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Schmidt claims Android 'more secure' than iOS, draws laughter

10/08, 1:53am

Claims 'real-world' security testing by users makes it better

In the face of security studies that show that more than 90 percent of new mobile malware is found on the Android platform, Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt raised eyebrows and drew laughter at a Gartner symposium and IT expo by refuting a presenter's statement that the platform has serious security and fragmentation issues, claiming both that Android is "more secure than the iPhone," and that access to Google Play eliminates the issue of Android fragmentation.


Kayak: iOS use is 3x the amount of Android use

01/21, 1:06pm

Travel CEO offers theory of slow-but-rising Android web growth

In survey after survey, Apple's iOS platform wallops its rival Android in a number of key metrics other than overall sales, but nowhere is the disparity so lopsided as in web use. Although Android phones (in combination) outsell iOS phones most of the time, and are heavily pushed by carriers because Android allows the experience fragmentation and customization that Apple will not, looking at web usage stats most people would conclude that Android phones are little-used beyond the most basic phone, game and music-player functions.


Android 4.x nears 40 percent share in new Google numbers

01/03, 7:06pm

Android 4.0 now on over one in three Android devices

Google today released the latest figures for install bases of its various Android versions, revealing that devices running Android 4.0 and higher now account for almost 40 percent of all Android devices. The new figures represent a considerable jump for Android 4.x in terms of overall share, as 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and 4.1/4.2 (Jelly Bean) gained 5.1 percentage points over the last month. Much of the gain appears to have come from newer devices, with version 4.1 accounting for 3.1 of those percentage points, while version 4.2 added another 0.4 points.


Android 4.0 now on 16 percent of Android devices

08/02, 2:48pm

Jelly Bean under 1 percent, Gingerbread at 60 percent

Version 4.0 of Google's Android operating system is now installed on about 16 percent of Android devices. The news was revealed yesterday in a post on the official Android site. Android 4.0 moved past Android 2.2 into the second-place spot, but version 2.2 remains the most widely-installed version of Android by a large margin.



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