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iKit releases AutoCon FM and handsfree touchscreen kit

12/09, 6:55pm

Controls MP3 players, smartphones

iKit, an iDevice accessory maker, is offering a new sort of MP3 player-compatible FM transmitter -- the AutoCon, a fully touchscreen-controlled unit that also integrates a hands-free iPhone control and a USB-based car charger in one package.


Griffin intros iTrip FM transmitter for iPhone, iPod touch

09/23, 2:20am

iTrip FM transmitter for iPhone

Griffin Technology has introduced the iTrip FM transmitter for the iPhone and iPod touch. The FM transmitter, which works with the companyís iTrip Controller app, is designed with a backlight LCD display and is capable of showing both track and artist information on RDS-compatible radios. In addition, the device comes with SmartScan technology for automatic detection of optimum frequencies and also allows users to manually adjust the controls.


Show Floor: a look at a dozen Griffin products

01/08, 12:55am

Griffin launches new gear

Griffin (Booth No. 1902 S) announced a slew of new of new iPod and iPhone products at Macworld today, launching twelve new items, including its new sound-isolating bluetooth headset, covered earlier today on MacNN. Launched today were the TuneFlex AUX, an iPod car system with a steering wheel remote, an iTrip for iPod nano 4G, TuneBuds Fit, a new headphone set, and the new PowerBlock Reserve and PowerJolt Reserve, which power iPods via home outlets and car power, respectively, and include an external battery for mobile use with the iPod. Also announced were the SmartShare USB, a USB Splitter, the Noise-Reducing Audio Cable, TuneJuice, a AAA-battery powered iPod charger, the Charge Converter FireWire-to-USB cable, Navigate, an FM transmitter for the iPod that can control both iPods and iPhones so they can be stored during travel, and Elan Form Chrome, a chrome-plated iPhone case.


Griffin Technology retools the iTrip Auto

09/23, 7:50pm

iTrip Auto updated

Griffin Technology on Tuesday announced the availability of an updated iTrip Auto FM transmitter for iPods. The form factor has been changed to a more modern look, and the display has reverted back to a black-on-white LCD. The iTrip automatically optimizes the volume without need to adjust the iPod controls, allowing the user to adjust levels from the car stereo.


First Look: FM Transmitter for iPhone/iPod

09/22, 6:05pm

FM Transmitter

The iPod has made it easy to take your music wherever you go. While most people listen to their iPod through ear buds, there may be times when you want to broadcast your favorite songs so others can hear it as well. Since carrying extra speakers with your iPod is impractical, try a simpler solution and use the FM Transmitter from USBFever.


First Look: iTrip Universal, FM Transmitter

08/21, 4:40pm

iTrip Universal

The biggest problem with digital music players is that you canít always listen to your music wherever you go. While you can carry your digital music player on a belt and listen to your favorite songs through ear buds, this isnít always practical while driving or entertaining guests at your house. One solution is to buy an FM transmitter that plugs into your carís cigarette lighter so you can listen to your music over your car radio. Then buy a second home stereo that lets you plug your digital music player into speakers so you can blast your tunes all over your house. Rather than buy two separate devices, consider saving money and just get the iTrip Universal from Griffin Technology instead.


Griffin intros iTrip Universal FM transmitter

08/08, 2:00pm

Griffin intros new iTrip

Griffin Technology on Friday announced the release of its iTrip Universal FM transmitter for MP3 and CD players. As the name suggests, all that's necessary to hook up the iTrip to any portable audio device is connecting the 3.5mm headphone cable to the iTrip. The Universal version is the first iTrip device to use a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery via a USB connection.


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