers' hearts; today, there are thousands of Tetris clones, and many games that have taken the concept and transformed it into something entirely new. Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game, by Uovo, takes the concept of Tetris and turns it on its ear for an addictive new game.


Briefly: The Sims 4, Rebel Galaxy coming to Mac platform

01/14, 6:13pm

Sims slips, but will arrive for OS X in February, EA says

Fans of the Sims series of games who were disappointed that the latest entry didn't make a promised 2014 ship date can look forward to next month, when the game The Sims 4 will finally debut on OS X. While developer Electronic Arts doesn't yet have a specific date, the company says it will definitely land as a download only sometime in the month, and be priced similarly to the Windows version (around $50). Current Windows version owners will receive the Mac copy for free, and PC players can transfer their progress to the Mac version (and vice versa).


Briefly: AKG's Y-Series headphones,'s 2014 DRM-free sale

06/14, 3:04pm

AKG announces new addition to its Y-Series headphone collection

AKG has released its new Y-Series headphone collection, which includes three models and aims to offer a modern aesthetic within the brand. The on-ear headphones have a closed earcup design, reducing ambient noise, and a folding mechanism for easy storage.


Briefly: Assassin's Creed Pirates update, RedBull app now available

05/17, 2:44am

Assassin's Creed Pirates adds new island region

Ubisoft has announced its third major update for Assassin's Creed Pirates, featuring a new region for players to explore. The latest version includes the remote area of La Boca, del Diablo -- an island far away from typical commercial boating routes. Players learn more about what the island holds in store as they navigate the new accompanying story mission.


Briefly: Anki Drive's new cars and more, Aspyr's Fantastic 3 bundle

04/16, 3:22pm

iOS-compatible toy race car line-up Anki Drive expands, adds new cars, tracks and new race mode

Anki Drive, a line of toy race cars that feature iOS compatibility, has updated its Anki Drive app, as well as released new cars and tracks. Using AI robotics, Anki Drive aims to integrate the nature of video games into a physical game context, requiring Anki cars, a physical track, and at least one compatible iOS device to play. The new cars, Corax and Hadion ($70 each) are the newest "characters" for Anki Drive, with Hadion featuring Turbo Boost speeds capabilities. Corax, on the other hand, has the option to mount multiple weapons.


Briefly: Rayman Origins announced, new Pelican ProGear Vault cases

12/09, 12:30pm

Rayman Origins to be released for Mac on December 12, 2013

Game and software maker Feral Interactive today announced that Rayman Origins will be released for Mac on Thursday, December 12. Rayman Origins has gamers play the role of Rayman, whose goal is to defend his homeland from a Livid Dead army throughout 60 levels. Players can jump, swim, sprint and hover in various environments, wielding a variety of fighting tactics.


Briefly: Aspyr Game Bundle, updated BBEdit 10.5, TextWrangler 4.5

12/07, 5:52pm offers four-game bundle of Aspyr Media's popular releases

The Mac Game Store has released its latest four-game bundle promotion, the Aspyr Greatest Hits Bundle. The deal is a compilation of Aspyr Media's most popular releases, such as Civilization V, BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and offers a savings of over 67 percent compared to purchasing each game separately.


Briefly: GTA: San Andreas for iOS, Target app adds store maps, iOS 7

11/26, 3:30pm

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to be released in December for iOS

First released for consoles in 2004, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is set to be launched for iOS in December, according to Rockstar Games. Set in the early 1990s, GTA: San Andreas is centered around Carl "CJ" Johnson, the protagonist, and his involvement in the Grove Street Families gang fighting with the Ballas and Vagos.


Telltale Games outs first episode of The Walking Dead

04/30, 6:55pm

The Walking Dead episode one

Telltale Games has put out the first episode of The Walking Dead for download. The M-rated, five-episode series foreshadows the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, serving as a prequel to the comic book and television series.


EA Mobile puts games on sale, debuts five new titles

12/17, 5:00pm

More than 70 EA games now only 99 cents

Electronic Arts' mobile division has debuted five new games for iOS devices on the App Store, and launched a sale of more than 70 popular titles which will be priced at $1 for a limited time. The new titles now available include Scrabble Free and Cause of Death Free, The Game of Life for iPad, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


Frictional Games announces Amnesia: The Dark Descent

02/19, 5:55pm

Gameplay previewed in teaser video

Frictional Games, the developer behind Penumbra, has released a teaser video previewing the upcoming game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The first-person horror game centers around survival and enduring a nightmare. Players take the role of Daniel as he awakens in a desolate castle, suffering from amnesia and experiencing terrible memories. Daniel must explore the castle and stay alive by hiding, running, or using his ingenuity.


United States of Pool sets 9-Ball in US cities

11/13, 4:30pm

Two modes offer strict or loose play

Mac Games and More has released a new billiards title, United States of Pool. Players advance through cities instead of regular levels, and are required to reach minimum scores playing 9-Ball in order to progress in a national tour. The game features realistic physics and sound effects, as well as customizable character avatars and table colors.


Virtual Programming releases two new games

05/18, 10:40pm

VP releases two games

Virtual Programming has released its two newest games, Fireglow's The Golden Path of Plumeboom for the iPhone and iPod touch, and Phantom EFX's Real Deal Card Games 2009 for Mac. The Golden Path of Plumboom is a puzzle game in which players must shoot colored orbs into combinations to gain points. The game uses real-life physics and includes 100 levels of gameplay and various bonus games.


SGN opens banner ad network to other app developers

04/30, 8:25pm

SGN opens ad network

iPhone developer SGN (Social Gaming Network) has launched a cross-promotional network between itself and other iPhone developers. The first two companies to join the network are games developer Punch Entertainment and Smallmedium, publisher of eMees Avatar Creator. The network aspect involves in-game banner ads promoting products for network members, with direct-download support in the ad, and revenue sharing for all members. Consumers also get bonus points in the games they are playing for downloading games from the banner ads.


First Look: Mind Habits, stress relief game

10/28, 10:20pm

Mind Habits game

Most people play video games for fun or to relieve stress or boredom in their life. While shooting radioactive mutants or driving a car through animated city streets at top speed may take your mind off your problems, the moment you’re done playing, reality smacks you in the face all over again. If you want to play a video game that can boost your self-esteem and improve your self-confidence both during and after you stop playing it, take a look at a unique stress relieving video game called Mind Habits.



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