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Tizi remote uses Siri for steering iPad TV

12/25, 11:30am

Tizi remote a rare use of Siri outside Apple

Equinux has developed a rare app that uses Siri outside of Apple's own. Tizi Remote (free, App Store) lets users remotely control either a TV attached to a Tivi or an iPad attached to a Tivi Go wireless receiver, turning it into a TV with live channels and DVR-like recording. Siri comes into play as a simple channel changing system: Equinux uses the voice dictation feature to pick channels by speaking their names.


TARMAC 1.4 adds Mobile Device Management commands

01/18, 3:50pm

Version 1.4 ships iOS 4.3 ready

iOS business integration software TARMAC 1.4 has been launched by equinux today, adding new MDM support for iPhones and iPads. The software sets up iOS devices to function in a business, distributes settings over the air, personalizes profiles and provides access to data on the network. The new version supports MDM -- Mobile Device Management -- commands, giving IT managers centralized control over iOS devices on their network. Once registered, MDM-profiled iOS devices provide info like the operators' name, the available space on the device, the iOS version, security settings and other metadata. Push updates are available via MDM for changing or updating -- in the background -- device settings, profiles, web links and security settings.


SongGenie 2 automatically searches for lyrics, labels tracks

03/19, 4:00pm

Software searches web archives for lyrics

Equinux on Friday released an update to SongGenie, a utility for improving music libraries. Version 2 automatically searches for song lyrics from a variety of web archives. Users can also obtain hard-to-find lyrics through a configurable web search, with text applied to the song with a single mouse-click.


equinux updates Live TV App, The Tube software for Mac

09/03, 6:30pm

equinux's TV on iPhone system sees updates

equinux has updated its Live TV on the iPhone for users, which is delivered via The Tube Mac software and iPhone app Live TV. The software combination allows users to watch TV channels on their iPhone over WiFi signals. The system begins with an equinux TubeStick hybrid TV tuner. The Tube software tunes channels and prepares the signals for the Live TV app, which seeks out The Tube feeds and displays them on an iPhone.


Equinux integrates SongGenie, CoverScout in update

03/28, 7:10pm

SongGenie, CoverScout

Equinux has launched updates to both its SongGenie and CoverScout applications, and furthered their integration. SongGenie 1.1 adds the ability to apply all identified track information at once, instead of having to work on individual tracks, and features both a new mode that enables the program to try and identify and analyze track information automatically, and a function for people who keep music on external hard drives that allows users to include the archives when exporting.


TubeStick Hybrid launched in North America

05/01, 5:45pm

TubeStick Hybrid in US

Equinux on Thursday unveiled the TubeStick hybrid, a new USB television receiver that allows users to watch both analogue and digital broadcasts on their Mac. The receiver can decode over-the-air ATSC and Clear QAM signals, as well as capture from a variety of analogue sources, such as game consoles or other Composite/S-Video connectable devices. Equinux is selling the TubeStick Hybrid for $130, which is available from its website and Apple retailers.



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